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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Give your body a jumpstart in this therapeutic Reformer workout with Niedra Gabriel. She starts with exercises on the floor and in a chair to help Sandy get back into proper alignment before doing a full class. She then moves to the Reformer where she focuses on firing up the correct muscles so she can strengthen and stabilize her body.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Yoga Strap, Yoga Block, Wall, Table Chair, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Jul 14, 2015
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Great easy to follow instructions. I'm recovering from a broken ankle and it was a fantastic help to remind me of the basics after a spending a long time in rehab. So happy to get back to Pilates again. Thanks Niedra
Thank you Gaile, a broken ankle can be challenging - we never know how much we rely on parts of our body till they do not function as before . welcome back to Pilates. Revisiting basics is always the best road to more.
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Niedra- the therapeutic portion of this class is fascinating. Thank you for your detailed explanation and cueing.
Glad you are getting benefit from this class hydie.
Niedra you are gorgeous :) your class is always detailed and interesting .
Thank you Chonnarit. I am glad you are enjoying the classes.
Thank you for this. I have been unable to do Pilates for six months after putting my back out. Hip replacement has caused spine and hip problems. This felt good today and reassuring. I would like more workouts like this. Thank you Niedra.
Good luck with your recovery Paddy, I am sure with gentle movements and honoring your body as it is Now you will find your way.
I am so greatful for thestep by step , detail approach of this video.
Thank you Vydia - it is always about the progressions.
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