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Challenge your strength and balance with this short but tough Ped-O-Pul workout with Adrianne Crawford. The moving pole is great for giving feedback to your body to help it correct imbalances in the back and spine. Alejandro makes this look easy, but for anyone who's tried it, you know that Ped-O-Pul work is no joke!
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Hi, I'm Adrian. I'm going to be teaching, um, pedicle to Alexandra. So how do I want to start you on a chest expansion? So these are growth springs. We'll have him stand on top of this blue pad that I placed at the very back and let's have your arms a little bit wider than your shoulders. And he's not gonna lock his elbows, but the alarms are extending out long chess is broad and what you want to keep in mind is this bar. The bar represents your spine.

It's how tall and long and centered you should be. So you want to make sure nose is right in line with the bar to keep your shoulders and hips square. Now he's going to begin. He's going to lower his arms while he inhales, opening up his chest and growing ever longer through the spine. And then I'll have you exhale, bring the arms back up, just starting to warm up as he inhales to lower the arms. He's still lifting up in the powerhouse, lifting his stomach, wrapping his size, and exhaling and coming back in.

Really think of the neck getting long here. Focus on this bar. Lifting you to the ceiling. Lower Your Chin just a little bit. Drop your Chin a little bit. There you go. And bring it back up. We're going to add on as he lowers the arms. Once he brings them back, he pulls the shoulders back, gets those ribs together in squeezes with the wrap.

Look right to the right look. Center. Look left. Look Center. Exhale, bring herself back in. It is a breathing exercise, so you are gonna breathe in. Shoulders back. Look left center right. Center X, making sure that he stays in control because the Barb does move again. Inhale, arms back, shoulders, back, chest, just broad left. Center exit to Bu. Lifting up, pulling that navel up.

One more time. Inhale, arms back, chest open the left center, right center. Exhale, arms back up. And that concludes the chest expansion. Now I'm going to have him go ahead and get rid of this pad and I'm having him go into some arm circles. So this time he's going to face forward. So I'm going to have you step on top of here. Now this could be up against the wall, but for demonstration today, we'll go ahead and I'll spot him from behind.

He's going to come up onto his toes, up in a Relevate position with his in his plotty stance, heels together, toes apart. And what's wonderful about this bar, it's great for scoliosis or any kind of unevenness in your spine. You want to make sure that you're getting your whole back in and up against the bar. So if you feel any gapping between the bar and your back, well that's where you need to work to pull and get rid of that arch right in there. So let me feel you pulling in there. Okay, so he has some work to do. Alright, so he's going to start with his arms forward up a little bit higher and beginning with the circle. Opening the arms out to the side. As those arms come down, you lift your back up against that bar, filling that gap in and ready. Arms go down, lift, squeeze and circle to pull your head back a little bit. L a hundred get your whole back against here. And now fill this up.

Two arms open, grow tall, lift up, and one more circle. Open the arms. As those arms go down, the shoulders drop, the chest opens in. You're growing taller and reversing. Do about five circles. Reverse. Go forward with the arms. Don't lose that back. Get your back to pull in. If those ribs back, I'm not feeling that. Can you get in here? More ready arms go down.

Pull those ribs back, back, back. Squished your back against here and circle two. That's it. This is very good work for virtually anybody. Thery lifting yours done in an app for Walmart time. Careful not to lock too much into those knees and three.

Now I'm going to have him lower down to a flat foot and take a rest and then I'm going to having rise back up onto the toes, back into that same position. Now arms are a little wider than the shoulders keeping that broadness in the chest, the back against the bar. Now he's going to go into a kind of a combination movement where he plea A's. Their arms will go with him, but he's not pulling just yet. Now he holds failure back into the bar.

Now he's gonna lower the arms whole. Now he's going to straighten his legs and lift the arms. He's going to do that two more times, so a total of three sets. Bend the knees right here. Your back will tend to pop off. You want to pull those hips in, lifting up, arms go down, stay down straight the legs. Lift the arms.

Walmart time Lee a fill in the spine. Make sure your tall still arms go down just as broad and straighten the legs and arms up. Now you reverse that. The arms come first. The play comes second. You hold, fill your in, your back, arms up, legs straighten, arms down. Bend the knees. Whole lift the arms and all the way up tall. Very nice. Chest open a little bit more and arms down.

Flea, AA, go a little lower. Filling your back though. Where are those ribs? There it is. Arms up straight and legs at home now or the finale here. I'm going to bring your arms in a little bit. Keeping your spine against the bar, the legs. See how nice and tall he looks.

Here's the true challenge. You're going to take one leg up in front of you while maintaining your balance. So here's what you have to focus on is getting those shoulders to pull down, not from the elbows, while you bring one leg up and try to balance very hard. One side will work on one side wall. Is I going to try not to block anyone's view here? Take your time, keep the pressure on the springs.

Pull down just slightly bend your right knee. Bend it, Huh? Hall. Your left leg stays straight. That one stays straight. Hold and come back down and rest. Let's switch sides and then you'll can do it again. So you're gonna keep your right leg straight as the left leg lifts and you're just trying to balance hold, hold, hold, hold. Yeah, see, one side will be no problem, but it really tells you, teaches you something about your body and your balance.

And rest. Rest. Now go one more time. Don't pull from the elbows. Keep the chest pride. Take your time. Feel the balance. Where am I coming off? That right hip has to pull back. Left shoulder has to pull down. Rest pretty good.

Last one. [inaudible] lift here and left leg up. You can tell where he can pair what really nicely on that right leg and beautiful, and then come down to a flat foot. Take your hands out of the strap slowly and step away, and that is your pedal workout. Thank you. Very good job.


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Longest eight minutes of my life! Really highlights imbalances. Thanks Adrianne
Really glad to have a Ped-0-Pul workout. Thanks!
Reiner G
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Thank you Adrianne. Always learning more about the Ped-O-Pul. Loved your style of teaching.
The Ped-O-Pul never lies! It is one of my favorites and helped me with my own imbalances (Scoliosis!) Thank you all for your comments, glad you enjoyed!
Great work out. Only thing missing was you to give me correction cues. love the ped-o-pole.!
Question. Why the name ped-o-pole.? Pole i understand is ped for the feet? Thanks
The biggest thing about the Ped-O-Pol, is it is not about powering through it or strength in your arms, but balance and coordination. Understand your spine and positioning on the poll. Use the poll to position your spine upright, long and against the pole, its best to prop the poll against a wall for extra support. These are not simple exercises, they take time to master. They are one on one exercises and very quickly identify weaknesses in our bodies. Hope this helps. I don't know the origin of the words Ped-O-Pol, but do know that Pedi means feet, so my guess is centering your feet with the pole working your way to the top of your spine (pole representing spine)
I forgot how much i love the Ped-O-Pull! Thank you for reminding me of it many benefits!
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Agh, the balance on 1 leg ;)))
Oh gack! (My) Left / right imbalances are really obvious...with the single leg work. Short, simple movements without necessarily being easy, makes this a great evaluation and strengthening tool.
Brilliant Adrianne and Alejandro x
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