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Stabilizing the Pelvis

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Kathryn Ross-Nash returns to Pilates Anytime with her usual energy and charm! This Reformer workout focuses on stability of the pelvis while still offering you plenty of challenge. Using hand weights, weighted balls, and a pole, Kathi includes many creative variations that will help you understand how to anchor through the "back body." You'll also enjoy some intense variations of the Short Box Series, Back Stroke, and so much more.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Weighted Balls, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole

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Mar 09, 2014
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here at [inaudible]. Anytime today we're going to be doing a reformer that focuses on the stability and the use of the pelvis. When I choose variations, there's always a specific reason when I put something in or leave something out. There's a very specific reason this reformer was created to work on pelvic stability and understanding how to anchor through the back body, so the variations that I have chosen will elicit that response hopefully from my body. I'm going to begin on three springs today, right down into position. No extra movement right into position, soft in the rib cage, pull the stomach in. This is the last time. Hopefully we'll stop moving and stretch and one.

Whenever you're doing your footwork, you want to make sure that you squeeze it and that you want go over the full range of motion. As you come in. You do not tuck the tailbone. You feel your tailbone lengthen in opposition to the crown of the head, which is left on the top of the frame and smoothly change heals under and over the Le Toes. Lengthen over the top. Stretch, N, N, N. Stretch n, n, n. Stretch and in your footwork sets up your entire workout in stretch and heals up one flex heart. Pull those toes back to the knees as you come in. Feel yourself sit like you're doing a squat in in seven, eight, nine and 10 tendon stretch. Quick down, up one, down, up to down, up three, down up four.

Keep the little ankle bones away. Down, up six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Bend in. Take the foot bar down. Have the legs down, arms straight up. Press into your hundred position. Inhale, bring the legs up for five full counts. Anchor the tailbone. Exhale saw off in the sternum. As you reach the legs out of the hips. Inhale, fill the lungs all the way up. Nice full deep breath. Anchor that tailbone. Reach out with the arms.

Reach out with the legs. The a hundred is a stretch. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, pull the sternum in and up. This is a great place to anchor the pelvis when the legs go up so that you find the pelvis being stable up, up, up and down, down, down, bend in, come up, take off the spring. So you have two center springs. Now head rest goes down, short spinal massage. Thread through. Don't pull on the strap. Roll the bottom up. Place the strap right here on the foot so you connect all the way through the bones. Stretch out, push into the strap.

Scoop the stomach up in. In lift hollow. Roll down, keeping the thighs off of the stomach. Pull the stomach in. Continue to roll down out. Lift up and over. Push into the strap with your feet. Bend. Push into the strap with your feet. Keep the connection of the strap into the spring, into the powerhouse. Reach up and over. Scoop the stomach. Press the heels, hollow the stomach. Here's your rolling like a ball position. Open the low back.

Roll down, roll down. Roll down. Now one for my, one of my favorites. Long spinal control. Come to 90 degrees. Stop. Don't let the carriage move and roll up. Roll Up. Roll up, roll up school Paulo, roll down, roll down, roll down, and again, stretch out up to 90 degrees. Anchor the tailbone, push into the strap with the feet length in the waist up. Reach with the arms. Here's your rowing position, pulling the stomach back.

Hollow band, scoop. Roll down and circles with the short straps. Open down around and one push open down around and to push open down around. And three push opened down around and four and open and reverse. Press into the strap. Even as my legs go up, I'm pushing into the strap so that I can lengthen my stomach away.

Opening the chest. Soft chest and good frog. Stretch out. Squeeze one. Resist this strap. Squeeze to press into that strap. Three lengthen four and five. Bend the knees in for coordination. Strap comes all the way in.

Pull the stomach in. Reach open clues. Bend and bend. Stretch open, close bend and Ben. Now stretch out parallel. Open the legs, rotate out, flex the fee and draw the heels together. Pulling the pelvis back and in. Parallel in, in stretch out. Reach out, rotate, flex. Draw the heels together. Open the chest parallel.

Bend 90 degrees with the arms reach long open, rotate, flex, draw in, in, in parallel. Bend, Bend. Take your straps, place them here gracefully. Come off of the reformer, grab your box, hold it by its two handles. Place it here. We're going to do a swan variation that I love. On one spring you're gonna lie down and this really helps anchor the pelvis and feel the pelvis nice and long. Hands here, heels together. Pull this stomach in and press out nice and long and in reach through the theat.

Reach to the head too, and in reach long and in. Now keep that length lift. Open the chest up, open the collarbones up. Lengthen and come down. Stretch out, press on the hands, lift the chest and the chest comes through. So you're opening the thoracic spine. Lengthen through the stomach and down. Stretch out. Open.

This is dessert open as your preparation for those poles traps and the full thing. Stretch out. Lift up, lengthen down, bend in, there's your shaving right there. Lift up lamp in, down, stomach in, stretch out, lift up, lengthen out, and in gracefully. Swing off foot bar down. You're ready for your post straps. Now the body's all warmed up, the chest is open, you're adding strength to stretch. Thumbs on the strap, pull the stomach in. Let's keep our feet on the foot bar so that you can anchor the pelvis and feel that same feeling.

Lifting the chest through and feet stay low along the foot bar or each for each. Open the chest, stomach in tailbone reaches towards the heels. Arrange, reach, bend, straighten one, two, three. I don't care about a little noise and out to the tig. Palms down. Reach Open. Lengthen palms down. Reach, oh man. Lengthen palms down.

Reach Open. Slide to the handles. Step off at a spring so you have two centers, springs, place, hand, foot, hand, foot, tailbone. Roll all the way down just like we did in coordination. We're going to open, rotate out, draw the heels and the arms together. Stretch. Pull the stomach in, up open.

Press into the strap, rotate out, flex the feet. Use the inner thighs. Pull the sternum back and bend in, up open reach, scoop and reverse it. This time, hold your hands to your knees, stretch out, open up together and in. So you really anchor into the pelvis, up and in, and it becomes about what the powerhouse is doing, not what the arms are doing. Teas are up and down and up and nicely. Log for the teaser. Head heals hands. Articulate through the spot, lifted arms go down, arms go up, arms go down, arms cook.

You can have a little bit of ego in this one and up. Roll all the way down. Right up. No rest for the wicked. Arms down and up, arms down. I never get to sleep. Arms down and up. Roll all the way down. Roll up, bend into the shoulders, pull the stomach in, feel the stomach scoop back, stretch the legs, feel it scoop back, stretch the legs, feel it. Scoop, lengthen, slow, slow, slow, slow. Drop the straps. Now we're going to have a little fun.

We're going to do short box on the long box. This is something I love to do and I used to do my workout with Romana with a lot of props to add a little extra to it. So the first thing that I want you to do is you're going to sit on your foot bar on the edge and you want to have your knees line up over your heels. And we're going to begin with the rolling in and out. Hug. Press your feet, roll all the way down. Stretch the bar, slide the bar along the frame of the Cadillac. Boring the bar up.

Chin to the chest and rule all the way over. Roll all the way back. Stretch back. Reach it along the frame. Reach it along the frame, bring it up. Come in, slide over. Second variation, roll it back. Reach it back. Solite it, bend it in school, but along the body to the heels. Roll back, reach, stretch back.

Here's that extra little delicious reach. Come in, Chin to the chest, pull the stomach in, and good. Take this here. Leave your bar down. Grab your ball nice and long. Pull this stomach in, arms by the ears, hinge back, reaching with the ball. Hold two, three, four, five and reach forward. Reach back, hold two, three, four, five and up. Now quick back up. One. Back Up. Two, back up, three different ballgame without a strap. Reach over to the side. Let the arm go down and up. One, down and up to down and up. Three, reach out and anchor up other side. Left arm down. Yeah, and up, down and up.

Down and up. Mermaid side bend. Reach over. Let the arm come. Reach it out. Bring it up and in. Reach over, wrap the arm, reach it up and twist. Twist and center and twist and center and with and center and twist and Ridge twist. Reach out. Reach the ball and center.

Reach, twist out deep in the twist. As you come up, lift, twist, reach out, eh, from the twist. Lift. Reach out a for the pelvis and good. If the feet move, it means that you have not anchored your pelvis.

Now just because we haven't had enough fun, we're going to do this series of five with the bar. You're going to stretch your arms up and the knees have to pass through. The more bent your arms are, the more difficult is stretch one, one, two, two, three, three, four. If you hit the bar, you know your knee went up. Five, six, six, seven, seven, eight, eight, two legs into the ankles. Stretch out far and in, in, and stretch two and stretch three and stretch four and stretch five and stretch six. Pull the stomach back. Seven, 8:00 AM reach. Take the bar underneath. Single leg. Touch the bar with the leg.

Touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch. Hit that bar. Hit it with your leg. Pull the stomach in. Pelvis doesn't move. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach two legs up. Pull the stomach in, Huh? Lower, slow, slow, slow, slow and up. Lower, slow, slow, slow, slow. And to lower. Slow, slow, slow, slow and three, lower, slow, slow, slow, slow, and [inaudible] reach up. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen and good. Bend the knees.

Take the bar behind. Twist, try to touch the bar and twist. Twist. This'll keep me honest. Twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, bend in. Take the palms up, bring yourself a little bit back so your whole spine is on. Bring the knees into the chest and teaser, sliding up all the way to the heels. Pull the stomach in and bring it back stomach and slide it up.

Reach it up, stomach, back. Pull it in, roll all the way down. Chin to the chest, stomach in. Reach it back, lifted up, up, up, and calm in. Teaser, up and down. Jeez. Or up and down. To use it up and down. Teaser up, lower the legs. Come off. Turn your box sideways.

Fun with holidays. Let's have a little more fun here with our ball and our bar. Hook your feet. Now lock and load this. This has to be engaged. Pull the stomach up and in. You're going to lift up, you're going to twist. You're going to reach out. Reach to the ground. Reach slowly dragging it up. Centered. Turn the other way.

Reach out, left arm. Lift and push through the heels and the head and lengthen. Twist down up one, down, up to down, up three, out and up. Turn the other way. Reach down, up one, down, up to down, up three or each and around the world, all the way out. And let's go for a ride in the center down. Center, twist and twist.

Center twist around the middle of the world. Lovely trip and stretch down. Time for a tree. Hug Underneath. Lift the back nice and tall. Lift your back. One, two, three. Now I get to give myself a little dessert. Bring your head down to your knee. Take the leg to 90 keep the box square. Straighten the arms, stretch it back into a split.

Opening. The chest. Head comes up. Straight. Arms and legs to 90 bend. Stretch straight arm, straight legs go back. Open the chest. Head Up. Straight. Arm. Straight leg goes up. Pull the stomach in. Can you see the control?

Balanced position. Straight arms and legs go back. Take the hand on the inside. Open it to the side. We'll ring it back. Center. Square it off. Stretch that bottom leg. Head to the knee. Paul Vista. McGinn lifted all the way up. Flex, lift, stretch. Take the hand here. Keep the hips square.

Don't let the light crossover and twist. Twist, twist, twist, other side. I got a nice adjustment there. And stretch. Who needs a massage? Two. Three walk to the ankle. Square the box. Bring the head to the knee here cause it stretches. One hamstring. Take it back from here.

Straight in the arms. Stretch to the bottom lake too. As you open, stretch the front of the right hip. [inaudible]. Bring the head to the knee. Straight. Arms come up, bend in straight arms. Go back, reach it. Oh, open the chest up, up, up, up, up. Head Up. Straight. Arm, straight legs come up. Come in. Sometimes I wonder about my English stretch and go back. Open all the way. Stretch out to the side.

Open the chest. Bring the leg over again. Deep that stretch. Straight arm, straight legs. Stomach comes in as you come up. Bend, elongate up. Flex the foot. Oh uh oh. Lego's out. Square the box. Shoulders over the hips.

Push through the heel of the foot. Deepen, deepen, deepen, deepen, and come in. So we're going to take our football. We're going to put it up. We're going to be on two center springs. We'll get rid of our ball. Our box in our bar. Head piece goes up and we're going to suffer a little bit in her long stretch series. Heels have to be directly over the toes. Balls the feet together, heels together, stomach in long spine. Go back, pull it in and reach over. Over, over, back. Pull it in and over.

One line from the head to the heel. Push back in the heel. Now feel the heel reaching away from the crown of the head and to get that feeling nice and strongly, move your feet apart. Push back, pull the stomach and push through the heel. Push back, push through the heel. Drop the knees down. Milt. Inhale to go back. Exhale, continue to exhale. There's that swan position. Push the heel.

He pushing through the heel. Open the front body. Open the push through the heel. Exhale, exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Lift two hands at once. Lift the ceiling, reach back, reach back, reach back, scoop the stomach. Move your toes slightly away. Heels up, feet bottom. Scoop it in pelvis. Up Scoop. Put it in hips to the ceiling. Scoop. Pull it in, hips to the ceiling, heels down, dig in.

Then dig the heels. Pull all the stomach up and in. Stretch the waist and good. Same thing with your heels up. Push through the heel. Stupid in, I love to teach this one before I do one leg. So the, the whole feeling is different once the heels are up. Good, right from here. Straight leg goes back, square the box one. Keep the box square two, three.

Bring the foot down straight like back, shoulder square, hip square three. Bring the foot down out. One, two, three. Keep the box where lift the head. Lift the chest up, up, up. Now keep the shoulder square and twist the hips like you do in snake and twist and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Pull the stomach again and change other foot out. One, two, three, bend, lift, lift, extended shoulders square. Twist the hips, stretch it, stretch it, stretch it, and step straight down. Take your non-skid pad, place it here. If you have three springs on to begin with, you want to make sure that you have the middle spring off and the outer springs on. Take your weights here for a little extra added fun. Hopefully they'll behave and where they are.

Maybe maybe not lie down. Place your feet fluidly on the foot bar, all the toes on their arms. Reach long, pull the stomach up and in and curl up into a nice long position. Stretch lower lift one stretch lower. Lift to stretch. Lower lip, three lower lift, four lower lift, five, six shoulders over hips. He'll stay up as you come in. Shoulders in line with the knees, stomach scooping up and [inaudible] and you should be able to have a nice conversation. Will you do it? Open the shoulders and lower soft elbows. You want the muscles to hold you, not your joints and you lift along waist as you come in, in and and all this feels so good. And, and reach one spring off.

Grab your weights and stretch out. Lift up, up, up and chew and up, up, up and three and up, up, up, stretch, twist, reach, stretch, twist, reach, stretch, twist, reach, stretch, twist, reach. Circle one, two by lift the back, reverse one to four. Great for great arms and lift. Two, four, five, six seven river, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Shaving, stretch, lower. Lift one strict lower lift, two scoop lower. Lift three scoop lower. Lift four scoop lower-left five hug open. Scoop it in to scoop it in three. Scoop it in four, scoop it in five and scoop.

Scoop, scoop and good. Swing your legs off. Take your foot bar down. Take off your pad, headpiece down, always wa worked down the reformer. Put your long straps on. You want to have the handles on the outside and the metal buckles on the outside so they don't hit each other and undo. You. Also don't want the metal to overlap or to go through the or be attached to the leather because it'll change the distance of the strapless changes or conference like you're putting on a fancy dress and lie down.

We're going to do long spinal preparation first. I love this one and it gets left out and it's so delicious and it really teaches you to push into the strap. Push into the strap, come to 90 degrees, peel yourself off. Keep the spine long open. Now. Push into the strap and roll down to 90 degrees. Open the legs, draw the legs together. Stop at 90 roll up open.

Push into the strap, tailbone down, open, draw together and up. Roll up open. Press into the strap in. Feel the whole back. Open like a spine. Stretch forward, open, and reverse open. Heres your spine. Stretch forward. Draw it in. Push into the strap, 90 degrees lengthened down open. Roll up, draw together.

Press into the strap and roll down. Open up together. Roll up, scooping the stomach breast into the strap and get ready to do the full thing. Stretch out. Press up open. Push into the strap. Long Spine. As you roll down through the spine, draw the legs together.

Straight up open. Push into the strap. Roll together, up open. Push into the strap, open the chest, pull the stomach in and reverse it. Open. Lift up. Press. So the pelvis comes through. You reach with a fee. You articulate through this, fine. Oh, open up.

Push into the strap with the feet all the way. Oh, then up, push open the chest. Reach long through and five circles. One, two, three, four and five rivers on two, three, four and five. Now I'm a glutton for a little inner thigh work to stabilize my pelvis. Little Charlie Chaplin, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Keep it bent, open. Stretch the legs. Bend in a little bit.

Push out with the heels open then in and draw the feet towards each other a little bit. Working right here, stretch out. Bend the knees, draw the feet in deeper. Stretch out. Bend the knees. Draw them in all the way for a hug with the legs open, Hon. Pull the stomach back. Open Hug. Pull the stomach a mic back. Then the knees all the way in. Stretch for a stretch to the side.

Here's dessert over. Roll down. Give it a hug and stretch back. Roll all the way up and we're ready for knee stretches. If I was a good girl, they would've gone over the back, but I wasn't a good girl. Knee stretches, head down, pulled the stomach in and five one, two, three, four, five. Reverse the arch. There's that swan position. Two, three, four, five, round in, pull the stomach in, knees off. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and hand lie down. I like to keep it for two for running.

Stretch out, especially when I'm going to do some splits and a nice run. One one two to three. Feel the pelvis and nice and quiet. Ribs. Nice and relaxed. Heels kiss each other toes slightly apart. And Hay to the ceiling. We don't run with a dirty diaper. Stretch, stretch. Good.

Straighten both legs. Bend both knees. Let's pick a nice wide position to work that pelvis tailbone under. Press the knees out. Scoop. Drag it in to in, in in three in n n four prepare those inner thighs for the side splits Rep. Every exercise gets you ready for the next under stretch under so as the pelvis scoops the news, push out, push through the heel and push through the heel. Push through the heel and push through the heel. Roll together, bring it up and get ready for side splits. Odd One.

I prefer one in the center. Place your foot, Susie Q out. Or if you're more advanced, just step with the way on the outer edge. Press out. Hold two, three, four. Come in, lift two, three, four. Press out, hold two, three, four. Lift in, up long waist stretch. Reach out, hold it, stretch forward. Don't move the pelvis, drop down, roll up. Open the chest, arms to the side. Reach out just like that long spinal massage. Feel like you're pushing through the strap all the way down, all the way up, all the way open all the way up and [inaudible] step. Always turn towards your foot bar.

Take your big toe weight on that side. Other foot goes out. Look at the beautiful ocean and stretch out. Andrew brought in long waist out. This is an active hold. Pushing through the fee, reaching through the size of the body. Tailbone down head is a reach. Do not move that pelvis.

Stretch the head to the knee and come up hip. Stay Square. Head to the knee and draw it in. Head to the knee and up. Head to the knee. Okay. And Oh, bring the foot in. Step over. Turn face this side at a spring.

Put your weights back on. We're going to do the skiers exercise, so you're going to have your weights here. Again, little arm work. You're going to place the right foot forward in line with the hip. The left leg goes back in line with the hip. This hip reaches forward. Very, very important, but the knee rotates out. That helps open up your back and prepares your person.

Aiken twist, bend one arm, stretch one, two. That left knee reaches back three, four, reverse the arms. One, two, three, four. Reach forward and down. Change your feet. Left foot comes forward, right foot comes back out or edge. Nigos out hip goes into the boxes. Square heels line up with the pelvis. Reach all the way up. Shave, scoop, bend, scoop, bend, scoop, open scoop, scoop, scoop.

Reach up, scoop the stomach. Bring it down all the way down and good. We're going to do big split right leg stays, left leg back. You're going to stretch out and we are going to do it a little different today. Keep your body on your leg and come up, up, up, stretch out.

Keep the body on the leg, lengthen it up, up, up. Keep the body on the leg and up, up, up. Bend the knee. It gives a different stretch out. Hands here, stretch out. Keep the body on the leg. Push through both legs, up, up, up, up, scooping the stomach stretch. There's your tree up, up, up, up. We did this on the box today. Up, up, up.

Bend the knee. Bring the foot forward. Put your foot bar up, add your springs and enjoy the rest of your day.


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Thank you!! I LOVE playing with the variations to challenge the workout!!!
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Great workout. Pilates with balls. Love Kathi
LOL But of course!!!!!!
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Tornado in motion.
:) hope you like Tornados!!!
Torture Pilates yet u make it look easy :)
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What energy!! Love the class, this is great for my more challenging clients. Thank you, Kathryn!!
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Loved it. Those side splits are awesome. I could really see you use both sides of your body to come in and I know how difficult that is on the Gratz. The variations were just perfect: fun and yet used to challenge the work and not distract from it. Yay!
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Just as long as I'm not expected to breathe as well, I might just manage it! Off to work on my splits....
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