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Eve Gentry Inspired Flow

40 min - Class


Suzanne Gutterson teaches a Mixed Equipment Workout using the Mat, Wunda Chair, Tower, and Reformer. She starts with a Pre-Pilates warm up, using techniques from Eve Gentry then moves onto the equipment to go deeper into the body. She encourages you to get out of your head and just keep moving. Enjoy!

This was filmed at Suzanne's studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Tower, Wunda Chair, Mat, Mixed Equipment, Hand Weights, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Well, the tension's going out. It's just softly melting into the mat. Inhale, one more Laurier channel. Little bit. Go to the midback and n A. Next exhale. Two more. I just feel like it's just floating down, getting a little heavier.

It kind of sinks into the sand and makes a little imprint. Cool. Yeah. Cross your arms across the chest seat and feel a little more in the upper back. And inhale and exhale. One more. And exhale. Take your arms down, straighten out your legs.

Take a little census of your body. If you feel that any part of your body isn't reaching down into the floor, go there and take a breath in. Now don't. Next sale. One more. Um, exhale. Move your legs apart a little bit and rotate the ankles in opposite directions. Uh, no. Take them. Let's take six one way, one way around, not too fast or stretch. Roll in. Feel your hips are changing, that your legs are rolling in and out with your feet.

Five and six, rotate the other way. Um, flex back and stretched to a point. Oh, whoa. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So we're going to work these edges so it doesn't roll out like, yeah, this slide down and flex or you go and point. Don't over point.

Just nice and easy and flex and point. Can you feel that? Pinky that working a little bit more in here and flex and point and flex on 0.1 more flex and 0.0 dairy. Got a fly that likes. Okay, slide your legs up. Okay. That's it. We can let go of that. All right. Let's put your fingertips on your shoulders and just bring your arms together with an exhale. I feel everything opening as you inhale, open, feel the whole, so it's not just the arms, it's that whole, the whole ribs.

Get your show. Shoulders down a little bit. Don't try too hard. Even though the camera's on you. Yeah, she just, you're half asleep. Yeah. Nice. Uneasy. Exhale and inhale. Take it down to your heads and slide it up. Feel what's happening in here.

Just be aware of the movement down and up. Let's circle the elbows around. Keep your elbows together as long as you can without forcing it. Get your oars in the water down here, way around. Sweep it around. Good. [inaudible] nice and four and go the other way around.

One and two and three and four. Okay. Bring your arms down and shoulders nice and down. Just let them float. They're in water and just floated up and let it lengthen down. Just nice and easy.

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Alternate one shoulder up and then the other. And fuel the difference. Your head staying nice and centered. Good. And bring it back to center. Let's bring your arms up.

So you're a puppet. This is how it got the name. Puppet arms. I'm sure eve called it something different, but she always had a passive image. So something was being done to you. So you're a puppet. So I'd say, well, I'm just sappy and you're the puppet. And so now let me say, let me do the work. I'm in that I'm the driver. I'm just Sepi takes you up and the weight takes you to, you are not doing, it just says he's pulling you off.

And so let your Seppe pull [inaudible] and it comes down. And it moves with ease and it comes down very good. And bring your arms down. Okay, let's roll over on your side and bend your knees. Yeah, and lie with one hand over the other. So slide your arm forward and back. Nothing to do with the arm. It's all in here as you can smush your nose down and back. One more forward and back.

Now you're going to take your arm up to the ceiling and I want you to feel here. Yes. And bring it down so your head is going to stay center. Inhale. Woo. That's good. And down. One more. Inhale and down. Now take it over and turn your head almost and down. And again.

Now if this had been eve, there'd be a whole lot of pillows here. One more reach and take it down. Let's make a salute right here like this. Now you're going to reach your elbow over good and take it back. Go back with an inhale. Spring your knees back a little bit more. Here I come back. I'm going to move your knees back here and back.

You go and come up, straighten your arm and circle the arm around. Reach big inhale. That's the apex of it. Let it slosh over your body or around so she couldn't get her arm down. We'd have something to support it, so it would just be as passive as possible. She couldn't do this at first, right and around and let it go the other way. Exhale, big. Inhale. The head is very important.

Keep your head down. Don't lift your head. Minimum minimum of work and one more lie on your back and the idea is her body is going to absorb. Repatterning. Don't get too comfy. Just close your eyes for a moment. Just let your body absorb what's happening. Okay, let's roll over on the other side. Let me have periscope hands, which I think is yours.

Okay, let's get this right out of the shoulders. Here we go, and exhale and pull it that good again. Exhale, pull it back. Exhale, pull it back. Take it up to the ceiling. Let me turn your hand there and come down. Inhale, reach. Nice and down. One more. [inaudible] and down.

Make a salute and roll back and come up. And two more. Exhale. Inhale, straighten your arm and take nice circles. Keeping your head down, but let your head roll. Nice. [inaudible] try not to lift off your pillow, heroine. Big Inhale, fill her up three times and then go the other way. Um, reverse.

Turn your head Catherine, as much as you can towards the door. Just feel that upper back. Open up and then roll over on your back and take a couple of breaths. Free Ride. Okay, good.

Let's walk your feet and a little bit more and you're just going to take a tiny coxix curl. [inaudible] stop it. Just going to curl from here. Deep Curl. That's all it's gonna do. Good. Exhale. Inhale. Let it go down, cause that's going to get your legs over your head and exhale button one and come down. Good. Go Button one and hold it. Curl and hale an exhale deeper. Now the no cause you start to roll button two with the belly button.

Press Button. Three of the solar plexus. Start Rolling up. There you go. There you go. Nice. And take it up. Now this last to start to kick in. Take it all the way up to button four. Yeah, you're right. This is going to be a little bit lower. Now. Roll down button for three, two, and one. Right straight through. Roll Up.

One more time. Get a little more weight over here. There you go. And come right down. Button four. Curl up. Put your hands on my ankles.

Try to push me over. Get a little more weight on this right side and roll down. Push equal. Roll down right through the center. Roll down, get more weight, more weight, more weight on that. There you go. Okay, good. Bring your arms down with an inhale this time and hale on the exhale. Curl up. Run back. Arms back over the head.

One more time and a little more weight. That's it. Roll down. Good. Okay, so it's this side. No, it's here. It's on the right side. Left side. We're talking about. Yeah. Curve goes like, yeah. Okay. You can feel it here.

Okay. Yeah. So curl up. Put your right hand on my ankle and pushed down. Bring your arm down. Inhale, curl up. Bring your left hand over on my ankle and push that left side way out. Push it out. Rule it down. Rule down better. Yes.

It feel better on that side. Yeah. Bring your arms down and let's take it one more on that side. Curl up and pull that right side and push that lift side out. Pool. Reach down. Roll down. Okay. Bring your knees up and put your hands behind your knees and just curl up.

Clunk. So you're here. Your feet are up and we're sitting tall. So button one, button two button three. Good button four. Get your shoulders down, but in five, roll it down pretty good. Now you do that very well. Let's do it. Nice and easy. Piece of cake. Yeah. Duh.

Scoop. This is spine stretch coming up. So here's your spine stretch. You're pulling back and reaching forward. That was good. Alright, I'm going to take straight legs. That's got the springy legs together. Okay. Shoulders down. So this is as far as you can go, right?

Because if you're pulling back here and pushing forward here, that's as far as you can go. Okay. You get to hold onto this for one, one time, nice and easy. Just use what you need to use. That's it. Front and back. And let it just open up when it's down at the shoulders. Come down, bring your hat up. Bring your far. Had it close here. That's it. Pull back around. He breathing, he breathing. That was so good as your reward. You got to do. Look mom. No hands.

Okay, so the little man has got hold of this. He's pulling you forward. Here you go. And give me eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Hit the deck on one. Arms Up. One, two. Think back. He's pulling you forward for hang back. Hang back. Five, six, seven and a. Give me six. One, two, three.

Your shoulders are could four, five and six up one. That's the hard part to have three round forward. Four pull back. Yes. Beautiful. That's really good. Now roll back a little and roll forward and roll back a little and roll forward the shoulder here and roll back a little and roll forward. Gut Amro all the way down and stretch your arms over your legs.

And stretch your arms from your legs. We're going to do single leg stretch and you can do it like this. You're just use your legs. So first bring your legs up, hands behind your knees to get yourself in place. Okay, now you're pushing through peanut butter. Here we go. And reach and pull and on an inhale and an inhale and exhale and exhale and yeah, and yeah, and yeah.

And Yours and Ya and Ya roll it down. Oh, it was work cause you were doing it right and rock through the spine. Easy. Does it not so much pelvis. You're just on the words coming from. Okay. Let's bring your body up all the way up. Yeah, it just clunk, gut. Let's try rolling like a ball so you could hold her knees like this.

Yeah. Oh, okay. No, you've got a circle right here and you're going to focus right here, right? And by, by show up. Pretty good. Up. Pretty good. Uh, uh, one more and just hang forward. That was good. Okay. That was good. Have you been practicing? Yeah. Big Difference.

That's nice. Let's try your hundred holding onto this. So lie down on your back. Bring your legs in. Chair position. Lying down on your back. Yeah, come closer. Yeah, but not so because your legs are gonna straighten so you don't want it to close. And let's put your hands in the loops. Okay. Chair position. Ah, okay. Now I hold the shorter, yeah, instead of loops. Yeah. So you can really get yourself up.

Okay. Now bring your upper back up. You're good. Straighten your legs and sniff. Two, three, four, blow. Two, three, four, sniff. Two, three, four. Blow. Two, three, four, sniff. Two, three, four. Press two, three, four. Fill it up. Two, three, four. Squeeze it out. Two, three, four, fill it up. Two, three, four. Squeeze and roll it down. That's enough. Let your head roll. So I decide. Okay, let's let go of this. Cross this knee over this ne and let both knees open your arms to the side and let those knees just go and other side and come back to center. Put your hands behind your knees. Just roll up.

Okay. Are you okay? Yeah. All right, let's leave your knees bent for the moment. Open your arms and sit tall. Okay. And we're going to get your knees here. We're going to twist one, two, three. And now I'm holding your arms so you won't do this. Yes. So it's just the shoulders. Basically it's here. Okay.

And one and center. Now just take one to the left. Reach and back center and one pull back to pull back three. You can see this coming back. I'm one this way and no, that's she good?

Yeah, just one more to the right and one open to open three and just plopped down. Hang forward. Good. Okay, so inhale and think of your length and over you go. Pull this back, mark. Pull back. Good. Now around over. Exhale, clunk, politico, clunk, clunk, clunk. Now rotate back and come up and look to about right there. That's nice.

And come back straight and you're ready to go again. Over, under, over up. Good. Okay. Let's take one on the other side. Ah, over under. Just let it go. Clunk. I don't believe you. It's close. It's clumped. Okay.

Back to center. Stay down there or rotate it, including the head. Stay round here and come up when you're down. After you're here and you've clunked. I want this to really reach in here to get back. Okay? Okay, here we go. And over under. Yes, stay there and rotate back with the arm around arm around here right where it was in the beginning.

And now come up and feel this open. How's it feel? All right. Okay, let's come off of it and you can take a little swan. So belly flop over and put your hands here. You've got a diamond on your trust. You're going to show so down she had the arms are going to stay straight. Good. Straight. Arms down and lift up links and now good.

And exhale down and reach up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Keep your arms straight and come up. Good. So you've really got your girdle there. You don't feel that at all here. That looks so good. Let's do a rocking swamp, which is sort of fine. I'll show you what it is. Okay.

You're like one of those little dolls in the water. It's just fun. Got To have some fun. Okay, so you just, my arms are bent and then woo. I know Lisa cake. Just drop your head like Stan or one of those little water dolls. Head down. Head down. Bend your elbow so you and get down there. Got It. And just come up.

Just Bob up. Don't think. Just move and up. Bangings okay. And one more clunk and come up. Okay. Oops. All right, go get a two red weights. That's good. Catherine, you're getting good. So just be sure that you're not here.

[inaudible] he's called his hamstring stretch cause you're here. Okay. Try to get that way forward. Better. Now stay down there and change your hands this way. She are always her out and bend your elbows up and as they goes down this pools up and don't stay down if you're going to stay down way down there. Now straighten your arms, pull your belly up, you're good. Stay there.

And all you're going to do is bend your arms. Inhale, exhale, pull the belly up. It's good, it's good. Just straighten and two more. Exhale and inhale, reach. Nice. Roll up slowly. Bring your arms to your sides. Good. Now lift your toes for a minute. Feel all the toes. Stretch out and find them all on the floor. Put them down, roll up. Find all those toes. Try to put your heels together, but you can't try to pull them together, but you can't. Good. All right.

You're using it. Yes. And come down. That was good. And go up again. But watch when you come down it doesn't go back here. Looks like you got a little more weight on that right foot than the left 50th sand like this on your right foot or you standing on your left there. You cause it was kind of going like this a little bit. Let's try it again. Yeah. Yeah. This is your center that's going to hold you up. Don't want to lean back.

Okay. And come down. That's good enough. All right, your arms are straight the whole time. Okay, so you're just going to scoop back. That's all you can do. You're going to push the bar forward. Just like spine stretch. Pull back with your abs, pull back straight arms. Push up and bend your knees so you can stretch. Get a good back stretch. Good. And you can lift your Chin on this.

And again, straight back. Hang back, push forward. Exhale. Good. Pull back through your abs and straight arms up and put your chest on the wall. Reach one more time. Curl that scoop forward. Looks good to me, Kathryn. Pull back and lift the body.

Okay Neal. And let's take cat cow. So you're going to dive down your buttons. So today's not going to go like that. You're thinking up the way you were when you had the weights. And so dive down your buttons. Good.

Push out flat in the back. Look up the wall, chest down. Get your chest down, rage, pull back here. Right. You reach forward and no, straighten your arms. Round up. Head down. Come up and bend your elbows. Yeah, I think I confused you when you reach out here. You want to pull back here so you can really make some space that looked good to me and you weren't working so hard. That was good. Oh yeah. Okay. Get started. Nicely. Nice and open. Including your head.

Open more there. Perfect. Bend your elbows. Cause you've gotta take them down and dive down your buttons. Here are your buttons. Good. Think up as you dive down. Push out, pull back or each good. Drop your head. Pull up through the center around that and up you go. One more time.

Curl out. Reach out Earl. Up. You're good. I'm going to give you three reds in the balloon. That seems like too much. Just tell me and just push back and drop one to tell me cause your pinky toe on there too. Look at my straight yours.

Let's bring your feet a little closer together. It's splaying out a little better and lower both heels. Good. Okay. Come back in and hers this belabored image. Okay. There is a stick on the end of this and a ball on the end of the stick. So when you push back, that goes down the goalie, the ball on the end of the stick and when you bring it up, if there's still a goalie. Okay. All right, let's have first position.

Okay, here we go. So you lengthen the balls on the end of the stick. Keep that gully as those arms go up. Inhale. Ah, don't let go on the inhale there is the gully. Makes it. Golly. Exhale down. Press back straight in your legs. You're good.

There was the goalie. Now you've got that goalie. It's got to stay in the gully. The ball's got to go back and Magali. Yes. Good. And again, exhale and inhale. Yes and exhale yes. And inhale and again, exhale and inhale. Nice. Okay. Let's put your heels on the bar.

Um, hips with the part, um, parallel flexed. If this is too much weight, let me know. Now your arms are just going to be opened to hear around. So I'm going to bring your feet a little closer together. So you're gonna scoop those ribs together right across here.

Okay. When you go back here we go. Skirt school and open and get longer and thinner. Just what you want to be right and open and go and open and watch that left side. I want it to work as hard as the rights. Go. Fill those ribs, pulling in and out and against. Go right in here too. Don't let this go on the inhale. Yeah, don't take it back so far here just to here. Keep this in. Scope it in. I want it in. Pull away from my fingers. Pull away from my fingers.

One more pull. You're good and [inaudible]. Okay. Alright, let's have parallel and just push out and lower and lift the heels. Try to keep your feet nice and centered. More weight here. Yes.

That's bring your legs closer together so you know why, what I'm doing. Yeah. [inaudible] [inaudible] and last one, last one, and then just take five more runny. One, two, three, four, and five. Okay. No. Starting with your low abs.

You're going to curl your pelvis up in the air. Push back, come back. No. First come back here. Now stay where you are and curl your pelvis up in the air. Make a bridge, then go out. Come back. All am roll down again. Curl up. Don't go any place up. [inaudible] don't go any place. Stay in. Don't push out. It's light. So you gotta curl up, up. Good. Don't go any place. Now go out. Exhale.

Inhale. Pull these up in the air. And scope that belly coming back in and rural it down. Good work. Can you do one more? Uh, okay. I'm going to just let us stay up here for you. Here we go. Curl up out.

You go a little more weight on that right side. Pull back. Keeps those hips up in the air. Come on up, up. Come back to me. Roll 'em. Roll it down. All right. Just let restaurant and take a breath because we're going to do that. You're going to bear lace.

You're going to barely skim out low, and then it's going to lift up. You're going to come all the way in before you go down. Okay? You can do it. Okay. Just take a breath for a minute. Oh, okay. Just lift up a tiny bit. You're good. Push out. Way Out.

Now lift those hips up in the air and come back up. Up, up, up, up, up, up. Roll it down. Okay. It's dipping in this hip a little bit. Okay, so go back. Let's duck. That's it. And come back in and rule it down. Yes. One more time back. You go up as up. Yeah. Don't go back so far. Come on back in again.

You're going back so far as hard for you to get those ships up. Don't go back so far. Okay. Just take a breath for a minute. Inhale. Exhale. We don't give grades. That's far enough. There you go. Up. Come back in. Roll it back and roll down. Good work. Okay.

Legs. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just sweating. Huh? That's good. On a sweat. Yeah. Okay. No, no, no, no, no. Put two feet down. Put that foot down. You have a very nice derriere but I don't want to see it. Push your four here.

Up on the bar. On the bar. Okay. Okay. Now this one pushes forward as this one bandage back. Good. Okay. Straight in your legs. Take him down. Oh, that's better. That's better. That's better. And come up.

I'm going to do this just to be sure you're on the straight and narrow, okay? Okay. Bring your legs up as high as you can with your belly still. No, no, no. Really just to here. Okay. Cause I want your belly muscles to take it down. Not The weight of your seat rolling down.

You bring it up as high as you can with your still down and press down. Exhale. That's far enough. Inhale, pull it back from the belly. You're good. Exhale. Inhale, look at my fingers. Exhale. Nice. Bring it up. And now exhale. It's a little wobbly I think. Or a little tired, I think. Yes. And come up.

Let's just do one more exhale. And uh, all right, let's just take some easy stretches. I think you've, you've, you've added. Okay. I really am. Okay. All right. Um, let's take him his lunch. Okay. Yeah. Just stretch your legs out for a minute. Just let it stay. Restaurant. You want more springs on it? No, because you may want to move. Okay.

Okay. No, tell me again. Okay. The knees come off and you're gonna be [inaudible] push back and you go flat in here. You're good. Come forward. A little exhale. You're good. Inhale, pull up in here. Pull up in here. Come back back. One more. You're, you're, you're being shot out of a cannon.

Pull up. Pull up. Pull up. God. Okay. And come down. Let me give you an image. You're a clown in the circus. You're in the Canon and you're being shot out, and if you get here or here, you're going to get powder burns. Ah, so you're in the Canon, right? Yeah, we're in the Canon. Just let it restaurant. I'll take one more then you got to drink a water, Trixie. Okay, here we go. Flat. Now exhale. No powder burns forward.

This is good. One more exhale. You're not making me work. Last one. I was swell. All right. Just sit back on your heels. Push back with your arms. Let your head just rest. Okay. I'm just thinking. Inhale and flop. Now gather your energy and bring the arms up and flop.

Gather your energy through your arms and your body. There you go. And keep your aunt flop, flop. Come up. Keep your energy open and sit straight. Finish with a straight head. Pull up. Good. Done.


Suzanne, you are an inspiration !!
This is the first time I have ever commented on Pilates Anytime. I have seen hundreds of videos and am a Pilates Instructor myself. This is my favorite video!!! Absolutely loved every minute of this class. Wow
I'm so glad you all took advantage of taking Suzanne's class. I'm thrilled to be able to say that she will be coming to PA next month WITH Michele Larsson to film more classes for us!

Thank you for your feedback.
Love watching the tactile cues and guidance. Very helpful for teaching techniques... Thank you!
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OHHH! What a wonderful teacher you are Suzanne! Your have a fun personality and non-judgemental style, with cues that are hilarious, yet precise! Eve Gentry is certainly smiling with pride at her student! I would love to take a class with you while I am here in Albuquerque visiting my daughter and new granddaughter!
Kim C
You're a delight!
loved this class
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Loved it--it's especially nice to see a lesson being given to a person who is not an accomplished instructor--although those are nice as well. This was wonderful.
I always learn from comments. Thank you all.

Love this class, the cues are great! Thank you Suzanne!
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