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Me and My Mat

45 min - Class


You will start to create a relationship between your body and your Mat in this workout by Karen Sanzo. She adds on to her Mat Fundamentals playlist, focusing on creating solid connections throughout your body. She starts with a standing warm up that will educate your body and then moves on to basic Mat work so you can begin to work on these skills.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Karen Sanzo, and I'm happy to be here on Pilates Anytime again with this mat class. This mat class is called Me and My Mat. There aren't any props. We're gonna start in standin...


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Great practice Karen thanks
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I am just returning from an injury and this was the perfect workout for me today. I am so grateful to Pilates Anytime for providing me with the opportunity to work with the finest instructors in the business.
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So excited when there is a new Karen Sanzo class! You are really superb at cueing and breaking it all down in an easy to understand way. I always make new connections in your classes. I hope there are more classes coming! Thank you.
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Perfect celebration for my 7th year anniversary with Pilates Anytime. A return to basics never fails to teach me (or remind me!) of important lessons.
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Thank you, thank you for another Karen Sanzo MAT CLASS ! Karen, with you it's not just doing the exercises, it's knowing and grasping the details of the movements I'm doing.
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An absolutely awesome class. I love your lectures, there is always an "aha" moment for me. Looking forward to your next one!
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Thank you for that wonderful class Karen! Your cueing is always so great, every class I take from you I seem to come away with a couple new gems. You are definitely the 'Queen'.
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First comments!!!! Thank you. It's been a pleasure to add to my current repertoire on Pilates Anytime. It's even more enjoyable to read your comments. Thank you ALL for taking the time to comment. I have started to encourage my own clients to join. Many have!! What a great resource. Come see our studio when you're in Dallas.
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Thank you so much Karen for a wonderful class - I agree with all the other comments - your teaching is so clear and it makes so much sense - I loved every minute!! Thank you so much!
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So awesome to do this for myself (as a Pilates instructor) outside on my deck on a beautiful day! My low back was quite stuck and sore this morning and now it feels great! Looking forward to seeing you at POT in Chicago!
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