Class #1380

Foam Roller Workout

20 min - Class


Amy Havens teaches a Foam Roller workout (she calls it an "experience") that will test your balance and work your abdominals, back, and hamstrings. This is a great workout for dancers or those who want to identify where you are imbalanced in your center. Enjoy this fun workout!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Foam Roller

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Hi everyone, I am going to do a foam roller workout, and I don't know if we could even call it a workout so much as an experience. Two pound weights is what I'll be having as well. And...


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You're awesome Amy. I have a few ideas as to how I'll use this "experience" on the roller with clients. It felt wonderful! Thanks!
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Short but back feels great!
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Dear Amy, your classes are always fantastic! ...This is just another of them...!

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I always like to learn new things on the roller. Keep em coming!
Thank you everyone.....I so appreciate your feedback! :)
Thank You Amy for a wonderful foam roller class, perfect warmup for any apparatus :)
Thank you Yugonda.....short and sweet, yes!
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Wonderful class, Amy, and as usual excellent explanation !
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I am certainly no dancer, but loved this little class! Great "flashlight cue" with the scapula while doing puppet arms. Oh and if anyone needs to practice their snow angels....come to Omaha, we are in the midst of a major snowstorm! Thank you Amy for another great session!

This class was awesome, thank you so very much!!!!
Have a blessed day!
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