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Standing Workout

10 min - Class


Courtney Miller teaches a quick 10-minute standing workout with the intention that you use this class as a warm-up before another class, or as a cardio add-on to the middle or end of another class. You will warm up all of the muscles in your legs, lower body, and feet, while simultaneously increasing your heart rate and core stability. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, guys. Courtney Miller here. I wanted to just offer you a 10 minute warm-up workshop. So this you could do before your reformer workout or you could do it before your mat workout or if you wanted t...


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This is exactly what I am looking for. adding balance. What would you say to someone who wants to come up with their own original choreography as well? You combined ballet, yoga, Barre and Pilates principles together to make it flow. Bravo!
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Love this. Thank you
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Awesome Warm-Up :) THANX !!
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...or just as a good quick workout when I have no time. Thank you!
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You have an excellent style of teaching. Respectful and motivating. Keep your videos coming! :)
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Ooh really felt the arms in this one too! Definitely borrowing bits for my barre class warm up! Thank you, Courtney!
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Thank you, Courtney. It's always nice to have quick options that get the heart rate going when you're short on time. :)
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Great warm up!! Ill be coming back to this for sure. Now onto your reformer class!
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It was a nice surprise it included so many ballet elements. Also felt my arms burn.
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Perfect to prep for a day in on vacation AND perfect warmup for a barre session. Thank you Courtney and PA. ??
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