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Your Challenge should you decide to accept it: A "quickie" (shortened) 25 minute TRIADBALL™ Workout. It is amazing how much intensity and fun a Purple ball can add to your workout when integrated into each exercise. The TRIADBALL™, Michael and Ton AND intensity in your short workout? What could be better than that?
What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball

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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm [inaudible] and we're here for that quickie try ball Matt, or the shorter version. So let's quickly start. Let's quickly start. Let's start standing up. What I want you to do is take the ball, you're just going to place it on the small of your back and just like I'm doing like this, just press it in gently to support your lower back. Then take a nice wide stance from here in that position. Think of just dropping your sits bones down and now send your pubic bone forward and just think of opening up the front of your body. Hold it here.

Just take a couple of breaths. Opening the front line of your body, which you're just opening up your body to those unlimited possibilities of the day or evening and come back straight. Then take the ball. You're going to place it right in the center. From here, you're just going to press the ball in and you're going to cruel up around it. You're going to pull all those unlimited possibilities inside and put them into action. Just stretching the back line of your body. Take a deep breath here and then just exhale. Now, soft few knees and roll yourself up. Then come down onto the mat.

Sit with your legs in a diamond shape. I'm just going to imitate you. You're placed the ball over to your rights. That's right underneath your right hand. From here, what I want you, I'm gonna sit a little bit of angle so you guys can see. So it's here and what I want you to do is just bring the ball up. Inhale. Then on the exhale, curl your tailbone back and just curl back.

Then inhale, bring it to the side and down. Bring the arm over, roll the ball out so you get a nice stretch and come back up and bring the arm down. So we just inhale up. Exhale, contract back. Inhale, police, open, airy on the fide, roll it forward. And imagine I have a floor. Inhale up. Exhale, bring the arm down. So we inhale up, exhale, contractive back. Inhale, come up and open and place it on the side. Exhale over. Good. Just using whatever breath. I don't care about the breath, I care more about the stretch. Bring the arm down. One more time. Just open it up and bring it in.

Come forward, pushing the ball forward. Place it down in the side. Last side bend, just stretching. Try and keep both sitz bones down on the mat and bring it up and bring it down. Then wedge the ball back and behind you. From Mary, grabbing onto the backs of your, just curl your tailbone under.

Curl into the ball and come back up and try and keep your shoulders. Think of your shoulders going forward as your lower back curls in this, you really get the lower back warmed up and stretch last time. Just curl it in and stretch. Come back up. Take the ball, place it right in between your thighs again. Place your hands underneath your thighs. Press down into it.

From there. Start to roll down. Slide your feet a little bit forward at all the while that your school wheezing. Go eat in that pop. You're right here. We're all contracted and we're engaged, right? Bring the legs up, arms long, and let's pump it. Four or five in two, three, four, five. Now stretch the legs and good. Now we'll lower them as low as you want them are. Lift them as high as you want them. Yeah, and into three, four, five and three. Four, five. Now if you want challenge, we can go in two, three, four, five and then four, five in, four, five out, two, three, four, five.

Last time you can do it all. Let's do one more in when in doubt. One more and lower down and relax. Bring your knees into your chest and grab the ball. Bring the ball above your head for the roll up in hell. Bring the ball up.

Place the ball right on your thighs and you're going to roll the ball along your thighs and, and reach and roll down, articulating through your spine and bring up all that. And again, inhale, bring the ball onto your thighs and roll yourself up and roll yourself down. Good. One more. Lifted up. Smile guys, you guys serious and roll it down. Good. One more, but we're going to change it on this last one. You're going to lift the ball up. Keep the roll, reaching up as you scooped.

And increase the stretch rolling through and relaxed Benji legs. Place the ball right into your right foot. Stretch the ball out. See your ankle might have to adjust this right on top of the ball. Stretch your left leg ups. You're just stretching it out from there.

Just gently stretch it in toward you. Bring your hands down. Leg circles. Silly. Cross around one and two. Keep the shoulders down on the mat. Good for last one, five and reverse. I'll open around in one. Don't move the ball.

Don't move the pelvis that your challenge should. Use the side to accept it around. One more. Very nice. Bend that leg, brewing it in. Roll the ball in and change legs so you stretch the other one out. Bring the other leg up, gently stretch it in towards you.

If you want to bring your head up to stretch, that's fine. You get more of a stretch. Bring it back down. Lead the leg there. From there, crossing the body. Curls around and up. Throw to relaxed. Keep those stoats nice and relaxed. Shoulders stay on the floor. Hips do not move. Last time vibe around it. Up and reverse it and out around it. Up.

Relax your throats. Go ahead and smile. Don't take it so seriously. It's only moving your leg. Good. Last time, five rounded up from there. Bring the bull. And that was a nice little check, right? I like that. Bring it in. So bring into your center so you're right on your stomach. From there, just rock yourself up to sitting. Time to roll like a ball. Let's place it right in here. Try and make you laugh. At least placed it here. Nice smile from there. Place your elbows here.

Uh, you already mounting and we haven't even started. I roll back and come up and hold your mission. Should you decide to accept it as keep those elbows on your thighs and we're all back and up. I saw a move and a roll back and up. I'll let's do three more cause we can down and up.

Three more chances for perfection. Down and up. Last chance for perfection. Down and up and hold it there. I'm impressed. Place it down. Grab the ball, bring the ball against one leg, stretch the other leg out. Going into the series of five. We're going to roll down. You're going to keep that legacy. You don't have that prop. We go right into it.

One, one, two, two, and three. Three, four, four, two more sets. Five, five and six. Six both likes in. Leave the ball there. Stretch your legs, let the ball roll over and one stretch out. Two and in. In exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Two more. Inhale, exhale. Last one. Inhale. Exhale, ball. Straight up. Bring the right leg up. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick for four, four, four, five, five, five, five, six, six, six, six and bring both legs up. Ball between legs, hands behind your head and we'd lower down and bring it up. Inhale, down and up. Three. Down and up.

Four and up. That's it. Five and up. Last time. [inaudible] six and up from there. Bed. Johnny's grabbed the ball. Bring your legs together. The table top. Place the ball right here. Lock it in. From here we have one and change and one and two and two and three and three and four and four. Don't let the back shoulder drop. And five laughter is good at the end. You using your abdominals. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Good. And last one, and relax.

You survived. Hold onto the ball. Bang. Two knees in towards your chest. Rock yourself up until you're all the way sitting up. Ope we legs as wide as possible. There you go. Place the ball right in the middle. Hands on top of the bottle. Use the bottle.

Does it have nicest trait to take a big breath in. As you exhale, roll the ball forward as much as you can. Rounding your back and then roll back up. Make sure that your pelvis stays straight up, that it doesn't tip with you and roll down so the stomach goes in, round your back, scoop it forward. Then use the ball to come back up for air. Make a skinny little waist and then yourself back forward.

Forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, and roll yourself back up. Sit is not nice. You can be close your legs and place the ball right in the small of your back. Move a little bit to the front. So you had to stays on the mat when we rock backwards. So move to the frontal lobe. That bottom one leg is bent.

Place your hands on the floor. Push yourself with this leg into the ball and go up and over. Benji's into a frock position. Make sure that your hips and the ball are in line, right? So everything is a straight line from here. Push it out like a frog and then bend it back in.

The lower you go there, more fun you will have. Now if you want to take your hands off the mat for the last three [inaudible] and two and you have one more chance. Learning it in. Bend the knees. Place the little hands back down. Lift like straight up like circles. Open the legs, bring them down. Close them to lift up. Open down.

Now try arms liftoff. Open down. Yes, it gets wobbly up there. Oh, open down close. One more time. Open down. Place the hands down to reverse it. Lower the legs. Open it. Bring them up to close down. Open. Dare to go down right now. Take the hands off, bring it up and close down.

Make sure you go just as low as you did before and open and placed the arms back down. Bring the legs a little down, not too far. Turn them out, and we go to the little beats to go into three, four, five, six, seven, eight and hold it there. Lower the legs a little bit, and again, one if you want to take the hands off, take them up and hold it. Bring them down a little bit more. There you go. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And hold it. Place the arms down. Lift the legs up and benching. Place your feet on the floor. Come a little more on top of the ball, so make sure he didn't drove back. Now hold on to the back of the ball. So place your hands around the ball. Our legs go straight up, lower your legs, lift your head pressure, elbows into the floor, and you come up in a perfect balance right on top of the ball.

Lift the legs and bring it back down. Let's do that again. Lex, go first. Then your head prs, the elbows into the floor. Come right on top. And now let's do little beats going. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold it. Low. The legs. Lift your body until you're all the way that felt good. Now pop the ball a little bit further back. We're going to do the full curl, the mortar balls, any lower back, the more of an arch you will create.

So roll into the ball. Place the hands behind your head. You go, inhale, go to a straight line. Exhale, go all the way over. Odd. It feels good. Come back up to the straight line and then come up into the crunch. Go to destroyed line. As you inhale, exhale, go over the ball. Inhale to the straight line, and press your back into the ball to come up. So inhale, go to straight. Exhale, open and release.

Almost inhale, come up. Press into the ball to come up. One more time. Inhale, go straight. Exhale, release. Inhale, go straight. Exhale, curl up. Bend your knees. Two parallel. Hands on the floor. Push yourself up. We're getting ready for the Saul. So you're going to open the legs as wide as comfortable.

Bring the ball up, twist towards your right, plays the ball in front of that knee with your left hand on top, and then roll the ball out and stretch. Come back up. Bring the ball up towards the ceiling, tourist around and place down in front of the other leg and roll the ball all the way out. Come back up, lift up to wrist. Bring it down. Now push the bottle away. Push the ball away, or push the bottle away. Make sure the hip stay on the mat. Bring it back up and lift tourist. Bring it down, stretch it all the way forward. Stretch as far as as you've heard, no cheating. Roll back up, lifted up, placed the ball on the front edge of Umat.

Swing your legs over and we're going to do your back extension. Now you're going to place the ball right underneath your sternum, right to place it where it's comfortable for your body, that you can create a little ball with your fingers. So you press your fingertips together and that little ball goes on the back of your head and relax all the way down. So from here, lift the elbows up, then lift you Baria keep squeezing the fingers together and then release everything back down. So proof first pressure fingertips together. Lift your elbows, and then lift your body. Think of pushing the ball forward as you go into the extension.

And then we Lex, everything back down last time. Fingertips, elbows up. Lift yourself up as high as you can. Now open the arms to the side. Bring the arms towards your feet as you push the ball forward, like superwoman and our opening arms to the side. Bring the fingertips back together behind you, and then relax everything back down. Place your hands on the floor and push yourself into a little child spots.

Then roll yourself up. We're ready for the side kicks. So let's all have our head facing that way, please. The ball right underneath your hip. Bottom leg is bent at a 90 degree angle, so in front of the hip and then out. Now this legs long press the hip from this site away from you so the waist is nice and long. There you go. Relax the arm.

Do not move the ball. Lift the leg back up. Here we go. Kick it to the front and then to the pack and to and don't let the ball rock and three and back. I was not looking at you four and back and five 10 want you to feel self conscious and six and relaxing the center. Leave the leg on the floor. Bring it as far back as you can. Leave it on the mat and insulated back to this underneath you.

Slighted back as much as you can. Now leave it here, slide it a little bit further back. Whew, that's back now. Lifted up and lower, lifted up and lower. Don't let it travel through the front. Give it behind you and up and and up and the last time up and down. Slide it back to the center. Come a little bit more on top of your ball.

This arm that you're leaning on, stretch it straight out in front of you are the hand goes in behind your head. We're going down to come back up and two and up and three and up. Last time four go up and hold it there. Take his hand off again. Down, up and down. Up Two and three.

One more time up. Go all the way down. Stretches arm above you angle. Oh Bengalese. Push yourself up. Ready for the other side. Here we go. So line yourself up. Bottom leg is bent.

Top leg is right in line with your body stretch that weighs nice and long. Lift the leg up, go to the frontier. We go front and back and two and back. Don't move that ball and four and keep the waist long. Run more set and front and back and relax.

Slide right in line. Slide like behind you. Watch other. The hip does not travel with it. Now move it back more as if someone is grabbing your leg and pulling it out. Lifted leg up and lower. Think of going out rather than going up. It will help you.

It's not going to make it feel better. It will just help you, right? Those are two different things. One more time and up and down and relax. Roll yourself up for the side sit-ups first with the hand bend the bottom leg. Then this arm goes to the front, that hand behind you, such that top, like the low down and up and down and up to down, up three. One more time down.

Now take it off and go down. Slowed up and uh, on. Add up and three that only one more. Down and up and relax. Stretch yourself out and give yourself as to place the hand down.

Push yourself up. Ready for the teasers, just what you are looking for. So lecture straight bars right inside of your stomach. Curl yourself under. Then release the legs is the ball rose up to your feet. Roll halfway down and then roll yourself back up.

Rural half way down and roll yourself back up. One more time. Down we go up, you go, place the feet down. Sit Up. Nice and tall. Buck comes in, we do it again, rural, rural, the ball, and we go down to come up. Don't lower those legs, the leg. Stay exactly where they are. Oh one more time. Or relatively gum up and stay there.

And then re Lex, leave the ball in the front. Swing your legs over for your swimming. So please the risk on top of the ball. There you go. Connect the shoulders, lift the legs and start your swimming. Breathing in and make it a nice big breath.

And exhale and inhale and exhale. Last time. Inhale and then relax. Push yourself back into child spots. Very, very nice. So we're almost there, ye, but we saved the best for last. So calm on top of your hands and knees with the ball right underneath you.

So your chest lines up with the center of the ball. Stretch one leg out and then the other leg out. And we go three times down. Landing softly to push up, down and up. Down. Now stay up. Take one hand off the floor and you're just going to test the ball from right to left, from right to left, from right to left. Stop in the middle. Three pushups, down and up, down and up.

Down and up. Now be a good basketball player. Her role from my side, side to side, side, side, side to side, side side. And relax it down. Your knees and stretch. Come to the front edge of your mat for the seal. So place the ball down.

Hold on with your little flippers, the ball. So you're a seal with a bar. Auditioning for seaworld had 'em roll back and that and roll back and up. Two more times. Back and up and back her role.

Back up one more time and then stay up in your balance. Take the ball out and crush your legs. Placed the ball on the floor. Keep your back nice and long and just really oh the bottle away. Stretching your body.

Keep your shoulders nice and relaxed. Tried to give you upper back nice and open. So don't roll the ball too far away so that the shoulders creep up on you. Slowly roll yourself up and then change legs. And again, just roll the ball forward.

Keep it nice and relaxed. Enjoy the stretch. Very nice, relaxed shoulders. Roll yourself up. Just place the bar right on your legs. Just relax your arms down to can lengthen your spine, soften your face, relax your ribs, take a big breath in. Exhale, grow tall.

And then if your eyes are closed, open them softly. Thank you so much and got a great day. Good job.


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Michael and Ton are AWESOME! This was a great ab workout. I am blown away with the creativity in their workout design. Every one of their workouts is unique from other instructors. I don't think there are any other instructors that could teach as a team and make it work as seamlessly as Ton and Michael! Fabulous from start to finish.. every time!
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I could not agree more with Valerie! Boys your creativity is endless! And so true to classical work at that! LOVE your classes!
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Great class! I have had a triadball for eight years now and love love love it and michael and ton's work!
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OUTSTANDING! So many exercises and so much fun in so short a time. Marvelous! Thank you.
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I just LOVE these guys!! So enjoyable with team teaching and some new moves with the ball!Great Flow! You two are the real thing a work of art in movement!
AWESOME CLASS!! will incorporate it into my class :) Love you guys :)
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Fantastic class and good fun as well!!
Love, Love this class! Great movement when you're short on time. Thank you!
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Thanks guys and girls! We love creating new workouts. See you all soon!!!!
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