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Tash Barnard teaches this creative Mat workout using the Theraband Loop to give you extra resistance and feedback throughout the exercises. If you don't have a Theraband Loop, don't worry because you can easily use a Theraband as a substitue. In addition to the traditional Mat exercises, you'll work through extra glute and hamstring work and enjoy luxurious stretches at the end of class.
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Oct 21, 2014
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Welcome to put out is anytime I'm text and we are going to do a math class with the theory loop. Now if you don't have one of these in your studio, what you can do is just take a regular theraband and tie knots into it. So these guys are brand new, they nice and tight. Please join us for the cloth. Okay everyone, I cannot have you stand to the back of your mat please facing in. Great. And what we're going to do is you're going to reach your hands through the strap, thumbs on the outside, and you're going to press into the strap so that you have good strong arm activation on the embrace. Reach your arms up towards the seating hole, the chair, and on the exhale you're going to lean over to your right side and just have a stretch of it. Good. And then inhale, come back to the same term and over to the left side on the exhale.

And inhale to the sane to keep the shoulders out of the ears. Reaching out from the waist. Keep pulling the strap apart in health into one more and excel reach up and over and back to the center. You can be in the arms and lower the arms. We're going to start with the roll down. Inhale on the exhale. Draw the abdominals, lower your chin, roll your body forward, up and reaching down.

Bend your arms if you two tool in helping the knees here and then row up. Exhale through the spine. The arms are active throughout. Inhale and exhale. Draw the chin to the chase. Roll your body forward. Roll the body up and over, keeping your knees slightly, being enjoy the stretch over the spine.

Enjoy the stretch over the hamstrings. Inhale and in. Draw the abdominals. Exhale to roll back up. We're gonna do one more ane how? Always coming back to your perfect posture and excel. Lower the chin roll down. Relax the toes for me, Debra. Spray those feet out. Good. Nice. Stay here, inhale and then bend your knees. Exhale, roll back up and up and good.

So from here, take a big step in towards the center of your mat. With your right leg, reach your arms up, a ahead of you. You're going to tilt your body forward and just hinge into this capital t position. We're going to hold it. We are going to be in the knee. Inhale and we exhale straight and we're going to be formal. Inhale, exhale straight and keeping the hips square and straighten and to most OKC bean, the standing leg and straighten, etc. And one more paint and hold it and hold it left-leaning.

And they bring your knee up into wards your chase up, up, up, up, and place the foot down. Lifting the left leg, inhale and then stretching back into the capital t. Your back is active, your abdominals are active. We're going to bend the knee, inhale and straighten. We only do five formal bing and XL straighten and three moving and XL straight and one more bend and hold. Hold whole left your body up. Lift the knee up, inhale and place it down. Lower the arm you and sit down on your mat.

You're going to take your strap and you're gonna to record over your size, and you're going to open your legs a little bit wider than usual for your pelvic. Cool. So move down towards the front of your mat, lying on your backs, draw the heels into wards your glutes and keep your head relaxed on the mat. So just check in with your body that your spine is neutral, that your pelvis is neutral, and we start with that inhale. And on the exhale, activate your pelvic flow. Your ta then draw the abdominals deeper into your span as you start by tucking your pelvis and you roll your hips up off the floor, lifting your pelvis towards the ceiling in hell, and then exhale to articulate your spine down all the way back to the neutral position in hell again and XL drawer, the abdominals always activate those deep stabilizes before you move left up. Reach up in hell to pose and then exhale to call down.

All the way back to your neutral position. We're going to do three more. Inhale and exhale. Draw your abdominals in, curling up, feeling the work and the back of the thighs. As you press the hips up without arching the lower back in health, I mean Xcel to roll down, roll down and all the way down. Last one, inhale and excel drawer the abdominals curled up. Roll up and you're going to keep the pelvis nice and highs. Stay here in hell on the XL.

The right leg pushes out to the side without the hips moving and back to the same [inaudible]. Same side, right side presses out and in health center and Excel. Three and center ex helpful. Keep the work on the right thigh and fast. Feeling the glutes work and six, hold it, hold it, hold it. Bring the leg back to the same tab. We praise the left leg out. X Hell in hell.

Sainter XL reach out in health center. We do formal praise, my timing, the heights of the pelvis and thery make sure the level ribs are down and sue, Mo [inaudible] and one whole the whole, the whole. Bring the leg back. Inhale and then articulate your spine. Roiling down all the way back to the center. On the in-breath you pose on the exhale, lift your right leg, paint off the floor. Feel how this stress is giving you resistance.

Now what I want you to do is draw the level ribs down for me, Sam. Make sure your abdominals are nice and tight. Imagine you are stapling the lower rub towards the hip, so draw it, make it active. Breathing in on the exhale, you're going to switch your legs in the air without the low back arching. Tapped the toe to the floor. Deborah, good. Inhale pose. Exhale, switch. Nice. Inhale pose. Exhale, switch in. How pose. Exhale switch.

And we do formal sh and 30 exhale. Two. Exhale. One, bring both legs up off the floor. Bring the toes together and press the knees out to the side so you in a little froggy shape or a PA position. Circle your arms and intellectual hands behind your head. Lift your elbows into your peripheral view. Inhale.

Then on the exhale you're going to call your chin to your chase and you'll chase your size. And at the same time you operating the knees wide, wide, wide, and the lower the chase down in hell and excel. Drawer the abdominals. Press the legs y and inhale to lower down and Xcel chin to chase. Curling up using those abdominals. Using your glued leads here and lower down with the three more and XL left up, up, up, and lower down. Two more. Inhale, start the Xcel. Use The abdominals. Then left the chased up, left the Cheetah and lower down.

Last one in Hell and excel. Lift your chin to your chase. We're going to pause here. Inhale, nice work. Deborah, tap your right foot towards the floor. Exhale. Inhale, lift XL switch. Inhale up. Exhale, switch in. Hell, excel switch. And we do formal and two and one. Bring both legs up. Bring your legs parallel, take your strap out of your legs, lift the legs up to 90 degrees and play. Show hands back through the strap. Reaching your arms to 90 degrees. Your legs are active.

So Sam, thank you. Lift the shins and activate the legs at. Stay active in your body. The knees go to the right side, the arms move to the left side, equal distance of the inbred. Then exhale, draw the legs back to the center and on the inhale over to the left side, the arms move to the right side and we exhale. Draw back to the center. Keep going in hell over and exhale, draw back. Keep the legs nice and squeeze together in help.

Pause and Xcel to the center. Good word, and in however, to mom and Xcel back to the center, draw the level ribs down. One more. Inhale and exhale. Back to the same tip. Pause here. Place your right foot on the mat. Press your left foot on the back. Reach your arms back over your head. Keep the level ribs drawing down. We're going to lift the arms. They not your chin to your chase and reach your chest forward towards your thighs in hell to pose.

Then Xcel left your arms, lower your head and go down without your ribs flaring. So I don't want to see the rubs flake drawing down left. Arms in hell. Then Xcel, call the chase and left and hold. Pause for the inhale. You reaching for the top of your knees and in exhale to lower down and lengthen back. Three more. Inhale, left the arms, not the chin to the chase, curling up, curling up, curling up in help hose and XL to lower them.

Last two in hell. Left arms. Draw the chin, protect your neck, curl up, curl up, curl up, hold it and lower it down. Last one, inhale and exhale. Call the chase up, reach forward. Hold it here. We're gonna bring the arms up to the ceiling with our dropping the height of the chase and excel. Reach forward and left the arm. Skip the eyes towards the mid thigh and forward. So the angle in your torso is not changing. As the lever gets longer and longer and forward. Good work, Timo and reach back. Reach back nicely, Bruh.

And Xcel. Good, Casey and last one, reach, reach, reach and bring it forward. Pause and hold. Give me a little bit more. Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool. I love it down. Great work guys. Reach arms back over your head. Stay active in your body sludge or rightly. Then your left leg away from you.

We are going to lift your arms, nod your chin to your chase in hell and on the Xcel. We're going to roll up and over and we're going to go down and have a nice straight for now, but keep your arms off your legs so that the arms and the back is still active. Inhale and then roll back for me. Everyone as you exhale, curling back, drawing into abdominals. Keep squeezing your legs together and then the chase. Then the arms and lengthener. Lift the arms, not the chin. Inhale, exhale to roll up and over.

Up and over. Inhale, reach forward. Samu can enjoy the street chair. Good and then ex hell to roll down. Very awesome worker cocoa, cocoa and say kickback. KCC. If you can stretch through your feet. Two more. Inhale, draw the chin to the chase, the chase to the thighs and XL up and overreach.

Reach, reach and inhale and exhale to roll back. Shoulders out of the ears, shoulders away from the ears. And we do one ball in hell and XL up. Reach over. Hold the chair, breathe in on the exhale. Draw your right knee up towards your chest.

You're going to XL. Roll back all the way into your chest. Lift position. Bend your elbows and press the strap over your thighs. So your chest is off the floor. Press into the strap. Use your abs to lift this bottom leg up off the floor.

So Casey, take the strap to the front of your side. So you're going to create resistance. That's it in how? Pause. And we change. Exhale, inhale, and exhale. Inhale and exhale. So if you're feeling the work in your neck, it's probably going to be better for you, safer for you to bring the hands behind their head. Good for remodel x to help to Xcel.

Pause, rotate over, keeping the elbow slightly lifted, and we change. Boom. And we change. Press your thigh into this strap and the strap into your size. Exhale, three. Exhale to exhale. One, come into the STNA. Stretch your legs, places, strap over your ankles and reach your legs up towards the ceiling. Good. So we're going to go into the roll over. You're going to exhale, lower your legs down away from your hips without letting the back. Oh, on the inhale, lift your legs to the ceiling.

Then you call your spine up and over off the floor. Flex your feet and press into the mat. You're going to XL. Roll down. Keep the knees straight, keep pressing the arms into the floor. Roll the spine down, and then just point your toes as the legs. Lean away from the thighs. Inhale and exhale to roll up and over, up and over. Stretch your spines for legs and press into the mat and then exhale to roll down. Roll down, roll down and point the toes.

We're gonna do two more guys in health and exhale up and over. Keep attention on the band. Flex the feed. That's why the band is this, so that we keep the tension on the band X. Hell to row and row. Enjoy that stretch over your backs and the lower the legs down. We're going to do one more. Inhale up and over. Exhale, roll up and over.

Flex your feet straight your toes into the floor. Enjoy the street and he makes smell to roll down and down and down. Bend your knees, lower the legs with control and slide your legs away. As this time you flex your ankles. Bring the arms up and reach your arms back. Irby your head.

We're going to do the roller P as you left your arms, draw your chin into your chest. You're going to Xcel roll up and we're going to sit tall here. You're going to interlace your hands behind your head. Keep pointing your left foot down to the floor. The right ankle is flexed and we're going to XL.

Lift up in the thigh without leaning back and lower and exhale working through the quads. Working into the hip flexor. We do three and lower Xcel. Four nice left AKC, beautiful work and five x health. Sex. We do two more. Seven and left and hold it. Eight hold for five and full answer. Taller two and lower point. The left foot.

Flex the point, the right foot. Flex the left foot. Inhale and we XL and love it down and we left two and now and XL three. Feel how your back and your abdominals are in a partnership to keep your spine nice and Taulia. Five three more. Exhale six and seven and hold it here for five. Give me taller through the spine, through the neck.

Two more and one lower down. Reach forward. Take your strap in your hands for me. Keep your legs extended out in front of you and open your legs as wide as your mat. Reaching your arms forward. Polling wide on the strap, pulling wide on the strap and the feet up active. So already braced the heels forward and the balls of the feedback. Inhale on the exhale. Draw your abdominals, lower your chin, roll your body forward for me guys. Roll forward, roll forward, roll forward on the inhale. Extend your backs out.

Reach your arms up towards the ceiling. Bring your chest forward. Nice. Lower down and we call back up and up, sitting tall. We breathing and Xcel to roll forward. Articulate the spine in hell yeah, we stretch out the back. We lengthen out the spine, reached the arms. Beautiful. Tabora. Nice work.

Hold it there for me, Casey, lower your Chin a little bit. Lincoln, the back of your neck. Shoulders down, semi and they lower down and call back up, up. And we're gonna do three more. Inhale and exhale. Lower the head. Roll the body forward. Inhale, extend the spine. Let your body move. Let your body move and they lower down and we call back up, up. And two more. Inhale and exhale, draw the abdominals. Roll forward. Inhale, lengthen out. Feel the length through the spine.

Feel the length in the back of your size and lower down and call back up. We are going to do one more inhale and exhale to roll forward. Inhale to lengthen and we're going to stay here in the extension. Keep your lower ribs down, draw the abdominals up. We're gonna pulse your arms back. 14 left the abdominals, nine XL eight so you feel the work in your back.

But it's a good feeling because it's a muscular strengthening sensation. Formal XL three XL two Xcel pose and hold and lower down down them and call back up into your seated position. Good. Bring your strap back over your size for me. We are going to do a glute exercise lying on your sides with your knees bent, reaching your bottom mom out so that you align in a straight line. You can even line yourself up with the back of your mat so that your hips and your shoulders are in one line together with the arm that you lying on.

Good. Your legs are out at a 45 degree angle. Keep the top pan on top of your hip. Inhale, and then we're going to exhale. Press the knee up towards the ceiling and lower down and two left and down. X health, three and down and fool keeping your abdominal starts are these no shifts in your hips. Five, eight, six and seven and [inaudible] two more. Nine and 10 lifts and hold it.

We bring it down. Lift your feet up. Inhale, brace the top knee up, up, up, and only halfway down. Brace the top Mia and halfway down and 33 and [inaudible] x. How full. Get the rotation in that hip. Brace it. High Five. Feeling the glades warming up now and six and seven and eight and nine and hold it up footing and come down.

[inaudible] good. Lift yourself up. Just swing your body around. Nine on your side. Okay. Pull your knees up towards your chase at an angle. Make sure your hips are stacked. One on top of the other. We breathe in and we lift the top knee up.

Exhale and down. And to make sure your head is in line with your spine so you don't want to not forward like this cause that's not how we walk. We woke us up, chest lift lifted high and the Chin parallel to the floor and three more exhale and now and two mo and one hold it and bring it down. Lift the toes up. Inhale. So be careful here that your hip doesn't forward. We Still wanna maintain the stability and the torso. Say, imagine you had a kebabs stick on the top side and the underneath side and they both equally long. Not collapsing into the top side. So Sam, presser, he back out of that. Yes, that's it. Excel, push the top knee and bring it down halfway and two and x, health, three and X. Healthful and down and five and six and seven.

Exhale eight. Keep that pelvis place nine and 10 left, left, left, and bring it down. Good. Yeah, you can praise yourself up. Bring your strap over your ankles. Bring yourself into your kneeling position. Make sure your hands and your, your wrists and your shoulders are in line with each other. Separate your legs so you've got resistance and they flick the strap over your right in state.

Keep your abdominals active. You're going to breathe in so the legs are slightly wider than your usual hip distance apart. You're going to press your leg up off the floor on the exhale and lower down and two left and exhale three and down. X. Healthful, making sure the bottom ankle stays on the mat five so you're going to feel the hamstring. You're going to feel the glute Max working all those power muscles and Serino more. How to exhale.

One left and hold that and bring it down. Swap around over the lift in steak breathing in and exhale, lift the left knee and Javier and t and x health. Three lower down and four. Keep those hips stall. Can You keep your head in line with your spine?

So even though the leg is working, the rest of the body is stabilizing. Three more. X held two and last one left. And hold it, hold it it and bring it down. Good. Sit back. Take your strap in your hands. You're going to place this strap over the arms just below the elbow, just below the elbow. Good. We're going to do some pushups. You're going to press back into your four point kneeling position and this time just shift forward so that you towards the front of your mat [inaudible] and then on the exhale, make sure those elbows are pointing out to the side.

Straighten your right leg away. Exhale, pause in hell. And they bring the left leg back. Good. We're going to breathe in. Micro, bend your elbows for me, Elvis. Point towards your hips. And then exhale, straighten up and hold. And we're going to get in health tubing and XL, straighten and hold. So let the beam come from the elbows, not from the hips. That's at Casey. Good. And Xcel. Stretch and hold. And we do two more. Been the overs. Keep the head active.

Nice and striction hole. And then one more beam and Xcel stretch and lift your hips up towards the sky. Left up. Just make sure your head has got spicy. Dig your heels towards the floor. Press your hips high. We're going to bring your elbows towards the floor here. And Xcel.

Straighten the arms, mankind, the height of your hips. Inhaling and Exxon straighter. Nice work. Formal, an excel straighten and three and excel and two and excel. And one more. Hold it. Press your elbows into the floor. Walk your feet in a little bit, but maintain the height of your pelvis.

So bend your elbows onto the mat. Walk your feet in, in, in on the highest tippy toes. Ever hold the day for me. How did they, this is looking brilliant. So Deborah, walk your feet more forward cause you have the range. Keeping the weight on the arms more. Deborah, walk in as far as what you possibly can look at. That is beautiful. [inaudible] back more for me. Press out of your bag. Yes, good. Go. Give him Domino's time. Tight time. Breathe in, breathe out.

Give me a little bit more backwards, backwards, back work, and then being your knees and sit back into your wrist position. Just straightening your arms, reaching out here. Breathe in and breathe out and breathe in and breathe out. And one more. Then you're going to roll up through your spine. Roll up through your spine. We're going to bring the strap back into your hands.

You're going to lie in your prone position for a back extension. So you're going to reach your arms here. Keep the tip of the nose on the floor, prays wide with a strap. Keep the legs together. Breathe in, and on the exhale, draw your abdominals off the mat. Just draw the tummy off the mat. Now breathe in on the exhale.

Slide your chin forward. As you bring your chest up into an extension, pressing your hands into the floor. Press into the floor. So you should be in your true back extension. Casey, give me more upper back work. Yes. Squeeze your hip extensors, your glutes and your hamstrings as you hover your legs off the floor. Now because your back is working, your true back muscles, your troop package, they'll says you're going to left your arms off the floor and you're going to hold the chair. Keep the chin down. Lengthen the back of the neck. Yes, that's it, bro. The shoulder light's back. Keep the navel off the floor.

Pull up here for me. Yes. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it and lower down. Everything goes down. Good work. Beautiful work. Deborah. Breathe in again. Draw the navel to the spine. Left your breastbone up. Starting with the crown of the head. They could keep the back of the neck long for me. Yeah.

Engage the back of the legs. The hover the legs off the floor. Then bring your arms up in line with your ears. Left the ons, left the arms. Draw the ribs in. Draw the navel to the spine. Hold at Nice Sam and lower down. We're gonna do two more like that. Breathing in. Exhale, navel to spine. Work the crown of the head, lifting up. Keep your neck in line with your spine.

Now activate the glutes, lift the legs off the floor. Then the arms come up, left and drawback. Good, good, good. And lower down. We have one, two go guys, breathing, aim and draw the navel to the spine. Lift the breastbone up. Bring the legs off the floor. Lift the arms of the floor left and hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Beautiful Back Sam.

And lower down per race. Back into your risk position. So bring your hands under your shoulders. Bend your knees and prays back. Stretching out your backs. Take a breath in and out. And in how and exam.

And we're going to do one more breath. Inhale and excel. Roll up through your spine. You can stand up and bring your strap over your ankles in the standing [inaudible] position. Yeah, facing me so you can stand on your maths with your hands on your hips. We're going to bend your knees. Inhale, set into a squat. And on the exhale we're going to move towards your right side to lift the leg up, bending the knee, inhale and lift the other leg up. Brace on the strap and in Helbing and excel and in hell.

Bean and excels. Lift up, push through the knee, ambien and lift up and hold. Left your bracelet. Phone. Stand tall. The pulse up 14 and nine and eight find the stability. Six, five, four, three, two. Hold it. Yeah, Bang. The leg that you're standing on and paraphrase the strap away and come in and Benin.

Breast the strap away and come in and 30 good XL, full XL five [inaudible] six and seven and eight. Hold the chair, hold it, hold it, hold it. And we sit down, down and we left up and we sit down and we lift up. Oops, you guys are doing good pain. Sorry Deborah. That's my fault and vain and Anne. One more bean and stand tall central pulse up team and I linked you can through the leg that you standing on linkedin through the hip and four and three exhale two and hold it beam and poorest away.

We do eight [inaudible] away. The glitch should be burning and ferry excel fo excel five and six to most. Stand up tall. Stand up tall and hold up and relax. Take your strap away from me.

You can just leave it to the front of your mass. Stand to the back of your mat for me and we are just going to finish with some stretches. So stand on top of the Mat. Take a deep breath. Inhale and on the Exhale, lower your chin and roll your body forward. Up and Uber, we gonna walk the hands forward into a plank position here. Holding it. Yeah. Were you gonna lift your hips?

And then at the same time, take your right leg up as high as what you can. Open your hip and stretch your hip out. Stay here. Stretch the hip up. I want you to lower the toe behind you and just give yourself a good hip straight as you look over your head. Look good. Come back to the same to swing your leg forward in between your hands.

Stay low as you lift your body up. If you have the balance, reach your arms to the sky length and back. Inhale and exhale. So the ribs are down. The breastbone is reaching towards the ceiling. One more. Inhale and then circle the arms. Place your hand on the floor. Flex your ankle and stretch out the front of your leg, trying to keep the back straight, straight, straight.

Casey, brace your spine forward. Good. Bend your knee. Flex at the hip as you sit down into your glute. Straight Chair, reaching your arms forward. Hello. So I hit um, Debra, if that is Jon comfortable and you can just lie on your back and do the Pretzel Bleed. Stretch. Do you know which one I'm talking about? Oh yes, your honor. Good. Read in and breathe out.

If you need a deep, a straight, flex the ankle of the back leg and press your knee up off the floor. That's it. Feel the straight intensify. Your shoulders are out of your ears and they lower the knee down. Brace yourself back up. Deborah, you can join us. Bring the hands under the shoulders. Tuck the toes under. Lift the knee off the floor.

Now left up from your abdominals as you press into your hand and back into your plank. In one solid movement, left your hips and we reach the left leg up towards the ceiling. Open your hip, stretch your hip. Lead the foot. Relax. Urvar looking towards your toe. Bring the legs back to the center and then swing the leg forward in between your hands. Bring your body up. Keep your hips square. Lift your arms to the ceiling. Reach your back, keeping the ribs in. Stretch the back knee. Bring the arms down, flex the ankles, straightening that front knee.

Breathe in and out. Keep that back straight, straight, straight. Good. Inhale, exhale. Then bend your front knee. That's a Debra. Good work. Sit down, relax into the stretch and allow that hip to open up, pulling the right forward towards the floor. If you need the additional stretch, Tuck the toe and left the knee up.

Breathe in and out and in and out, and one more lower the knee. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders. Tuck the back toe under for race of your arms. Lift your abdominals. Step your leg back, left your hips up as high as what you can, and we're gonna walk your feet forward all the way into wards your hands walk, walk, walk, all the way in. Take a deep breath and in excel to roll up through your spine. Rolling up, rolling up, rolling up. We are going to reach the arms wide.

We're going to lift your briefen as the arms go towards the ceiling, they lean and hinge forward from your hips all the way down. Fold your body forward, Irving, your size, and then exhale to roll up through your spine. And we'll do one more. Inhale, lift up, reach up length and forward from the hips, up and over, keeping the abdominals active all the way down. Relax your head. Breathe in, engage you have Domino's and exhale to roll back up all the way into that perfect posture. Be Active in your body. Well done, everyone. Good work. Thank you very much.


Appreciate the glute/hamstring work, have been emphasizing that in my classes as of late. Great flowing workout, thanks
Brenda B
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Lovely class, Tash. Thanks.
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Thank you Tash!
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Stunning stunning. Thanks Tash!
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Great as always Tash. Thank you!!
Lillian Beales - SA
Thanks Rash, awesome as always ;)
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Great class! Thank you!
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Another fabulous class by the one and only Tash! Just wish I could have taken it from you in person… Thanks for the great Thera-Band Loop exercises. You know I'll be incorporating them into my own classes. I'll tell my students to blame you for their pains. ; )
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Tasha, I have just recently started watching your classes and I just love them. Your classes honor the pilates work all the way through, yet your work is creative and flows really well. (And as a fellow x-s.african, IDTA and BASI graduate, I feel right at home,). Thank you for wonderful classes, keep them coming!
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Tasha, I have just recently started watching your classes and I just love them. Your classes honor the pilates work all the way through, yet your work is creative and flows really well. (And as a fellow x-s.african, IDTA and BASI graduate, I feel right at home,). Thank you for wonderful classes, keep them coming!
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