Class #2215

Spine Corrector Workout

35 min - Class


You will get a combination of strength, control, and stretch in this Spine Corrector workout with Monica Wilson! She teaches exercises that will engage your powerhouse so you can lengthen and protect your back. She also shows how you can use the Barrel for tactile feedback so you can challenge your body while keeping proper alignment.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

About This Video


Okay. Today I have Julietta and we're going to be doing a spine corrector workout. You're going to need a few things. I'm using a grots spine corrector. You might use balanced body or ...


Great class. Did some things I've never seen on the Spine Corrector!!!
Thanks for the wonderful movements! Love it!!!
Thank you!! i had fun with that!
Whew, that was tough! Juliana made it look easy. Great cueing and adjustments, Monica. I wanted to be that body you were stretching!
Really enjoyed it! There were some movements I've never done on the Spine Corrector!! Great cueing.
Very good for finding the precision in each exercise.
Great class nice sequence 💪🏻
Awesome! Glad y'all are enjoying this class and the spine corrector so much! Monica:)

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