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Mat for Neurological Issues

15 min - Class


Mari Winsor teaches this Mat stretch class for those with neurological disorders, or anyone who wants to incorporate more stretching into their Pilates routine. It accompanies her discussion on improving well-being while working with neurological disorders. This short class can be fit into your day anytime - morning, day, or night.

This class is available to everyone, including non-members, so please feel free to share it!

What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi Everyone, I'm Mary. And over here to my right is Monica. I love working with Monica. We've known each other for a long time and we were trained in the same school. So I uh, found that a lot of times people love just the stretch.

They always say, well isn't Palazzo these just stretching. And of course our answer is not really a, you will increase your flexibility but it's not really specifically stretching. Palabra uses uh, an invigorating, it's sometimes very difficult workout to accomplish. So, but the demand was growing stronger for just stretching. And uh, from my dance background and little bits, bits and pieces of the [inaudible] that I use, I put together a stretch routine for you that I think you'll really like. You can do it in the morning when you wake up, you can do it at night, it will help you sleep better. You can do it anytime during the day. So Malika is gonna help me and since I made it up, she's, she's going to be new at it too, so we'll all work together. Okay.

So let's have a seat. Sit, cross like it and face us. Good. And we're going to start with just some breathing with the arms going up over the head and excelling nice and deeply. Here we go. Inhale and exhale. Good. Again. Inhale and exhale.

Pull up that waist again. Nice, smooth, deep, even breaths. And exhale. Press the air away from you again. Inhale and press the airway from you. Now we're going to do what we call a chest expansion. So Monica, exhale and reach the arms up over the head and any help, press the arms, the back of you. Class pants. If you can't class pants, just put them by your side. But make sure your shoulders are open. Look one way, look the other way back to the center. And exhale, bring the arms up again. Inhale, depress the arms back, squeeze your shoulder blades, look, hold your breath, look and exhale back up. Good.

Get that breast circulating through the body. Inhale and squeeze your shoulder blades. Lift your chest, look and look back to the center. And uh, remodel always told us to be a little bit arrogant when we would look to the side. So let's see. Look, that's right. Look, center and up. It adds a little spice, don't you think? Okay. Now what I want you to do is take one arm behind your back, take the other arm in front of the opposite knee and stretch forward, keeping this hip down on the mat. Inhale and exhale. Relax your neck again. Inhale, press your shoulder blade down. Ah, yes, that's a new world for you. Now Roll Up, take your arms open to the side and stretch one and lift up is kind of like a mermaid, but not really. And stretch two and again, stretch three. Now we're going to curve around to the front.

Open their shoulders and chest to the front and lift up. Continue this arm to the back and go this way and stretch. Good. And inhale and exhale. Again. Nice deep breath like we did before. And exhale good. They'll roll up through the spine. Good. Take the arms open to the side.

Now go this way, reach and come up and reach and come up and reach again. A curve around. Let your neck relax forward. Open your shoulders and chest the front and lived up to that feel good. Really good. It felt really good. Now we're going to stretch out the hamstring a little bit, so let's turn and face the other way. Good.

Thank you for remembering and uh, I will use this for later, but stretch one leg out in front of you and put the other foot at the crooked the knee. Good. Now place both hands on the street, Lake and slide your hands down towards the ankle. Good. And let your neck relax forward. If you get dizzy when you drop your head, then you don't have to drop it. You can just try to stretch your back in your hamstring. Flex the foot and point and flex and 0.1 more time. Flex and point. Now really pull yourself down a little bit more.

Yes. Now what I want you to do is stay there and release the outside arm and do like a swimming move. If we go back, look at your arm, twist from the waist, reach up and over and come forward again. Back with the arm, slide it back, reach up and over. Good. Uh, one more time back and reach up and over and down. Don't forget to breathe while you do this. Roll up through the spine. Now do the other side. Good.

Slide your hand down to the ankle. Take a deep breath in and exhale forward again. Inhale and exhale. Now flex the foot and point the foot and flex the foot. And 0.1 more time. Remember three's the magic number.

Here we go. Release the arm back. Look at it. Beautiful. Up and over again and reach back and come up and over one more time and reach back and come up and over. Good. Now if you have a theraband, you can use it. If not, don't worry. You can still do the exercise without it, but I'm going to show you how to put this on your feet so it doesn't slide off. So you're going to make an x, cross your band and then curve it over that way and this way.

Isn't that cute? Like little shoes. Good. There you go. Alright, now let's do with both arms around forward. Take your arms to the back and reach up and over and stretch. Good. And again, back and reach up and over. Nice and easy. Good again, back. Let's do one more for good luck and back.

Reach up and over and stretch. Now as long as we're here, let's use the band to help us do a roll up. Okay. So hold on to both ends of the band with your hands and roll down. Pull your tummy in curve. You have some unique, you good. And take your Tinder dear chest and come up ribs in first. Good. The Bam will help you. If you have trouble with this exercise, the band will definitely help you come up and articulate down.

So let's try it a couple more times and we'll down scoop under and come up. Nice. Good. How are you breathing? Just checking. It's always good to check on those things. Roll down and come up. Beautiful. Articulate the spine. Shoulders are relaxed and your neck is forward. Good. So now we're ready for a single leg circle so we can take this off. But that's a really good way to put the band on your feet so it doesn't slide off cause that's so annoying. Okay, make sure the band is even so your foot's right in the middle of the band, right? Good girl. Now let's go ahead and roll down. That's it.

And bring one leg straight up. Good. Now she's going to keep her elbows by her side and her fist is in the band, right? So this doesn't change. The arm doesn't change. Here we go. Cross down, up and cross down and up. Cross down and up. Cross down it up. Good. Cross down it up and cross now or less.

Reverse it and down. Crossing up, down, cross up, down, crossing up. Good. That's it. One more time and down. Crossing up. Now I want you to bend your knee and keep tension on your strap and then push the lay straight out. Almost like we're doing your foot work of one leg and come back in five times and two and come in good and three and in am four and [inaudible] one more time and fought. Now come in, stretch the legs straight up, slide your hands to the end of the band and bring your arms straight over your head as far as you can and feel that nice stretch in your hamstrings. Then they feel good. [inaudible] I love this stretch.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Good. Now let's bring the other leg up and just put it in there and switch it out. Perfect. Let me make this so it doesn't slip off. Alright, there you go. Ready for you. Singled like circle. Remember, keep your torso still or moving from a place of stability. Always in philosophy. Here we go. We're all set and cross down and up.

Keep your foot flex. It will be easier to keep the band on your foot. If you're doing this without the band, please point your foot. That's a proper way to do it in philosophies. But obviously if we point the foot, that thing's going to slip out good and reverse it and down, crossing up, down, cross and uh, down. Cross two more times down. Cross and up. Last one and down.

Crossing up. Now take the band. Oh, bend the knee. Good. See the foot is still flex. That's good. And push the like out and go one and in two and in three. And in four last one. Five. Now slide your hands to the end of the band and reach your arms up over your head and give yourself a nice stretch. Yeah. Oh yeah, that's it. Good if you're late.

Doesn't stretch this far cause she's somewhat of a diva. Um, don't worry. Okay. She's been doing this for a long time. Remember, blaze is a process. Stretching is a process. You can't, if you're not flexible, you can't try to do the splits. Uh, by the way. Correct. Okay, good. So Ben, let me be safe than sorry. Alright, let's do that Monica, and we'll do a spine stretch forward now. Exhale, drop your head, relax it forward, and reach your arms. Don't take it into your shoulders. A little messy. There you go. And sit up tall. Good. And exhale round back. Drop your head down, roll back on your tailbone a little bit.

Now here's like a little secret with the spine stretch forward. Okay. Come on up again. Monica. So if you roll back on your tailbone a little bitty bit, just like we do on stomach massage. Huh? And pull up and curve forward over my hand. Over my hand. More. More. Yes. You feel that a little bit more in your tummy.

Yeah. So you have more of a c curve in your back too. How about that? Now sit up tall for me and open your arms to the side that's face the camera first when we do our first saw. Okay. Twist from the waist. Take your little finger towards your little tall job over and stretch it. One, two, three. Come up in your twist and come back to center and twist and reach at one. This arm can drop down more if you need to.

It doesn't have to be up good. And come up in your twist and back to yes and back to center again and twist and reach towards your little toe and go one, two, three and come up in your two. Woo. Hey, go back to center and one last time and go one and two and three. Come up in your twist. Look back at that arm.

Hello and come back to center. Good. Relax your arms down by your side. Bring your legs together and fluff up on your tummies. Alright. Put your hands on your knee here. Shoulders and arch yourself up as far as you comfortably can. Now, if you can only go to your elbows and pull, pull up, that's fine. But if you have a little bit more flexibility to go for the go for the Juggler, I always say in down. And again, squeeze your Butt, press your hips down, squeeze your inner thigh good.

And come down as to one more time and press up and come down. Now from there, Monica, you're going to go and you at home, you're going to push back into child's pose. That's my favorite part. Now if you have weak knees at all, you can put a pillow in between your, um, have seen your heels to give you a little bit more cushion so you're not flexing the knee quite so much. Okay, now let's stretch out too on all fours here and we're just going to round the back rounded. Yes. Good. Like a cat on Halloween and arch. Keeping the hips over the knees and round your back. Let your head drop. Good and arch.

That's nice again and curve your spine and our shoe bag. We'll do one more time. Then we're going to do an exercise. Kathy grant called a sexy cat. So look back at your hip. Monika sick, your heinie out. Look at it. Oh there it is. Now come around, lift your head up and come around and contract up again and look and come back center while she did that. Great.

Let's do it on the other side right now and come around and come up. That's it. Two more times and reach back. Good and around and come up tummy in good. And it feels really good. You'll get the hang of it if you don't get it right away.

Keep trying it good. I'll shift for one more time. Have see heels. Remember you fell off. You have um, weak knees or have you've had surgery or you don't have a lot of flexibility there. You can use that pillow. Now go ahead and come to a seated position, Monica. So you can face the camera. Thank you. Good. And she's done a great job. She just learned this like two seconds ago, so you'll be able to catch on right away, I'm sure. And it does feel good. It stretches everything. Yeah. Thank you, mom. Thank you. At home.

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Mari Thank you !!!! I am currently working with a client recently diagnosed with MS and this is so helpful..You are inspirational and have a lovely personality !! More please !!!!
Thanks Mari! This felt great. Loved it!
Thanks for this great info. Can't wait to try it on clients
A feel-gold class for EVERY body! Thanks, Mari!
Fabulous Mari! Thank you! x
I love how naturally encouraging your delivery and cues are.
Always love a good stretch. Thank you Mari!
never seen the sexy cat stretch before - nice! You are a very natural teacher - very refreshing. thanks!
Very good stretch workout! Short and efficient.
There's nothing like a good stretch ! Thanks Mari :)
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