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Magic Circle Powerhouse

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Niedra Gabriel teaches a workout using the Magic Circle with the traditional Mat exercises to help you connect deeper into your powerhouse. She also includes creative variations that will work your arms and legs while simultaneously working your core. This class is a great for finding more ways to incorporate the Magic Circle into your workout.
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Feb 05, 2014
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Let's have a, the feeding Pilati stands, bring the arms out in front of you and just for a moment, round down and look at your navel and feel how you're opening up your back ribs is specially the lower ribs. Then pull your stomach up and stack your body back up again without letting the ribs go in. You want a full back body and then shoulders are down, elbows are lifted. Pull the stomach up and just squeeze and lift from the powerhouse and release and lift from the powerhouse and release. So every time you squeeze, you want to feel the waist getting longer. Exactly. And squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. Now pulse the magic circle, bringing it right in towards your chest, in, in, in, in, in and out. Two, three, four, five, six and bring it in.

Lift the chest and lift the waist and lift the spine and out. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Lift the arms up and keep the shoulders down. That's the hard part. Get the neck law and squeeze and lift and lift. Every time you squeezing, you want to feel the squeeze from the powerhouse. Shoulders down, lay in if you can. Yes, that's it. And squeeze.

So it's a tricky part because you actually want the shoe. Feel the shoulders pressing down and almost the area of the lads working. I'm press, I'm pressed now. Start pulsing the magic circle down and bringing it right around the head. Very strange feeling. And then press up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. And Pulse, the magic circle down right down towards the size.

Keep the chest nice and lifted up to book. Five six, seven eight nine 10 lifting up again. Two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 and up to four. Five, six, seven, eight and nine and 10 very good. Open the feet a little bit. Have the magic circle just above the knees. The knees are in what we call the [inaudible] stance, so they are slightly turned out, but they're facing forward and a diagonal.

It's not totally out. The heels are closer together. The toes go in line with the knees so they usually will go a little over and make sure that the inner arches lifted. Sandy, get your feet turned in more. The tole shouldn't, we don't want this Donald duck look, we want the feet really in this diagonal line. Now long sacred for back ribs squeeze and lift so you may not go to straight. But we want the inner thighs to lift. And again, squeeze and lift to the feeling is like we're pulling up into the center of the body and squeeze and lift and squeeze and lift and we and lift and squeeze and lift and squeeze and lift.

Put the magic circle down between your calves. Similar position. The knees have been, the pelvis is long, it's not talked. It's just that you want this downward sensation and a lift of the waist. The arches are lifted and then as you get the leg straight as you can get the shinbone to start to work and press the shinbone in. But don't let the arch drop and shinbone lifts and shinbone presses in and up, long back, long stomach. And lift too.

Every time you connect the movement into the stomach and Lyft and Lyft, um, lift and just for the fun of it and move it down towards the ankles. So the circle is actually working a little bit. The arches are lifted. See if you can get the shinbones to work the inner and outer thighs to work. Can you lift your heels a little bit without the ankles rocking and Dow and lift and [inaudible]?

This is hard and live and down and lift and down and lift down. Very good. Take the magic circle. Come to the front of your mat. Cross your feet. Squeeze a circle if the powerhouse and sit down on the mat. Come all the way down on. Do your feet. Place the magic circle between the knees.

Squeeze the knees, stretch your arms out and roll down and in squeezing the circle. Roll down another inch. Roll down another inch. Release the needs. Squeeze a circle, roll back up. Release the knees for a minute. Squeeze and get taller through the spine and then roll down.

Roll down further. Roll down further, pulling the stomach in. Release the knees. Squeeze knees and roll back up. And again, squeeze, roll down, root down, roll down, release, squeeze and roll up. Take the magic circle on the outside of the knees.

Have the feet hip width apart just for a minute. Put your hands behind your back. Lift your spine and spread. So from the hip to the knee, you feel that widening in the pelvis and release and spread and maybe get the feet hip width apart as well. So the whole leg is getting wide and release and squeeze and release.

I shouldn't say squeeze, I should say, spread and release and to the focuses very much on what happened. Even in the glutes. You probably feel your buttocks widening and back and pelvis widening and back. And one more time like this. Pelvis widening and back. And now why an arms along and then slowly roll down, pressing your thighs all the way down as you come to the mat.

Take the magic circle, place it between your ankles and lengthen the legs up for hundreds. So half the legs long, slight, slight external rotation. See if you can get the wrap in the buttocks and inner thighs working. Lift your head and chest up. Take the legs any angle you want them and start pumping with the arms.

Breathing in and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Squeeze that circle. Exhale, inhale, and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Reach the hands.

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Very good line down. Take the magic circle with your hands. Take your right foot and place it against the pad and see if you can stretch the leg and then bended and stretch the leg. Pressing your sit bone down as the leg gets long and bend and stretch the leg.

Take the left leg and stretch it on the mat. Lift your head and see if you can roll up. Yes, keep the leg law and then roll that to the soft form of a roll down in a warm, warm roll up. But using the circle if you need to, you can even bend the knee. Let's all of us. Bend the knee for a minute. Lift your head scooping and then press the leg away from you to lift up to help you get up. Good. And then roll back down, articulating your spine. As you go back, bend the knee, pull the stomach and lift your head and press the leg away from you to help you come up and roll back out. So you have, we'll do two more times with this leg or you can have the legs straight so you lift your leg, press the leg away from you to help you come up. Good. And Roll back down. Keeping the shoulders down. If you can.

One more time. Row Up, up you come lift your back, pull the elbows, pull the leg in, get even taller and then start to roll down, reaching the leg, reaching the spine long way and change your legs. So start with the right foot. Bend the left legs straight and I'm trying to, what did we do on the other side? We did something [inaudible]. What's that? Are we spend and straighten the leg, that side, stretch the leg and then, and stretch the leg and bend and stretch the leg. And this time, take the right leg and stretch it out on the floor as you're stretching the right leg out, square the left hip away from you. So the legs along now, narrow, strong hips.

Lift your head and roll up. Good. And then roll down, rolling away from the lake. So you o articulate the spine and roll up and lift the chest and then roll down. Now this time, bend the knee, lift your head. And as you go up you push the leg into the circle. That's it. And roll down. And again, then pull the stomach in and roll up.

Lift the chest, shoulders are down and roll back. And then two more with the legs, straight, square the hips. See if you can really get this articulation through the spine. Nice lifting up with the chest and roll down and last one rolling up. And then take a moment to lift the body.

Lift the leg as much as you're able to without the spine being compromised. The elbows are wide, the stomach is in, shoulders of wide. And then roll down, roll down, roll down, change like so we go back to the right leg. The right leg will be on inside the magic circle. The right hip is being anchored away from you. Left leg is long on the mat.

See if you can get a sense between the two heels. If they were both together on the floor, they would be touching and without the right hip coming off the mat. Take the leg as far over to the left as you can. You can even take the left hand down, the right hand down. I don't mind how you work the hands.

You want as much of a stretch in one direction as you can. Lift the leg up again and then take the leg in the opposite direction without the hip coming up and then come back up and again, first side again, taking it to cross with the knees straight and up and then the other way and up. Now it you will only be doing a very small circle holding onto the magic circle. But see if you can get this sense of how the movement is coming from the hip and then reverse the circle and circle, circle, circle, circle, change your legs, lift the other leg up. The hand will be hand will be long.

The left hip is down, the right leg is down, and then take the leg across your body. I like to put the left hand on the floor to keep my left side grounded as I search. How much range of movement can I get into this hip? Bring the leg up again. Take the leg in the opposite direction without the hips flying apart and up again. Square the hips and again, go across the body and up. Take the leg in the opposite direction, out and up, and now just small circles, feeling the range of movement you and then reverse it. Very good.

Lower the leg down and take the arms above the the circle above your chest. Have your legs in a [inaudible] stance with your stomach in and now have the elbows slightly lifted to the side, but feel the shoulders broad and long and just pulse here and pulse and pulse and pulse and pulse and pulse and pulse and pulse. Now reach the arms towards the ceiling. Lift your head up and hollow your back out and reach the hands towards your toes. Now reach and stretch and roll back. Arms to the ceiling. Reach the arms to the ceiling.

Lift your head up and then lower. Look through the magic circle at your feet and then roll back. Drop your head down one more time. Reach the arms up, lift your head and chest and see if you can roll up to a sitting position. If you can, you can come another way. Then the knees and see if you can get the magic circle in the air, holding on.

Pull the stomach and push the magic circle slightly away a few times to test the movement and see if you can anchor into your powerhouse. Now press out just a little bit, roll back and roll up. See if you can balance yes and roll back to the shoulders and roll up and balance yes. And roll back. Now as you do it, especially when you come up. See if you can get the shoulders down. So the control is in the power house, but at the same time you are still working this long elegant neck.

You're not ripping in the neck. You tried to get the movement happening in the trunk. Good. One more time like this. Roll back and roll up. Good work. Feet on the mat, arms in front of you and roll back down onto your backs.

Now let's have the magic circle above your chest. Bring both knees into your chest for single legs, uh, stretches. So bring the knees deeply in and lift your head and chest up and stretch the arms kind of over the shins. So there's this nice links in the shoulders. Rightly goes out, left knee as in, switch in. Now add a pulse. Squeeze a circle, squeeze a circle, squeeze a circle, squeeze and switch and switch and switch and switch.

Switch and switch and switch and switch. Bring both knees in deep. Lower your head and chest down. Take your arms over your head just for a minute and let them rest there and let the elbows drop out just for a minute. Let them fall out. Even though you're holding the circle, double leg stretches. Bring the circle and place it between your ankles.

This is going to be that it. Hold your shins. Lift your head and chest up and just gently squeeze that circle. Stretch your arms and legs out. Big Circle and squeeze it arms. An exotic pinch. Even here.

Work those inner thighs and in and switch and in and reach. And in one more time. Stretch and in whole the circle. Bring the knees in. Drop your head down, drop your feet down. And just for a minute, just place a circle your knees and just rest for a second. Roll your head to the right. Roll your head to the lap, roll your head to the right and roll your head to the left.

Scissors is next. Get both feet into the circle. Stretch your legs are up. And by bending the elbows wide, lift your head and chest up. So your a scoop to position and you can actually gently push down with that, pull down with the hands and push up with the feet.

The right leg goes down and you put pulse. Pulse, the leg down, switch. Other leg goes down. Pulse, pulse, up. Elbows are wide the whole time. So you use the magic circle to help you get more of a scoop in your upper body. Keep the waist pulling down. The stomach is up.

Paul Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul up now right leg goes down. Lower your head to the mat and just give the legs a stretch and pull it towards you to get a lot of length into the hip, into the thigh, into the hamstring. Bring the other leg up, lower the left leg down, lengthening both hamstrings as much as you can, and then pull the leg towards you to get that extra stretch. Now bend the legs again. Place a magic circle between your ankles. One more time. Lengthen the legs up to the ceiling and put your hands behind your head for lower lift. So you start with the hands behind the head with the elbows.

Are Wide. See if you can have your hands right down there, Wendy. That's it. Now pull the stomach muscles in and lift your head and chest up and squeeze that circle. Lower the legs away. Bring him up, lower the legs away, squeeze a circle and up. Lower the legs and up. Two more times. Lower and lift and lower and lift and bend the knees for minute. Put the feet on the map. Take your arms with the elbows bent and press your elbows down. Even though the hands are off the floor, you want this opening into the pex. Just for a minute.

For crisscross, bringing the magic circle between your ankles again and just place your hands behind your head and stretch your legs out. So the legs are going to the ceiling. Squeeze a little bit and just try rotating like forward, left leg back. And then the other way. So you're twisting. Now make sure that the legs are turned out so windy you want. That's it. So even if it's just a slight twist and a slight twist, it's a bit of a trick and twist right now.

Lift your head and chest up so your left elbow will go forward. As your right leg will come forward to twist one way, center with the other way center. Twist the first way, center with the other way. Center. Twist the first way center twist the other way. Center. Grab the magic circle and stretch your legs out.

Take your arms over your head and squeeze. Squeeze your legs and then see if you can roll yourself up to a sitting position and open your legs out full spine. Stretch forward to what? Your feet. Just a little bit wider than the Mat and the magic circle in front of you. So the arms along the palms along. Yes right now. Sit Up nice and tall.

See how much you can get a lift out of your lower back. Elbows a slightly lifted and just push down and get taller and release. Push down and feel the waist lifting out of the hips and release. Push down and lift up. Also a long neck and press and press. Now we'll add the scoop to this.

So you push down, drop your head and pull back with the stomach. As you press the magic circle further and then roll back up and lift up. Move the magic circle an inch further away from you. Lift your body, then scoop and push down scooping the navel and pushing from the shoulders into the hands to get blamed and come back up. See if you can move the magic circle even so you're almost like an a long diagonal. Now. First long lift from the hips through the head and then push down, pulling the stomach in and rounding, rounding, rounding, and then coming back up. Nice.

Bring the magic circle in a little bit. Left hand, right hand round your waist. Let the elbow bend a little bit. You will curl over and just press down and come back up. Change hands. Elbow is lifted. Other hand round your waist and scoop the belly to press down and come back up.

Change hands again. Elbow was lifted. Push down and come back up. Other side. Lift and push down and come back up. Lift and push down and come back up and lift and push down and come back up. Very nice. Place.

The magic circle on the outside of your ankle. Oh it's, and let's see what it's like to stretch the legs up and widen them. Okay, come back down. Let's move it a little bit higher up. So just above the knees. So Neisha just above the knees, right? Right, right. So before we start, widen them again. So you feel again this band, this outer band of the Cy actually active slight school.

See if you can balance, see if you can get the legs to go long without losing that pressure out. So let's pulse a time. Pulse two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and bring the feet down and live. Now when you pulse, have a look at your own knees cause I think sandy for you, the knees are rolling in. You want to get those legs rolling out to, there's an opening in the hips. So press here before we start. The feet will be, let's have the feet together and the knees are too, that sits the angle of the leg. Just kind of feel. In fact, if you put your hands on the other side and um, Yep. And push the knees out so you feel this pressure of the outer thigh widening and again, press and press now rock back in that press, lift the legs and extend. Extend. Now keep that. See if you can roll back and come back up and balance and roll back and come up and balance good work at those times nice and wide. Roll back and come up and balanced two more times.

Roll back, come up and balance. One more time back. Come up and balance and bring the legs down. That was good. That was good. Magic circle on the inside of the knees. Feet Fita together or a little bit apart.

We'll be rolling down on the back for sauces squeezes circle and just take your time rolling down, articulating through the spine. I'm sorry, didn't mean saw. I meant corkscrew. Place your hands on the map and get the magic circle between your ankles. So have the legs right above your own hips. Hands will be on the map. The neck is down, the stomach is long, and the knees are straight if possible. A straight, that's it. Sandy, good squeezes. Circle and draw a small circle and back up. Then reverse it to the left, round and up.

Squeeze to the right, round and up. Squeeze to the left, round and up. Squeeze, right round and up. Squeeze left, round up. Squeeze and slowly lower the legs down, down, reaching them out, pressing your back into the mat. When you're almost done, you'll have to bend the knees, put the circle with your feet flat and just for a moments, wiggle your feet into the magic circle is working in your ankles and your knees and then roll your bottom up. We roll up for bridge, keeping the ankles working and roll down and roll up and roll down and roll up. Keep the ankles pressing together and hold a position for a minute. Keep pressing your sacrum up. Press your hands down, lengthen through the crown of the head, lengthen through the fingers and slowly roll down, articulating through the spine. As you come down, get the magic circle out.

Get one foot into the bar, the other leg is law. And roll yourselves up to a sitting position, right? Get your feet out and flex and take the magic circle close to your right ankle and take the left hand on that. Take the right hand behind you. Check that both hips are nice and lift and even lift up. Um, Tim, open your legs wider. That's it. That's it. That's it. So you want from the hips to the shoulders, a bit of a twist. Now Scoop. And just eight times you push down, push down, push down, push down, push down, push down, flex your feet a lot.

Push and push. Now come up. Let's hook the foot around, uh, the circle around the foot. Pull the magic circle and just give you an anchor. See if you could twist further and further and further. Now take the right hand and stretch it away. And Sandy, want to be on top of your hips. Pull there, now twist.

So you pull the right shoulder way back and way back and way back in. Come back. Good. Bring this foot, the magic circle to the other side. Take your right hand on the circle t, place it in a where you get the left hand behind you. And first of all just twist slightly, but check that the right hip is down. Now scoop the belly back and press down eight times. Push, push, push, push, push, push, push and push. Good. This the circle around your foot.

Lift up and you're with your right arm. You can pull a little bit, you can bend the elbow to get the pool. That's it, Wendy. Yes. So you bend the elbow, twist, and then take the left arm out and work into the left too. And twist and twist and twist and twist. Okay. Legs are together. Hands are in front of you.

And slowly roll down, stretching your spine out as you go. Okay, let's have all of you, um, on your stomachs. But I think it'll probably be easier if you're facing center and you will have [inaudible] Ben, the magic circle between your legs, your ankles if you can. So the knees are a little girl. You have to be a little bit bent to make this happen. In fact, let's have the knees bent up a little bit more. So they're off the Mat, right? Oh, okay. Good, good, good, good, good. Let's be up on the elbows and just squeeze the circle and feel the connection into the hamstrings and the glutes.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Now bringing the feet up towards your bottom. Slightly squeezing. Take the legs out as far as they'll go. The circle will kind of limit your range. Bring the legs in, press the legs out. Bring the legs in, press the legs out. And one more time.

Bring the legs in and press the legs out. Very good. Reach back and the syrup. Oh, and now bring it out in front of you on the map flat and drop your head down. Have your heels together. So in this position, see if you can just with your forehead down, squeeze a circle a little bit, and then release and squeeze a circle and release. Squeeze your circle and release. Squeeze your circle and release.

Squeeze your circle and release. And one more time. Squeeze a circle and release. Now lift your head up, pull the shoulders down and squeeze and lift a little bit so you have to really traction your chest. And then bend the elbows slightly to lower back down. So we'll have the elbows very slightly bent here.

Out forehead is on the mat. Start squeezing the circle slightly, but mostly lifting the head and chest up. So your long with the upper back and then lower back down and squeeze and lift up. Pulling the shoulders down, lengthening the belly and down and squeeze and lift and lower back down. And one more time. Squeeze and lift and lower back down.

That was really good. Bring the hat. Let's have the magic circle round your face. So the elbows are out, the forehead is down. Have a slight pressure into the circle and then lift again. So it's a different feeling.

You press into it to lift up and lower back down saline. Your hands will be right on the side. That's it. So you squeeze the hands toward each other as you live. They can come up a little higher and lower back down. Squeeze and lift and now and squeeze and lift and down. Good.

Bring elbows to the magic circle notes. You're going to come up with single leg kicks. The elbows are right in the in the center. Get a little bit of pressure, make fist with the hand and push down to get a lot of height. Have the shoulders gliding down your back. Bend your right foot kick twice. Kick, kick and long kick. Kick and long kick kick and a long kick.

Kick and long kick kick. Keep that stomach lifting. Kick, kick and long kick. Kick and learn. Kick, kick. Very good and long. Hey, the magic circle. Now see if you can get it back between your and the transitions are harder than the workout today. Okay, now Matt Hands. This is double leg kicks. So play, everybody's had towards me. Everybody's had towards me right now so we can figure this out together. So just I'd like you to bet kick three times and as you go out the legs can't come down. They have to go out and then see if you can lift.

That will be what we'll be doing. Lower dance. So turn your head the other way. And here we go. Kick two, three legs. Go Out, hands, go back and lift as much as you can. First side again, kick to three very stable pelvis. As you lift, come back up other side.

Kick to three and stretch and lift as you go out. First side kick two, three, pull back and stretch and lift to come up. And last one, kick to three sodas. A wide lift and lower down. Now Undo just at the magic circle. Come off right. And you know which way is always good. Just put mine here for this minute. Legs will come together.

Now we'll go for the neck Poe for an swan. Swan. So hands are in line with the ears. Lift your head in chess. We've done quite a bit of work, Sandy. I want the elbows out. See if you can lift up so you'll be more flexible now cause we warmed up the body, come back down, move the hands just a little bit further forward like towards the ears or towards the top of the head. The hands of why lift up again. Lift up. Lift up, lift up, lift up, and now turn your head at the chest roll and look towards you.

Over your right shoulder, towards your right ankle. Roll the head down. Look towards your left ankle. Come back to the center. See if you can come a little bit higher and turn your head and look to the left. Way over stretching the right side of your neck.

Roll way down. Look way over to the left. Come up, get even taller. Lower back down. [inaudible] and one more time pressing up as far as you can go. Really letting the spine open and be more flexible. Now right here to right shoulder roll down.

Left there towards the left shoulder. Look straight. Lift a little bit further. Left here towards left shoulder. Roll down right here towards right shoulder. Lift up even further and lower back down. And now going for the rocking swan. Lift up again.

Lift up, stretch the legs, squeeze the legs together. Fall and lift. Fall in Lyft. Fall and lift and fall and lift. One more time. Oh and let sit back into your heels, Paul, the powerhouse in and up. And just stretch over. Nice long stretch through the spine.

Let the back open, bring the hands towards your heels on the mat, pull the stomach muscles in and very slowly roll up to a sitting position, unraveling the spine, coming all way up to a nice vertical back and then come back onto your hands and knees. Open your knees and hip with the part. The hands are under your shoulders and just a few cat cows do in the spine further. So the pelvis up in, head up. Very big arch in one direction and then scoop in the opposite direction. Pull the stomach way in. Tuck the tail way under, spread the shoulder blades team all the way. Lift that chest up away from the floor. Yes, that's it. That's it. Exactly.

And again, hips go up, waist comes down and pull the chest forward in. Open the throat and then reverse it tales down. Really spread the shoulder blades here. Press the center of the Bab towards the ceiling and let the chest closed. Pull the head way, way, way in. And again at the tail go up, chess comes forward, throat opens and lifted.

Look up at the ceiling and last one, rounding in the opposite direction, opening up the back body, opening up the waist, opening up the lower back. Sit back into your heels. One more time, opening up the spine and then come to a sitting position with your legs in front of you. Four neck pull so that the magic circle will be right at the back part of the skull. It's kind of a funny sensation. So usually this part of the neck can be crunched this way it can be forward.

So you want to see if you can get a sense first of lifting the lifting than the knee, lengthening the neck and then pressing it back so the head is in for to actually push after to look at all of you. You end up push. So bring the chin down just a little bit. Impress back. That's it. So Lynn, lift the head up a little bit more. So the neck continues the vertical plane of the s of the spine. Yes, this looks good. All of you. Now just lean back, pressing your head into the magic circle and then come back up. Lean back again, same way, and come back up.

Now drop your head down, broaden the shoulder blade and pull the head down a little bit too. You're stretching the neck by curling it forward and roll in towards your thighs. Now unravel the spine upwards to a vertical plane. See if especially the neck, the area can be remained long and lifted and lean back again, leaning back, getting that length through the neck. Come back up, [inaudible] round your chin into your chest and curl down. Rounding the spine, stretching the whole back.

Actually this way more than just the neck, but on the way back up you can get into the back of the neck and open it lifting up. Makes sure the neck comes on top of the spine. Lean back a little bit and come back up. Now either keep your leg straight or cross-legged because now we'll be, we worked a little bit into the back of the neck. Now we'll do the front of the neck, which is lovely because I, NEC is under exercise, so bring the magic circle under your chin. Now there is a tendency to want to do that to get the magic circle there.

So see if you can be aware of the back part of your nap. So it's like someone's grabbing your hair and pulling the skull back so the neck goes to straight again. And then bring the chin down, lifting the back of the neck and lift the head. Chin back up again. Shoulders are down if possible. Good Tim. Bring the Chin in, Xi looking down. But then good Wendy and come back up. Nice lift of the back. As you do this, pull the chin down and lift.

Pull the Chin down and lift. Pull the down, keeping the back very long as you do this and lift. And one more time. Pull the Chin down and lift. Okay. Magic circle between the knees again, feet are hip with the part. Squeeze the magic circle.

Let's see if you can squeeze considerably more now because the inner thighs and legs had been working along and slowly roll down and lie down on your backs. And let's have you make sure you're on the mat cause I think you're starting to go on the floor. So once you're down in your place, really get the circle to squeeze a lot. If you can, your legs will be stronger now. So lot of work into the thigh, all the way up to the knee. Tuck the tail and squeeze some more. Lift the sake room, squeeze some more, and then slowly keep that work in the lower back and roll up till you're up towards the shoulders.

Really work the sacred sacred miss lifting a lot. Then collapse the chest through, roll down through the chest, through the floating ribs, through the waist, through the hips to the tail, and then release the knees. And then we'll do this again. Lengthen the back of the next length and sandy good. Squeeze the knees again and just tuck the tail and hold it.

Really pull your stomach in and then tuck the tail end lift. Only the sacred feet. Stay Down Tim, a little bit wider. So it's like someone is grabbing the sacred roll a little bit further up. Yes. So you really get this articulation inside out and roll a little bit further up and work that sacred up as high as you can go and get that the circle to squeeze and then roll down, dropping the chest first and slowly, slowly roll down through the whole spine.

And then when you're flat, you release the nieces is actually very interesting when you warm enough because you can start to unravel really deep patterns in the spine. One last time. Squeeze as much as you can. Feed a little closer. Wendy. Really squeezed a lot. Just tuck the tail, just the tail and squeeze that circle as strong as you can. And now press the ribs down to lift the sacred ribs. Go down and get that sacrum to lift to your seesawing against the natural desire of the spine to unravel it. And then roll up, roll up, row up, roll up, check that your neck is very long and then roll down.

Roll down, roll down, roll. Very good. Grab the circle and bring the knees into the chest. The knees will be, the hands are above the circle. Just roll back and forth. This is like rolling like ball, just [inaudible] a little bit more loose form just to massage a little bit and roll. Okay.

It's amazing. Now we'll do a little bit of the legwork and I would like you all facing this way. So we'll kind of do so take your bottom leg and place it on the inside. So Wendy, why don't you have your feet this way in your head that way but you'll be facing me. So we will be here and the top like we'll be on top and you can either be this way with your [inaudible] tomorrow or up on your hand, whichever works for you.

Check that the hips have one on top of the other and that the knees have very slightly turned out so that there is a little bit of a gripping in the sip bones right now. Stomach is in and presses leg down and hold and release. Press down and the other leg pushes down as well. And release and press and release. Am pressed him CV and keep the legs long if possible. That's it. Both of them.

Press and release. One more time. Press and release and we polled one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. And now can you slip the leg inside? Good, good, good. Press up. Palt release. Press up.

Release, press up, release, press up, release, press up. Release am pressing now we pulse and one and two, three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Now can you lift both legs and down both legs and down, both legs and down. I'm so impressed and down. Take the leg up to the top again.

Lift the stomach leg, lift the leg and press the magic circle. Lift the leg, press that circle, lift the leg, press that circle, lift the leg and press that circle. Last one, lift and press. And let's do this. Same on the other side. So we will start with the bottom leg on the inside. [inaudible] Wendy, that was a good one. Beth was, Whoa, I love it. I'll tell you. Mistakes are the invention of future exercises. I'm, I was looking at you going, that's a really good one. I'm going to have to play with to figure that one now.

So we take the top leg, she had them crisscrossed and it's super advanced with your, so top leg you push down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and down and down and [inaudible] whole to every time you pushing out. See if you can connect into your barracks. And now we do Paltz and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. N the leg comes inside. Lift up and pull. [inaudible] m press, m press, m, press and press, m press, m, press and press and festival one n two n three n four n five and six and eight. And can you lift and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift and down.

Take the leg back on the outside and we do side kicks. So long. Body, kick the leg up, flex it down, kick it up, flex it down, kick it up, flex it down, kick it up, flex it down, kick it up, flex it down and kick it up and flex it down. Very, very good. Let's have you all sitting back up facing the center and your knees will be bent. One leg is [inaudible] and the knees are together. So the wood, the left knee is bent. The right knee is straight. Roll down.

The leg will come with you a little bit and roll back up. It's emulating. Sees a teaser roll down. The lake comes with you. The arms go long and roll back up. Bend the elbows to lift. Roll back down the Lego's. Law and roll back up to lift. Oh, can you bring one leg up both legs in the tee, in the circle, the other leg down? Yeah. Yes, yes, yes. And again, roll down.

Roll back up to live. Roll down, roll back up to lift. Roll down and roll back up to lift. Okay. Now full teaser just for those who want to have a goal.

Magic circle will be d between your legs. We'll, we've done this before. You're just going to try and come up and try and go down. So if you can't get up, you can always have the knees bent and you can roll yourself up. So magic circle between the legs, arms over your head, squeeze if you want to see if you can roll up or grab your size. Good Tim and roll down and row up.

Good Wendy and roll down. Very nice. Work over there. Megan. Quietly working very hard and roll down magic. Circle back between your hands and see if you can roll up and down a few times. Down and up and down. Now roll up and balance. Clap, clap, clap, roll back. Balance, clap, clap, clap, roll up. Balance, clap, clap, clap, roll back. Balance, clap, clap, clap, roll up. Balance, clap, clap. PLA, rollback. Balance, clap, clap, clap. Come up to a standing position. Let's take the magic circle back between the ankles again and in this position, see if you can lift up and just walk side to side.

So a lot of control now in the hips. See if you can walk forward a little bit and then walk back a little bit and walk forward a little bit and walk back a little bit. Okay? Grab your circle again. Bring the arms out in front of you with your elbows lifted and three pulses here. Pulse and pulse and pulse. Scoop the naval and roll down towards the floor.

Pulse three times. Pulse, pulse, pulse role app. [inaudible]. Lift the arms up. Paul's Paul's, Paul. Bring the arms forward, scoop the navel and roll down and pulse. Pulse, pulse and roll back up.

Roll back up. Roll back up. Pulse, pulse, pulse, magic. Circle in one hand. As you come down, take a deep breath in and breathing out. Let it go. And you all did very good. Serious.


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I loved the leg work with the magic circle. It made me much more aware of the glut connection. Thank you.
I enjoyed every minute! I LOOOVED the saw, my back felt so much better after this saw as I started this class with a stiff back. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you both for your enthusiastic comments. Mat work is amazing, isn't it?
This was a great class and such great use of the magic circle, I really enjoyed it!
Loved it!
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Helene, so much fun to connect on PA. Glad you enjoyed the class.
I have been incorporating some of these moves into my classes and all my pupils absolutely love using the circle.
Love it and thank you Niedra!
Niedra Gabriel
HI there Caroline and Josephine, I see you are over in Scotland and Ireland - Love knowing that people from other lands are enjoying what PA has to offer.
I will be in the UK in August teaching, so let me know personally if you wanted to be informed. I can be reached at
Lovely class. Lots of fun. Please teach more classes w/ circle.
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