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Niedra Gabriel teaches "unusual" exercises in this Cadillac workout. She explores an archival exercise that lengthens the neck, lat exercises using the Push Through Bar, Shoulder Roll-Down, Rolling Stomach Massage, and Leg Springs, among other exercises. Niedra hopes that you identify the muscles that you are underutilizing and focus on working them properly in order to unleash more of your body's potential.
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Feb 18, 2014
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Good afternoon everybody. I'm here with my good friend and star teacher. We were discussing, my star student of the day is Kat Candace. We're going to do some unusual work on the Cadillac and I'm, I'm excited to get started. So we're actually going to stop with something unusual, which is an archival exercise. Candace, pull the bar down with both hands and place it right under your Chin and make sure as your chin is poking up a little bit that the chin is down instead of having the head forward, bringing the neck right back. So think of pushing the back of the skull back and bringing the chest forward.

And I'm checking to see if the her spine is nice and long. So you want to imagine a string bear my star screamer, pulling up the back of her head. Now keeping the back long, bend the knees and keep the chin down. So this is very, very strengthening on the neck and helps reposition the neck. So it's going on a vertical alignment in relation to the spine and bend. Again, keep working to get that length in the spine as you do it. And her face is getting clearer as she does it because usually the skin starts to sag because the neck is falling forward and the bones fall forward. So this is positioning the skeleton back. The bones are stacked up right, and there's a vitality that comes in.

So often people feel a certain amount of tension in the neck because they're not used to holding the neck straight. This is good. Keep going. And now we're going to do something extra. Bring one arm down Candace if you can, and then straighten the knees and you don't have to, but if you want to see if you can bring the other hand down and you do the same exercise without hands and then bend if it's too much, put your hands back. So this is really only when you feel ready. Keep going. I'm going to check your alignment. That's it. Two more times and press.

Keep that chin pressing down to the back of the neck is long. Very, very good. One more time. This wakes up the whole spine. Come back up, bring your hands back to the bar, take your head off and watch. Step away. Let the bar go up. Very, very good, isn't it? Different? Awesome. You'll enjoy it. Turned to face front and hold the bar with one arm slightly in front of your shoulder. Right, right. Shoulders a damn. I'll come right behind you.

So the shoulder blades are gliding down the back and the shoulders are why the elbow is a little bit forward. And then pull the bar down as you press up through the skull and then let the arm come up again and again as you press down, pull into the ribs. So you use your lats more than your arm and come back up, pulling the ribs down and press down, pulling from the and come back up and pull down and up two more times and pull down, getting tall through the crown of the head and up. So feel that back. Skull lifting pool. Very good. Candace and up other side. Excellent. You feeling the lats. Okay. Very important not to work arm muscles, but get connected to the lat. So shoulders, way down.

Really let these trapezius muscles now pull from here and then keep control of the movement from there. So it's underneath and up. I would like you to bring the hand a little bit further forward on the bar. That's it. And keep the elbow. There we go. And up. So you keep the shoulder back and the elbow slightly forward for you and keep lengths in the ribs, but the ribs are stabilizing and up am press and up. Very good. Kandace two more times. Getting Taller every time.

And then one more time and pull and excellent. Okay. Turn to face the Cadillac. Put both hands on the bar, stand back to the arms that along. But I want the collarbones wide and the stomach up. So again, make sure your neck is on top of your spine. It's not forward. Now engage the lats to just press the bar down, press the bar down and then come back up. Just the bar. I would like your feet a little bit further forward, just a bit further forward so you can pull your arm bones back a little bit more there. Now work the lats. Yes.

So be sure to get the shoulders on the side body, not the front body and up and pull these back. Push from here into that. Yes. Good. And then one more time. Press down and hold it there. Now drop the head butt. Lift the back of the neck and start scooping and pressing and bending forward. Rolling, rolling, rolling. Keeping those hips long and extend all the way out.

If you can. Lengthen the back of the neck back of the neck. Chin is, no Chin is down. And get even longer here from the last. Now Scoop and roll back. Pull the stomach in. Broaden the shoulders into the rib cage. Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, row up. Tall. Shoulders down. Lift those arms up. Press down to get taller through the top of the head. Drop your head but links in the back of the neck so you broaden, but keep the shoulders away from the ears.

So a lot of space here and this is where you want to create length and then retract the shoulders down your back, row, row roll, roll shoulders. Stay down, up through the center of the up, through the stomach and lift one more time. Press down and lengthen up, up, up, up first. Now drop your head and scoop. Scoop length and shoulders stay wide and long. And then roll back rounding. And I want you to be aware of the back of the neck, back the neck, filling up, filling up, shoulders stay down and lift up and rest a minute. You are going to do two more very variations of this y as you come forward, your head has a tendency just to drop. This is very common. Now the bones at the back here, what you want to feel is very much like when you brought the Chin in, they got long.

So you want to feel this lengthening as though you're pushing up with the neck up with the spine in order to roll it down. So instead of dropping the head down this way, you wanted lifting. So the front is contracting. So see if you can keep that quality as you go out. And especially here, it's real easy to have the neck relaxed instead of long and extending through the spine. So have another go. Press the shoulders down, lift and in the back of the neck. Much better. Much better. Now as the chin comes down, length in the back. Yes. Keep the upper body.

That's it, Candice. Yes. Yes, yes. We should have you in a ponytail so people can see your beautiful neck working. Now keep going. I feel the neck all the way right into here. Right into here. Don't go down. Go out. So Chin down long even more.

There we go. So this tracks, that's it. Now roll back, broadened through here. This lifts, the Chin comes down. She was just telling me people want her to color her. Beautiful here and I'm pulling on it. I am so sorry. Down you go. I'm a very hands on teacher. Press down and lengthen now back of the neck long. I want you to feel that fit Candace. Yes.

So these muscles going up into the ears get long and now lengths and all. Think of the ears moving away and the back of the neck is long. Yes. Then roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back. Now keep those shoulders on the side body, not the front body length in the neck. And if that was excellent, so long arm together onto the side. Keep the shoulders way down. I'm going to adjust you a little bit with this hand slightly further forward so you can completely pull the shoulders down. Now using your lats, press the bar down if you need to bend the elbow, but do so.

Bring this arm up and externally rotate in the shoulder. Now start pressing out to the side, opening up the right ribs as you go. So it's a complete lateral band. Now rotate the chest towards the bar and that right onto the bars. Well reach there and extend a little bit further. Your hips will be a little off so you reach and extend the right side extensively. Now rotate to the right against the open up the chest.

You're into a side bend and then don't bring this shoulder too far forward and then come back up. Take the arm out to the side. So that's a variation to have a go. Again, what you're trying to do is do the whole workout without the shoulders riding up if you can. So a lot of work in the labs and really elongating the outer body. So arm comes up, this goes down, lift through the side spine, that's it. Rotate in, rotate in and twist and press a little bit further out. Stretch, reaching long. Get that right side long. Then rotate back to a lateral side bend. Good.

And with control from the lads, come back up, let the bar come up. I'll tell you what. Third Variation. Last one, let's have you step back because you're not. Move back with your feet. Bring the hand a little bit for the backs of when you twist, you reach the bar. One more time. Shoulders are down, lift up through the spine. As you press push and Brit, bring the right arm up. So everything's coordinating together. Rotate through, keep pushing the bar down and away from you.

Lengthening even further. Stay on your hips as you wold Tate out to the side. Shoulders down. Exactly. And come back up. Let the bar float up. Let's have a go on the other side. That was very nice. Okay, I'll jump underneath and look at your back.

Take the left arm to the side. Start with the shoulders down. Both shoulders down. That's it. Press down into the lats. Bring this arm up if you can get it rotated and extend. Keep turning the hand to the back. That's it. Twist around and stretch. The left side is reaching.

Now striking. Stay on your hips, but rotate and open the left side even further. Openingly elbow to hip and let the bar come up. And again, so you're right on top of your legs. And press down. Get Taller and stretch, stretch, stretch, twist the left side. Pull the right ribs back, the left ribs forward. Reach and extend even further. So your little bit of skew, which is fine.

Impossible not to be. Now. Square the hips. Square the waist, square the rib, square the shoulders. Stretch the left arm. Let the bar come up and one last time press down and lift up with the left arm. Stretch out, opening these ribs, lifting through the crown of the head, twisting around. Now you let the hips go to get a little deeper stretch. Wonderful. Unravel yourself.

Keep the left rib for the right way back and lift up. We will start with the same sort of variation, but kneeling, I would like you facing in facing the bar, not sideways, but facing the bar. So you're kneeling, you want your hips and your shoulders right over your hips. So I would bring your knees a little further forward, right? So let the bar come up to start with. Keep the shoulders pulled back and get that lift and get the back of the neck long. No, just down and up. Three times with the arms, one and up and again, down and up.

And one more time down. Very good Candice. And up now press down and lift. Drop your head and scoop your and round the spine. As you go forward. Try to keep your hips right over your knees. Extend, extend, extend, extend, extend, extend, extend, reach the arms and then scoop. Shoulders are down and let the bar go up. Right now this time your hips are going to come a little bit forward.

You let the chest go lower jazz, just in those a little bit. So press down to lift, drop your head rolled down, ruled down, roll down, rode down, rode down, rode down, rode down. And if you okay, what's happening? Oh, um, oh I can see it jump. I can see it jump. Okay, let's bring the arms back up on the bar. I would like you to externally rotate as much as you can. Yes.

Is that okay or is that hurting? That's fine. Just a little bit. Went too far. Okay. So I want you to put, let me see how we can do this. Push it a little bit into me. Now push down. So you use the pressure into me here to keep this wide yes to there. Let's not go any further because of the shoulder condition and pull. Was that okay? Absolutely. Okay, so that's where it lacks what's missing isn't it? Yeah. So press.

So I am just keep going and I'll just explain what I am doing. I am externally rotating the cuff and the Dell website felt a jump there and, and I am widening the shoulder so there's room for the tender not to kind of ride over the joint. It did jump a little didn't it? Let's see if we can keep it wide. One more time. Press and keep, don't lock the elbows keep. There we go. Just to their elbows. Just a tad off and up. How was that? Pretty good. It jumped the second one didn't date but the third one did a jump.

The third one didn't jump the second jump. So you want to keep the shoulder wide but this engaged in and you don't want to lock because that goes into the joint and out of the muscles. See if you can do it once on your own. So very wide here. But the as though you're, yes, you're contracting the Pax but you keeping the shoulders moving laterally. Don't lock the elbows. Keep them a tad off. See, stay in your muscle and out of the joint. Keep this wide. Keep it wide.

Ah Huh. Uh Huh. Uh Huh. Keep externally rotating and then come back. How did that, there was that okay. How to work for this arm. Yeah, I can see it shaking. I can see it shaking. But this is good for you when you hold it right. You're going to be okay. Bottoms up on your backup. Yeah. Lying on your back.

There's a lot of different names for this one. Um, oh is that the name of it? In some communities I have heard so many names. Half the time I'm brain dead. I've been around this subject too long. I don't even remember the name. You can tell me which name you call it, but I want your feet on the bar and I want your legs long, but I don't want you any further than the bars straight down. Right? So from here, first of all, let's just have you bend your knees in and then straighten the legs with the hips down. So you just do that. Tracking the knees long. Good.

And press down. Now as you do this, elongate the the hips and as the knees bend, I want you to create a deep corner in the hip flexors. The Yas. Sit bones are long away from you and then you lengthen up. Excellent. And one more time down and extend controlling from the hamstrings and keep those hip flexors long. Good. Now Bend your knees again and extend the legs and then roll your hips up in the air. From here, start scoping and rolling up through the spine.

Pressing your arm bones into the metal from thumb to in, armpit down, and then roll down again through the spine and Ben Dinesen. So this time I would like you to combine every note, stretch your legs up, you do everything at the same time as a nice command. You start rolling up to everything, lifted this you here, your hips already lifting. By the time your legs are straight, you've arrived. Reach, reach, reach, lift the hips up higher, even higher, and reach up through the toes. Then as you come down and you start bending the knees and you scoop the powerhouse at the same time.

So it's more of a full body curling in, opening out an as you do this, I would like the elbows for you slightly out. Impress the thumb. And the arms down. So you use this downward pressure to lift up. So then the knees and start hips up as the legs go up. Push, push, push and lift the rib cage towards me. Long through the legs. Good. Bend your knees and roll down. Scoop the navel and keep pushing that to your power.

Goes all the way into the hands. Extending out. And again, bend hips, come up, hips come up, thumbs and arms down to get length. More lift, more. Lift more, lift yes. And roll down. What's Nice here is your neck is so nice and long and one more time. And press those arms down. Work the lax to get the ribs to lift work.

The last work, the last work, the, let's get the lift up to here. Now keep yourself here. Take your right leg off the bar and back up. Keep those hips lifted, push down with the arms and the left leg comes off and back and bend the knees to roll down. Scooping through the naval, rolling through the spine all the way into the sit bones and push the legs out. And one more time. Roll up like this. Hips come up as well. Hips, hips. That's it. That's it. That's it.

And then push the armpits down to get lift high into year and one leg comes off without the hips moving at all and back and the other leg comes off without the hips moving. Very good. I could see you really stabilizing your pelvis. Bend the knees, roll through the spine. Make that sternum. Move away from the Chin and the back of the neck. Get it long and stretch out. Very good to exit. Bend the knees, let the bar come up. Bring the feet down and just move yourself.

Let's work a little bit with legs. Spring Sr right here. Just move up a little bit. Lying on your back. Put your feet in the leg springs and I'll bring this down. Hello. So hold the Poles above your you.

I would like you [inaudible] hands a little bit higher up. Let's have the elbows coming in like you to squeeze into my hands a little bit, but at the same time, sync the elbows down. So push into my elbow, my hands with your elbows more. More more. So you're internally rotating here, you're broadening and then you're pushing down. Okay, let's move the hands. What's that there? I don't feel the push down. What I'm wanting is the shoulder, this area down. Okay.

And then this part engaging. Does that make sense? So we're working the pecs, the shoulders aback, but we're actually contracting into here. Sit bones along and press out. Parallel to the mat and back. Not to turned out with those knees just to the armpit. That's it. I'm back. [inaudible] lower with the feet. I'm back and out and back.

So what I'm looking at her knees that want to track out. I want the knees tracking frontally so that they're slightly in a slight external rotation, but very slight. So the thought the outer thigh stays long and back and press out and back. South and lake circles without extra. Soften the knees a bit. Soften them. Now. Lift the legs up without locking into the knee.

Open the legs and pull down and together. Lift and pull down and together. Lift and pull down and together. Lift and pull down and reverse. Pull down. Open up, pull down, open up, pull down, open up, pull down, open up, bend the knees in for a minute.

Hold your thighs with your hands. Give yourself a nice hug. Just grab no right here, probably here and just squeeze. So you just have a nice little compression to release the joints a little bit. Put your hands back on the bar again. Hands higher up. That is so they're above your face.

You're bringing the elbows in, but you're keeping the Bradburn back broad on the map and that's right. So sit bones into the mat. Long sit bones extending away. Extend the legs out. Little walking steps down. So it start with the legs long and start little walking steps down towards the Mat. Reaching out from the hip flexors and coming up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down to four by six, seven, eight and up to reach those legs out of your hips and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up to four, five, six, seven a pause here. Sit bones down. Long stomach, pubic bone down into the mat instead of tucking, yet elongated. Now, but let the legs come up a little higher.

So the hamstring stretch rightly goes down to the mat, scissors and switch and switch and switch and switch. Very good ants, which reaching those legs out of the hips and switch. Go right into bicycling now, so you pedaling, that's it to the knees. Caresses the outside of the spring and see if you can really work from the hamstring and the hip. That's nice. Yes, very good.

Make sure the heels are tracking an invisible central line. Reverse your pedals. Press and press and press and you're doing so well because I looking at the center line of your body and your heel is tracking that line all the time. All the time. Bend the knees in. Give yourself a hug. Grab your shins with your hands and squeeze them down.

Take the ankles as well and pull them down towards your bottom to bend the knees deeply. Very good. Bring your hands back to the bar. Hug it compress. Extend the legs out on a slight diagonal. Can you cross when they go on top of the other good. Don't overturn the knees out.

Don't overturn them then no slight out. Now you're overlocking the knee. Now work the hamstring. Now pull the legs down and up. In this position, lower and lift and lower and [inaudible] lower and lower. And lift. Lower. And lift. One more time like this. Hello, where this is hard. Change your legs, so make sure you're not overturned out. I like to turn out, I know, I know. We want this outer it band a little bit more challenged. So the central line of your hamstring is working.

Soften this Nia tad and down you go. Remember we have three hamstrings and four clots. So each one of those, it's very unique to the person, but one or two of the muscles can be overactive and one muscle can be maybe very tight and inactive. So the trick is to find what we're not using and get to use that. And then our talent and our ability increases. Doesn't look pretty, but it sure is exciting to see how much more potential gets freed up when we discover what we're not doing and make that work very, very good.

Oh, okay. Bend the knees back in. Unravel them. I think you found the one that doesn't work. Which one was it? I thought, wait. So when we out over, and I'm an attorney, Audi person, I liked to, but the outer hamstring, it gets too atrophied and it actually eventually starts to break down the hip and the knee. And when you're always turning it out, it's always in a shortened position. So you want to get some. So that was good. Now we will do little beats, high, little beats, slow, turned down, parallel out parallels. So we start now. When you turn out, come to parallel first.

Let's do a bunch of them parallel first. And I want you to work not from the knees. Think from the hips. So every time you're pressing that it, now when you externally rotate, do the same. That's it. You get it happening from the hips. And again, parallel and again turned out very, very good. Bring the legs up and bend the knees in and give yourself a little hug. And you know how to do big frogs where you press down, open up together and bend in. So let's go for that. But watch the knees.

So again, we don't, we want to keep the outer hamstring long. So the feeling is Candace, let's win the knees together for a minute. Now press your sit bones into the mat and press your knees and your feet against me outwards. Just press out, press out. I want you to find that muscle and bring him back together again. How can I, let's see if we can get this. Okay, push out against my hand. Push.

I want you to feel more, more, more, more good, and bring them back together again. So I'm just waking this up. Push out, which I've now keep pressing out and you feel that muscle again. One more time. Press out against my hands and that's what you want to use. So lift your legs up and see if you can keep engaging that. Extend the legs up.

Don't overturn out and don't overlock the knees at first so you can activate the muscle. Now that's a good angle. Good. Now, okay, right, pull out again. No, keep your legs there. Open the legs. Pull down towards the Mat. Bring the legs together and bend the knees back in and I can see you working this muscle. Bring the knees in towards you. Don't overturn out. Extend the legs out at yes. Open the legs. Pull the legs down. Bring the legs together.

That is working. Ben, back in. Lift the legs out. Open them. Pull down. Your legs are changing shape in front of my eyes together and come back in without overturning out. Yes. So you have this sense of the leg in front. Now your reverse. Bring the feet down towards the Mat. Extend the legs.

I do not overturn out the knees. Open the legs of width of your hips wider. Let's go wider. Lift your legs up. Bring the legs you. No, don't overturn out. Bring the legs together. Bend the knees in so the kneecaps are always facing front. You're not flopping them out. Press the legs out, keeping the kneecaps almost. That's it.

Why didn't the legs from the hips lift the legs up without overturning out? Bring the legs together, working the inner thighs. Bend the knees back. Watch this left knee one last time. Do you not overturn that left knee out? All lift up. This will make you a star and then the knees back in.

Oh, okay. Very good, Candice. That was awesome. It's not easy. Do work like this. Take your legs out. So the interesting thing is some of us just get into this overturn that. We miss the whole band of the hamstrings. So I was making Candice, she was just bending the knees. Her kneecaps were going forwards in line with the hips.

We weren't rolling them out. Then she had to control the whole leg and it was a totally different story. So let's see. Why don't you not 30 at first? No, because you really do, you know all this pretty stuff. Yeah, that's a such a good observation. And we are addicted to looking good rather than discovering the next layer.

But your legs, every time you were doing it, there was more muscle definition coming in. So I thought you looked really pretty. So let's have you come to a lab. What will we do now? Actually, let's do this. Let's have you lie on your back with your knees over the bar.

This is one of those funky crazy day lessons. So you will have your knees over the Bar, right? And we're going to work a similar alignment, so not to slightly the knees about the width of the hips, right? And this is a nice narrow bar so it kind of works for you. So just for a minute, push into these the hook so you can feel, and I'd like you to feel from here to here.

See if you can feel that band and muscle at the same time. You're sacred into the mat and the back of the neck long. Now bring the knees to your chest so you pull the bar in and back. Is that enough tension for you or is this a light spring? Because you could pull this way if it's too much. Oh, what do we do?

All you're gonna do is pull the bar back and in and out and back. We have a wider bar. What's that? You have a winery in the studio here. It's going to take too much time. So I'm actually minded. It's not too wide. So a see how that works for you. Pull the bar in and back because what I'm looking at is tracking from the hips flexor to the knee. How does that feel for you? I'm trying to work out here. Yes, you want the size wide and then this contraction of the hip flexor without tucking the pelvis center [inaudible] and back and pool and back.

Now move a few inches for that and let's have you do a few more and like I find them. There it is. So there's a sense of widening of the pelvis. Sometimes when people have a sciatic pain or [inaudible] a twist in the pelvis because things had been pulled into tight, sometimes hip problems or because a hip has been jammed too tight into the socket. Sometimes learning to widen the hip joints. Oh, that's interesting. I'm starting to see a wobble on one side. Is the left leg different from the wide okay.

Yeah, but that is looking good. How does that feel? First thing. I've never done this before so I don't really know if I'm supposed to be bringing, I'm just going as far as I can and then trying to late in the back. Yeah. Cool. And come back in. Okay, good. Take the legs out, swing around and lie down with your head in the opposite direction.

Do the same thing with your feet over the bar again. So again, I would like the knees, the width of the hook, right. And you can have your hands down and um, or you can have your hands up on the bar above your head. Let's have a few times. So now you'll be working hamstrings. So let the bar come up. Sit Bone, stay long.

And then pull the bar down one and to keeping the hips very wide and three and for, if it's ad, I can see, yes, that will usually happen when there's an imbalance in the hamstrings or in the quads. Two more times like this. And then we'll do rolling stomach massage off of this. So keep your feet down. Bring your hands up above on the poles above your head. Good. Bring the knees in towards your chest and roll your bottom up in the air.

Keep pressing your feet to your bottom and lift the knees to the ceiling. Knees to the ceiling. Good. And then roll out and pull with those size to roll down. You're familiar with this? Yes. Did you want me to come down on one piece or roll down? I want you, um, first of all, I want you to push out a little bit more.

There will be some rolling down that's going to happen. So bring the knees in, roll your hips up, roll up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Lift the knees to the sitting. Lift up even more, even more, even more. And now pull the thighs out, thighs out. So you extend to, you will roll down and roll through the spine. As you present, what you want to watch is not the, let the foot get more open. You have to Crete bend into the bar the whole time, otherwise it will fly out. So we're working into the hamstrings quite a bit. So bend the knees in, roll your bottom up, knees to the ceiling. Quite fast.

Lift the chest way more and roll through the spine and the size come out. That's the idea. You push out a little more with longer arms, you head further away and then we'll start. Once you're confident you will do this faster. Right now you're just no, I don't want you locked. I want you. Yes, so that you have to work from the trunk. So knees are pressing into the spring. Good. Bend the knees in, scoop your belly, roll your bottom up, needs to the ceiling, lift and then roll down with like yes and again bend, lift and long.

So you are massaging the stomach and the hips. But I want to get much more lift. And again, when the knees lift up in the chest up, you should be in a straight line if you can, from your armpits to the knees before you come down. So two more times this direction. Lift thighs away from you, five away from you. That's it. And then roll down, feet bent and last one, this side roll up, thighs and feet bent. Feet bent, but size away from you. That's where you want to be rolling down. Now.

Feet are down, needs a wide, lift your hips and lift your hips up. Bend the knees in, hugging the bar, roll through the spine, feet on the mat and feet on the mat. Hips up, lift up, use your barracks to lift you. Bend the knees and roll down. That's the idea again. Sacred pushes up. Sacredness up, bend the knees in, roll, roll, roll and down and now jumping. So the real thing is Candace, you need to power from the sacred. There's a huge amount of force. You're still a little bit collapsed down. Yeah.

So just keep thinking of that thinking of a hand pushing the sacred up and that you creating lengthen hip flexors and you're going to jump, you know the jumping part. So what you'll do is your push up and go down, up, down, up. No rolling in and out anymore. Just straight from here. Okay. Okay. So let's see. So hips lift and up you come bottom up and fecal down. No. You know, rolling in and down. Push up. Use the feet to jump, push up. That's it. Push up. Push up. Push up two more times.

Push up. Last one. Push up and bend the knees in. Roll down. That was a good first try. It's kind of fun and crazy and wild, isn't it? Very Fun. I like your hand there. Yes. Good, good. Cause you, you, you still have room to grow. Get the bar out of here.

Let's have you can you came or is that going to be bad on your shoulder? Can you just right here? Go up facing front. Jaz grab the bars like this. This gonna work for you. First of all, just feel everything long. Let the hips be long and then it can you pull your knees up to your chest three times. Six Times a minute.

Good grip. One and two and three and four and five. And last one six. Good. You're getting, oh, look at this girl. I told you you're a star. That was awesome. That was awful.


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Wonderful and Candace you are the STAR! You rock. I would love to see my ladies move that well. Thank you Niedra for the adaptations of exercises and for your thoughts about making people find the movement rather than making it always pretty, or the way it's Supposed to look. I feel this is so important because some people may never get the "look".
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Lynn, Yes I get from your comment that you " get it" that the deeper purpose of this work is to remove blocks not to " achieve the gold medal", but by removing the blocks the student will have the instrument to win the gold...
Enjoy, I am sending your comment to Candace.
Thanks Niedra. Yes please let Candace know she is a skilled mover! She should be proud.
Candace you killed it, in the best possible way! Niedra, I love the encouraging way you teach. I guess I'll try that neck exercise today...haven't done that one before.
Niedra Gabriel
YAY - I am loving all the enthusiasm for Candace - Yay, she is such a great student, teacher and person.
LOVE this class!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Mindi - I appreciate the post.

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