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Get in your Body and Move

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Get in your body and move in this Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She flows from one exercise to the next, working on increasing your range of motion while maintaining your alignment and control. She includes fun variations of Coordination, Pulling Straps, and more!
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Hey everyone. We are here to do a reformer workout. I Have Jia and you have me. So we're going to get started on footwork. I'm going to just let you all choose what weight you want to do for your footwork. My thought with this class is some good flow. Just get in your body and and move. All right, and do some good Palati. So let's take our piles.

V Let's just take one preparatory inhale, exhale and feel your mat. Feel yourself. Get into it. Your back imprint. Here we go and extend and put a little focus right away on inner thighs are coming together. Not so much the butt squeeze, but more isolate inner thigh to inner thigh. And let's let that thought come all the way long up into our abdominals.

Heels are squeezed, shoulders are back already getting better alignment just by moving on this reformer nine and last one 10 and in. All right, I want us to lightly pick up our feet. Parallela legs right up to this ceiling. Four Times. Flex and point the feet. Inhale and exhale. So paying attention to the bones in your feet, those joints really give them some love and attention right now. Let them articulate. Last one will stay flexed.

Vendor knees and we're going to wrap our feet prehensile over our foot bar. Here we go. Caress and bend and press. Now as we press onto the foot bar, let's feel the hamstrings working and up into the glutes. Now a little bit more maybe, but still those high inner thighs, how those legs really relate and inform our alignment of our pelvis as well and out. Really hug the bar with your feet.

Three more press. Can you spread your foot wider? Last one, extend and in. Same thing, lightly lift the toes and the feet and the legs. Flex and point. Inhale and exit might feel good to restretch the feet after some of that prehensile work and flex. And here we're dropping our sake room down, trying to get them a little more level. Pelvis now stay pointed and let's inhale, rotate the thighs, exhale, parallel. Inhale, rotate and parallel and rotate like we're trying to bring the back of the inner thighs together. Last one there and back to parallel. Once again, flex heels come onto the foot bar. Nice, hard flex. Inhale, stretch. And then ass is if you're really just pushing that foot bar across the room.

Think about this. As you're standing up out of a chair, you use those legs to stand up. Inner thighs are engaged and for how long can you feel in your spine? Last two and last one and in. Okay. Once again, legs up. We're going to do the turnout of the thighs again. This time allow your legs to open, not flop. We open our legs, we control where we put them. I'm going to have us just do a little extra rotation of our thighs. Let's uh, pull. So we have, we're going to just get to keep going here.

I think of your inner thighs growing longer towards your feet. Same thing with flex feet, sacred ms down or three and you're reaching out through your heels. Now Bend your knees. We're going to stay wide. Jia and let's go. Heels on the corners are really wide turnout. Sometimes nice to use it to your radio and press and flex.

In my mind, I'm trying to think, could I have like my knee? Well, I'm not too far from it. Actually my knees parallel on the same horizon line is the foot bar or lower. But yeah, and then so now those adductors are getting worked still but stretched. And three more. And press knees to the sidewalls here. Press and in last one, press and in. Now let the bar sticky. Peel the feet off. Developing the ladies back out.

Now put your hands on your thighs. Let's just bend the knees. Can you toes touch the bar and then extend the knees? So I want you to work your quads, quads and quads. And actually this is inner thighs and on. So if we had a big ball that we're squeezing or big magic circle that we're pooling in against, and then stretching and theraband and cords out.

Let's do that four more times. Stretch and three more times and stretch. And two, you can kind of see a theme for the class here and extend. Now let's lift the thighs all the way up. You can close in parallels, probably going to feel really nice and just flex the toes. The balls of the feet, like we're a little Barbie Barbie feet and sometimes they call that.

I don't love that. But anyway, balls a feet on the bar. Let's do a high Relevate out and in. So this high Relevate position, it's sometimes easy with the short pinky to not have it on the bar. So do try to use the muscles in your feet to have that pinky toe or the the bones of that pinky toe. Stay near the bar and on it. Long Body and n. Let's take three more.

Nice. Did you use the calves? We'll stay out here now. Now let's explore the heels down and up. So I would going down underneath the bar and up, but I'm been thinking about this lately. The bar is round so why don't I try to get in the ball of my foot more under it and the ball of my foot more on top of the bar rather than just thinking heels up down. Plus add the ball of the foot a little more inclusive. So form. Where there he a ball of the foot under ball of the foot over the top.

You may feel an increased range of motion in the ankle. That's what I'm hoping for. Last two under and up and last one under and up. Let's just bend the knees for a quick transition down here. Breathe. Hey, let's go back out. We're going to do a little pattern of eight, eight, four, four, two, two, and then some singles.

So as you take the right heel under left knee Benz, we do eight, seven little pulses of the ankles, four, three, two other side. But I want us to think that both balls of feats are doing the work. It's not just one. They're both pushing. Let's go to fours. Four, three, two, one other side for three, two, two on each side. One, two, other side, one. Let's repeat the twos. Jia and one to one. Now we've got 16 singles. Both feet are active.

Three there's this levity that's happening through our body. Eight more. Roll the foot. Roll. Three, four, and four. Three, two, and one. Relevate. Hopefully there's a nice warm sensation and bend your knees and less rest. Okay. Legs up with a little shake. And then I want to change the springs. So I want to go down and have us go down to two red where we were on three red but I chose, told you you can do whatever you want with your springs were lighter.

Want us to go into the uh, first position? We'll pull out these V or a little wider than Pilati. Zvi. Now let's take our right foot and do a little pointed foot and tap it right in front of our ankle. Pelvis is going to stay at a level hopefully, and as we extend our right leg is going to do a nice gesture to the sky and then right down to the ankle, eight times. Inhale, extend. Exhale Paul. So let's use the air press up into the air, pull the air down, press up and pull down. Four more pelvis is level.

There could be likelihood that there's a little tipping to the right side. So you've got to use that opposite side to anchor down. You may have to use the back of the leg more last time. We lift and lower and just simply place the foot and changed sides. Here we go. Press and stretch.

Pull down and press pulled out. Use the air. Use that extra resistant material, which right now is the air to go through and pull it. Yeah, pull up [inaudible]. Press down and go about your standing leg and its inner thigh working toward our midline. Last two. Where's lift and down and last one, lift and down.

And let's just recover in parallel. Take our head rest down. You know what's comments and bridging some articulations. I want us to be on arches of feet first in parallel line with our sit bones. Nice Bridge in. Exhale, curl all the way up into that nice high plank line. Inhale and unroll from the back of the throat, upper back, middle back, lower back pelvis.

Same thing from the arches of the feet and x. So I'm pressing down on the bar considerably with the balls of the arches of my feet to use the back of my legs rolling down. We're gonna do two more of these pelvic curls from a v position of our feet. Heels, heels in the V. Deal in here. Exhale, curl. It's almost like my image too that I'm trying to drag my heel down the bar toward the floor.

Roll it down. If I had mud on the bottom of my foot for some reason, and I'm trying to scrape the mud off my foot, roll up. Isn't that nice? Plank line. Good use of the hip extensors and rolling down all the way. One set with heels in the corners. Moderately wide turnout.

Inhale and the heels are here. Exhale, we Rola really boost. Inhale, hopefully feeling hip sex. He'll come down. One more. Same image of mud on the bottom of my foot. Get those hips up and exhale. Okay, so we're going to kind of get away from the hips and the legs for a while. Uh, we know they're always working, but let's come down.

I'm going to take the foot bar all the way down. Can do some cabs. Why don't we use our green? Okay. Run a green head rest up. Okay. Easy chest lifts. Here we go. Reaching your arms long. Press down and lift one more and we'll add some leg gesture. I just said we weren't gonna do legs but we are and let's do turn out to Ya.

Let's do it. Yeah. So as we come into the lowered position, it's kind of a little frog. Yup. Now hands are going to reach through. Open the legs and down. We'll do this four times cause I just surprised you, right? So you use the air again. Press the legs out, pull the legs in, press the legs out, pull the legs in. Now hold your arms but close the knees. Breathe in.

Let's do traditional 100 we can curl up plots. V I'm going to do inhale four. Exhale six, three, four. Exhale three, four, five, six, two, three, four, five, six, three, four, five, six, four. If our upper back is coming up and over our shoulders toward our head and there's a cascade of strength coming down our face to what? Our chest down our belly out our legs. Four, five and annex. So on the lighter spring, it's actually a little bit harder in that way because we don't have enough as much support from the springs.

I think we're there and let's come all the way down. Okay, another breath. Let's go ahead and curl right back up to the a hundred position. Now we're going to take the legs and open them in parallel. Hands are going to reach through hands reach back and come on down. So when we do that, reach in and out bit. Let's try to keep the carriage steady.

Karen steady carried steady. Two more. We press one, so you have to be a high enough in your chest lift. You've got to reach with the arms enough not to bounce and reach and reach lower. Now there's been their elbows to our rate, our waist. Let your hands come further back towards your shoulders and knees in closer to your chest. Okay, let's allow her tailbone to curl because our low belly is pulled up in the in so much. Let's breathe in and breathe out up to the 100 position and just extend in hold.

Turn the legs out a little open. We're going to show her small one and two and three, four, five, six, seven and eight cleanly go to parallel and fold all the way in a little lower belly crawl. Again, stretch out to the hundred, turn open and one and two and three, four and four and three and two and one parallel. Two more times reach open so the arms have to stay reaching. Four, three, two, one. This is very clean. Pause and in last one, Atlas Curl, open-end end into or end four, three, two and one. Parallel and down. Raise your arms up. Let's go to arms circles. I want to go out.

I feel the urge right now to stretch my shoulders and my chest and exhale and just basic right now with the knees here, four times, nothing fancy. [inaudible] the re around. Actually that was a fourth one. I am counting other way and down. Rotate, stretch prs down. So again, on this lighter spring, it's not the arms that are in as much focus. At least for me it's my belly. It's my back. The relations of relationships of stability. Okay.

Now keep a right arm where it is. Slice your left arm out to the side. We're going to do that little [inaudible] swing of the arms. So arms come down by hips, left, comes up, right, goes out to the side and pause switch. So they're just doing, if you know the dance term, Shaw, say there's a little alternating pattern going on. Sometimes your rib cage could shift side to sign.

We're trying to avoid that. Sometimes these unilateral type movements expose the instability of the spine and ribs and again down and open. Hand down. One more each side. PRS, getting into our bleaks a little bit now. Whole arms down. [inaudible] bend your elbows. Yeah, let's just kind of find this nice clean angle. Okay.

And I want us to keep the collarbone wide and open up four arms, but it's really external rotation of the upper arm that we've just done. Now I want us to press the palms inward toward her hips. We're keeping our upper arm in external rotation. Now guys run a green for this. If this is heavy for anyone, feel free to change it. We're just doing eight of them. If you feel anything, uh, unfamiliar around your elbow, minimize your range of movement, still do it, but you might just really minimize if you're feeling okay, go bigger.

We've got four press externally rotate and press and it's going to get a little harder and last one and in. Now Paul must face down. Let's come back to the angle. We're going to make little circles. For some reason I just imagined my hand on him in a mitten for some reason and I'm going to like, it's snowing outside in my mind and I'm trying to check the the window and kind of make a circle to check. Is it snowing? Is it clear to go out? I know some of you understand my mind if you're creating a little circle.

One more time. Okay, let's go the other way. This is challenging on remaining wide in the collarbone, so the upper arm is moving a little bit through external rotation, internal little external, internal. Last two. Doing okay. Yeah, no problem. Round and in and just take a little rest. Okay. Let's take our spring down though for the next exercise.

And I want, I don't want to blue, I'm going to go right. Okay. Cause we're, we're, we'll be on our back again, but instead of holding the cotton loop, doing some arm work and one is to hold the kind of rubbery grippy part and move yourself down away from the shoulder blocks a little. So you've got some space between you and the block. Start with your feet on the foot bar for just a moment and make a high v shape with your arms and see if you can get all the way into the stopper. Okay, now I need to have us both lift our arms up away from the floor a little bit, right? So our rib cage can kind of Nessel into the scapula. Now bring your knees up and see if you can get all the way into that bumper.

You may have to slide your hand a little. Okay, so we're again in external rotation of our upper arm. Make a hitchhiker thumb and start to press your whole arm in towards your hip. By the time you're done by your hip, your risks or face up, your arms are long and you're still hitchhiking and then those hitchhiking thumbs arc all the way through. All right, so it is an arm exercise. However, let's think about where the arms start on our body. You don't start at the shoulder in my mind, they start from my back, so I want to initiate this first movement with my lats and my middle and lower trapezius. If you know what that is, great. If you don't know what that is, think about around your shoulder blades, slide them down your back, don't pull them, slide them three more DHEA. We're going to exhale all the way in externally. Rotate those upper arms. Inhale, reach out through space. Last two, exhale, one kind of a nice stretch or also for the Carpal, keeping that wrist aligned and all the way out and let's rest. Okay, let's put our straps on and come all the way up and drop our springs down to a red. Again, let's face the back and do couple rowings of each one. Okay. Head rest down, legs extended through.

You can cross your ankles or keep them separated. It's up to you. Let's do knuckles summons down nice and tall. Lift. Let's flex the spine. As we exhale, keep that nicey curve spine. Press the arms out without moving the carriage. Now start to press the arms behind, then dive the body overhead and your over your legs, your big scoop and your belly stretch.

Now start to press your palms up the triceps up and how? Why can you reach around the room? Let the shoulder blades move around the ribs. Roll all the way up to more. So keeping it moving curly. Press the arms out without moving and carriage.

See if you can press the arms before we have to go to spinal flection. And there we go. Reaching long for the springs so there's a difference between down and the up. Big Scoop in the belly circle. Roll all the way up. Last one. Breathing, little taller spine. Exhale as we crawl.

Inhale as we press start to press those. Use those shoulders over Rico fingertips reaching down. Settle back on your pelvis a little bit. There we go. And lift around. Bigger scoop in the belly. Let's enjoy hamstring stretch. Now give ourselves one fold in half. And then as we come up, I want to have the elbows up, however, palms closer to the deltoids. Okay, so less of an angle again and just minimize this to breathe.

Then we're going to hinge back and I want to keep this minimized angle for me. I'm a little better rib connection for myself. Good. And then rehydrate back up. Now lift the arms and continue rowing too as we know it. So the difference here will be that little slight change of angle of the elbow.

And as you hinge back you may be able to go further. Come to vertical, sit first, then reach the arms and then around rowing to one more time. And as we do this hinges, the like the front of the ribs is funneling down toward the pelvis. So we don't overarch that back. Vertical lift rowing to all the way around. And once again, let's enjoy that stretch. It's good to take those when we can. We're going to come all the way up. I think she, let's put those down for a second. Head rest up.

Hmm. Let's add a blue with the red kneeling biceps. So you can also just do red if you want. Depends. Let's face our foot bar. Yeah. Yeah. I mean the red and blue is heavy. Ooh. It feels a little heavier tonight than I thought it would. Okay.

But what I want really, the heavier weight is when our arms are behind us. We can allow that the weight of the springs or pull us forward while we allow the biceps to stretch. Okay. Now what I want to do is, let's have this make a little fist now and then as we bend the elbows, leave the elbows behind, and then as we extend this, almost like a little extra lift of elbow as we reach back. And just three more. Okay. Nice sense of alignment through our hips to our ribs. Off the top of our head. Our heels are pressing back. Now here's some Gusto. Lower and lift, lower all the way back. So bicep curl, scoop and punch the sky.

This is where I wish I would've stayed on the red like you two more bicep curl, swing through, down and back, and last one, biceps and lift and biceps and back. Okay. And then take those straps down to red's coming on. Take away the other red and blue. Fly on her back feed and straps at Ruskin. See up for right now, little frog four times and we extend, he'll squeeze again, just like we were on the reformer. Very first foot work position and last time. Let's hold it open for open. Close of the legs goes wide as you can control pelvis.

Let's flex the ankles to bring it in. You can point flex, flex and come in. So again, we're trying to say it that a horizontal line. So most of the work occurring in those high add doctors and hamstrings. Again, open and close. Let's go parallel legs up to 90 without the pelvis being pulled up. So let's just anchor that and drop this down. Leg circles down the mid line. We'll do four externally rotate.

Let's go ahead and challenge our range of motion with control in the pelvis. Hamstrings wide. They're keeping that carriage nice and still as we close and almost with the foot, I'm thinking similar to earlier that my foot's going around the strap, not just in it. It's kind of going around the foot strap. Okay, let's reverse it. So on the way out to second, we can turn out. Yeah, add docked from the bottom up. Let's parallel right and we open. Inhale hellos and left open. [inaudible] hello and lift.

Last one we'll be going into some short spine, but not until we do our little bow and Arrow Peter Pan bit. So we'll come back down about 45 where your level of control turned out. Flexor feet. Let's agree to bend our right knee first as the left leg goes straight out to the side and pull just as much as you're pushing with the other foot. Okay, so sometimes one leg will want to do more of the work.

How about 50% or 100% effort on all flags? If you know you need more inner thigh strengthening, you may want to focus on the straight legs job and open and [inaudible] for more GL. Let's go out in Hale and exhale flow right from position to position. And then when we go to short spine, we'll be doing four repetitions. We can know what to plan for and open and close. Okay, so reach back, make sure the head rest drops down.

We can have our arms down and let's just go right in for the hamstring stretch tonight. And then right from those low abdominals, close the sits bones, rural up. Pause. Right when you get to between those Scapula, flex the feet and bring it in. You choose your descent. I'm going to keep my feet up. I want to challenge my lengthening of my spine away from hips. So I've got to do an a little extra effort of reaching my sit bones to the front edge when I can't use the hamstrings. Bend the knees. Three more. Go through this. Stretch.

Control. Yes. Lift. Flex. Inhale coming down. [inaudible] how much more can we get? Can we get this sake from down and can get the bottom of the sacrum using the hamstrings extent. Last too. Inhale, flex. Exhale. Roll it down deeply. Stomach, stomach, stomach.

And our last one. Find that bumper peel up, flex in hell and now, ah, and then finish with the frog. Hands between take those loops off the feet. Let's put our box in the long box position and we can do one red spring, little back extension head rest up over. So once again, let's reach up on that rubbery stuff. Okay. And instead of just the plain old pull it of, you know, let's go to, I want to do a little variation. So I want to deal Ben my elbows first.

Here we go. As we extend the elbows, let's go for thoracic extension. Now from there, why through the t, that's our external rotation. We're getting t press in there and we start all over. So bend the elbows to the waist. As we extend we arch the upper spine, we open wide, we're going to do this three more times. And during the elbow extension you can look for more upper back.

I don't need necessarily need us to go into lumbar extension more. It's really that upper spine. Last two, why legs are slightly engaged as we know last time. Bend, extend wide around and arrest. Okay, that's it. That's all I wanted to do there. Let's come off the box however term.

Lie On our back. Bring your knees up. Head can be resting over. That's fine for me. We're not going to be here long anyway. Lift the head and chest up. Grab a hold of your right calf or ankle. This leg down here, glutes or squeeze and we're reaching long. Let's do our scissors. Pull, pull, pull, pull. So in my mind I'm thinking about picking this leg up, not just pulling it toward me, but picking it up to with the ceiling. Lift, lift and lift. Eight more easy. Top of shoulders. Just rub that down into the lats. Six, seven and eight. Hold. How about hands behind her head?

Let's get some rotation going. Changing the legs and rotate and rotate. We'll do eight here. Three. We're not resting back on those shoulders. Oh No, we're not. Five and six and seven. You'll love this. Do your whole. Okay. Take your hands kind of diagonal.

Outside of left foot. Eight little pulses, one and two. The other leg is reaching long. Drop your right hip down and six, eight, seven. Now up and over like this. Change and pulse. Two, three and four. Five. You're going to hate me. Six, seven. So single counts up over eight times. One, two. Where in the hell did this come from? A well and fuller and for there we go. Reach and reach and reach and we get to rest.

That's it. Come on. Hey. Alrighty. Let's, how about we do one more ab thing? Let's go into short box. Okay, I'm going to go over. Yes and let's get our strap and move our gear. Bar Mountain, most of the springs and we don't move. We know all that. How about sitting on left hip first? Okay, lean out over the edge. Yup.

Let's go ahead and keep this here tonight and then let's go ahead and pull on that ankle straps and lift the ankle up off of the reformer base for just a second versus down. Lift up and try to hold it there and then take your left hand behind your head, your right arm, reaching out to the side and just hold that position pretty easy for you and I right now let's change hands for a second. What's harder about that? Now I want you to take your left arm palm face up and lifted up about shoulder level on the way up to the ear. That's how we're going to do this five times where are going down on the inhale so we could throw our left arm but we're not going to is there in space? We're controlling flection to the side. Lift long and strong.

Three last you down now last one down and lift and rest snuck it in. Okay. Yeah, I think you know which is good. Change it up a little bit now and again, the normal is this. Nothing wrong with it, but let's just flip that equation a little bit and see what it feels like to do not, here we go. Inhale down. Exhale. Inhale down. An x nailed down last year down and up and down and lift and rest. Okay, let's keep this foot in our strap. Flex your ankle.

It is. It's a climate tree night, so I want you to hug that knee without bringing the thigh closer to us or, or moving away. Just extend the knee. Seems simple, but sometimes we over move the hip joint while we're moving from the knees. So just one more time. Hold it there. Let's walk our hands to the ankle. Okay. Now knees stay still and now hip joint and lower. Exhale and inhale to the relationship.

Now the lats we download by the obliques. Okay. And hold the, use that relationship to flex back. I need to move my hip a little bit. I want to get back onto my sacrum, but I want to spend a little more time right now from me. And you're in a great position to get my sacrum under me a little bit more. Both the left half of my sacrum and the right half so that I'm not hiking this hip, especially I can walking down, I'm going to go forward. Do you feel okay, let's arch back. Chin to chest.

Walk up that tree. Try to bring your nose to your knee heads, your Shin walking down, and that leg that's up is a beautiful telescope. Now let's go ahead and reach the arms deal way back. Circle them out. Come around, walk up, up and up. Flexive with this time but in the hands on there. One more time. Walking down and open circle. Walk it up and flex. Okay. Outer hip stretch. Left-Hand on right ankle. Rotate.

You can hold the box if you want. I want to go ahead and just try to reach for the ocean. I can still see it. Take that harm up to the inside of the foot. Open out. Now let's use the box drab. Tilt back. This is that weird one I think, but really go for the flexibility. We've got it. Open up those pelvic muscles. Go ahead and arch back now. Really Arch, hopefully your square in the reformer frame. Curl up credit.

Leave your leg out, their leg up, their leg out, their leg out there. Ah, I'm going to figure four stretch. Let's bring your ankle out round. We have our other leg. Here we are. Okay. So ankle flex. Knee flex. Yup. Where this sigh is is where it stays and we want to isolate the knee extension. So yeah, the quads [inaudible] the hip extensors.

Yeah. Deep three. Nice tall spine, which we have last one. Hold. Now we walk to the ankle, stabilize the knee and work the hip and open. And as we worked at hip flection, not just our arms doing the workforce inside, we're deeply activating those abdominal muscles up along the front of the spine. Hold now round. Ooh, you ever notice you just get this spontaneous little things that happen?

I don't want to say it's a crack. It's just stuff is. Sound is happening in my back. It's wonderful. Okay, let's walk down. So the first one, I didn't arch, but if you did, I didn't do my arms. Do what you can. But notice are you between the right and left side of the reformer. Hopefully.

So roll up. Leave your leg right where it is. Flex forward. Lats are engaged. Walking down your tree, reach it up as much as you are reaching over the box and reach your arms back. Circle, Chin to chest, walk up, up and up. Flex the toes this time. Pool. Last one, trying to square those sides of the sacred reach. Back. Open circle and up. Up, up.

Flex. All right. Outer hip and just reach arm goes up. Grab the ankle. Inner thigh. This weird one. So try to arch back over the barrel again. Are you even? Yes we are. And leave the leg way out there as you curl up. Up, up, up, up.

Arrive. Nice ya around for figure four. Good, a nice. I like that one. Okay. Let's kind of start winding it down with some standing splits or standing leg glide depends on your school, you know. Okay. So I'm going to stay with one. Read Myself, put our box away. Okay.

But before of course it's not just, just get up there and do it. Let's come up. How about your right foot on the platform? Okay, perfect. And then inside foot on the edge of the mat. Pretty darn close. If not, then maybe the big toe joint kind of hovered over the edge. Now half skaters. Actually what I'm going to do first and then straight leg.

So if we bend our knees and then shift almost all of our weight to our standing lang, we could lift the left foot off, right? We've got that fairly, fairly good understanding of balance. Okay, now just that inside foot is going to push. Return Push. Let's put her hands behind her head. So again, I want us to Nessel our rib cage back in between our scapula and or the scapula around the sides of those ribs. Nice. Most of the weight staying on that right leg. So at any time we can take our left foot off the carriage.

Let's go ahead and do it. To test ourselves we can, and again, let's press it out. Add that in. Control. Lift. You're fine. You don't know what I'm doing down to more progress in at the ready. Yep. Last one. Press and in and we lift. Okay.

Now let's keep both legs nice and straight. Ground your feet. Feel the strength come into the side of those pelvis muscles. As we open out to the side, let's raise our arms to like an exposition. I liked that exposition and open hold and in, in a wedge my toes just a little bit. I feel like I'm about to slip from perspiration on my feet two more times.

Ground down into the feet, open out and squeeze to come in. Last one. Grounded out and yeah. Okay. Let's go ahead and step down. I'll walk around. You can walk around and follow you. Yep. Okay, so that half skater shift, almost all the weight to the standing leg. You can bevel the foot just a little bit and then just test it out by being able to raise that inside foot without collapsing and the alignment on that pushing lay hands behind the head. So it's a fairly small movement, but very isolated in our glute medius.

Maybe ankle movement, ankle flection down their head, pressing back ribs, nestling between the Scapula, the Scapula or wide. Let's test our balance. This one, Jia. So in, we'll do three more like that foot press in lift, place the foot press in. Oh, I'm bumping my carriage a little bit. I won't hear. Woo Boy. Last one. Gosh, it's a toughie. Okay. Arms down to start. As we press out, the arms go out into that x and, and so ground those feet down into the mat. Raise the arms hold. And I have three more to go.

So how long can we feel in our spine? How strong can we feel in our hips? And our last one when our last stretch for the night is of course your hip flexor stretch. Okay. So I'm going to step backward and I'm going to stay on this side. Raise that foot bar to the high bar position. The eaves lunge.

Okay. So there we are. We're real light fingertips. We really barely need them. Stay in that nice pelvic tilt. Let's just do like three little movements of the carriage. So as we press our heel back against that block, those hamstrings and glutes, deeply contract to extend the front of our hip. Now we're going to hold here, Jia, and just open the arms out and like five extra little pulses going back and back.

We will have a nice smile across her, our face and in our eyes because it feels very nice, I think, across her hip flexors. So I want us to do one more and hold and let's just breathe it in and a little upper back extension. It's under collapse down in the lower back. It's rather a lift up, up, up and up open. All right, let's stretch your hamstrings. I like to think about this, this railing, that's me, my center. I'm wanting to be divided in between the two, so I don't want to be so heavy on the inside hip or the outside, but my naval is right above that marker and really reach into that as much as you want for those hamstrings.

Good. And let's come all the way in other side almost then. Okay, so we started three little budges and then five little pulses. So this little Budgie Bud budgie part's just kind of getting things set, fuel your heel and that gluten hamstring squeeze and we just little movement, contract and reach, contract and reach. Okay. And then open the arms and in control. Go back a little bit further. Let's call this the first one and to, so being flexible in the hips is one thing, but we want to use the muscles to move ourselves into more hip extension rather than just overdo the joint. Last one, hold the muscles in contraction.

Bring the stomach to the spine, arms up, and a little bit of upper back. Extension. Lyft, Lyft, Lyft. There we go. Yup. Hamstrings. So you can Dorsi. Flex your outside foot and again, you're right above the railing.

My hand, one hand is on that rail, the other one's up on the bar. You can do whatever you need. I just like to have that outside hand there for a little bit of reference to help me stay balanced in a nice extended spine. Great. Okay. And come all the way in in g I believe we're done. Let's just stand.

Maybe I'm gonna we can face out just to give herself one closure of a nice easy standing roll down. Oh Nice. Deep breath in and I do really didn't do too much rotation tonight. A little bit in too much side bending. Then the knees unroll up to standing. Hope everyone had a nice workout. Let me know how it goes.

Hopefully you feel your inner thighs and your abs things thought next time.


Love it!
Thank you Amy. Any chance of a class with spine corrector and caddy similar to your tower class? It was a blast;)
Love it. Was a wonderful way to start my day after an exhausting weekend at work. Hope to see more ladder barrel also. Thanks.
Nice class
Ahhhhh you've gotta love Eve's Lunge! Love so many things about this class Amy! The upper back work... especially that hitchhiker move! How creative! And normally, I don't like climb a tree but for some reason today it felt really good! must've been what I needed.. Plus, I've really been working on extension so maybe it's just that I'm getting more movement in the thoracic. Thank you for another great one! This went so fast.
Great footwork sequence. A wonderful class I could be happy doing every day!
Yahoo!!! Ready to go to work!!
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Great class, Amy. I appreciate the angle that the video was shot. Could see movements from various sides and that is very helpful to doing the workouts at home.
That was a fantastic class, Amy. I'm a little bit worried that my inner thighs are going to hurt tomorrow, but I will survive.
Super !!! Thanks!
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