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Stay Connected to your Body

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If you worked Karen's previous workouts in this series, you are definitely ready for this session. She starts by taking the time to lengthen and warm up your spine, then goes into intense exercises that will keep you connected to your body. It says beginner, but it's actually quite a challenge.
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box, Towel, Theraband

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This is the fourth class in what we're calling our fundamental beginners series. The first class identified several fundamentals in the plot is Matt work along with our neck position and trunk position, and we built that through classes two and three and in the third class we did some exercises in standing. This last class and this particular series is a beginning level Pilati Hazmat class. So I invite you to participate in this class. We'll move along at a pretty quick clip and it's not beginner easy, but it's beginner connected. So at home if you can, I'd like you to grab a towel about the size of a bath towel, not humongous and or a theraband. If you don't have a theraband, a towel works just fine. Something to sit on so that it can provide you a nice base to let your hips and your spine be comfortable with your breathing. We'll start in sitting, so we're going to recognize the neutral pelvis in sitting.

It takes me a while to get settled there. So I'm going to gently pull my abdomen up and in my shoulders are back and my head is actually in line right over my chest and my chest is right over my pelvis. I'm going to breathe in and then breathe out. Take the time to create this nice ease of breath. Breathe, inhale, and then exhale, and then one more time in and then one more time out. We'll add the arms, the arms are in front, inhale, and then exhale. I'm going to monitor the position of my neck as I inhale, and then as I exhale, if you need to sit higher, either because your, your neck is uncomfortable or your back or your hips are uncomfortable, you go ahead and do that.

It's better to be comfortable so that you can breathe with ease during this particular exercise. The next piece of this beginning workout is going to use this towel to create this nice connection for the exercise spine stretch, which actually is a very nice breathing exercise as well. And then in the workout we'll do the exercise again where it comes in the workout. So this exercise looks like this. I know that looks kind of silly, but it really creates a nice awareness. So here we are. Nice and vertical. Take an inhale and then as I exhale, relax the head and chest. Keep them in line.

I'm going to inhale as I spine stretch forward to lengthen my back ribs and my back spine. An exhale. Stay here, pulling my belly back, creating a little connection under my ribs. Take another inhale while I'm here and then exhale sequentially. Roll up the spine with the head the last to come up again. Inhale here, prepare this time. Exhale round forward the head glances down towards the knees.

Now inhale while you're here and see if you can fill those back. Lungs up any bit more and exhale, scoop the belly as I spine, stretch forward, staying lengthen through my entire spine and then bring it myself all the way back up to vertical and we'll just let that go. You could also use a theraband here and you can take this time to kind of sit right on that piece of theraband and you can take the theraband up and behind you like so I don't know if it's really straight, but I think you'd get the gist of it here and I can pull the theraband kind of tight. So then it allows me, me again, that feeling as I lengthen the thera-band on my spine. It will also tell me if I'm trying to pull my neck up like this as I lengthen over. Inhale, while you're down here, exhale, stand up. Don't think that the workout is going to go this slow. Okay.

Take an inhale and as you exhale round forward, what we're doing is we're taking the time to lengthen through this spine. The belly pulls in, up and down over, and then we'll let that go. So those exercises just give us a little warmup for the spine. With breathing, we'll take our props away. Plus sitting is always a good place to get reacquainted to the spine. So now we'll start by lying flat on your back.

We're going to get reconnected with the trunk and reconnected with the spine. Inhale, big. Exhale, sink the abdomen. Sink the sandbag. Inhale again. Exhale. I'm going to join you in this workout so that if we need to pause anywhere in the middle, we certainly can and take a little break. Inhale, exhale. The belly scoops, the tailbone curls three times. There's one, and then I unroll.

I'm gonna Monitor the position of my head and curl my tailbone scooping in the belly, never bulging, and then roll it all the way down. One more time. Inhale, big. Exhale, curl the tailbone. Now stay right here. Take an inhale, and as you exhale, start to engage the feet pressing down as you barely lift your booty up. Just a little bit more like the little position of the tiniest little diaper change, like the little teeny tiny booty is cool, curling up, and then you unroll yourself all the way back down, right leg out, long, big inhale. Exhale, it comes all the way up to the level of your left knee. Lower down, and then raise up one more time down. And then one more time. Up. Bend the knee in. Straighten the left leg out. Pause Mil to check in.

Want to make the exercise just to tad harder? Lift your arms up off the ground. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, raise leg. Exhale leg. One more time up, and then one more time down and bend that knee and bring it all the way in. Take an inhale. As you exhale, take the hands behind the head and pause. Get ready for your trunk. Curl. Big. Inhale. Exhale.

The head lifts the forehead, the nose. Follow the chin. Take another inhale while you're here. Exhale, pause, hold the trunk curl, and now inhale as you curl up any bit more and then exhale slowly. Roll yourself back down again. Inhale, lift, fill the back lungs. Exhale, hold and hollow the belly and roll yourself back down. Last one. Inhale, forehead, nose, chin, curl. Exhale, hold and hollow. Left leg out, long up and down, up and down. Up and down. Bend the knee. Roll down.

Inhale, curl. Exhale, hold and hold. Low right leg long, up and down, up and down. Two more. Up and down. Last time, up last time down, Ben, the knee. Unroll on roll, unroll arms down by the side. Press the feet, separate them apart just a little bit. And now in this neutral position without articulating your spine, give yourself a neutral lifts so that your spine understands what the neutral lift is. So now your neutral here, belly is pulled in and now neutral yourself down so that the buttocks touches before the spine again. Feet press neutral, lift the whole package lifts up of your pelvis and then lower yourself down.

Now articulating bridge tailbone curls, rolling from the bottom to the top, not changing the neck and then hold. And then take the time here to broaden your collar bones. Rolling that spine down section by section two different bridges, one articulating, one neutral. Get ready for the a hundred beats. We'll start first with the arms out long and just the breathing. Go. Inhale and exhale. Two, three, four, five.

Inhale and exhale. Let's add the trunk curl to start with forehead, nose, and Chin and hold. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale and exhale. One leg again. Exhale, lengthen legs.

Curl the trunk. I'm going to put [inaudible] one hand behind my head. If it were to get tired, sinking in my abdomen, monitoring the position of my chin, and then go back and do some more. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Bend the knees, feet down, lower trunk. Come all the way down. Pause. Inhaling, exhaling, starting with the legs first. Her right leg comes in, stabilized trunk, no lurching of. The next second leg comes in and hold holding your legs here.

100 [inaudible] breathing only. Inhale, exhale. Don't force your exhale too much. Inhale, and an excellent. Otherwise, all those external obliques will come in and will almost make you press down like this. Don't want that to happen during this nice connected workout. Inhale and then exhale. Sometimes it's almost harder to inhale here and exhale without curling up. Lengthen legs. Inhale and exhale.

Lower one leg down. Inhale, lower other leg down. Exhale. Inhale, lift head. Exhale, curl trunk. He inhale. [inaudible]. I told you it wasn't going to be easy. Inhale and exhale any variation there of his six set.

Put your hand behind your thigh. Lift your head, curl your trunk up. Your first roll-up gets to be a little helper with your legs. Okay. That makes you feel successful. We don't want any lurching the rollback. Inhale here. Exhale, tailbone curls. Lengthening my low back as my tailbone scoops under.

Just going back to the position of challenge. Inhale, exhale, scoop the belly. Inhale, curls you up. Exhale, stack up. Inhale again. Exhale. Belly pulls in. Rolling that spine partway down. Hold hallow belly at a rotation. Challenge with the arm. Left arm first. Inhale, look at it. Exhale, center right. Look at it. Exhale, center.

Inhale brings you up. Exhale, pause. One more time. Inhale, arms long. Exhale, start to curl back. The head position stays as I roll my trunk. I am not counterbalancing by falling my head down. Lengthening. Pause right here. Two arms. Go to the left.

Roll down a half an inch, two arms, go to the right. Roll down a half an inch to arms center, liar, spine, all the way down, all the way down, all the way down. The next exercise, single leg circle. I'm going to start with my right knee bent into the tabletop position. Checking in all my connections.

My left leg is reaching long as if I'm standing on it against that wall there. I lengthen my right leg to the level of my hamstring allows. If I can only straighten to here, my leg starts to wobble wall. That's fine. Portant position is that thigh right in the socket so you can sync that head of that femur down. Inhale prepares you. Exhale, circle around. Inhale up five times two and three and four last time, five check in with the head, chest and shoulders reverse.

You need to make this exercise a little harder for you than just hover your arms up off the ground and then your arms are not allowing you to press down to stay stable and then fold the knee into your chest and give it a little hug. Take that same leg up in the air. Melt your face, your chest, your belly. Lower that leg down. Take the left knee. Start to lengthen up that left leg to the level your hamstring allows, reaching long through the bottom side of your buttock area. Inhale, exhale, round. Inhale around for two and up without curling or arching the pelvis last one and come up and then reverse around down and up.

Round and up. Two more times and up and last time and up. Bend the knee in with your hand behind your left leg. Lift your head. Let that leg help you roll all the way up and stretch forward. Now that we warmed up the spine and the legs, we're going to go all the way down for one or two roll-ups, length in the belly button in word.

As the spine rolls downward, arms come over the head without changing the ribs. Arms come up. Inhale, lift, exhale, curl. Curl the belly in or around yourself. Over and again, stack up the spine. Inhale, exhale, lied. If you lurch coming up, I'm going to show you what to do.

Polling the abdomen in my arms. Go up over the head. They come up, I lift, I curl, I grabbed my pants, I grab anything I need to to get me over a stipping spot and then I let go and continue the work. Stack. Flex feet, shoulders back, tailbone curls had in line with the spine. As I slowly rolled down. Roll down and roll down. Last one. Inhale back. Exhale up. Inhale, fill the back. Lungs. Exhale, curl. Oh, sometimes it's not always about the abdominal strength. Sometimes it could be about the tightness in your back. We're going to move on here to rolling like a ball.

One of my favorite exercise I call rolling like a ball where the pelvic curl meets the a hundred beats. It looks Kinda like this. So as I curl up my tailbone underneath me, my belly pulls back. Then my ribs kind of curl forward, kind of like a hundred beats. So I'm going to start first with my ball kind of big. My feet are squeezing together and my arms are pressing on my thighs.

Inhale, exhale, balance. Inhale, exhale, hold. So now we have to hold this shape of spinal flection. As I inhale, roll back and exhale, roll-up, fall backwards, keeping the same shape of the spine. One more time with the ball this size. And now I make the ball a little bit smaller. I bring the heels towards my bum, my hands towards my shins, and I roll again three times. Inhaling, exhale, two more. Last time. Always regrouping. There's always regrouping to do.

Rolling yourself all the way down, all the way down, all the way down. We start now with the exercise, single leg stretch and double leg stretch. They're really just a version of some fundamentals we did when the legs were in the air, but we're going to do a version with our head down and the head curled. And then with the trunk and rotation, those are all fundamental positions that our body already understands. So first, take your one leg into table top. Feel that thigh sink down, belly comes in. Second leg matches, no lurching. If you need something underneath your head to help you not lurch, then you go ahead and run and get that.

And I'll stay here and just breathe for a couple of seconds. Inhaling and then exhaling, go ahead. If you need it, get set in front of each of your heads that you can feel this ease of breath. So I get all the challenge where I needed here. Okay. Hands behind the head. Now lift your head and curl your trunk. Much like you know, the a hundred beat position. One leg goes out or up.

The leg really goes out to the position where you don't change anything in here and off we go. Inhale for two and exhale for two. Breathe in and out. Breathe in and out. Last time in last time out, two knees in, lower yourself down. Now with the arms down by the side, I'm going to lift the left leg first. This time in scoop, lift the right leg second, no lurching, arms down left leg. Now I can't reach it out like I did because it'll change my spine.

I don't want that to happen. So now my leg is gonna reach higher so I can keep this key connection here and maximize the good position of my head. Off you go in and out. I call this exercise screaming baby. Inhale and exhale and in and out.

One more time. Exhale, two legs in, lower yourself down. So we did it curled up. We did it flat and now we're going to do it in a diagonal. Is one of my favorite things to do. It might not seem like a beginner exercise, right? But we know how to lift and curl. We've done that in a fundamental, where we did this little pressing with the ball. You might want to go back and look at that fundamental workout.

So we're going to lift in curl. I'm going to rotate my trunk to the left. Okay, and I'm going to hold this trunk rotation. I'm rotating around the access of my spine. I'm not leaning again. I'm rotating around the axis of my spine.

Two legs come in. Off I go. Inhale and exhale and N and O. Two more sets and out. Last time in last time out. Come back to center. Lower yourself down. We have one more rotation.

Thank goodness you only have two sides, huh? Okay. Headless trunk curls, Rib Curl, a hundred beat connection hands supporting head, two legs, Zinn. No bulging, rotate to the right and off you go. In and out. Breathe in and out. One more. Set and out center, legs and trunk. Let's go ahead and do a bridge here. Press the feet and lift up. Big Inhale here.

Exhale lies your spine down section by section, checking in all the way down, all the way down. That was single leg stretch. Now, double leg stretch, stable trunk, one leg in other one matches. Squeeze the heels together. Hands come behind the head. Very traditional curl of the trunk without moving my pelvis. And then go press and then pull.

Inhale. And then exhale last time and then come in. Yeah, add the arms for a little challenge or just rest. And I'll catch you in a second. Reach Circle, hug, reach, circle, hug. Last time, reach, circle, hug. Lower yourself down. Check-In, regroup. Sync the sandbag. Relax your face. Put My cord out there. Okay, two legs come in one. And then the other. Flex the heels. So along with the screaming baby, you have give the toddler a ride. So for us, the toddler to the ceiling, sink the abdomen, bring it on down and press him up and bring them down.

I start to press him away. How far away can you press? You don't want this to happen. Whoa. Don't even want to do that. So inhale up and down. Maybe I can go a little bit lower today. It depends on where you are in any given day with your exercise. That's why Pilati is so great. It meets your body where it is.

One more time up, and then one more time out, and then lower the legs down. Now with the t, with the uh, trunk rotation, lift the head and curl the trunk without moving the pubic bone. We lift the upper body over the ribs, expand in the back, and we get closer together in the front. One leg lifts, other one matches. Rotate to the left. And here we go. Inhale, exhale, reach and pull in. Reach and pull in. One more time. Pull in, rotate center. Everything comes down. One more time. Inhaling, exhaling, curl that trunk.

Ah, take the time, get settled into it. One leg lifts, other leg matches. Rotate Trunk Two, right? And here we go. Press, pull, reach, and Paul. Two more times. Inhale and exhale. Last time n n center and all righty. Press the feet now. Arms down, lift up into a bridge. Big Inhale here. Exhale, engage those glutes.

Lengthen the front of the torso that we just kind of curled up so we'd lengthen out the hips. Belly sinks down, faces soft holding yourself here. We've just worked that trunk a whole lot. Now shift the weight to your right leg and lift the left leg up in the air. Reach it to the ceiling. Hold one, two, three, four, five. Put that leg down. Press left. Shift the weight to the left. Feel that left buttocks working. Touch the ceiling with your right leg.

Stay engaged in the left hip and buttocks and then put that leg down broadened collarbones as I take the time to lengthen my spine all the way down. Arms reach out, lift the head, Rub your thighs if you need to, curling your trunk. The roll up actually should be a lot easier. Now after we did that spine stretch, so take the time to get a prop. If you need to sit up on something neutral pelvis belly lifted, and it's not just your belly that lifts, it's the whole circumference, your front ribs and your back ribs. Just like you have a striped shirt on and your front stripes.

Lift as much as the back stripes. Lifting up, arms out in front. Big Inhale. Exhale, three spine stretches, head nods, rounding forward. Pause right here. Inhale, fill those back. Ribs. Exhale. Abdomen pulls in. Hello, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Take the time here to stack that spine up section by section, lengthening yourself all the way up. Inhale, exhale, spine, stretch forward.

Inhale, x has spine stretch forward. One more time. Inhale, one more time. Exhale. It's pause right here. Take your hands, lace your fingers, put them on the crown of your head. Now lengthen your head into your hands so you get the opposition going that way and you pull your front hundred beat ribs back so that you feel these ribs pulling in, stretching the spine any bit more. And then stacking the spine back up. Hands behind the head, getting ready for Saul. We're just going to start with trunk rotation. Inhale, twist, exhale, center. Inhale, twist. Exhale, center.

If the hands behind your head cause you to mess with your neck too much and take your hands on your ribs and let your ribs be helped by your hands to twist and then send her because the ribs and all those oblique attachments. Get that twist. One more time. Inhale to the left and pause. Take your right arm out, take your left arm out in the other direction. So my backhand, my shoulder is kind of an internal rotation and my top arm is reaching that way. Then from here we go down to saw my gaze is at my left thigh.

Reach one reached to reach three. Once I use up the rotation I can then turn my head, but I really don't want to overturn my head and tell my trunk, understands all the rotation. Come up in that rotation and bring yourself back to center. Hands on the ribs, twist yourself to the right, take your left arm out, take your right arm out. Let those two pieces pull away from each other to kind of create that rotation in your trunk. And then the gaze is to your right knee as use.

Twist and rotate and flex one reached to reach three and then stack yourself back up with a little bit of dynamic movement. Now inhale, left. Exhale, reach and reach and reach crown of the head stack up center. Inhale, right, and reach and reach crown of the head long and reach and reach, and then stack up and then close the legs. Pull the belly in and then slowly, slowly lower yourself all the way down. Arms come out to the side, circle up, inhale, and then bring yourself down.

Exhale, one more time. Inhale, lengthen the ribs apart and then exhale. You know, to turn onto your tummy now and prepare for Swan. If you know that you need a prop for underneath your hips, then you running, get that. Do you have a towel nearby? So if you have too much space underneath the front of your hips, you may want to put a prop there. [inaudible] your legs are long, your arms are down by your side. First we want to tidy up the legs.

You want to reach one leg so long that it barely lifts up the ground. Just enough to have a little puff of air under it and then put it down and then the left leg does the same. Rest your forehead on the mat. Your hands are by your chest. Reach your elbows behind you. Tighten up the legs, lift up your head, but don't look forward. Just look at the Mat. Take those elbows and pull them back.

Push the mat away from you as you come up, pull the mat towards you as you lie yourself down. Again, push the mat away, lengthen up the chest bone. Once you get that length in your thoracic spine, then you can float the head up a little bit and then lie yourself all the way down. We want the back to have some juicy extension, but we don't want it all to come just by hanging out in the lumbar region. So the legs and the gluten hamstrings help protect the pelvis so it doesn't flip out or flip under or flip up whichever relationship you're talking about. And then the arms press away as you lengthen the chest in the heart bone comes forward. The heart bone didn't know I had a heart bone. Anyway, get the jest, the sternum bone with the heart underneath it. And then last one, inhale, lengthen.

Okay, and then exhale lowers you all the way down. Okay, now we're going to lie on our side. Bend the knees. Be sure you have something underneath your neck if you need to. Your arm is good, but if you feel your head hangs down, you may need to put something else underneath there so your legs are bent forward and then your legs are kind of straightened. The back of your spine is in neutral. If you were looking down at the top, your head would be right over your chest and your chest would be right over your pelvis.

You're gonna take your right hand and place it on the mat and take your top leg and reach it out. Law. Now with our sidekicks today, we're going to do a little variation because as a beginner you still can go fast and slow. You still can do some things to challenge yourself. So we're going to do our leg kick series like this. We're going to go slow down, slow down, and slow down. Never do. Quick for three. One down, two down, three. One more. Set. Slow down. Feel the side in the back of the hip and down. One more time and down. And then quick you go. One down, two down, three down. Pause. Kick forward.

Point back. Flex forward. Point back. One more time forward. One more time back. Speed it up. One, back to back. Three back. Pause, slow and back. Need a challenge. Put your hand on your hip and back. One more time. Slow down and then back. And then double time. One back to back. Three back.

Pause. Rest the leg on top of the other leg. Passe. Bend, open, pull. Then Open. Pull. One more time. Bend. Open. And pull. And here we go. Quick in, up, pull down in, up, pull down, varying the speed, and then reverse up. Bend. Press. No, but tucking here up. Bend and press one more time. Slow like this. Up and bend and press. And now double time.

Ben. Press a bend, press, and a bend. Press and then pause. Take the leg out long and then from here, circle slow, slow, slow. And now quick, one, two, and three. Reverse low and slow and slow. And now quickly, one and two and three and rest.

Ready? Now Bend your knees like a chair with your legs bent like a chair, about 90 degrees. Put Your top hand right on the cheeks of your bottom and lift that leg up. It's not a clam shell, it's the whole leg lifted. Okay? You're going to keep that right hand right here and now from here, you're not going to lower and lift, but you're going to hold here and you're going to raise and lower to that spot.

Res And lowered that spot. Res And lowered. These aren't going to be fast and slow. These are just going to be very deliberate moves here, side of the hip. And this is going to build up a little bit, two more, and then last one and he'll kick the leg out in front of you, keeping it parallel to the floor. And here we go, five. It's the back of your buttocks that's helping you lift that long lever arm for three, not the best, counter two and then one and now toe down, heel up five and four and three and two and one toe up, heel down, go five and four and three and two and one and then breast.

Move your entire body a little bit forward so that now you can rotate your trunk and life your chest towards the ceiling. So that whole set of musculature that just got worked in your hip is now lengthening. So try to keep your right knee in line with your left. Take your left hand, put it right on top of that thigh and then twist your trunk away from it. And you get a stretch down across that right buttocks all the way out. And then bring yourself back and then go ahead and sit up and roll.

Rotate to the other side. So lying on your right side, go ahead and bend the knees and settle yourself in. Get readjusted with your head, your neck, and your belly. Reach your top leg out long. We're going to vary it slow and quick. And this time I'm going to take my left hand.

I'm actually going to put it on my neck because sometimes when we lift the leg up and down the neck actually thinks it wants to help by doing that or we're not going to let that happen. So I'm just going to feel my neck. You can check in with your neck as well. The belly pulls in. And now quickly three down, two down, one, one more. Set slow. Two, three and down to three lifts. Slow to three and down. Should feel all this in your hip.

And one more time. Slow and down. And here we go. Quick down, quick down, quick down, rest, kick forward, point back, pull your belly, flex your heel, point your toe, use your buttocks and your thigh. Inhale, and then exhale. And now double time. One back to back. Three back, slow, slow, slow point. Reach, reach, reach, flex, low. Check your neck, check your neck point. Work your thigh, work your thigh, work your thigh, double time one pull to pull. Three pull and pause. [inaudible] take your top leg down.

Passe. Nice long torso. Check in with your neutral. Turn the top leg externally. Bend it in, kick it out, pull it down in reach and pull. And in reach and pull. Double Time Bend, kick, Paul, Bend, kick, Paul and Ben. Kick, pull, reverse, slow, bend and press slow. Bend and press. Last one, slow bend and press. And then quickly one in, press two in. Press three in. Press and pause. By varying the speed of the exercise.

Sometimes it makes your neck work a little bit harder and you have to pay careful attention there. Now, legs circles, top leg out long. It's right in line with your hip. Checkin with your belly, your neck. And here we go. Circle slow. Whoa. Circle slow. One and two and three and four and five. And now quickly, one, two, three, four, five. I think I did some extra ones on this side. Reverse.

You still get the gist of it. Slow and slow and a double time. One and two and three and rest the leg down. Bend the knees in like you're on a chair. Take your left hand, put it right here on your buttocks area and lift the whole left leg just up so it's parallel. So we're not doing a clamshell. That's a good exercise. It's just not this one. So you're going to hold your whole leg in this parallel position with your left hand on the cheeks of your bottom here on the left side, the top side and lift up and down.

What you're going to notice now since you, this is your second side, is your bottom leg. It's kind of working in the same place in that kit there. And we'll do this three more and then two more, and then last one and then kick the leg out in front of you, keeping it parallel and go lift five and four. Neutral spine, three, two and one. Toe Down, heel up, five and four and three. Two, one. Heel down, toe up. One and two and three. Relax the neck, four and five and rest the leg. Yeah. Move yourself to the front of your mat.

Open up your chest and your torso. Take your right hand on this left knee and feel the lengthening happening through the backside of your buttocks all the way around the muscles that we just worked. Take a big inhale and a big exhale and then gradually lie on your back. Reorganize. Regroup the scoop of your tummy. Sink the sandbag. Relax the face.

One last articulatory bridge and neutral bridge. Differentiating that work in the spine, pressing into your feet, curling up the tailbone. Don't disturb the neck, lengthening yourself up, pressing the feet down and then take that time to broaden your collar bones. I'm running that spine down section by section all the way down. Now with your pelvis in neutral, lift up into a neutral bridge hold. Still broaden the collarbones as if your arms are weak, reaching wide, and then put your pelvis down into neutral.

Bring yourself up to standing. I'm going to face sideways. I'm going to take my arms all the way up in the air and I should be a nice long line without my head sticking out and my ribs sticking out, my front ribs lifting just as my back ribs and then I'm going to nod my head and I'm going to roll down. Much like I would roll up from the mat or spine stretching and to keep the weight over my feet. I'm going to lower myself all the way down. Take an inhale here. As I exhale, the belly scoops up.

Then to unroll my spine, not being in a hurry to lift my head and take myself all the way up. Now from this position, I'm going to do swan in standing. So rather than just throw my head back, I'm actually going to lift my chest. I'm going to try not to displace my pelvis too much. Lift my heart, lift my chest so that as my head goes back, it's actually supported by my thoracic spine and not by my neck.

Just shearing backwards, head nods, lengthening the back body. As I round myself down, pulling my belly in, lengthening, inhaling, this would be pike on the chair, wouldn't it? Let us like this. It's also just start of an inversion and then roll yourself all the way back up. Okay. Then when I'm at the end of it again, I'm going to recognize level, start to extend in length in my thoracic spine. I might even think extend the chest without throwing my head back.

If you need to support your head for a second, go ahead and do that and let the chest and the sternum lift like my heart is reaching up to the, and then again, my head is actually being supported by my, uh, shoulder blades if you will. Almost presenting my chest up and I look up to the ceiling and then my forehead and my nose and my chin brings everything back. I shrugged my shoulders up and back and then I let him rest and my shoulders up and back, and then I let them rest down and hopefully my arms, you're on this side of my thighs and not in the front. Okay. Hope you enjoyed that workout.


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I love learning from you Karen! I'm starting a new 6 week session of beginners tomorrow and can't wait to teach the stuff I learned from this 4 class beginner series. Loved the spine stretch using the towel. Thank you!
Loved that, soooo stretchy!!!
good class
Ann S
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Thank you for sharing...It's sooo important to go back to the basics. I often get caught up in trying to make my classes more challenging as I work in a fitness setting (some of the time). Thanks for reminding me!!!
Thank u Karen!! What a great class!
Another great workout. Thank you, Karen.
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Karen, you explain things so very clearly, you make it easy for my beginner friend to follow instructions and think and understand what you are saying .
Karen, you look to be about my age; I'd bet you're like me... done tons of ballet, skating.... (years passing)...dancercise, weight training, running... jogging, yoga, pilates, zumba... I LOVE that you don't hurt me, but give me specific cues and a workout. That was level 2 I'd say. I love all your classes.
Karen Sanzo
Add softball, paddle board and kayak . Take out Zumba. Isn't it great to enjoy life??
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Lovely class. Loved the "heart bone". I often use the wrong words in class so I usually add things like "aka the sternum". So lucky to have Pilates Anytime, means we can all attend your classes wherever we are in the world. FABULOUS!
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