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Niedra Gabriel teaches an advanced Mat workout in 30 minutes. She flows from one exercise to the next using smooth transitions. Enjoy challenging exercises like Hot Potato, Wheel Barrel, and much more!
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Jan 29, 2014
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Good evening everybody. We're going to do advanced math today. I have my good friend Colleen here with me. We're going to try and get through it in 30 minutes. I'm not sure if we can because there's a lot of variations, but let's get started. So coming to the front of the mat, crossing the arms, nice. Lift to the powerhouse. Cross the fee. Sit down on the mat and do the feet.

Lift the hips and roll down onto your back. Pulling the stomach in and up. Lift your hips. I mean the legs, the head and start pumping. Breathing in and out, in and out. In and out. Bore and out. Five and out and six and seven and out and eight and out and nine and out in 10 and out long legs. Lowering down to the mat. Arms over the head for roller.

Roll Up. Scoop and reach. Roll back down and back. [inaudible] scope and reach and row and back. Now double tie up and over and back. Up and over and back.

Last one. Oh, and over and back. Now we have the Dow. Yes, moving down. If you don't have the dowels, the arms will stay by your sides. Pressing down for roll over, Colleen, pull the shoulders down, lift the legs up, hips up and over. Press the heels away. Press the heels away, lift a little bit and articulate through the spine. Legs go down together and lift.

Press Open, lift pulling with the arms down. If you have dowels, if you can't get to the floor, you keep the legs up and roll and then reverse up with hips, press, press and roll through the spine up with the hips. Press, press, and pulling down through the lattes. It's a wonderful feeling if you have an ability to hold this. If you don't, you push the arms through. Stay holding the dowels.

Left leg goes down. Right leg is up for leg circles in circle. Then up, circling up, circling up, circling up, circling up, reverse it, circling up. If you don't have the doubts, you keep your arms down. What is so nice with this? It engages the side body. Other leg is up and circling up.

Two, three, four, five. One, two, three, barely going out of the parameter of the body. Five lower the legs, down, arms the law. Roll up to a sitting position. Bring the hips forward and rolling like a ball. See if get your head right between the knees and roll to the shoulders. Roll up, roll to the shoulders. Roll up, roll to the shoulders.

Roll Up. And one more time. Feet are down. Hips come back articulating through the spine all the way down onto the mat for single leg stretches. Bring the knees in, lift your head and chest and stretch. Advanced work. See if you can get the leg reaching away from you and stretch.

So it's like a bow and arrow. It's bending the legs and opposition. Double leg stretches. Pull the feet to the buttocks. Stretch. Circle in. Keep your head and chest up. Nothing moves in the upper body and up and up. One more time.

Scissors. Sit. Bones are way down. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Flex your feet. Just two more. Popo, Popo, pull legs are up, back of the neck as long. Lower the legs. And one and two and three and four and five. And to crisscross right knee bends, twist to the right without the hips or the waist. Shifting left twist. Feel as though you're moving through room molasses so you push pulling the legs and twist legs down.

Arms law row up to a sitting position. Legs, hips, wit. Nice. Lifted the spine. Scoop the Navel and curve down. Articulating the spine. Looking to get your head between your arms all the way to the floor. Roll back up and lift up nice and long and scope. Lift through the spine, lift through the belly and stretch your upper back. Middle Back, lower back and come up. And one more time.

Scoping, articulating down, reaching on. Come back up. Nice. Long spine, long belly. Lift the legs up. Whoa. Open like rocker. Rolling back to the shoulders, rolling up, lift, rolling back and balancing and, and balance legs together. Do you want to see if you can grab your big toe? If not, you keep you grab where you can roll buck and up, roll back and up. Ho Rollback and up and then see if you can balance. Keep lifting up the spine, lifting up the legs and compressing in towards the legs.

Nice balance here and then walk down the legs carefully articulating through the spine for corkscrew and let's just lower it down and move back. You can work with the arm style because we have the dowels. You're going to work with the dowels, legs along and roll all the way up under the shoulders, rolling up, lifted and then rolling down on the right side, left side and up and rolling down. I love these dowels because they allow me to keep my chest and shoulders very open and work into the lats in a way that when the arms are straight, now it's a little bit harder to do grow and last one, grow and up and then roll down being the legs long and reaching the legs all the way to the mat. Having the arms law rolling up to a sitting position, opening the legs for soft so the arms are to the side.

Nice lift, twist to the right without the hips moving. Scoop the naval arms. Go forward and back. Stretch three times. Lengthening the left side ribs and lift up tall, twist to the other side, scoop and reach the arms away from each other. So there's a bow and Arrow sensation. Lift, twist, reach and up. Twist, reach and up. Last one. Big twith. Stretch and up and twist.

Stretch and come back up. Legs are together. Arms in front. Roll down onto your backs and then roll onto your stomach for net pole. So let's lay some hands on the dowels. The hands would normally be here a little bit further forward if the back isn't stiffer. And then lift all the way up to the arms.

Come up the straight, long open chest. And first of all right ear to right shoulder. And if you need to bend the left elbow to get the shoulder moving away from the ear, roll the head down. Left here to left shoulder. Lift the head up in lengths in the chest. Roll down, reverse lifting up again, left ear to left shoulder. Roll the head down right there to right shoulder.

Lift up and roll down and again, pressing up. And now turn the nose to the right. Look beyond your right shoulder. If you can, toward your feet. Roll the head down, lift up, look to the left straight, lift the chest even further and reverse it. Look to the left, roll down. Look to the right look straight, lift a little bit further up off the stomach and roll down. Going into swan dive, we'll do the three variations. First, variation the hand.

Stay on the Dow, lifting up as far as you can. Set the hands on the mat. They would just be here. Whatever the height is, lift the legs, bend the elbows, lower the chest, legs. Go Down and press up. Legs up and press legs up. Now we'll do the same thing with the arms going to the side and we catch ourselves here. Here we go. Arms and press, arms and press, arms and press, and now arms in front. Same thing again, arms to the front and push arms to the front and push arms to the front portion. Now we'll do the first one. I'm arms in front, staying in front and no more catching ourselves.

So lift way up and up and up and up. One more time and up. Now, lower down. Keep the arms long. Little finger pressing down in a bend the elbows in, lifting up. Make fists with the hands and bring them knuckles together and lift the stomach up for single like kicks. Bend the right foot. Kick, kick, left foot. Kick, kick, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. Lower down. Ben, the hands behind the back. Turn your nose to the left, to the right, the ears on the mat. Press the elbows down. Kick three times.

Kick to three and press the lift. Other side kick two three lift first side kick to three and lift other side clip two, three and lift first side kick two three lift and left side kick to three I believe. Lower down. Sit back into the heels. Stretch. Sure. Back out. Round the spine. Let the forehead come onto the mat and then come back onto your back. Lying on your back. For Neck Pool. So lying down, hands behind your head.

Elbows wide back, long stomach and heels. Very flex. Before we start, push your head slightly into the hands and lengthen the back of the neck so there's a sense of the head being back. Neck is long and keeping that traction. Lift your head. Keep the elbows wide. See if you can roll up to a sitting position.

Sit Up nice and tall and then bend the at the Chin in the neck is long and curl down towards the legs. Roll back up again. Lifting up, lengthening the back of the neck. Push the head into the hands. Lean back with the long flat back and reluctantly undulate down and roll up. Head down. Unravel. Sit Up nice and tall. Elbows wide. Lean back and roll down.

One more time. Roll head to needs. Sit up tall and lean back in the back row. All the way down. Hands by your sides. Bend the legs up. Let's work with the knees and the feet together for bridge.

Rolling the hips up. Rolling the hips down. Rolling the hips up. Rolling the hips down. One more time. Rolling the hips up. Press down with the arms. Bend the right knee. Lift the right leg up. Flex to the mat if you can, and up and to [inaudible] and three bend and come down. Lift the hips if they've dropped, lift the other leg up without the hips moving and one and to [inaudible] and three bench. Press the hips up again and slowly articulate down through the spine.

And now one that hasn't been done is not done very often. Go up into soul, the stance, so lift up so it scissors in the air, the hips are up, the spine is long. Take your right foot forward, left leg back in, double pals, scissor the other way. So it's like what we do on the spine corrector, except now we're doing it on the mat. Three, three and three, three. Now going into bicycle. What you want to strive for is to let the leg going behind you. Try and touch the mat, reach it out, reach it out, reach it out. Now reverse, press the leg down and out, down and out, down and out. So I am letting my hip hop Elvis rock a little bit in order to allow the hips to open down and up.

Bring the legs up and roll down onto the mat. Lower the legs all the way to the mat. Arms over the head, row up to a sitting position. Flex the feet, arms to the side with spine twist. Very broad. Open chest twists to the right with twist. Left twist, twist, right twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist. Now every time what I'm doing is lifting up my spine a little bit more, making sure the shoulders are down, rolling back down onto the mat for sidekicks, rolling to the right side, placing myself on the back part of the mat, lifting the legs up and coming forward. Top leg. So this bottom leg, I'm anchoring it over the edge a little bit. Four and lifting the other one hip, hyper forward and back kick. So here we go. Forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back, going into bicycle, bending the knee, stretching the leg out. Again, trying to keep my knee in line with my hip the whole time.

I'm pressing it out, reversing it, going back and stretching forward. I am focusing very extensively from my hip to my knee, keeping it parallel to the hip so I'm not going up or going down and straight. Now, last one, just a little stretch, not letting my knee go and keeping it straight. Taking the leg and the thigh and letting it go back. Bending the knee into the chest, keeping the knee in line with the hip and again, stretching the leg forward, bringing the leg down, checking that my hips are still stacked and little circles. One, two, three, four. Reverse it. One, two, three, four. Big Circle, leg in front. Take it up, reach it. Long forward. Take it up, reach long. One more time.

Forward and up and long behind. Reversing it back and front, back and front back. Trying to keep my hips steady the whole time and hot potato. Five in front, five in back. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five. Kick. One, three, four, five, kick. Four, one, two, three, four. app. Move. One, two, three. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, up. One, two. Up Five, four, three, two, one and down. Haven't done this in forever.

Lift the legs up in little scissors and big scissors. All four, five, six legs together. Keep the legs in the air. Roll onto the stomach full. Little beats beat. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Lift a little higher and last one, three, four, five, six, seven and onto the other side, rolling to the other side so that when the feet to the front of the mat, lift the leg up, hip height and we'll go forward and back. Here we go. And forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, going into bicycle. Forward Bend, press and long forward bend, press and long bend. Press and long. Bring the heels together and reversing it.

Take the leg back, bend it in, knee to chest, leg in front. Swing it back, bend it in. Bring it through, extended out so you can keep the knee in line with the hip. Colleen, right here. It's higher, no lower than he should be. That's it. Just that's a through that. Now take the leg back for a stretch. Grab the foot, foot to the bottom so the knee is in line with your hip.

And then take the foot away, the bottom and stretch the side. Bring the knee in front towards the chest. Keep the knee in line with the hip and then extend the leg out and bring the legs together. Very good. Keeping the hips long. Little circles. First five, one, two, three. Reverse it. One, two, three, four, and five. Big circles they can front up and long behind, forward and up and long behind and forward and up and long behind together. Reverse it back and up and long to the front.

Back and up and long to the front and back and up and long to the front and together and lift your, Oh, you're hot potato, right. And one, two, three, four, five, up. One, two, three, four, five. Up. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, up. One, two, up and five and four and three and two and one and together lift the legs up in the air and little scissors. Forward and back. Four five now. Big Scissors, forward and switch and two and switch and three and switch.

Bring the legs together, lower them down. Rolling onto our bat. Line down four teaser arms. I had roll up into teaser and the body goes down and up. Three times. Roll down, Earl up.

Roll down, roll up, roll down. Roll up the legs. Lower and lift. Lower and lift. Lift arms behind the ears and rope. Feet and arms down and up.

Touch the toes. Open to a v. [inaudible] down and come up. Open to a v roll and roll up. Open to the hands. Go down behind the can. Either be like this on the elbows for hip circles.

Circle the legs and up circles, the legs and up and two and up and two and up. One more time. Three and up. Three and up. Bend the knees in. Come on up for can. Cat hands will be behind. Lifted chest and needs to the left.

Knees to the right. Knees to the left. Kick and flick the skirt. Knees and knees and knees kick and flick and knees, knees, knees, kick and flick and bend. Bend, Bend. He can flick. One more time. Bend, bend, bend, kicking, flip. I'm last time here. Kick Flick. Stretch the legs. I'll roll down onto your back.

Roll onto the stomach for swimming. Long arms. Lift the arms and legs up and go. One, two, three, four, seven, eight and last time, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Lower down hands. Come under the shoulders. Curl the toes under and see if you can press up into a long plank for balance control front. Rough forward on the toes. Rock back on the toes, ruck forward and you can roll all the way over the toes.

Colleen, all the way over. That's it. And all the way back. Balance Control back. Take the right hand to the left and roll all the way over onto your back. This needs work for me. Open the chest and right can I guess up left like it's up right that goes up left like it's up hip. Stay up and left. Now Ben, the right knee come up for sidekicks.

So very important to bring the hips forward and be bent to the side. Lift the leg up, lifted up and lifted. Up. Now forward and back. Lift, kick to the front, kick to the back, kick to the front, to the back, to the front, to the back. Lower up. I love this transition and down. So again, work to get the hips for work. Lift and lift and lift and lift up and forward. Back, back, forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back down. Come up Ben, the hips to the right and mermaid stretching out and stretching and stretching out and onto the elbows and stretching out and all the way down.

I always have a hard time with that one. All Wall and stretch that exists out. Swing them around and in and over and out and over and onto the elbow and over and sliding all the way out and oh over and again. Legs go out, swing around and snake twist. The front. Top leg is in front. Arms here, lifting the hips up and down and up and [inaudible] down and up.

Arm to the ceiling, curving in and up and opening out. Long over hips. Come up, bending down and swinging the other way and sweeping the arm up. Lift the hips to open out the ribs and lifting up and, and lifting up and over arms to the ceiling, curling in and up, opening out and lowering down onto the stomach. Bend the knees and pull the feet to the bottom. Pressing the hips down. Pull the feet in. One, two, three. First Time just lifting up into a bow.

One and again, feet in one, two, three, lifting up and doable. And last one. This is a warmup. Lifting up into a bow and then rocking every time, trying to get higher onto the chest and the size. And last one coming down, rolling onto our backs. Four wheel or a big bridge, bringing the feet in, hands under the shoulders, pressing up into a full wheel.

Coming back down. This time we'll go into our devloped pays Colleen, pressing up, stabilizing the hips, right knee. Ben Zinn. Lift up and come back down. Lift the hips. Other leg comes in, lift up and come back down. Press the chest and hips higher. Come back down. And now we have our boomerang. So arms along, rolling up, right, like in top of the other.

They're scooping the navel. Rolling back, open and close up and balance. Hands behind. Stretch, float and over and again. Lift up, open and close. Lift, stretch and over. And again, lift, opening, close up in balance. Hands behind. Stretch and over.

And last one from this series up. Opening. Close up, hands behind. Stretch and over crossing the feet for crab. Coming up, holding the big toe, stretching the back of the neck. Roll back on your shoulders. Opening close, row up and stretch. Roll back, opening close.

Roll up and stretch again. Row back, opening close, row up and stretch. Roll back, opening close. Roll up and stretch. Roll back. Stretch the legs out.

Roll down on our backs for balance. Control to holding the dowels with the arms long. Roll up on the shoulders so you can get right up and then take both. I'm sorry. Keep the legs up and then the right leg comes down and then switch. And if you have your hands on the mat, you try and hold the ankle. If you're holding the dowels, that should be a little easier.

So there are variations on the same one. And switch legs come up and then roll down through the spine, articulating, hugging the midline, lowering the legs all the way to the mat. Roll up to a sitting position. Bring the hips forward for seal hands wrap around inside. Scoping the navels clap times, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, roll up. Coleen will stand up on the third one. Bam. Connect can clap. Roll Up. This is our last one. Clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap.

And standing up. Lift. Swivel around and scooped the enable to roll down to the mat. Walk out to four pushups and three pushups. One, two, three. Walk back. Scoop the naval to come back up. Take the left leg out behind you for an arabesque.

As you go down the leg lifts. Walk out with the leg out. Three pushups, lift the leg, lift the leg. See if you can stand up with the leg in the air her, bring it down. Change your legs and lift the leg as you go. Walk out three pushups. Walk back and see if you can calm up.

Oh, bring the legs together. Turn to face the camera, and thank you very much. Have Fun. Thank you. Colleen.


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Great 30 minute class. I so enjoy your teaching Niedra. I like the fast flow with just the right amount of instruction. Would love to see more level 3 accelerated mat.
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Yay! Finally another fast paced mat class. Great flow with all the classic moves. Haven't done wheel in forever!! Loved it.........Thanks Niedra!!
Erica V
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Woehoe! Nice!
Liked the last transition: turn to the camara. Fun!
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Thank you so much, Niedra. You're as fabulous as always. I've been waiting for a new quick-yet-hard mat class, and boy, did you deliver! :) So happy.

I love how giddy and happy you get when you do "hot potato" and the "little scissors - big scissors" series. Your attitude brings a smile to my face even when my muscles ache and scream for me to stop the torture.
More, more, more! Love it!
Felt great!
Niedra Gabriel
Oh my goodness, I am just now reading all your enthusiastic posts. So happy you LOVE to move fast hard and inspired by the joy of Pilates. Yes, I will do more of these.
fun and upbeat with nice variety! Would love to see more advanced mat workouts with a quicker, upbeat pace and a creative twist on the traditional mat work!
I LOVED this class. Very fast place and challenging.
Niedra Gabriel
as so many of you are enthusiastic about fast paced workouts I will do more of these.
Love the face paced workout! I would love to see more. Thanks Niedra :)
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