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Wunda Chair Workout

25 min - Class


Wake up the energy in your feet in this detailed Wunda Chair workout with Niedra Gabriel. She addresses the feet, especially the little toe, so you can fire up the muscles in your legs correctly. When the muscles are working properly, it has a big impact on how you work on all pieces of equipment.
What You'll Need: High Chair, Wunda Chair

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Good afternoon everybody. Today we're going to do a short study of wounded cheer and Highchair as a way of really addressing the feet, the legs, the trunk and strengthening them and al...


Niedra your attention to detail, and explanation of the importance of activation of the little toe is amazing'
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Great information ..however I would describe this class as a tutorial .
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Very good tutorial, but not necessarily a workout. I will use this information going forward and my feet are suprisingly tired after this, but I had limited time this morning for a workout and I don't feel like I got one.
love the breakdown.....the devil is definitely in the details or in my pinkie toe!!!! Thank you thank you - a great tutorial!
Jennifer - you stole my words! the devil is in the details - or should we say the light and mastery is in the details. we think the same - so glad you got value from this tutorial.
Wow - my legs have never felt so strong or straight! What an amazing difference in such a small adjustment. Thank you!
While I appreciate the detail -This is not a workout. It's a pinky toe tutorial.
Fantastic Niedra these fundamentals get very over looked. My hips are very flexible and I so need the activation through my hips! Thank you so very much for this beautiful detailed explanation.
I am so happy to read your comment Jocelyn, The details are so important in my mind, but this sort of work is not for everyone just because it is so detailed.
The little toe...really had to go back and pay attention to this connection!!! Excellent!!
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