Class #1237

Beginner Series 4

40 min - Class


If you worked Karen’s previous workouts in this series, you are definitely ready for this session. She starts by taking the time to lengthen and warm up your spine, then goes into intense exercises that will keep you connected to your body. It says beginner, but it's actually quite a challenge.
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box, Towel, Theraband

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Oct 12, 2013
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I love learning from you Karen! I'm starting a new 6 week session of beginners tomorrow and can't wait to teach the stuff I learned from this 4 class beginner series. Loved the spine stretch using the towel. Thank you!
Loved that, soooo stretchy!!!
good class
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Thank you for sharing...It's sooo important to go back to the basics. I often get caught up in trying to make my classes more challenging as I work in a fitness setting (some of the time). Thanks for reminding me!!!
Thank u Karen!! What a great class!
Another great workout. Thank you, Karen.
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Karen, you explain things so very clearly, you make it easy for my beginner friend to follow instructions and think and understand what you are saying .
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Karen, you look to be about my age; I'd bet you're like me... done tons of ballet, skating.... (years passing)...dancercise, weight training, running... jogging, yoga, pilates, zumba... I LOVE that you don't hurt me, but give me specific cues and a workout. That was level 2 I'd say. I love all your classes.
Add softball, paddle board and kayak . Take out Zumba. Isn't it great to enjoy life??
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Lovely class. Loved the "heart bone". I often use the wrong words in class so I usually add things like "aka the sternum". So lucky to have Pilates Anytime, means we can all attend your classes wherever we are in the world. FABULOUS!
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