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Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Smooth is the key word for this advanced Reformer workout with MeJo Wiggin. She focuses on a beautiful flow using specific transitions to prepare you for what is coming next. Each exercise has a different rhythm so you will be able to make your Reformer sing from your movements.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm media with Valadez anytime and today we are going to be going through the advanced reformer as I learned from Romana. Um, you may notice in going through this, this workshop, um, you may notic...


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Really enjoyed your class, MeJo! The rhythm changes within the overall flow were great. My reformer was singing, tho not always "in tune"! ;D
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Loved the attention to rhythm. Great class to just listen and workout to!
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A perfect example of the importance of flow and order of the exercises! Superb execution by the gifted blogger Andrea Maida who is also my kick butt Skype teacher! Awesome MeJo and Andrea!
Very intense!
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That, was a great class! Thank you!
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The best! Thanks, MeJo. Bravo to you, Andrea!
OMG amazing!
Beautiful class MeJo! Bravo Andrea!
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Wow!!!! As a non flexible male trying to do this (6 years pilates) -----like tying a lead pipe in to a pretzel---loved it :):)
I'm so glad to hear you are all enjoying this class!!
This is the reformer that Romans used to teach her advanced students and teachers. The name of this class should be "Romana's Advanced Reformer". Note not only the exercises, but yes, the rhythm and dynamics.
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