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Traditional Mat Flow

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Benjamin Degenhardt teaches a Mat workout that starts with a standing warm-up and then takes you through classic Joe Pilates Mat work, archival exercises, and unique variations. Enjoy practicing, among other exercises, an interesting Stomach Massage variation, and archival Scissors and Bicycle to get you ready for Control Balance.
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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Jul 09, 2014
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Hi everyone. My name is Benjamin Degenhart. I'm here with Christy and Aaron and we'll be playing on the maths today and the only proper going to be using, um, other than the maths and our bodies and gravity is, um, is a pole. And if you don't happen to have one at home, you can, I guess just use a broomstick or a mop doesn't really matter to something that's about at least as wide as your shoulders. Um, we'll do just fine. And before we get on the Mat, uh, we'll, we'll do a little bit of standing work just to get the body ready to get the spine moving in all directions, get deep into our joints and then we'll go for a pretty straightforward Joseph [inaudible] Matt series. So right, I'm open your legs a little wider than hip distance and parallels. Good. And just grab your pole at about the same distance as you feet are right now.

Pull the pole apart with your hands to start and feel how your chest is opening and just stand nice and solid on both feet evenly weighted. Shift the weight back into you healed somewhat. We'll just start with a nice little raise of your arms up and over your head. Now notice that at the top your grip will probably lighten somewhat. I want you to squeeze your fingers around and continue to pull the bar apart as if it's about to burst into two pieces and then bring the bar forward and down until it meets your thighs again.

We'll do that a couple more times just to feel that stretch to the front of your body. Watch the rib cage, make sure it doesn't pop out in front of you, and then slowly bring the arms forward and down. We'll just do one more. Bring the arms up as high as you can without those ribs moving. Now from there, take a big side stretch over to your right side. He weighed on your left foot. Feel like you're pulling down with your right hand as you pulling up with your left and then slowly come all the way back up to central. So we're going for length.

We're not trying to short and the left side of the tour. So as we come up and over, we'll just reach the arms all the way out towards the side, pulling the arms apart and then up and over. One more time each way. Take it up and over to the right side. Again, making sure your left third is nice and heavy into the ground. Slowly come back up one more time. You might even find it helpful to feel like you're pulling your feet towards one another. Slowly come all the way back to center.

Bring your arms out in front of you. Shoulders, down, neck is long. Bend your knees into a deep squat. See if you can sit your hips all the way down, even let them drop past the level of your knees and then come all the way back up. If you're a little too wide or I want to turn the leg slightly out, there's a good moment to adjust. We'll do that four more times. Take it all the way down. Try to keep your chest lifted above the level of your bar and come all the way back up three more times and I think you can take your feet a little closer together. Take it down for three, open your chest, look right above that bar and come back up and you're still pulling it apart, right two more times. Sit on down. Keep the spine nice and long, but it will round a little bit through your lower back. Allow it to happen.

Come all the way back up. So will be your last one. Take it all the way down for three for two. Lift your chest up one and then come all the way back up. Bring your arms up one more time, pull the bar apart and then we'll use the bar again a little bit later so I haven't had any on the right side of your mat. Let's get on down and start on mat work.

I'll selfishly join you for a few exercise because I really want to move myself. Go ahead and lay down with your feet towards the strap if you use one, and go ahead and lie down all the way flat on your back. Take a moment here to find a good happy centered spot on your mat. Press your legs together strongly. Take an inhale, feel your ribs expand, and then just fully exhale through your nose until your ribs are sinking down into the mat. Your lungs, IMT. Do that once more. Inhale, as you exhale, start to pick up the weight of your legs into your a hundred position. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Look towards your toes. Lift your arms.

Let's go. Inhale and exhale. Keep going. Deep. Inhale, curl yourself up higher. Pump the arms up and forward and as you crawl up and forward, make sure you're keeping enough space in your throat to not constrict your breathing. Deep. Inhale and exhale. Keep squeezing your legs together so there's no space. We'll Lidl air between your legs. Exhale the air. Keep the chest wide and open.

Deep Inhale. That's good. Exhale all the air out. Come down just a little bit from you so your whole lower back is down. Breathing in and breathing out it. Just take one more deep breath here. Inhale and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Now hold the position, fine. Tune your collarbones again.

Make sure they're not pulling up and forward. Keep them wide. Flex your feet, set them down, and then stretch your arms up and over your head away from your heels. We'll take one roll up without the strap. Lift yourself up, arms, head, neck, shoulder, shoulder blades. From here, just wiggle yourself forward and if you have a strap, go ahead and use it. I'm not that lucky, although manage somehow, and go ahead and grab your bar. We'll use the bar to keep the shoulders nice and steady as well. We charms out in front of you and use the same technique as standing.

You pull the bar apart, you'll lift your chest up tall, and let's start on the bottom here. Reel yourself back. Stretch your arms over your head, away from your heels. Inhale, lift your arms and head. Exhale, take a stretch. Inhale, take it down except reach your arms overhead. We'll take five more. At least. Keep the rhythm going. Inhale, take it down. EXA reach the arms. Keep on going. Three more taps. Exhale, take a stretch. Inhale, take it down. Push the bar away from your heels. And again, keep that nice lid of your torso or away from your thighs so you're not just slouching down into your forward stretch. You keep a live, beautiful. That's it.

Take it down. Arms go overhead. This will be your last one. Arms and head lift. Exhale, take a stretch and inhale, come down. You almost get those bars to meet them. The middle. Very nice. Reach your arms overhead. Give it one good stretch here. Push the bar away from your feet. Ah, and then let the bar come down to one side of your mat. Lose your strap as well.

Just press your arms down by your sides. Want to set up for the roll over and we're going to do a little preparation exercise to start. Push your mat into a, sorry your arms into your mat. Open your chest wide. Lift the weight of your legs. There's two inches off the ground and hold them there for a second. Squeeze your legs together. Feel that rumbled through the middle of your body, all the stomach back, and then lower your legs back down.

Let's try just that two more times. Stretch the legs out of your body. Pick them up. Press your head into the mat and slowly lower down. One more time. Deep breath in. Ah, pick up the legs. Hold them there, and now slowly bring them up to 90 degrees. Hold that and see if you can let your hips lift just a little bit off the mat.

Open your chest more. Press the backs of your shoulders down. Lower the hips, lower the legs all the way down. We'll do that two more times. You pick up the legs, just an inch or two, like your hundred position. Bring your legs up to 90 degrees. Hold that. Make you hips a little lighter on the mat. Press the arms back stronger. Hold the weight in your chores. A very strong, lower the hips down.

Stretch your legs away from you to take them down. Let's do one more just like that. Pick up your legs. It's a little all the way up to 90 lift your hips, a little. Press the backs of your shoulders down. Make your neck a little longer than lower the hips, lower the legs, and then we'll go three times into our rollover, up and over in one motion.

Lift. Open the legs at the top and then keep reaching them back as you slowly roll yourself all the way down. Keep the feet long throughout. We'll go again, close at the bottom. Go up and over. Open the legs. Almost be like you're pulling somebody away from behind you as you come on down. Stretch the spine and go. One more time. This way, down around it. Up Open. Keep reaching your legs back as you roll the spine down.

Press the arms into the mat, reverse the action of your legs open at the bottom. Go up and over. Squeeze them at the top and roll it down two more times. Feel that throughout the entire exercise, the backs of your shoulders are glued to the mat. Lower yourself down with control.

You've got one more lower open lift up and over. Squeeze the legs together. Slowly roll it down. Nice work you guys. Bring your legs all the way down to the mat and then stretch your right leg. Just your right leg straight up to the ceiling. Feel your left leg.

Press down a little strong into the mattress. Start and open your chest again by pressing your arms down. Whenever your arms are down by your sides, just think about opening your chest here and we'll do a one legged tick tock. Lift your right hip off the mat and let the leg fall across the midline. We're not circling it quite yet.

Just see how far you can go without twisting your head and without taking your right shoulder off the mat. Slowly come back to center. Do that twice more up and over. So the right hip lived to take the leg across all the way. I try to keep that left leg super parallel. One more time. Up and over you go. Try to keep the leg at 90 degrees.

Press your right arm back. Come to center, switch sides, right leg down, left leg up. Lift the hip to nurse Ga. The rotation of your spine, press your left arm back from your shoulder down to your fingers and come back through center. Do that twice more. Go up and across counter. Rotate your right leg into parallel. Yes, and come back to center. One more time. Up and over. Nice. It's almost like you're trying to bring the hands of your hips on top of one another. Get that nice stretch in your back. They'd bring the leg up. Let's go into our circles the same way, right leg lifts up the hip, starts the circle, bring it up and across and then swing it down around it up two more times, over, down, around and up. One more time. Down around it. Up.

Stop at the top and reverse. Open down across in a glut for two down across an up thing that you're doing the same action as your corkscrew and you saw just with one leg and then switch, right leg down, left leg up, and again the hip layers to take your cross down around it and two down around it. One more. Find your breath and go head. Reverse. Open down across it. Up and two down. Cross it up. One more time. Open down and cross it up. Stretch the leg away from you as it comes down. Lift your arms up to the ceiling.

Let's transition to a rolling like a ball in one motion. You curl yourself up. You Bend your knees in and you take your position. Grab on to your feet. Pull them as close to you as you can. Now lift your spine up a little tile and make sure you're not sinking into your back. Heap the lift. Get your heels close to your seed. Nice. Now from there, rocked back. Just a millimeter. Hold that. See if he can sit towards the back of your seat. Right behind your sits bones.

Get the knees a little closer to you. I see a little shake there. Very good. Can you take that back another millimeter? Yes. Good. Hold that. Now can you release the shoulder? It's fine. More lift through your spine again. Good rock back. Just one more millimeter. When you absolutely can't hold it anymore. You go roll back to your shoulders.

We air lift back up. Good. And again, go so far back. You lift, you see to the ceiling and you come back up. Nice and again rolled back and beautiful. Three more types in hair roll back. Exhale, lift up to more time. Start to notice when your shoulder tension comes in there. Of course, sure as hell does right hold it at the top on this last one. Let's find our a hundred position from here.

Stretch your arms and legs away from you. Bring your whole lower back into the mat every time we come out of a single leg stretch. Let's return to this position. Bring your right knee and hold the Shin with both hands and switch legs. Paul, switch and Paul. Switch and pull. Keep on going. Now. Each time you pull the leg into, you think that the spine is not just frozen in this position, it actually continues moving. It perpetually keeps rounding up and forward.

Maintaining that space for your breath. Nice, beautiful control. Let's pick up the pace a little bit. Take it, take 10, take knife it up. This at eight and seven. Seven. This is six. Feel the opposition between your legs. Four to go, four, four, three, three, two, two. You have one more millimeter that up and up. Now bring both knees into your chest. Stretch both legs towards one another.

You might just get your toes to touch. Try. Stretch your legs away from you. Press your palms into the sides of your legs. This is an old school double leg stretch. See if we can deepen your stomach. Curl up higher. Axa, come all the way back in. Let's go again. Deep breath in. Stretch it out. Inhale. As you exhale, try to bring your knees in so much your tailbone lifted just a little at the end. Go again. Inhale. Make this one all about your breath.

How long can you exhale? Exhale, exhale. Four more times. Inhale, push the legs away from you. Exhale, bring them back in on your last three. Take the arms back. Inhale, reach your feet and your fingers away from each other. Exhale, come back in last two times. Deep. Inhale, get longer through the sides of your waist. Exhale back in. This is your last one. Deepest inhale. Hold your inhale and exhale, come all the way back in. Nicely done. Sit on up. Bring your feet right to the corners of your mat, so not into the boxes quite yet. We'll just keep it a little more narrow for a shorter base of support.

Take your arms down right between your legs. Press down through your fingertips and start rounding your spine back a little bit. I'm going to take this as I'll start position here. You deepen your rib cage towards the back of the room without sinking down. You've pull your toes back as strongly as you can. Take an inhale that that inhale fill you up as you exhale it at your fingertips.

Slide between the line of your heels, bending your spine forward until you're completely empty. Inhale, lift yourself back up. Solid rounding is a back. Again. Find your start position. Curl your tail up and under and ex around. Forward, forward, forward until you're empty and inhale, you come back up naps again. Start the motion by curling dips under slightly beautiful. Then press your fingertips out in front of you. Three, two m. D the lungs. Inhale, come back up. Let's take one more you XL so much as you come forward, your body has no other option, but to inhale again. Nice. Inhale, lift yourself all the way back up. Stretch your arms towards one another. Oh, I love that smile. How are we doing? They're doing all right. Okay. Alive.

Open your legs full. Point your feet for this one, and think that the same energy that goes through your toes goes through your hands. All right, so everything reaches forward. The crown of your head reaches up. Then start again by curling your hips under the same way you just did. Find that spot when your leg start to become a little bit lighter and just pick them up off the ground. See if you can lift them up so high they're parallel to your arms and you might just be able to grab on to your ankles.

Now your spine isn't straight here you again in that rounded position, quite vulnerable because you're about to fall down backwards. So pick up the legs a little bit. Curl the hips under. Maintain the lift through your chest and see how far you can take that shape back. Stretch through the knees. Hold it. And now you guys get to have some fun. Roll all the way back to your shoulder blades and lift back up. Stop at the Tub. Whew. Did I get a squeak? Inhale, roll back.

Exhale, lift up. Nice. Three more times is rolling. Exercise. Come back quite a bit. So we're not gonna spend too much time on them each time or just two more repetitions. We'll do if you do them well, that is really grab on to your feet and see if he can hold on the entire time without letting your fingertips come off. Yes, hold it at the top. Bring your legs together. Reach your fingertips towards your toes. See if you can touch them. See if you can touch them.

See if you can touch them without flexing your feet of course. And slowly roll the spine down. I saw that come all the way to your mat and once you're there, finally, ah, release your legs all the way down and shake out your legs. Now in your heads. Just rewind for a second to where we did our one legged tick tog into a one leg circle. We're going to repeat the same thing with both legs. Pick them up, lift them to 90 degrees. Press your arms into the mag. We're just going to do a two legged tick talk.

Now your legs will go to the right. Your head is going to turn the opposite way this time, but just like earlier, your left shoulder has to stay down. Once you feel like you can't go any further, pull your left hip down into the ground to slowly come back to the center. Do the other direction. You take your legs to your left, you turn your head to your right and that shoulder, the right shoulder stays down and you slowly come all the way back to the center. Let's take it one more time. Each way up and over. It's way too exciting to do on a higher bench mat and slowly come all the way back through center. One more time.

Think that we're getting ready for us saw soon. Rise. So see if he can feel that same stretch in your spine. Slowly come all the way back to the center. Stretch your legs away from you. Bring them all the way down. All right, we've done our rollovers earlier. So now taking the cork screw all the way overhead. Squeeze your legs tied.

Pick them up, lift them up to 90 degrees. Make your hips lighter, take your legs up and over and pass. Said equal weight into both arms and shoulders. Take your legs to your right and circle down around and up ice and take it down on the left side in here, down around it. Good. What if you did that a little bit faster? Maybe so fast. You don't have much time to think about it and make it perfect. Left.

I doubt around and up. Let's take four more down, around and up, and three. That's it. Much more fun that way, right? And to make sure that you finished on your left side coming down one more time. Up and over. Hold it there and slowly roll it down. Now your body's ready for the SAR. Come on up to a seated position. Now your feet do go a little bit wider than your mat.

If you have boxes or you're down on the ground, my feet are just going to be hanging in the air. So think that your entire body has to stretch here so your feet are strongly flex. Your arms are out to either side. The crown of your head is lifted up to the ceiling. Take a twist to your right. Make sure your arms don't overshoot the twist. It's a spinal twist round over your right leg.

See if he can cross the foot with your left arm. Switch to the other arm in opposition and lift to center. Take it the other way. Xcel around all the way down. Pull the arms away from each other. Inhale, come back through center. Take it to the right twist. Exhale, round down, reach the right and backing up. Inhale, come back to center. Take it left twist, which the left arm back and up. Nice. Take it all the way up. Just one more time. You decide, oh to the right.

Exhale all the air out. Are you excelling? Yes, and inhale, come back to center one more time. Let it all go. If you keep air inside your rib cage, it's not going to be that deep. Abend. Whoo. Lovely. Come all the way back to center. Stay right here. Can you lift your arms up an inch and back an inch? Can you still push energy through your heels and pull your toes back towards you and lift that rib cage up of your hips? Lift your arms up an inch back an inch.

Hold that still pushing the heels away from you. They should be incredibly hard. Deep breath in. I love that. Smile up an engine. Back an inch. Hold that. This is where your arms are going to go in your swan dive. All right, bring your legs together that your arms come down and just flip over to your stomach's feet. Stay right where they are and you're just turned out. All right. Bring your arms out to the side, so into a big t shape. Stretch your fingertips away from each other.

You really want to feel like somebody is pulling your left arm out to the left. Somebody else has your right and then there's two more people. One person pulled your head forward and another one pulls your feedback. See if you can use that to levitate off your mat, your hips pressing down, everything else lift and it's not very high. It's long so your feet stretch back, your head, snitches forward.

The low back stays nice and long, and then you lengthen even more as you come back down. We'll do that two more times. Stretch your legs back, your head forward, arms out to either side, the levitate, lengthen, lift thing that you hear them in your head on the same height throughout, and if you can towards the end, pick it up just a tad higher origins and take it all the way down. Now, one more time, really seal your legs together to stay within your body support. Lift yourself up one more time and slowly take it all the way down. Excellent. Bring yourself up into your forearms. Now take your elbows right underneath your shoulders and you can have fled palms or make fists with your hands, whichever you like.

What's important to me is that your hip bones are pressing towards the floor, but you've, Donald's are lifted in and up your legs just like Joe says in his book or two inches off the mat as well. So that might take your hip bones off the mat a little bit. What do you still want to have that energy downwards? Good. So just that position should already turn on something in the back of your hips. Yes. No, maybe. Yes. Okay, good.

Now can you keep your knees slightly off the Mat as you kick? You're writing to your seat for double kick one, two and switch left. One to switch left and switch. Kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, switch. Good. Nice. So for right now, keep on going. Try to keep your knees off the Mat and your elbows pressing down. Yes. Good. So you can keep your chest nice, tall and proud lifted in front of you.

We'll just take four more and three, three, two, two and one. One. Switch both legs back and again, try to keep them lifted. Cut. Try to keep those knees off the ground. Press the forms down. Excellent job. Take your hands under your shoulders. Bring your head straight down. We'll do a variation on the double kick that resembles the breaststroke on the reformer, right? It's pretty much the same action. So think about your hip bones pressing down into your mat.

Pick up your legs two inches. Again, no for triple kick both heels. Come to your seat three times. Kick one kick to kick three. Stretch your feedback and simultaneously shoot your arms out in front of you, away from the Mat, and just hold that position for a second. Feel like you're pushing something away with your fingertips. Feel like you're pushing something away with your feed. Now bend the elbows.

Take your hands under your shoulders. Come back down. We'll do that part again. All right, kick three times. One, two, three arms. The legs. Stretch away from each other. Keep that lift through your chest. Adding od. Bend your elbows. Come back. And same beginning cakes three times. One, two, three. Now stretch your legs back, your arms forward. Hold that.

Now swim your arms out to the side through a t all the way back behind you, like you're trying to touch your heels. Bend your elbows there. Take the hands under your shoulders and we'll do that. Two more times. Cakes, three times three, two, one. Stretch your arms and legs away from each other. Swim the arms back like you're propelling yourself forward through water. Come all the way back down. Gorgeous ladies. One more time. Cake three, two, one. Arms the legs. Stretch away from each other. Lift the chest high, or as you reach the arms back. Oh, take your hands under your shoulders. Sit back on your heels. Give us a quick stretch.

Okay. Hi. Take a nice deep breath. Remember that I said a quick stretch. It's not going to last too long. Roll yourself all the way up and just go ahead and turn around to face the middle. Grab your bars again and we'll do our spy stretch holding onto this pole so you can stand up on your knees.

Okay, and let's do it with the arms overhead. Remember why we did standing up earlier. You want to pull the bar apart. So give me a good strong Fisker with your hands as body leans back into your thigh stretch. Let your arms come out in front of you. Think of them as a counterweight so you're pushing something away from you. Sadly, there's no springs attached on this variation.

And then you lift yourself all the way back up, arms by your ears. Are you pulling the bar apart still? Oh, there we go. And then your body back again. Keep your abdominals nice and tight so that your body's not back-bending here. We might add that later, but not yet.

Keep your body in one long piece from your years down to your knees. Stretch your arms forward and away from you as you lean your body back. Nice. Come all the way back up and push your hips forward just a little bit for me. Hit yes, that's it. And try to keep that energy as you lean back. One last time. Oh, there we go. Beautiful. Come all the way up from here. Hallelujah.

Take the bar down to the side of your mat. And then from here, just walk to the front of your mat. We'll do a little transition. I'll have to hold onto this bar for a second that resembles the crab exercise. It's quite neat. You just lift your feet up behind you, you cross your feet, and then you sit down behind them and you're ready for your neck pole. All right, let's leave the strap down there. We're not gonna use it this time. Take your hands behind your head and start by pushing your head back into your hands.

Open your elbows nice and wide and start rounding your body forward and down. Now pause here for a second. Make sure that your hands are not pulling their head down. In fact, you're still pushing your head up into your hands. Feel that energy ride through your neck and lift yourself back up. We'll do that two more times up and over. So it's like your spine stretch, right? So we often think neck pull means we pull the neck down. In fact, I want you to press your head up into your hands so it feels like you're pulling your head towards your feet as opposed to down. Now lift yourself back up.

Very good. One more time. Deep breath in. Press your head back, round up and over and feel that traction. Come right down the back of your neck into your upper back between your shoulder blades and lift yourself back up. Nice. Does that make sense? So your back is working the entire time. Now from here, rolling down, let your elbows come slightly forward, but still push your head back into your hands. Pull your neck or away from your heels. Roll yourself down, down, all the way down. Once you're done, open your elbows wide to the side. Take an inhale and then come all the way up.

Let your elbows come forward slightly again and bring yourself into your forward stretch. Keep your stomach lifted off your thighs. Push your head up into your hands and lift your spine back up. Deep. Inhale at the top. Let's do that two more times. Push the elbows and heels forward towards one another. To roll yourself down. Release your elbows out to the side. Oh, take a breath here. Why not?

And then come all the way back up. Push those feet towards one another. They might just touch after the end of one more repetition. Or lift yourself all the way up nice and tall. And again, bring the elbow slightly forward. Widen that space between your shoulder. Bates. Push the feed towards each other. Open your elbows at the bottom. Here's your last one coming up. Excellent. And again, that stretch. So I'm not pressing down on you. I want you to press up into me.

Yes. Nice. Lift yourself all the way up and then bring the elbows and heels forward. Roll yourself all the way down and we're not going to come up this time. Hallelujah. Bring your arms down by your sides. Please. Squeeze your legs together like one time for scissors and bicycles.

So just like in the hundreds, just like an all those other exercises. Pick up your legs. Just an inch off the ground. Show me your control. Nah, it's pick your legs up all the way to 90 degrees. Hold that lift. You Hits a little. Show me your control. Let's see if you still got it. You got it. Good. Bring your legs all the way over into a rollover. Hold that set your hands against your low back.

Yeah. Get your rings out of the way. You got it there. See if he can give me flat palms here against your lower spine now. All right, now, wherever your hands are, make sure that you don't take any way down into your forearms, your hands out of there like a kickstand. All right, so use your own strength to lift your hips up and I'll see if you can straighten your leg straight up to the ceiling like a jack knife without any weight coming into your hands and arms. If that all goes well, stretch one leg away from you for your scissors. Stretchings Holt, switch, stretch and hold switch. Let's go for eight such as seven switch and six. God, keep on going. The legs stretch apart from each other. But more important is that you keep lifting weight out of your hands that your neck is nice and open. So there's no tension. Tinder chest, there's lots of space in the front of your throat. I lost my car and a two for reach and three reach end two.

One more time. Hold whatever leg is away from your head. Bend that into start your bicycle. And I could read through switch and switch and switch and switch. Let's do three more and two and one and go ahead and reverse it. Same idea. All right, I see no blood left in your wrist here.

See if you can lift more weight out of it. Yes, that's good. And keep going. Three, three, two, two, one, one. I'll bring both legs up. Hold. Bring your arms down by your sides. You're still lifting yourself up, aren't ya girl. Now slowly roll the spine all the way down, down, down. Stretch your legs away from you. Let them rest on the ground.

And if you haven't excelled in a while, this is a great moment. He can second here now, shorter bridge. We're just going to keep the arms down by your sides here. Open your chest wide. Place your feet as close to your seat as you can. Let them be slightly apart, but not too wide, just a couple of inches. And then set your hips straight up towards the ceiling.

Feel the weight come down into your heels. Open your chest nice and wide and your neck is long and free. Slowly lower the hips back down. We'll just do that portion two more times. Lift up in one piece. Feel like you're pushing your knees forward to lift weight out of your shoulders. Press your arms back, feel your ribs expand as you take another breath, and then slowly melted down.

We'll take one more just like that and lift yourself up. Set the weight into your heels. Push your knees up and forward. Open your chest. Now from there, take the weight into your left foot to bring your right leg straight up to the ceiling. We're just going to hold this position here. You can sort of peek down towards your right tip. Make sure that it didn't sink towards the floor. Set a nice and square, even weight on your arms, and then replace the leg. Bring the right leg down, shift weight into your right leg without the hips wiggling all that much.

Scratch your left leg up to the ceiling and again, notice if your left hip started to drop. Stretch it up like somebody holding your foot. We'll go one more time. Each way left foot comes down or right leg comes up. Good. Spiral that right up towards the ceiling. If it did fall down and then replaced the foot, take the right foot down.

Last one left like comes up. Make sure the weight is in the heel of your supporting leg. Open the chest nice and wide and then take that for down. Lower the hips, stretch your legs out long. Lift your arms up to the ceiling, flex your feet and then shoe over. Chest. Roll yourself all the way up for a favorite spine twist. Just come all the way up and then sit up nice and tall. All right.

Here we are for our spine twist and we're going to add a nice little variation on stomach massage. Right after it's all about lifting yourself out of your seats, so make sure that you're in a position where you can do that. Flex your toes back, squeeze your legs together for narrow base of support and like the saw and reach your arms out to the side just like in the Saul, just like and your swan dive. Reach them up and back and then take a twist to your right with a triple ex-CEO. Go a little further and further and further. Now Inhale, lift back through center. Let's take it to the left. Lift a little, little more.

Lift a lot. Go out and comes to center. Take it to the right excel one, lift higher, two twist a little more in three. Take it back through center. Last one like that one and two and three. We'll return to our twist in a second. From here, just bring your arms up by your ears. Stretch them towards the ceiling, relax your feet and see if you can unweight your legs. What would you have to do to pick up your legs off the Mat and one long piece? It's quite impossible, right? But what does it set into action to even try?

Tilt your body back just a little bit so that you can get your legs up. Let them hover a millimeter off the mat and then draw them slowly in towards him. See if he can get your heels all the way to your seed without losing the length of your spine and then stretch your legs out and away from you. Beautiful. For a second, come on top of your hips that the weight of your legs settled down. We'll try that again. Lift yourself up and out of your waist.

Go back just enough so that your legs become lighter on the mat so that you can drag them in without pushing your feet into the mat and then stretch them out and away from you. Come on top of your hips and sing into it for a second. It's quite hard, isn't it? Come up. We'll take two more. Your arms up to the ceiling, pickup your legs and drag them in towards you. Try to maintain that lift through your spine. Reach your legs out and away from you and slowly release it. No. One more time.

Stretch it up. Nice little vintage exercise that comes around the same time as the mat exercise. We love so much. Stretch the legs away from you. Put yourself right back on top of your hips and let your arms come down. Roll yourself onto your back. We have our jackknife grows up all the way back, arms down by your sides. Open your chest. We've already done all the component parts of this so we can flow right through.

Pick up your legs, up and over your head, through a rollover. Stretch your legs up to the ceiling. Press the arms down. Now melt the spine into the mat and once we have to touch legs down, it's go twice. More up and over. Stretch your legs up because slowly roll the spine down. Nice. Lower the legs. Lift up. One more time. Stop and your roll over this time.

Notice where your hips on relationship to your head as you stretch your legs up. Try not to bring your hips any closer to you. Just stretch your legs up. Just stretch your legs up. Keep your hips right there, the length to the sides of your waist. Hold them there. Then roll yourself down. Very good and once you hit the touch, lower the legs all the way down and we're going to be facing different directions. You roll yourself onto your left side for sidekicks. Bring yourself to the back end of your mat, your legs out slightly in front of you, and that's important. The head ride on your form here.

Make sure that as you rest your head into your palm, that your wrist is not broken here. I wanted it to be a flat palm right behind your head and you press your head back into your head, your leg slightly in front of you. Use your top arm and bring it behind your head as well. Should go back to that idea of the neck pole here. Now Open your hips slightly. Bring your top leg up just to about hip distance and just start by stretching it back. No.

Mostly we think in our psychic that the spine is not supposed to move. I want you to explore what it could take to lift your chest forward and up in opposition to your leg, reaching back and see if that gives you a little bit more space. So your chest lift, your sternum lifts as your right leg stretches back further. Hold that to wind up some energy and then we'll go for a quick double kick. Are you ready? Kick it forward, forward, bring it back back and again, kick it forward, forward and bring it back back. Nice. Go for a big juicy kick.

See if you can kick your own nose keeping the side of the waist long. Good. And kick, kick. And we should back. Yes, the tempo is nice and quick so you might rock and rumble a little bit and I'm okay with that for right now because I want you to get a good dynamic kick. We're going to need it later in the weight bearing exercises. One more time, please kick it forward. Forward. We should back and back. Hold it here for just a second. Stretch your right arm up and forward on a diagonal in opposition to your legs.

It's like you're pulling those two limbs away from each other and it should give you a stretch. Very similar to your soft right around front rib here. Hold that for just a moment and then circle your right arm back behind you. Grab on to your foot, bend your knee and give yourself a one legged size stretch. Nice. If you don't feel it quite in your thigh, you can push your hip a little forward, lengthen out your low back, and then bring your knees towards one another. That's it. Now let that go. We're already done with the sidekicks.

Let's go over to the other side. Yes, he has rolled around, feed towards the center, facing the opposite way. Set yourself up and again, whenever your hands are behind your head, it's always a good idea to push them back into it so you feel that neck traction, that lengthening that neck pull sensation. Dig Your bottom elbow down to create that lift underneath the bottom side of your waist. Lift your top leg up, bring it back behind you. And again, that's your chest. Move in opposition to your leg. Wind it up, stretch it back, stay long off you go, kick it forward, forward and reach it back back. And again, kick it forward forward and we should back back. Nice. And again, keep on going. Now notice that your bottom leg is active here too. It's pressing down into the magic hole. You have steady and kick. Kick and reach it back. We'll take two more. Good and back, back. Last one. Kick, kick. We should back and hold it there with the leg reaching back.

Continuously stretch you on the opposite direction. God. So if aside from bird's eye view, you would one, one long line through the arms, through the leg, one long diagonal, stretch it apart. And then circle your top on back behind you. Bend your knee, grab your foot and give yourself a good little side. Stritch here. Feel those arrows. Eyes pulled towards one another and push your hips forward to lengthen out your low back. Yes, good. Feels quite lovely, doesn't it?

And then release that foot. Stretch it up long. Alright, it's teaser time. Come on. Up to a seated position. Face each other. Give yourself a smile of encouragement. This is going to go fairly quick because we move right into our hib twist after. Um, so think of them as one exercise. Switch you arms long in a way from you.

Curl yourself back like you've done already so many times, and then stretch the legs out of your body. Set your legs into your teaser position. Make it your goal to try and touch your toes. Even if that doesn't happen today or tomorrow or next week. See if you could by bringing your legs up higher by bending your spine a little bit more by just sending energy through those fingers when you feel like you're maxed that out. Roll the spine down three times.

Roll down three and come back up just to your shoulder blades and again, rolled it down and lifted all the way up, up, up. Can you touch your toes now? One more time? You lower yourself down and lifted up. This might be the one where you get to touch those toes without a flexing. All right, lower the legs down. We'll have to try that again and sit yourself all the way up. Good. Come, come back up into a staff position. That was our first set.

We'll do two more like that. All right. Squeeze your legs together. Lift yourself all the way up. Curl the hips under. Roll yourself back again until you hit that spot where your legs feel like they get lighter. Exactly than float them up. Float them up. Float them up. Float them up three times. Roll the spine down. Roll down three. Exhale every now and then and take it down to you.

Good XL lifted all the way up. Up, up. One more time. Roll on back away from your feet and then back towards them. Hold it there and again to come out of the, just drop your legs. Sit yourself back up. Good. Nice. Do we have one more inside of us? What do you think? Yeah, I think we can do it.

I think we can do it. Squeeze your legs together. Lift yourself up. Curly libs under. Roll yourself back right behind your sits bones. Harbor the legs off the ground. Pick them all the way up. Three times. Roll the spine down, down, down, lift up, up. Get to those toes and two to two and roll it up. Up.

Last one. Roll it down, lift it up. And this time stop at the top. Bend your elbows, set them back behind you and let your legs just plumb line straight up from there. Ah, and take a moment and yeah, if you need to shake out your legs, this is a great moment. We'll set up our hip twist in this position. Are you okay there? Bring your leg straight up from here if you can. Now we've done our one leg tick tock or two leg tick top and we'll do a sita tick toggle right. You squeeze your legs together, your head, your stay straight ahead this time. But you're right hip lifts and takes your legs over to your left.

See if he can keep the weight even between your arms. Draw them towards one another and come back through center. Take it to the other way. You left it live, taking your legs to the right. Feel that rash between your left shoulder and your right hip. Come back through center. Oh so much work. One more time. Up and over.

Squeeze the air out of your body. Come back to center. And just one more time before we translate that into circles. Take it all the way back up for a quick second. Bend your knees, let your heels fall down. [inaudible] through one of those. If that feels good, and then pick your leg straight out. A little shimmy shake. Nice. Now from here, both legs are up again. Press them together. Multi turnout if you like. Take both legs over to the right, left hip lifts. Circle the legs down, round and back. Up into center. Take it to the left, down around him. Up into the center. Let's go three more times.

So this is the funnest one of all of them, right? All the way up. Take it over, down, around it, up. You've got one more. Seven. You're off the hook with this one. Keep those heels in. One spar, touching each other. Last one down around it up and hold. Lower the legs all the way down. [inaudible] release them to your back. In fact, just flip right over to your stomach. Let's go into swimming. Ah, so that stretch for the friends of your hips, you so badly want right? It's here. It's here, it's right there. Stretch your arms away from you. Stretch your legs away from you. Pick everything up.

Lift all four limbs up the ground and hold that for a second. Let your legs be hip distance apart. Think about stretching your legs just for the sake of getting that stretch right through the front there. Nice. And then take everything down. Let's just do the lift two more times. Just think about endless stretch through the front of your body.

Everything hovers away from the ground. It doesn't matter yet how high you get. As long as you can keep that low back nice and long. That's it. And stretching the limbs apart. Take it back down and give me one more of those. Then we go swimming. All right, or lifted all the way up, right arm, left leg. Start, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch.

And keep on going. Lift the chest forward and up. Stretch your legs away from your arms. You have 10, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Hold on one, lift everything up. Now Bend your elbow, set your hands on your shoulders, flex your feet, take them under. Bring them down to the mat and if you can in one motion, push yourself up into plank. Hold it there. We're ready for leg pull front. You point your right foot away from the mat and you kick it up to the ceiling for double kick one, two, flex and bring it down. Let's do the same on the other side. Point to kick, kick and then flex to set it back down. And again, kick it up, hold it there.

Now pull the leg forward as it comes down at, that'd be the active portion. And again, left side kick up and up. Actively pull the leg down to the mat and Isley. Damn right, but we'll take one more set. Pull the leg down. It's almost like you're pulling a spring from the ceiling. All right, last one on the left and I'll pull me down. Pull me down for me down. That's the way. And then come all the way down to your stomach. Ah, sit back over your heels for just a second. Hmm.

And then we have our leg pull back. Roll yourself all the way up. Lip to face each other in the center. So just turn around. Exactly. So we can give each other, um, Rincon a smile there. Now your hands, there's different opinions on where the hands should go. Joe had them all the way back here. That might be a little too open for some shoulders.

So think out to the side or maybe somewhat back, but not so much turned in or right. Set them a little bit behind your hips. Make sure that your elbows are fully supported, right? Set some energy around those elbow joints. Same with your knees. They're not locking back, but they're fully engaged. And then you just lift your hips up, keep your chin down so you look straight down towards your feet and you try to lift your hips up so high you can no longer see your feet.

And once you're there, slowly come back to just do that portion two more times to crawl your hips under. Lift yourself up, take weight into this inverted plan. Keep your legs together, keep your knees nice and strong and starches. Check in with how they feel here. They're nice and strong and supported and slowly come back down. One more time. Lift yourself up so make sure it doesn't feel like you're sinking into the back of your knee. And if it does, you might just want to stay here. If it does not, then you kick the right leg up for double kick one, two and press it down left side two and bring it down.

Or You just hold it there or you just hold it there. That's just as good. Hold it there while I do one repetition on each side. Lock the leg and kick it up up. Press it down, up, up, and press it down slowly. Lower the hips and then shake out your legs. Yeah, if your knee is not ready for it, it's better not to push it right. Bend your knees and then go ahead and face me. We'll do some kneeling sidekicks. One of my favorite things to do about kneeling, sidekicks, it's just getting into the position and treat that as an exercise and just take your hands behind your head. You will go to your right to start.

So in one motion, I want you to set your right hand on the floor. Bring your left leg out to the side, and you do that in slow motion. Finding your balance as you go. You'll set yourself into the position. And then before we go into our cakes, we come right back up. So take your hand off, see if you can balance on top of that one knee for just a second to bring yourself back and you will find that that's a whole lot of work all in and of itself. All right, we'll do that two more times. Stretch up and over.

Find balanced on top of that right thigh bone as you stretch out. Now, once you're in your position, you can already set it up. Press your head back into your hand, open your chest, stretch the legs slightly back behind you. We'll come up one more time though. Lift yourself onto your fingertips. Ooh, and come all the way back. One more time. This is the one, take it up and over. Hold the position. Open your chest, press your head into your hand.

Bring the leg behind you. Let your chest come forward and up. And then five times kick the leg forward, up, up, and stretch it back behind you and forward fought. Bring it back back three more times. Kick kick Richard Bag, nihs and two. Two. How much weight does that right hand carry right now such as back, back, and hold. Bring the leg out to the side. Can you start to lift weight out of those fingertips?

And the second you can flex that other foot. Set it down. Take your hand behind your head and just hold yourself there like it's nothing. Press your head back into your hands. Keep the sides of your waist long on both sides and slowly pull yourself all the way up. We'll do a variation on side sit-ups here. Think of a windshield wiper more than a slinky. That makes sense.

You're not bending over your stretch up and out of the waist until your torso lines up with that leg. Very nice. And then you stretch longer to come back up. You guys, keep on going. Three more times out of the waist. End Back Up. Very good. And to not keep both sides of the waist long. Make yourself even longer as you return to center.

And just give me one more press up and over. I show you they're still smiling. Take it all the way up, up, up. Nice. And then fold your left knee in and then we'll have to do everything on the other side, right? So three times we're just gonna practice getting into that position with some nice controls. So you set your left hand down, you stretch your right leg out to the side three times up and over and hold. Yeah, try that left hand. I think that'll work better for you. Good.

Now feel your chest lift forward and up against the leg. Going slightly back and come back up onto two knees. Excellent. Two more times as you go onto one knee. Notice if that hip wants to sink back, push the hipbone forward. Good, set it down. Excellent. And then slowly lift yourself out of that hand to come back up onto two knees.

You've got one more of those. Take it up and over. Set the position. Take the leg back behind you and again, make sure that this hand is barely touching the ground. It's there as a kickstand not to take your entire Wade. Take the leg back, lift the chest forward and up five double cakes, kick it forward, forward, reach back, back and forth for that back for three, three back, back for two. This will be your last one. Give me a good kick here. Kick, kick. Reach it back, back and hold.

Bring it out to the side and stretch your head away from the foot. Flex the foot, set it down, lift yourself onto your fingertips and see if you can take that hand behind your head as well. And then make the coming up the first portion of that exercise. Ah, once you're all the way vertical, press this hip on forward slightly. Make sure it's not sinking back too far and then four times reach it up and over in line with your leg and pull it back up. And three, feel like you're getting a little taller through your spine as you take it to the side. And then even more so as you come back up and too good.

This hip still wants to misbehave. Yes. And then take it all the way up from there. This is your last one, I promise. Take it up and over. Make it a good one. Yes. And then take it all the way back up and then bring that leg in. Sit down on your heels for a second. Right there facing me still.

This is another one of those vintage exercise that came around the same time as Joseph Glottis was defining his work. So I think it's a really fun way to get into our sideburns. So just sit on your knees here with your hands behind you. Keep your cool. Be as vertical as you can. Good thing you're not facing the camera right now and sit yourself down on the, on your right side of your hips without losing that verticality.

And then see if you can pull yourself back up. Simple as that doesn't look like much, right? But there's a ton of work. So you'll sit your hips down on the opposite side of your legs and feed, and then you pull yourself back up. You try to keep the knees as far together as possible. You maintain that uplifts through your spine as you sit your heads down to one side and then you come back through center and over. One more time to your left.

Try to make as eds nondramatic as possible. Take it up and over. Now from here, just take it one last time to your right. Take your right arm down, bring your top leg forward, bottom for back, and then we'll just do a variation of your side bend here. Your arm is out to the side and almost a 90 degree angle here, and you start going into your side bend just by straightening your legs. All right, so keep your hand here.

Push your feet into the ground and stretch out into your side plank. Hold that for a second. Feel the part of unit size there touches and squeeze it together. Press the floor away. Now to come back down. Bend your knees and sit your hips towards the feet so that two more taps.

You've straighten your legs to come all the way out. Open your chest, push the floor away. Pull that top elbow away from your bottom hand and bend your knees. Come down. One more time. Stretch and hold. Let our position of where your feet stand and where your head, a stretching towards hold. Bend your knees. Come all the way down. Take your hands behind your head. Bring your feet closer to your seed.

Let's transition to the other side. Aha. And that same beautiful graceful transition. Take your hand down if you need to adjust on your mattress laid out. Yeah, you want to have about a 90 degree angle between your arm and your torso here so you can have enough space for your legs to unfold underneath you. Top leg forward, bottom leg, back and off you go. Stretch out the leg. Now think of the side steps you just did.

You want to keep both sides of your waist nice and long and then bend your knees. Sit your hips towards the heels. So you're shooting out on one diagonal line. Going, get, stretch it out. Hold. Rotate this hip forward slightly good. And then bend your knees, sit yourself all the way back down. It's for two more here. Stretch it out. And guess what? Since your head is there and your hand is right behind, you can go ahead and press back into it. Nice to open the front of your throat and chest. Bend your knees, come down.

We'll take one more. Stretch it all the way up and over. Last one here on the side. Squeeze your inner thighs together. Open your chest, bend your knees, come all the way in. And let's swing our legs towards the center so you face each other again, ed, last and so before a few rolling exercises. Let's see if we can combine them all together. Bring your right leg on top. Just start boomerang.

We're just gonna eliminate the arm movement we typically do. And we'll just go into an old school version of this. Take your hands down by your sides. Think of your seated stomach massage we did a little bit ago. Can you pick up your legs from here? And the answer is no, you can't, right?

So a little bit. Press your hands down and start to round your spine back until you can. And once you do, you roll all the way up and over. Now here, press the Mat away. Switch your legs and your arms. Come off the mat. Pull yourself up, try to touch your toes and then swing your legs down, your arms back behind you and come back up to seated. So there was a slow breakdown. We'll do that one more time. Slow like that.

Go back just as much as you need to. Pick up the weight of your legs. Go up and over. Switch your legs. Reach to your fingertips to roll yourself up into your teaser shaped legs. Come down, torso follows. Keep that left of your stomach of your thighs and then roll yourself all the way back up. Now think of the quality of a boomerang.

It flies and it swirls and it goes very fast and it doesn't stop. Can you make that happen? That's right. Pick yourself up. Pick up the legs, swing them overhead. Switch the legs, lift yourself up. Legs come down towards the rounds over and you'll lift yourself back up again. Up and over. Switch the legs. Reach for your toes. I can try to touch them. Nice. Let's do one more. Sit Up and ribs under and over.

Switched the legs. Lift yourself all the way to the top. Legs. Come down round over your legs. Now sit yourself up. Lift your feet one more time. Bend your knees into you. Bring the soles of your feet together. And I mean fully together. So the outer edges of your feet are touching and folding in.

You grab the outside of your feet and you try to pull your big toes towards you. So this feels somewhat, um, off for the feed, right? It feels like sickle, it looks funny. It feels funny, but I want you to feel a stretch to the outer edge of your ankle. Dive your head towards your big toe and vice versa. And see if he can sustain that position. For just a moment. Press your elbows into your legs and your legs into your elbows.

That looks solid. Now Roll back to your shoulders and come back up. Good luck and lifting holds nice and try again. Failure's not bad. It's a good thing in here, right? It means you found a challenge, a new challenge for your body, so play around with it until you have just the right amount of momentum to go back and forth. Couple more times. Nice. Very good. One more time.

Lift and hold and now go a little quicker. Roll back to your shoulders and if up or all back to your shoulders and if back up. Good. Now that you have it, see if you can challenge yourself to move faster without thinking about it all that much. Yes to one tax roll back lifted up. And here's your last one. Lift and hold. Final evolution of the rolling exercises is our crab. Bring one foot on top of the other.

Grab on to the inner edges of your arch and then pull them apart. Again, we're just going to work on that initial position. See if you can now intensify the round of your back. We're bringing your knees all the way towards your shoulders, pulling your feet apart, setting your thighs against your rib cage, keeping that lift and you are secretive, and then again, roll to your shoulders and come back up. Yes, hole at the top. Key, pulling the feet apart and go again, roll back. We're not going to do the full version of it. This is enough work as it is. Let's do more. Roll back, lift up in whole.

Bring the other leg on top and repeat it three times here. Roll all the way to where your shoulders touch and then roll yourself back up. That's it. And again, rolling back. So don't be afraid on this last one to let your head touch the mat a little bit. One more time, because in our next exercise, control bounds, we have to be there, right? Lift yourself all the way up. Beautiful work.

You guys stretch your legs out in front of you. Flip over to your stomach. Let's do some rocking first and then we'll control balance almost there. Almost there. Bend your knees, which behind you. Grab onto your feet. See how that feels? It's your five stretch into AA cake. It's all those exercises, right?

Press your hipbones down into the math so much though your knees might lift a little bit and then lift yourself up by kicking into your hands so you kick your feet into your hands. That drives the lift until you can come up any high. We're just going to hold it here and slowly come back down. Almost feel like you're deflating that shape. And we'll do that again. Pull your heels to your seat and then kick your feet up into your hands. Stretch your heels away from your c to lift yourself up.

Nice. And then take it all the way down. Last one, see if you can keep that low back a little longer. Here's your last one. Lift yourself all the way up and up and ob, and if you like, go rocking five times. Forward and back. Forward and back. Eat the cake into your hands. Three and back. This is true. One more time and relax nicely down. Come on down, stretch your legs back and then come to sit and face each other again and we are going into our control balance.

Bring your arms out in front of you. Roll your hips underneath you. Pick up the weight of your legs. Once you can continue rolling yourself down, push the mat away. Stretch your legs up and over your head. Now see how this feels for you. Your legs are not quite coming down yet.

Just take your right leg and stretch it back and away from utilities parallel. If you can a little further and switch, we'll just start it here. Take the left leg down and bring it up. Notice with this very small leg movement, if your spine is curling. Additionally, if you can keep that length that you feel in your back right now, push the mat away and back up. Now see how far you can take the leg down.

If you can start taking weight out of your arms, reach one on back, then the other, pull that leg down and the other leg up to the ceiling. Keep the front of your chest open, let the left leg come down and switch your legs. Nice. And this is nice and slow. You guys. Keep going. Stretch the legs apart and switch. Good. Start to notice how that tripod you created between your head and your shoulders in all those rolling exercises. How it's really there for you right now. Switch again you guys. Keep on going.

Good and switch. Feel how your scissors and your bicycle comes back here. You want to make sure that you lift weight out of your shoulders by lifting your hips up, using your own strength and eyes. Christie girl. One more time, each side and switch and now try to come up to standing from here. Roll yourself down. Bring one foot in front of the other. Reach your arms towards one another and come all the way up to standing. Yes, there we go. All right, let's take a step back to the ends of our mat.

We'll do a little pushup. I'm just going to do it right down here with you guys. Just one set. Bring your feet just a couple of inches apart in parallel. Bring some weight into your toes, just enough so that your heels become lighter, and then bring your heels towards one another til they get into each other's way and just feel that energy between your legs. Therefore, a second, keep that. Lower the heels down. Bring your arms up, give yourself a stretch. Reach your fingertips up as the heels drop. Chin over chest.

Roll it down until your palms are flat down in front of your big toes. And then walk it out into plank. We'll just do one set of three pushups. Make them good. Take it down and press up and down two and press up. One more time. The last inner thighs continuously spiral into one another.

And then lift your hips up. Walk your hands back towards your feet. Keep your hips over your feet and push them back too far as you roll yourself all the way up. And then grab your poles for one more exercise. Ah, you can stand on. Your mouth's facing me. And just the same thing here. Your feet are about a couple of inches apart.

Just bring your enough weight into your toes so that you heels become lighter is spiral the legs together till you feel the backs of your legs seal tightly. Bring your arms out in front of you, lower the heels back down. All right, so it doesn't look like you're exercising what your legs are already working. All right now just like earlier, pull the bar apart and start to bring the bar down. Why don't you do Magine that the bar is attached to rubber bands and you pull rubber bands away from the ceiling. As you bring the bar down and you're still pulling in apart and it meets your thighs and you continue to push it into you. Hold that for a second.

Let that open your chest and then slowly bring the bar away from you. Almost feel like you're resisting those rubber bands now, right? You make your own resistance and you pull the bar back down until it meets your thighs and now try to break the bar around your thighs, push it back until it's split into two, and if it does, I think there's some extra poles back there. Slowly moved the bar away from your lifted back up until it's in front of your chest. All right, now you choose your own intensity by how hard you pull the entire time, right? You pull the bar down until it meets your thighs. Continue to goal.

Let your open nice and wide. Press your hips forward against the bar. Now from there, let's add a neck. Turn your look to your right. Keep pulling with both arms. Take your head over to the left and just feel that enormous openness across your chest. Good. Look straight ahead and slowly at the bar. Come up and we'll just do one more round of these. Pull the bar down, becoming endlessly tall and vertical. Pull the bar into you.

Turn your head left. Turn your head right, he the chest open. Look straight ahead. Slowly lift about all the way up by your ears. This time keep pulling it apart and just like in the very beginning, but now with your legs together, take one more side stretch up and over to your right side. Pulling down with your right up with your left head is right in between your arms. Even weight on your feet will slowly come all the way up. And why am I tying up and over just so that we can be friends again after this class? Fall the arms apart, lift yourself all the way back up and the arms come down.

And you guys all said, nice work. You guys.


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IMPECCABLE cuing! Beautiful class, beautiful delivery and great execution from students!! Thank you.
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Everything Kerry has said plus a whole lot of hard work!!
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This class was a lot of energy!!! Thank you Benjamin!
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Benjamin loved your energy and bright personality! Paired with fantastic teaching your one of my faves !
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thank you so much. It's a thrill to know that the energy we had in class comes through - it was such a joy getting to teach and move with Erin and Kristi!
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SO good! I don't know how you fit so many different types of moves into this class in one hour but it seemed to go by very quickly. It was both fun and challenging. I learned a lot and enjoyed some new-to-me moves and variations. You are a great instructor.
A heap of lightbulb moments in this class - side reach like a diagonal lightning bolt, decompressing the neck in Neck Pull and that Seal variation! So much wonderful thank you Benjamin, Erin and Kristi xxxx
Theresa L
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Love the transition and cues and preps! Requesting a level 2/3 class please....
Benjamin Degenhardt
Catherine, Megan, Theresa, it's so great hearing about your experience and lightbulb moments, thank you so much for sharing! And Theresa, I have a level 2/3 Mat class up as well - hope you'll enjoy it just as much.
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A wonderful class. Agree with all above. I would love to try one of your accelerated level 3.
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