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Reformer Workout

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Smooth is the key word for this advanced Reformer workout with MeJo Wiggin. She focuses on a beautiful flow using specific transitions to prepare you for what is coming next. Each exercise has a different rhythm so you will be able to make your Reformer sing from your movements.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm media with Valadez anytime and today we are going to be going through the advanced reformer as I learned from Romana. Um, you may notice in going through this, this workshop, um, you may notice that there may be a little bit of a different order. Um, there is a specific order that Romana had us do because one exercise you will find prepares you for the next, prepares you for the next, prepares you for the next. Then I will make note of that as I'm going through this, I'm also, you'll notice that there's a beautiful flow to this reformer. Okay. So we're very specific transitions from getting from one exercise in to the next, um, that hopefully you will see some of that as well. And you'll also notice that there is a little bit of a different rhythm with every exercise we do on this reformer. Some are fast, some are slow, some are quick, some are strong. Um, it all is part of the advanced reformer. So I'm very fortunate. I have a friend of mine here today, Andrea, Andrea Meda, who is an instructor and a friend of mine.

We studied with Romana for a long time. How long have you been doing Palabra is now 15 years. She's been doing 15 years and she does an absolutely gorgeous reformer, so we're going to go through that together. Is there any injuries I should know about? Nope. Nothing beautiful and you will see this did not happen overnight.

We've been doing this for a while. Okay, so why don't we start with some foot work here we go and we're straight. The heels are lifted. Here we go, pull it up. So on my beginner, my beginner student, I don't get so picky on the footwork. I want to get them moving. But Romana would often say as you get more advanced, you'll find your footwork actually sets you up for the entire rest of your session. So really get long for me. I want to make sure she is long an absolutely even working evenly.

We're going to need that later. When she starts to balance, she better know where her center is and each smooth long. All the way in, all the way out, all the way in stretch. Go ahead and make this reformer sing from a stretch and Paul and stretch and Paul or you go onto the heels. Go ahead. Keep the flow moving. Keep reaching up. Stretch out.

Said all the way up into your hip here. Yes. Give it another inch and up. Beautiful Toes control down and easy up. Smooth. Ah, goodness. Straightened his leg more. Watch that arch work. He even, yes. Ooh, wow. Ah, Yep. A little more in here. There you go.

Everything is smooth. Everything even complete into the hundred smooth transition. This is an exercise in itself. Reached for those handles. Next breath, go reach into it and in. Nice and quick. Nice. Vigorous pump breathing. MTV, air and scoop. Good. Quiet the legs a little bit. Make a more yas soft, quiet legs, but a strong powerhouse.

That's it. This is a breathing exercise. Gets your circulation going. You scope as I pull, that's beautiful and smooth. [inaudible] and do the lungs. One more breath and let it go. Beautiful. Let's take the overhead.

Everything is centered, shoulders anchored, and then help them get over. Lift, smooth through your spouse, caring and home energy over lift with long arms and scoop. Ah, that's it. Now listen to the breath in the air, out with the air in with the air. Exhale to finish. Coordination and smooth.

Do the hair, another breathing exercise. Breathe the air out. Get the air out. Get the air out even more. You have to breathe. Then get smaller, gets smaller, pushable the air until you have to breathe in it. Then again, that's it. Squeeze the juice out of it and stretch and do the air and return right into some rowing. That's it. Smooth lift, energy up. Lengthen and curl. Small old press here.

Stretch. Reach here. Next breath right back up into it on motion. Back and smooth on your own. Come on up. Control that beautiful. Lift up off your legs and right into the next one and press smooth.

Pick up the left side. That's it. That's even around. And now the elbows up. It's fluid. Complete control. Make it look easy. Dow, press up, reach and next breath, right back up. Fill lungs. And smooth them through the air and PDFs and do the air reach. That's it. One more. Make it your best.

Breathe it in MTV air. Stretch back, left around. Flex your feet to finish. Look at your feet. Make sure they're even, yeah, while your naval stays up. And then we turn you around from the chest. Forward up. Reach small.

Hold the lift above the seat. Wider up. Yeah. It's all about the lift and and all the way. Pick up your left side. Keep it lifting. Stay up there. Stay up there. That's it. Now's our chance to grow in, into reach and, and all the way to the top. Now Open.

Anchor your shoulders but give me the lift up and up and up. Beautiful. Now stretch after that backwards. Really reach and then roll up. Smooth. Beautiful, open, wide, tall. Drop the head. Everything even pull me up with you.

Drop your shoulders. Beautiful. Y constant motion. One more stretch far smooth up a good left. You feel your back. This is the back rowing. Work your back and into shaving right behind your head.

Anchor those shoulders down. Pull up one wide help ups from a strong center. Bend low in and up and scoop. Reach and go. One more as high up as you can. Draw that stomach and take it side.

Now let's breathe again in with the air hold exam. Exhale, exhale. Show me those beautiful arms in the air. Keep that lift as you exhale, keep your lift, keep your lift, keep your lift, stay here. Now breathe in. And then blow it out. All the air out of the base of your powerhouse. And then breathe in and go push the air out.

But keep your head high. Keep lifting. Yeah, there's a book on your head. Push it high to the ceiling, a good lift up, and then let it all go. Beautiful. So after all that work, how about a swan? We need to get a little more fluid now. And let's lie on your stomach. We're gonna do the Swan right here. So after all that intense work, how about a pad? Okay, so on to springs and heels together.

That's it. Everything. Long Gad, even again, I just want you to move. Here we go. Pool in with the air. Lift open and lie back down and come on up again and stretch long out the window. Reach. Keep that lift and relax. Relax, relax. Right back up. Inhale, make it big and down and up and stretch. Long and skinny and release. One more breath in with the air out.

Reach mass. Get longer, longer, any easy to come down? Yeah, right into pulling straps that warmed our back up so we can hold some straps. Arms, carriage in a lift. Look up out there and smooth down. And from that upper back, notice how I'm holding her. She's not in her low back. This is upper back exercise. Her upper back pools, the strap lift and stay up there. Ah, look at that. And good hands at the edge. Next breath.

Ahh, up. Beautiful reach and get long again. And everything. Uh, hold that lift and this one will give you a little stretch. Here we go. Pick it up. Ah, doesn't that feel great? Ah, good. And then let it go. Good.

So after all that extension, we need to get round. Let's take a back stroke. That's it. God. Smooth up scoop. We never jerk our body. Make it look smooth. Up.

Control, control, reach up and reach. Try to give me a little more up here. Yes. And Return. This is it up open. Go again. Reach into it. Open SMU and one [inaudible]. Scoop it and run deeper. Drive deeper. Don't just hang out. Yes.

Into a teaser. There we go. Nice. Smooth transition. Get those legs up. There you go. And open the body. Here we go. Breathe in and come up here and then take it down and lift. Ah, let's play with this rhythm. Pick it up. Control, control, control, and right back up.

Let's go pick it up and around. Quicker, smoother, faster. One, no, controlled your body. One Vertebrae at a time. Viewed the whole, that's it. And the reverse. Pick it up and we go pick up that spring. Smooth down energy on the up. Easy down.

Pick it up, rose. Your back. Rich. Beautiful. How about a breaststroke? Okay, here we go. Let's grab a pad there. Okay Paul, we're warming up this spine again, Huh? Everything is centered here we go and you bet and you reach out. Lift up. Oh and kick into when?

Three stretch up. And here we go. I think I can get more lift out of you, Andrea. But your shoulders to the left a little. I want you to reach. Start with your hands right there. Okay. When you reach out, reach straight up for that wall before you start to lift. Reach two, three now. Straight out now and up and up and up.

That was gorgeous. Can you do one more for me? Don't rush your breaststroke because this is beautiful. Here we go. Kick two, three straight out. Now take your time in left and lift. Never looked up for me. Reach back here. I'm all the way back here. Come on. There it is. And she's home. That was gorgeous. Beautiful. So after that extension, we go into a horseback. How'd that feel? Really good. Really Nice. Good. Yeah. Enjoy your breaststroke. Okay, so we're going to round you now.

Draw your powerhouse and reach into the spring. Yeah. So beautiful. I not see curve. And look out there a little. There you go. And it's in here and it's home to rest. Rest, rest. And right back up. Forward, up and around. Keep Your Chin a little higher. There you go.

You got it. Hold that beautiful c curve and one more scoop to me. Give me the seat. Beautiful. And then around. Find it. There it is. And one more bullet. Flex your feet. Look at me. Sit. And she's tall. Nice.

Let's get rid of the box. You got it. Okay. There we go. Brain into your long stretch. Long body, strong, good, solid. After all that bending, you just did pull it together. Here we go. In strong. Pull that spring in and smooth, but then pull yourself back in. That's it. Strong body. And one more.

Squeeze me here into the down. Stretch. Push the heels. Take your time. A very different rhythm. Breathe in. There's a little pause. Yeah, take your time. Take your time, take your time and then breathe. Now take your time to lift and lift until there's nowhere left in those lungs. Beautiful.

One more smooth and you lift up so high this time you come right up to those fingertips. Reach for the ceiling. Here we go. Give me a good vise stretch. And then up stretch, pull round. There it is. And press on. Beautiful trends. Physician and smooth control. Yeah. Yeah.

Even even one more up. Press. Bring it in. Could you do a combination? Lift, pressing. Stay down. Now give me that upper back arch that you did in your down stretch. Look at that. It's beautiful. Now can you keep it to go out? Draw the ribs and let's elephant. That's it.

Smooth the, reclaim your powerhouse out. Pull in. Yeah. Catch the breath. Lift your abdominals. This one's quiet. It's very internal. Use that to pull. There you go. And you pull and you come all the way in.

Let's take the heels high. [inaudible] take a leg up their length and now try to get more square here. Put Shot. Pull it in. One more. Full it in. Lean forward, back bend. Touch your toe to your head. Yes. Now lift it back up. Reach, straighten it. Now find the reformer kerogen switch.

The legs hold. Come on in. Lift here. There you go. That's it. Pull the one. Lift two. There's three over the bar. Drop here. There's [inaudible]. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go. Love it. Now reach up there and then take it home. Beautiful. Good control.

How about the long back stretch? Let's get those arms going. Head nice and let we go. Reach, lift, small. But I love it. She every point of this exercise we go down. Push all the ways, stay in the air and bring it in. Reverse. Yes. Push they out there to sit. That's it. And up.

Push. Set sets. Come in more. Come on in, come on in, come on in, bear. And then it's up. One more push set, bring it in. Bring it into me and left. Two step side. Okay. Stomach massage. Here we go. So notice me have another rhythm. Now we pick up that pace again. So hang on Andrea, let's go. Reach down, up and two down. Move that spring reach. Yes, those springs are a little slow today. Pull yourself back in there. Use your body to pull in out, but also win.

That's it. One more rich down. And now take the hands. Lift your chest. Same rhythm down, up and tall. That's it. Keep that head long. Keep lifting your chest. And I stay back here on my finger. Yup. Stay way back here. There you go. No lift one more. And let's drop a spring. And you push and hold.

Now take your time to lift and lift and reach. Press. And it's up and up. God a good lift up. Give me a twist. Stretch far. And now let's pull those shoulders way back. Anchor your shoulders, lift your chest in the air and then come home. So we have wide collar bones and one more. Open the chest. Lift the head a little higher. That's it. And bring it in.

Beautiful, good, good tendon stretch. So we have so many different variations on this tenent stretch. Whatever you say we do for plane, let's go side and back to, to the side, to, to the back. So let's take this tendon stretch. Nice and smooth. Complete control. And we go, you dig your heels down and you lift all the way home and you press and control. Get it in that last inch. There you go. Put some weight into it.

How one more, get the heels under. Now come all the way in on that transition side. Reach and AH, up and hold it. Take it back. Okay. Stay up there man. Gonna get your foot pinned up on the ceiling here. Can You keep it now go out.

Come on in. Yes. Preparing for a split later. One more. Alright, now take it high to the side and we're home. God, let's take the other side. Length. The left leg. Oh, so much easier here. You feel a difference? They're stay in. We're going back now. Drop your hip. Square off more. Here's our stretch. Stretch into the split Indian and [inaudible] away and go one more Andrea. Hold it in. Straighten this back knee. We go side and we're homeless. Beautiful Tendon stretch. How'd that feel? Really good. Good.

You've earned a rest. The shorts. Fine. Nice massage after all that work. Here we go in enough. Yeah, the short spinal massage. Massage your back through your own body weight. Smooth. Give it a bend. Take time to roll. Roll and roll and stretch and hall.

Love this one. Reach, peel long legs and bend. And I'll give you a little more stretch. Go and always not the best. Ah, and reach and live that stretch. You can't get on your own and keep the feet roll and roll. Keep those, keep those sweet one more on your own.

Stretch far all the way up and over. Bend the knees. Roll out your spine. Let's go into a high frog. Here we go. Lengthening with rose hips. Then we'll recheck. That's it. Stretch high, and then make those legs reach and one more really long over the head.

Control it. Control it as you drop them in. Well, like a rollover. Here we go. Stretch your legs right into a semicircle. Beautiful transition. Stretch out. Make a fist for me that little inch. Drop the ribs. Let's stretch you. She's earned that and rolled down and down and sit low.

Push away and bring it in. Good. Resist me. Drop your ribs, drop your chest. Really resist me. Andrea, roll down your chest more there and then the rest of the followed down, down, down, down, and it's up. Beautiful. [inaudible] and reverse. Push roll. Lower, lower. Oh, there you go. Bend it in. Did you feel something different? You're even roll and go, and now excel and Galore. Now close your jaw. Oh yeah. There you go. Here we go. Reach for the foot bar. Take advantage, right. These are the stretch here. Join the heels.

This rib can drop a little more. Give me more. There you go. That's it. Then easy to slide yourself back. Beautiful. Good. How about chest expansion? So we're on two springs, right back up. Back to some energy. You need it for this one. Get Tall and green and pole.

Keep the tension. Keep the tension you lift on. Don't move that spring. Don't move in. Beautiful lease release and give me a good poll. Keep this back as you look. [inaudible]. Keep it back. There you go. One more. Oh, there. Yeah. By stretch, draw it in. Hold your body in one position.

Now. Smooth. You're a solid piece of steel from your knees through your head. Don't let a break lift, but don't let it bend. It just gets longer. It gets longer. Hang on to that and then come up. Now we're going to bend it at the end. Get good tension here.

Reach up a little more and we lift the line and go hold the line. Hold the line going ahead and now bend and push the air out. That feels great and close it collected and up. Bring your knees a little narrow. We're going for one more. Reach up here. When you're down there, I want to see more push through your chest when you're at the bottom. Okay. Inhale. Pull it together. It's together. Keep it together. Keep it together.

Keep it together. Keep it together. Now go. Let it go. All of you. Now push your chest to the ceiling. Bring your head towards the carriage and arch that upper body. There you go. Now Close Your Chin. Oh, we needed that. Yes. That just prepared you for a back bend. Honey.

Here we go. We're going to start with that bar up. She's ready. Round forward and get round to start your belly and you push into the shoulder. Rest this in an app. Uh, [inaudible]. Here we go. Reach. Look back. Hold as wide as you can. You've been no push to stretch up. Just your arms up.

Push up one more. Oh No. Stay up. Another carriage out in, out, and one more in. Here we go. Lift round. Hang out. Keep your belly up. We're going again. Reach. Look for the bar. Look where you're going. If I stretch. Oh, who's that with the bend. Now give me a push to the arm up and the arm up. One more. Stay up.

Now can you get that carriage slide out? And then there you go. And in one one [inaudible] and we lift you. Oh, stretch. Lift your belly in and up and resist me. There you go. You get a little massage after that one too.

Oh, [inaudible] nice. And we step off. Beautiful. How about some arm circles? There we go. We've got to get her straight again. After all this bending, we always have to come back and pull her back together again. Back into her powerhouse. Here we go. Lean. Here we go. So there was one year right after we were watching the winter Olympics and Romana saw those skiers going off those big jump and they'd be hovering over their skis. W think of that lead into it. Oh, come on.

Oh, is that different? That's all powerhouse. Now let's arm lean her over the tip of your skis. Beautiful Andrea. One more. Hover over the skin and reverse it. Pick it up and down. That's a solid power house and it's up. And go for one more. Hover over those skis and drop it off in the well. Nice. How'd you like that image?

Very clear. All right, there we go. That's it. So the breath is important on this one too. And as you go out, you push out and his like a snake at all the air anyway. And then scoop in, pull your shoulders and look in your [inaudible] way out. Got there. Ah, and then up to twist.

Think up, stay up off that mat so you can twist them. Me, stay up and you can look for me. There it is. And then pick it up home. One more. Think of lifting Lyft. I'm back here now. Come on. That's it. Look at you. And then pick it up and she's home. Beautiful. Well good, good. And what we do on one side of the body.

We should do on the other. Here we go. Left and empty the lungs and up home. Really? Exhale. Exhale. Yeah, keep that shoulder in place. That's it. Up to twist. [inaudible] and big twist. Try to go smile for that camera. Big Twist. Big Twist.

They should see your teeth. Oh, good for you. One more up. Keep that left now fully exhale. Get more air out. Bring out your lungs. There you go. And she's home. Excellent. Beautiful. Well let's take a little corkscrew after that.

After all that twisting, here we go. Lengthen. Now the word for this smooth, smooth, no more skiers over there. Took to their skis. Go smooth from your center. Nice and fluid. Everything follows from a strong center.

Beautiful Andrea. Beautiful rhythm. Make it look easy and straight down. You go into the balance. Control. Ticketek doc. There we go. Stretch. And you'll get more out of it if I'm here and then up. Look, now anchor this shoulder blade off that. Yeah, keep that anchor down.

Anchor down and do those lungs. And again, look there. Now feel this drop. Go Go. Yeah. Beautiful. And it's up. One more. Anchor it, anchor it, stretch it and bring it in. Go ahead, slide on down a little bit. There we go. So even though you're going to come up overhead [inaudible], your energy is up. Show me the energy up and just one foot comes with control.

But this is where it's at. Up and up. We're always going up, energy up and bring it back up. And the other side prepare for what's to come. Reach. Reach. That's it. And here we go. Continue reach length. And which for me, can you balance? Bend your knee, straighten the leg, bend your knee, straighten the leg. Now we have to get back on. Get the head under. Now look for that foot. Think up, up. Beautiful. Up It is and the other side over.

Look for me. Make it easy and you bend and stretch and bend and up. It stays. Now come back on and lift that back leg. Find your ceiling. That's it. And then roll straight down one vertebrae at a time.

Beautiful. Balance. Control. Beautiful. Okay, how about the short box? Okay, there we go. And do you like a pad or notepad? There we go. There we go. Thank you. Smooth. So now that she's warmed up, let's go. Here we go. Lift and curl all the way down into the, well. Good. Now Close Your Chin. Scoop, stretch. And again, watch this foot. Use that foot.

Open the chest, but still use this foot. You got it. And then curl reached. Touch your toes. Aha. Let's go. Push into a back. Bend down there. Roll on down. After that last back, my new did. This'll be a piece of cake. Find the floor and then push up and then down and crossover around. Touch your toes. Let all this go.

[inaudible] okay. And now we come back to some strength. Here we go. Lift and go lung and bring it home. Lift in with more. Yeah, we never think back on this thing. Ah, up on a high diagonal. Don't just lie back.

Ah, lift and reach for your toes. Pull that up. Relax your neck. And we go side to side. Energy up, stretch on over and bring it home and long and reach. Good. And try not to look down so much. I want your neck up too.

That's it. And up and keep that neck up and stretch. Relax your arms. Keep that lift right into your twist. Strong long. Keep the twist that's said beautiful. It's up.

And You keep the twist even to get home left, rich, long. [inaudible]. That's it. It's up. Reach that right side. Let's go fishing. There we go. Get some tension. Pick it up, and you twist and you reach. Catch the whale. And then, and lift. Long, long, long, long. Never reach further out and stretch for the toes. That's it. I'll take that bar. Enough of the bar. How about the tree?

Let's stretch those legs a little more. Okay, so the spine is up. Lift smooth here. That's it. Now quietly draw your navel back and we go down and down and down and empty the lungs. And then close your chin and up and up and forward. Here. Flex it overhead.

Prepare us for the splits to come later and secure and, and do the air. Beautiful. And close it and up and up. How about taking a leg side today? Yep. If you're up for it, Amano would take that leg right to the side. As long as we can stay square. That's it. Now point that. Make your leg longer. That's it. Now Close Your Chin and then cross it over and you lift.

Here's your spine. Stretch forward. [inaudible] pull those ribs back and take your other leg. Tall, lifted spine. Stay Tall. Your spine doesn't move. And now go drop the chin. Draw your abdominals.

Everything is square. Go and go. And I want you to really open up that chest. Oh, look under that reformer what's under there and another chance. Here we go. And go and stretch your arms. Roll the collarbones wide. Look under there. That's it. Now close it and that feel great. And let's go side. Here we go. Anchor your power. Housing.

Now reach point. Now slide your hand down a little more to keep you square. There you go. Aha. No coming up. Close Your Chin. Close your chest. Close your ribs. Here it is. And take a spine stretch forward. Reach in and up. Drop that shoulder. Yes. Good. And we'll let that go. Good.

Let's get rid of the box. Okay. Another massage, but the lung, spinal massage. Love this one. Okay. Okay. Two springs smooth as the word. We don't want to hear any thuds. Here we go. Reach, Peel. That's it. Smooth. Rolling one vertebrae at a time.

You're in complete control and peel it up. Open. Pull. Good. Now coming down and try to stay on the hiplet. Roll back up. Stay in your hip. There you go. Now pull. And I want that left leg to reach to me more. Give me a long the area. Go One more curl to get up.

Then open it now. Reach that left leg, make it long. And then the reverse energy up, up, up. Beautiful. Pilati stance here. You can see if you're even, and I try to maintain it. Look at the heels roll. That's it. Open to come. Ah, up. Zipit give me that left leg. Good. Andre of reach.

One more smooth that everything together and have smooth. You Roll Down, control it. Lengthening. Ah, lift your head piece up. We have a little rest for a stretch. Reach and bend. Every now and then. You get a nice one and one more. Stay in your center. Correct. This left leg here. Okay, now do a little circles with that leg in place.

There you go. Stay in that. Yeah, work that left or even get back to even we started even and reverse it. Aha. Get that left. Beautiful region and then to come home. Nice. Drop them in the well. Okay, how about some new stretchers, another strong rhythm here.

Listen to the dynamics on this. You can hear it in the reformer. Here we go. Round the back, powerhouse in and we go out in. Move those carriage out in. Good Andrea. Pick it up. Accent the end. Pull and in, pull it in. Beautiful in and Hin and arch. Good.

Same rhythm out in push, pull, push, pull and and we're around again now, smooth out in, smooth out, smooth in, no noise. Control. Look at that. Beautiful fluid, keeping her seeker the whole time and easy to come down. Good. Let's keep it on two springs. Let's run [inaudible]. God, everything is a long back to center. Only longer than you started. Look at that and run. Nice.

Relax your arms. Come at your center and run and lift and lift. Keep it moving. Yeah, don't get too comfortable here. It's a respite, not that much pelvic lift. Here we go. Curl, stretch, get long.

[inaudible] now get longer and hold. Can they save? Lift more up. Up. There you go. That's even and reach all the way. Now pull it into me one more time. A long and pull it all the way into me. It stays cheese roll to me. Langland keep coming. Keep coming. He good? Good, good. Beautiful. How about the pushup series? There we go.

Second Year for you and here we go. Oh yeah, there you go. Okay. Control. Push the carriage. Find your center line. Tight seat. Hold the line. And we go out here. Now rhythm on this. Don't get comfortable out in, Oh look at that.

Oh Man. Push, pull, push. Pull one more. And there it is and we push up and bring it in. How about the reverse? That was fine. I'm going to put you back in first year. Uh Huh. Tall. Open your chest.

And how a good, make it big. Make it flow. Fan, kick up, reach up, go reach and in and stay there and get your head high. Open the chest, Mort. There it is. No, stay tall there as you stepped aside. Beautiful. How about the star? Okay.

Right hand. Okay. Right foot here and let's pull you up. There we go. And push to kick up and bring it in. Kick up, and then let's go front. Front together. Ah, isn't that great.

And do gather and you go front and together. Sorry. Now come back. Stay here. Bend the knee, turn, reach for it. Reach. Go. Look at your foot. Stretch it. And we stepped right off to the back. Isn't that a delicious stretch? Let's do your other side. That's it. Energy. Up and out.

Yeah. Push. Go Front. Now go back and go front. Now stay back. Wrap it around me. Come on, come on now. Reach for your toe. Come on. And then step to the back. Beautiful. You got it. How about some sides? Blitz. Okay, there we go.

Do you need a pad? Let me just here. Okay, that's it. So now we're long and centered again. Find your center. Find your powerhouse. Powerful stance. Here we do this on the Mat, right? Pull it up and press out. Soften. Take these little lower than the shoulder and it's all here in and up. And you press and it's in and up.

Lift the crown of that head. One more. Press. Hold in and up. It stays this time. Push out and keep it. Let's round down in there. Lift this left side. Let the head fall. Roll to come up. Open those arms and come on and do it again with the carriage in.

[inaudible]. Pull up this rib. Everything even roll back up and stretch. Walk in the foot. Go ahead. Let's do something beside. Let's do the saw on the other side. So going to turn and face the front and the outside foot.

That's it. Up Off your little arches. Pull in this left side. [inaudible] and we go out here. Hold but come in lift. Can they stay back? Yes. This back. [inaudible] perfect. And in and up. Up, up. One more. Hold. Twist. Right. Saw down.

Breach and up. Twist. Left. Saw down. Stretch, reach and bring the spring in and again, take it down and up. Twist, take it down. Hug that spring. Good. Walk in. But it's a very misleading exercise. It looks so easy, doesn't it? I know how hard that is. She was only in one little spring there. Okay, Brent stretches. I love the stretches at the end here you will see how one stretch leads into the next, which leads into the next, which prepares you for the full split.

So let's start standing. Take a foot up, jumping back, and we're working on this hip rotation length in it. Good. Burt, this foot a little narrower there on the headpiece here. Oh yeah. Uh Huh. There you go. Okay. Now here's what's going on. This di Reps, this pulls in and up. Just that alone is probably a stretch. Yeah, I feel mine to in and up. Wrap.

Hold. The work is right here. Just go for that stretch. Now going out, you might release it, but come in and do it even better in and up. Press hold. Come in and hang out here. Stay. How can I get more stretch out of her? Gimme more seeker if you're pulling in my hand. No.

Can this heel lift a little higher? Hips, lower heel. They're all very straight. Good. Now hold it as you stand up. I'm here. Feel that hip stretch. We still got the hip stretch going. Let's go. Press out and then bring it in. Head back in your hands. Keep opening the front of that hip one more and now reach the arms.

Reach for the bar, come down. Beautiful holidays can be distraught. Be described in three words. Stretch, strengths and control. This is a beautiful example of that. The money used to say that all the time. Bring it in and lift your head. I want that. Yeah. Now we're stretching the front of that hip all the way up in here.

So as you feel that, and again, so there's no rotation. Now pull up the rib and come in up. Stretch your hip flexor. Reach. Beautiful. Go One more. Keep the heel back. Bring it in and up and lift. Here we go. Carriage your arms riding a back bed. Let's go that stretch. Beautiful Andrea. That's it.

We keep increasing that stretch. We keep building switch legs. That's it. Go ahead and have the thing long so you usually catch your breath. Find this one. Okay, hang out. There's the exercise right here. Now go out. It'll release now come in and pull up in and up.

In and up. Good. And out. In and up. In and up. Yep. One more beautiful. Everything Square. You keep the lift. It's a stretch from this all the way up into your powerhouse. Keep it there. Now go wait your arm side this time.

Bring your head back and go out in. Good. Keep this stretch going up through here. It's all about your right side. Lifting shoulders are down. One more. Come all the way in reach. Find your foot bar and down to the knee. A Beautiful, uh, power housing. Hold that. Lift.

Breathe. Here we go. Press away. Now. Come in and up and up and up and push. And then, Huh? One more. Try to stretch all the way back. Stretch that hamstring here. Yep. No, come in and go for the hip.

Keep the hip lift. I agree. Your shoulders and go to the, open your hands a little. There's a beautiful swan and good, easy to step off for him to turn around for the Russian [inaudible]. Do you like the bar up or the bar down? Uh, I think I've only done it with the bar up. Let's go. Okay, so now we're going to put it all together. The hip rotation, the hamstring, that hip flexor. So you're opening up the hip, pushed through the back of that. He'll come in and stay. Let's get more square. There you go.

Now keep this pulling to me. Let's go stretch that hamster in. Go good. Don't do a hit and run. Stretch and in stretch and in one more reach and you stay. Hang on to that. Here we go. Strength, stretch, control. You got to bend this knee up with your hands behind your head. Here we go.

Strength, stretch, control. And here's the rhythm in like a Russian dancer out in, out in. That's it. Good rhythm and take those shoulder rests. [inaudible] fought up and now go enjoy. Lie this down and do the lungs and pull it out. Good. This is the lift. More relaxed. This lead with this.

Now go and go, and usually this. Yeah, lead with your left. [inaudible] all the way up and we'd jump it back. Switch the legs. How'd that feel? Really good. Good, good. And Bend it. Hold there. [inaudible] okay, now go stretch for what's to come. Stretch. Stretch. Stay there. Lift.

Hold the line behind your head. Bring your head back. There it is. Out in, up, and keep that head back. That's it, Andrea. Oh, and one more and we keep it. Reach this up here. Okay, now go stretch. Flex your front foot and then pull it in. Lift and stretch. That's it. Flex that front foot. [inaudible] all the way in. Hold the lift here.

[inaudible] easy to jump back. And we stepped down. Beautiful example. Stretch, strength control. Thank you. Thank you.


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Really enjoyed your class, MeJo! The rhythm changes within the overall flow were great. My reformer was singing, tho not always "in tune"! ;D
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Loved the attention to rhythm. Great class to just listen and workout to!
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A perfect example of the importance of flow and order of the exercises! Superb execution by the gifted blogger Andrea Maida who is also my kick butt Skype teacher! Awesome MeJo and Andrea!
Very intense!
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That, was a great class! Thank you!
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The best! Thanks, MeJo. Bravo to you, Andrea!
OMG amazing!
Beautiful class MeJo! Bravo Andrea!
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Wow!!!! As a non flexible male trying to do this (6 years pilates) -----like tying a lead pipe in to a pretzel---loved it :):)
I'm so glad to hear you are all enjoying this class!!
This is the reformer that Romans used to teach her advanced students and teachers. The name of this class should be "Romana's Advanced Reformer". Note not only the exercises, but yes, the rhythm and dynamics.
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