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Find the power in the middle of your body with this Cadillac workout by Amy Havens. She teaches her friend, Andy, a strong class that utilizes the entire body. When she cues, she adds subtle details that will help make big changes to your technique and alignment.
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Hi everyone here for a Cadillac workout and I have a friend with me, his name is Andy and he's from Seattle and he's lucky enough to be the student of [inaudible] woman, his wife who does Palladia. So Andy has gotten a lot of pull out his exposure for being her student and helper and they work in the Palati studio of Woodinville up in Seattle. So Hi, big shout out to everybody out there. We're just doing a full body workout and these really strong, we know each other fairly well, so I know what he's got. So we're coming down. What you'll need for this class is rollback bar.

He's going to get that set. You'll need some purple leg springs, you'll need a spring for your push to your bar end. And then some arms springs. I've got the long yellow, but you could certainly try a short yellow too. So let's just get started. And I'm Andy, this class is for you, not for me. So you do what you need anytime along the way. And that's for anyone watching at home doing this with us.

But just take a few deep breaths of us. Always focusing in our Palladio's practice starts with that fundamental of breathing, right? And we're looking for expansion. We're looking for width. You can think of your inhalation as stretching your obliques wide. Exhale, narrowing nose in just to kind of all your checkpoints to get started.

And then on your next exhale you can begin rolling back all the way with that slight press down onto the bar and just feel like good long body across the mat, which he is very tall and rolling back up. So these first three rollbacks, just plain good old movement in your spine. Nice job. Start to think a little bit about how, how you might add some arm work to these rollbacks here in just a second. And for everybody as you hold the bar, go to a sense, almost like you're trying to break it in half. Yeah, that's it. That's, I liked that better. So moved to some underneath the bar, like you're trying to break it in half if we're twig. And what that's going to do is kinda get you set a little bit more into your shoulders. Fantastic. Do you want one more plain one?

Roll Back

Sure. Yeah, let's go. One more plain one legs long. Not Too much tension. Nice Sandy. And you're reaching those knuckles forward. Cool. Okay. Then adding into, before you rolled back, row the bar to your chest and I want you to think elbow and shoulder about the same height there. Roll back to the mat, keeping the bar towards use. Urea. Sorry. Fooling that.

Roll Back w/Arm Row

N Straighten your arms at the bottom re row and roll back up like ears or going over to hips. Good. And then stretch your arms forward so you can kind of make it a little more flow. No, inhale to your chest. Exhale, we roll it back. Inhale, stretch and exhale to the chest and a full breath. Good. And, and forward. Two more times to your chest. Of course, shoulders are a better on the low side of things than up in your shoulder, up in your neck that way. So when in doubt, shoulders lower there. Nice. One more time.

I like what that did for you too, is it kind of got you more into your oblique area. Yeah. Andy. Nice. So shoulders towards your obliques, maybe for you today. They're okay. Stay right there. Just three to five. Press straight down and lift. Shoulders, shoulders three. Don't do more. Press good. Easy. Now five rows, one back of the shoulder leads the way. There you go.

Arm Press Down

Right between your scapula and three. Nice. And Four. Get ready for rowing in a little while. So here's five. Roll it all the way back up. Oh, you can straighten. Okay. Thank you. And roll all the way up first. Some single arm rollback. Choose one arm to wrap around your front body.


And as you do that, let those fingers, whichever ones are holding. Yeah, just kinda touch those obliques. And you're going to inhale wide into that oblique wall. Rolling back. Doing your best to organize that shoulders, squares the other one. And roll back up. Just three each side. A little press down on your lad as you sit tall and taller yet. Yeah.

Single Arm Roll Back

And then you go. Nice long stretch body and rolling up. Good. Andy. Tall, tall, taller. Last one on this side. The single arm is hard, Huh? Yeah. I mean we all should do more single arm and single leg things because it's good for us. But our harder. Okay. Switch it out. What?

We need that of course. And I said, feel in the shoulders like this. Nice wide bar. Good enrolling him. Right? So every inhale you've got right into these obliques wide. And then exhale, feel those ribs articulate a little closer together with your muscles. Open that shoulder, right and rolling up.

Inhale, nice and tall. A little lower on that scapula last time. Yeah. Good. Ever long through your spine and taking it up. And then once you get all the way up, Annie, good. Put your hands on the outside edge of the bar.

Loop your knees over the center of the bar. Like a kid in grade school. Just roll all the way back down on the monkey bars. Oh, we, I won't do monkey today dark. I might do my get enough. Okay. So let's just go take yourself through to pelvic curls. Okay. And think about first when you're doing the pelvic curl on the way up that you're pushing your feet forward. Okay, go ahead. Right. It's like from shoulder, rib, hip, quad, knee toward this, under the Cadillac. Nice and long. And as you roll down, maybe pull your heels towards you. So just kind of play with that.


A heels pushing away as your roll up [inaudible] mice along, using those strong hip extensors, but getting more stretch in your quads for you there. And then as you roll down, pull your heels towards you. Fabulous. Just one more. I said two, but I'm having them do three. It feels better. Third number, I don't know thing in threes. Yeah. Anchor those big toe joints. So Andy has high arches. I know this about him, so he tends to want to change the angle at the ankle. We'll work on that. Hands behind the head for some ABS. Take a breath. So again, anchor the feet.

Really feel those underneath you right there. Exactly. Chest lift as you exhale. And we all know as we take our chest lift, we want to be able to see the elbows out of the corners of the eyes, right? We don't want to have them too far behind. Inhale, take it back. Easy, easy. Exhale, curl up. So you'll probably notice the, the lumbars is coming to the table a little bit. That's good. That's fine.

Chest Lift

And lower it back. We'll move that in a minute. This is Andy's session. So this is for his body. If you know you need more lumbar length back there and quote more neutral pelvis or you can do that, take it back. Two more like that one. That's part of the are our wonderful study in our body. Work with exercise, PyLadies yoga, et cetera. Some days, one thing is, you know, you can take it back, you get to change it is the role. There's, there's some fundamental foundation to it where we can change it.

Now from there, Andy, take your pelvis and go more anterior there. Just feel that and then go back to posterior a couple more times. An anterior, you knows the words forward tilt. Backward tilt. Right. Okay. One more of each. Excellent.

Chest Lift w/ Pelvic Curl

And then chest down. Regroup. Take a little moment. Okay. Then [inaudible] with rotation. So exhale you're way up in this thing. What I want you to think about here is that you I, there's a temptation of lifts of feet, but I don't want you to, so if there's a way you can push them down and move them forward a little bit. Okay. This is one corner. This is one corner. You know that rotate this left chest toward this corner and then that chest toward this corner across the Scapula. N rotate.

Chest Lift w/ Rotation

There you go. This is so hard, I think. Good. I'm just going to ask you to open those elbows ever. So slightly. Good for more toward that front corner. Toward that front corner. Nice. Andy. Once again, each side, corner and corner center. Eight little squeezes higher and one and two, three and four. Oh boy.

Hi. You're going to need that feeling in rowing right? Seven and hold eight and take it back all the way. Just hold, hold, hole. Great Job Andy. Okay. Take your knees off of that Bar, but then you, I will take it from you. I'm going to give you these long yellow springs and I'd love for you to lie all the way on your back. Bring this one down with you and this one down with you. Okay. And your head will be at most likely at that very end. So exactly. Okay. We know the exercise, the hundred you can do it facing this way.

So a little bit odd, but let's give you, give it a go. Probably maybe 50 pumps. So bring your head chest up. And what I want us all to think about is keep the pool of this spring long and taught, but we want to curl toward the springs, right? So there's that right in the middle. And then here he goes right in the middle of what? Amy, is that right in the middle of power? Right in here.


So we're coming to the springs, but we're pulling the springs to us. Good. And from this direction, it might feel a little easier than the regular 100 maybe a little. It's still not that easy. But if we can get more flection right in these segments right there underneath the peck wall. Good. Andy. One more cycle of breathing is fine and yeah, now you give yourself a rollup ish or way that works that you do your roll up. Yay. That's gotten better.

Turn yourself around and have fun with the a hundred days in this way. Yeah. Okay. Now again, how about roll down on your back. Bring your knees first into the chest and roll yourself back. Progress. Right? The feet used to kick up. Okay. Knees to chest all the way in. Chest. Lift yourself up. Take your legs.

Let's think diagonal today and the 102 three, four, five XL. Oh, so this, yeah, so the springs you're moving. He knew it. Move it out. So if that happens to you at home, yeah, we don't want those warbly springs. If we can help it. So he moved away then that's all right. Round two. So things you can do with that is that if that happened to you, here you go again. You can move like Andy did. You can move away from the springs. Good. There you go. Also just, you know, work the stretch of the spring radio so we are reaching that way, that way, that way. Almost like your ears are rolling toward those knees.


Good Andy. Okay. Little totter springs if you can. Oh Man, I know. Reach to one more cycle of breathing. Two, three, four, five. Now hold the arm.

Still make a fist and reach your knuckles more of my way. Reach now, do 10 more pumps of your arms. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, five. Rest your knees in, head down. Rest, rest, rest. Good. Okay, come on up. We're going to have you move into, I'm rowing. Think reformer rowing. [inaudible]. Impressive. I go this way. Turning round. Okay, so I didn't really explain this at the beginning. You can see that that where I have this spring attachment is kind of Nice horizontal line. We might need to move it up or down in minute. We'll find out.

All right now close to chest, thumbs, face down, and as you pull those springs into you, that feeling of pulling into you is also you pulling yourself up. That's your inhale time. Exhale yourself back. Rolling back. Wonderful. Stay right there. Press your arms open. Inhale. Now arms pull back.

Back - One

First body goes forward. Second, make a fist on the strap and I want you to push your knuckles down on the mat here, down, down, down, and go. Okay. Rather than close, go apart there. Now you're going to feel me here. All I want you to do is reach your, the stretch of the springs and reach. That's the way Andy. Now you go. Now scoop your stomach more. Good. Up and around. Good. And go out for the hamstring stretch. You deserve one Stuart. Stretch. Stretch. Okay, so give yourself just two more like this in a little more flow to it.

I'm still right behind you, just so you know. Okay. Yeah. So as you flex your spine back, right, right. Press your arms out. They pull back first. Then you dive over. Knuckles are gonna come down to the mat behind. You're going to stretch those springs as you inhale. Exhale, ob, no wide. Scapulary here. All the way around and stretch. Yeah, it's more, okay, great. One more time.

Okay. Doing a great job of controlling this shoulder girdle. No elevation. Inhale, pressing out. Now pull arms first, then body dives for, let's see those knuckles down on the table now. Inhale, stretch the spring. Stir stretch. Now lift, lift, lift and that with smoother. There we go. Okay. Make your right angle now too and I think with this one just go back and forth. Hinge back, just come up. No, no extra rolling. Jazz. This hard enough.

Back - Two

This will happen later in class, right there, you know to will and five of them. You're going to go up and then back and you're going to go longer to come up, right? Explore this frame. This can be up in through it. There you go, Andy. Yeah. Where can the shoulders go other than up, down. Exactly. Last time. Little rib control, Q for You. Rib Control, rib control. That's the way. Good and rest, rest, rest. Okay. Stretch over gray.

You can let those go and I want you to turn around and straddle the mat. Reaching back for those straps. Now I have Andy sitting in straddle and for you to sit in and straddle is a variation for one thing or option to sit this way. Also for men, sometimes sitting with the legs piked in front hip flexors. Just get really, really overdone. A and it's a nice stretch. It's something different. So I want you to put your, your fist right at your chest, hug the table with your calves a little bit, scoop discipline in, up and in, and then lean forward a little bit to this end. Okay. Reach both arms for it and just do this a few times. And how about exhale?

Arms Reaching Forward

Yup. And inhale. Good. Yeah, you're doing great. You just to feel my hand back here. All I want you to do when you, yeah, just widen your ribs back into me a tiny bit. Perfect. Hold now up circles with the arms, taken the space of the room here and that you're in five each way. Up and open and to the chest level and up and open.

Arm Circles

Good. Two more. Keeping this width in your back, I think belly button into your body. Down to your tail. Reverse your circles five times belly button into you, down to your tail. That's the way. Good. Open and lift and stretched. Three more open and stretch last two and then we will do rowing two after the next one. That's okay.

Good rowing too from re the rowing work and lays in front of you. Now we'll do one with the legs. Pike Front three reps will probably be fine. So hands right from your hips at real tall. You can squeeze the glutes, breathe in, and exhale round forward. And then once again, I'm going to be here waiting for those knuckles. So stretch those arms. Give me your knuckles there. Now up, reach your chest toward me there Andy. Excellent. You know where your shoulders need to go down.

Front - Two

Let the springs kind of pick up your arms, open your arms, hands to your hips as you again, and exhale reach further, further, further. That's amazing. Good for you. Now undo those upper traps a little bit. That's right. Up, up and up and up and up. And just one or two more. I said three to five. So here's three. Yeah. Navel in and back to me.

Do you want the foreign five or are you good with three? He's got one. More so for Combo. Excellent. This is for you retreat a little more. Reach a little more stretch to the springs more and more and more and more and more. Okay. Up. And then you'll call up. Good job to your knees in a high kneeling fashion for reaching up.

A lot of shoulder work, still facing out and then some shave. Okay, so the reaching up, make some fists again. Okay. And you know you can anchor yourself with the pressing your shins down and tops of your feet down. Absolutely. He's got good hip extension and understanding of pelvic position.

So don't need to really work on that so much. Now I do want you to think as you reach your arms up, that you're almost taking your hands behind your head because I, we've already done someone, the arms are in this front frame of you variety almost as if they're extensions off of the erector spinae. Good for you. I'm thinking five. So that was to almost think fist behind your head there. Right up through the canopies for excellent. Here's your last one, Andy Five.

Arms Press Out Overhead

Then from there, hands behind head for shave, elbows back. Same thing. You Go. I'm just going to cue this just because I know this is some things we're working on. Get every XL abs go to work like crazy. I can feel it. I can hear it too. This man's weren't going hard. I love it. And last one all the way down. Gorgeous.


And you can give me these. All right, next we're moving into some push through. This might feel nice to stretch. Yes. Okay. He says yes. That's good. So regular push through is everybody lays on the, uh, toward the frame and you can do you have your choice to put heels right up against or feed on the outside so you don't catch your toes either way. Okay. Hands up some under, let's go some under with the fingers yet like that. And so again, as if that were a stick, you could break in half. Yeah.

Push Through

Or a spaghetti noodle that you could break in half. Okay. So do your forward pursue, what do you need today? Do you want to come back with straight arms? I thought you did and then pushed your knuckles forward. Exactly. And stretch, reaching, reaching, reaching and then go back being my good self to spot the bar and again, feel the breath flow pretty flexible. I think you should do one more. Okay.

And before we do some variation there you can go get good at lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift more and more and more. And Hey, lean into it a little bit. Go, go. Lean. Lean, lean, lean, lean, lean there. See, feel. And one more. It's more about a feel thing. Break the bar is if it were stick. Good. Good. Eyes down. Great. Keep a good secure hand though. Good. Your your boxer, you and your boxing gloves. There we go. And come back.

All right now one more lift, lift, lift then and work take. I'm going to take you guys into and Andy more so than you know, into single arm. Push through. What the heck. So put one hand where it was or leave it where it was. Wrap the other one around your waist like you did earlier. Okay.

Now rather than a straight arm, I'm going to give you a reroute. So Ben, that elbow, why did the side and you're going to pull down from your traps and lads here. Yeah, push it. And now roll of round forward. Okay. And don't let go. So this is interesting. This could show up into starting to invite some rotation. We're not quite there yet, so we're still working on squareness. Okay.

Single Arm Push Through

And then come back, take the bar all the way up and now saw with your right hand toward your left toes. Good. Now this is luscious, isn't it? Pretty good. Yummy stretch. So all, I'm not gonna not let allow me to do it, but I'd love for you to pick up your head a little bit into your frame and look this way more. And then bring your sternum up through the top of your head. You have more? It's a little more active now. Okay. And try it again.

So bar down, do you rotate arm around your waist? Just one more in this side. So scapula down, bend that elbow wide. Better connection, rounding forward, square shoulders. Great. [inaudible] let's see the ribs widen as you breathe. Excellent. And Roll it back. Control that Scapula. And as a bar goes up, much better rotate left hand, right hand toward left foot and next days long. Better any. There you go.

Yeah, so now what? I'm, I'm I like to sit behind because I can see if those ribs on any of us kind of travel left to right. Usually they will. So we can guide them. We can just keep the hands on the ribs and work within the frame again over your canopy. Okay, nice. Yeah. Better other side. Okay. Ready and bend the elbow. Elbow wide. Stronger side, pushing down. Try to square the shoulders. Yep. Full breath. Let's see those ribs move and coming back.

Walking up your spine. Elbow bending to control that lift. Now as you rotate left hand toward right toes, we'll keep the neck back and up through the tip of the head. Think about laying, you know, have you ever seen an owl turn its head? Yeah. Yeah, it's right on his neck. It doesn't stick it out and and reach it round right there. Weird image. It worked. Nice job. Cool Andy. And then do you rotate one more time and bending down.

Inhale and push that bar forward. Rounding Square shoulders much better this time. Yeah, you'd be happy seeing that and then coming back and just flow right into arm coming up. Reach the hand toward the toes. You're in your central access and since you'll watch this later, it's really cool. What I'm seeing back here, cause I know you're going to do the center of your ear is so nice, is right in center of your sacrum. So that means to me your central access is really, you're in it. Yeah. Your head isn't really out of that frame. Okay. One more regular one just to even out in the sides of your back.

Both hands on and coming down. Bend. Inhale. Oh Great. See if you have a little more stretch, a little more reach, gain flexibility. It's good for all of us. Excellent. Excellent. And royal yourself down back. Okay. [inaudible] we'll see at this end for some rollups into teasers. Woo.

Push Through

So roll yourself back on your back and he will do a little toweling. Yeah, you're hydrated. Awesome. [inaudible] turn around the other way. You're fine. And bring the bar with you. Hydration is a good thing. You'll need water after this class because you're losing a lot of now. Okay, so a roll up to teaser, right? So we'd known this when ankles nice and close together. Ish.


Good. Rolling up. Inhale, head, neck, chest. You can bring your legs with you. You're ready. Tozer right at eye level. Easy. Now instead of that a little extra, let go of the Barb. Keep that fist on there there. Thank you. And reach your knuckles up. Breathe. And as you roll back, sacrum goes under, right first under with the sacred, the legs reach way, like they're trying to touch this frame and they go all the way down and again, head and neck and just reach out, out, out, out to go up, up, up, up, up.

Oh, thank you. And Roll it back long, long, long. Ever Long. Ever Long. And they go down, down, down one more time like that and doing, yeah. Don't change that wrist. Okay. You're right. You're happy. You're here. Legs go down a few inches. Legs come up a few winches. Twice more down a few inches and yeah, and down and up.

Teaser 2

And they stay and now your body goes down all the way. You're fine. You know what's going to happen next? The legs too. Now your version go and I don't, it's not really. Yeah. You can do this three to five times with your arms. Yeah. Yeah. So the challenge is to keep your torso position just exactly as it was.

Teaser w/ Shaving

Rollback. I'm gonna have you do both legs and arms. Okay. Yeah. Here he goes three times. Check. Ready. I am. Are you okay? So legs go down, arms come pulling legs come up. Bar goes up. Yes. And to all without losing where your back is. Here's your last one. Three.

Teaser Combo

So hard hold. Breathe in. Roll everything down. Legs go down. Arms go back. Now I'm going to give you a little stretch cause you deserve one. Bring it back. Yeah. Yeah. Great. Now we're moving into leg springs next. Okay. So bring this through. You've got the bar. I trust you. Bring it all the way up. I have it now.

You can take your hands off. Roll yourself up. I'm going to undo this. Dang. Good. Super. We're going to move around and do single leg circle first. Okay. I want you to lie on your back and I'll re uh, head this way. Yeah, not sideline. Great questions. He knows so much supine. Now what I'm going to do, Andy, is bring these quite a bit higher.

Okay. And instead of what we think we're going to do probably in like what I mean there is the same spring and leg we're going across. How have I done this with you? I think we've done that. Okay. So kind of kind of gauge it up. So if your hands go back on those poles, you'll probably want your hands higher up the polls and you get to decide how high up that you can, you know, get the connection of your ribcage.

No arching of your back. Now I want you to take the leg up and before we get going too, too much in circles, keep this foot flexed and as much as you can heal pressing the mat and that galoot contracted. So now you've got a really good stall, solid leg to stand on. Now this foot, he's got such high arches. I want you to extend your ankle a little bit, okay? Let's make it parallel. Now, just for something challenging for you today, and maybe if you're watching, if you're really good at pointing your feet like Andy is nothing wrong with it. Let's try a little less point of the foot.

Little less wrinkle in the Achilles, but still ankle extension. I mean that's super picky. If we don't keep that, then we don't keep it, but something for you to work on. Okay? So here's the deal. Bring your leg over your midline toward me and I want you to really rotate hip and ribs. Okay? Now take the leg down. You're going to do one slow when everybody just to kind of get you set, this heel goes toward this heel hops over toward that heel externally rotate. Now really control the sweep of the bar or the spring and without letting it close. Completely bring it across. Okay, so five each way.

Single Leg Circles

Now we can roll with it over. Lift that hip, pull it down. Use your hamstrings. It's going to go over the other leg. Externally. Rotate. This leg matters. Good and across. Hold on. We want to unhide only on hike. Oh, that's going to feel so much different in your QL. Low there. Yup. And then stretch. Exactly. Not Too wide. Flex. Flex.

Flex. Okay. Two more. So on the way over on hike your hip. Perfect. Hey, really good. I better get out of your way. Yeah, so much stretch. You touched that bar. Okay, last time on hike it on the way. Very nice. Flex the right heel. Contract those glutes. Now you have five the other way, all that long. So as you're taking the leg over, here's the, I'm going to spot you right here.

Starting on hiking that hip and hike and hike and hike. Yeah. How's that? Good. And over. Inhale leg out. Exhale, pool and over it goes on. Hike your hip toward this heel, which is flexed. Excellent. All right. Three more. And he's got his hands. He's using the frame. Use your apparatus. Push into the frame. Good. Andy, two more on this leg.

There was just a little thing I'm going to correct for you because you'll want to see it when you go home and watch and practice and he's pretty flexible. But see, I'm just going to cue. Yeah. So that's, that's it. We want to get that precision and then also not quite necessary to bring your leg too high. Start like that. So there's like a little bit of pull to go. So then when you open. Yeah, that, see that. Do you feel how that's different than up here and open? Okay. Last one.

Radio. I think you get the, the message. Okay. He wants one more just to make sure it makes sense for you. Good. Okay. Change feet. I'll take that one. I'll give you this one. [inaudible] yes.

So the standing lay is flex in parallel and we want that glute working. So if you were standing on one leg, you've got yourself really ready. We need that really strong, good hip connection over he is ready. QL Long leg goes down and that heel goes over the other one and when you come out to the wind, no, remember you're not going to take it as high as you can. You're just going to go straight in. Good. Over on the inhale. Exhale, push open.

I'm gonna see you hands higher. Yeah, push into the frame there on hike your hip. Cool. Crossover. Inhale and flex. The other foot right here is you're going to need that standing leg. Good and knee. Two more. This direction. Keep pushing. So allowing that hip twist I think is really a good thing for you and that rotation, if we're doing our mat class afterwards you'd be ready for corkscrew and things twist good. I think that was five, five other way and we opened, let's find a little flow. Exhale down. Cross over and around and up.

Keeps intention place they have down. Yes. Great. Precision open. It's tricky and I think having a spring coming at us on this diagonal, it's a little bit different feedback for sure than our normal in line with the same leg. Flex that bottom foot if you can. That's right. And coming back placed the pelvis. Fantastic. And two more good. Flex that bottom foot and place a pelvis.

You've got last one on this leg and then we'll be going to regular leg circles the normal way. So you step out of that one without foot, give that strep to the left foot. I'll get this one for the right. And if you'd like to give your shoulders or break arms, write down five circles each way and me just take it five times. You can do either way to start.

Leg Circles

Good and two. There we go. So what that was everybody, that little thing here is a w n and I have some similarities with a bit of a flatter cervical spine. So when we lie supine, sometimes the next you flat. And so this hand above his eyes just change. I don't know if you saw that. It just changed his neck line a lot and just right. So now there's this normal lordosis in the cervical spine that we need.

Great way to cue. Yeah. And three stretch more. Reach more. Always that stretch. Two more good? Yes, that's fine. You got the vacillates. Okay. And ready for magician. Okay. I'm just feeling like this might be a good thing to do is to give us a little more. Yeah, he's, he agreed. Well that's too much help.

Should it be like a nice straight horizontal. Okay. He's drawing out. Not always the air conditioning, cooling, you know. Okay. So much Shyana. Let's take your, what was that particular some I just said some weird language. I don't even know what that would take. You're like, wow, hold on. He's excited from interesting to bring your legs up to for a like 90 okay, cool.

Now keep your hips on the mat. I want you to pull your legs down right there. That's why you know they're going to stay. You push your hands in the frame and you peel up to your bridge position. Good call. So as you raising your hips, say to yourself, I've got to keep my hips up, my feet down, my hips, up, my feet down. Okay. Push.


Yup. Good. More hips. There we go. Okay, so where he's got his hips up, my hands are on his feet and I've got him. He's pushing his heels into my hands so he can leverage and get his hips higher. Now go into a little thought of longer thoracic spine. Andy there. You don't need me anymore. You got it. Hold it. Nice. There you go.

And unroll your spine. Leaving your legs right there. I know you are. What he said is he's used to that crossbar over there a lot higher. Well, of course. In a way that's, that's nice because it pulls you up. This you get to do it on your own. No, no much. Not much more help. Go ahead. I am. You go power. Strong thoracic spine long.

There you go. There you go. I'm letting go. Hold, hold, hold and unroll your spine. I've got you. Okay, let's go back one more. Let's add a little spice to it. He's got it. Mental control. Go, push hips up, reach your legs out. Okay. I'm letting go. You can do little flutters. Four and three and two and stop and roll your spine down. I know. And then up with the legs, frog your legs.

Give yourself a little reward and just hold. You can put your, yeah, he's, am I getting out? Yes you are. You could go out. Yeah. Stretch those legs. Yeah. So that for sure if this was higher, you know, but no, that was a challenge. Good. Yeah. What's your eyeline? Okay. Lazy. Andy. Your legs feel okay? Yeah, let's go. So let's take your, uh, you can take your feet out of that. Let's come outside the Cadillac frame.

Alright, so we're outside the Cadillac. We've got the rollback bar. Now size yourself up. Stand a pretty good distance away. And that's pretty vague, but you'll know how far away in a minute. You can always come back into it or further away. Yes. Bicep curl. Now Andy, bend your knees.

Squat Press Down Combo

And I think if you can try to go heels a, this, the pelvis. You're doing exactly what I'm trying to get out of my mouth. Your sitz bones down to the ground and push your heels in the ground. Arise strong. Excellent. Long arms in front. Now you're going to switch your grip. Put your hands on the outsides. I should have caught that. And now washer woman or I should have seen that. Not caught it right.

So keeping your weight really even on your feet. Beautiful. Breathe in. Can you roll back up now? Tail sacred lumbar all the way. So from there, now you'll reverse your grip. Bicep, curl and squat. Yes. You're looking straight out. Good. And then push your heel. Sorry. And pairing. Push your heels down. Flip your hands.

Wait a little more forward. Over your arches of your feet. Push your knuckles again down to the ground of stay right there. One correction. Any pull your arms toward you a little bit. Bring your arms back towards you. There's your straight line. Okay. That's why it's so hard.

He says exactly because right now they're a little in front of you. Okay, roll up. Think arms towards shins better. That's right. Okay, three more like that. Good. Very good. How are you feeling? Good. I'm working like crazy. Nice. Nice. Dig your heels into the floor and rise. Push up. Let's write good focus and then change. So now as you go down, yes, he's already doing it. Arms towards shins. You see the difference? He's got that nice vertical line of arms to fee floor.

Roll yourself up and now you've got two more. We're almost done. You're going to feel some yummy things soon. I think some stretchy things. How might a breath in and an exhale to power yourself up. Inhale as you transition your hands. Exhale, pour it down. Pour it down.

Pour it down. Yep. Great. And Roll yourself up. You notice those shoulders is easily come down your back last round. And Yan good heals. Oh go. Nice. Inhale. Flip your hands. Ah, so strong. We could do so many other things right there, but I'll keep you going. Okay. You get to roll all the way up. So there's two more bits here. Release the bar.

Come out in front of the Cadillac. You can face out into the center of the room. Your hands feel. We'll do that last. Do your hands feel okay? Dry Him off with the towel. So what we're about to do, everybody, you can be done now if you want it to, but we're a little powerful thing is trying to hold yourself on the outside and Andy will do a better job cause he's really warm. But we'll do some things like that. So I want, okay, you know what you're doing. I'll do that another time. I don't know how many rounds.

So think knees into chest first. Excellent. Knees out to an open, close lengths. Next Times. Great knees to just straight out open, closed legs. Good knees into chest and toes to the ground. One more, maybe two. And we up and it's a stretch. Open. Close. Good toes down to the ground. One more. You've got this.

Hanging Ab Combo

And then as the yummy stretch, reach open and close and the hands are getting sweaty and we relax. Okay, time for a stretch. Now it's the end. So here, come on the outside and do your lateral stretch. You can face me first. Thank you. And your hand goes down inside hand is a reverse grip. Outside hand goes all the way. Like a cartwheel over. Yes. Now as you're in your outs, your stretch here, this outside foot, I want you to really feel flat on the floor.

Lateral Stretch

This front foot. Can you go all the way flat there, Annie? Excellent. Right? So from the side view, sometimes what we need to kind of just be reminded of is the ribbon tail thing, tail under ribs in [inaudible] and eyes out this way and good. Two or three more breaths. Yeah, last time. Nice and open here. Great. And then undo it slowly and then turn around to face the other side.

Very nice work, Andy. You're welcome. Yeah. And then you can look right out. Maybe help towards those purple. I'm props on the top shelf up there. [inaudible] good. Yeah. And the front of foot is nice and flat and you might even feel how it gets a bigger stretch from your hip all the way down that outside line.

Ribs in sacrum under two more. You can lower your inside hand a little bit on that bar. Go lower on the table there. Aww. And see it allowed you to come leap it further out. Yeah. Okay. My friend. You're all done. Thank you. And thank you.

And you're going to watch it back and have fun and comments for me later. Yeah. Thank you.


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Simply excellent!! Thanks a lot both of you :)
Amy S
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So well executed and taught! I especially appreciate the way Amy teaches Andy, yet gives him the room to make it his own experience. There was something truly rich and satisfying about this session. Thank you to you both.
Loved it! Great class!
Michael Mary S
Loved this class. Your instructions are great & Andy is a really good student.
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Thanks everyone! I so enjoy working with Andy -- he is quite the student: takes correction well, understands imagery but also likes to keep things simple. I'm glad you found this session pleasing.
Tara E
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Great class, you both rock!
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That was AWESOME!!!!
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Thanks Amy Havens & Andy! Great session---that last lateral stretch was oh-so - yummy!! :D
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Thank you Tara , Pamela and Alex !! Andy is an incredible student, easy for me to work with because he is SO in his own body/mind ability and connection. He helps me push him along !
Sharon O
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Loved your cueing and corrections in this session. I had touble understanding what you saw with Andy’s hip hike during single leg circles until you lengthened his rotated hip and awww’d for the QL. THEN I got it. Thank you for a strong, even class!
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