Class #2461

Wunda Chair Workout

35 min - Class


Explore the opposition of pushing and pulling in this Wunda Chair workout with Amy Havens. She guides Nicole through her first session on the Wunda Chair, making sure she has the fundamentals in her body before progressing her. She works her way through basic movements and then moves on to more challenging exercises like Pull Ups, Going Up Front, and others.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Moon Box

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Thanks, Amy! Love that you're a "fixer"!
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Oi Amy, adorei essa aula, a sua orientação, o toque para guiar o movimento e o uso da voz. Obrigada por compartilhar seus conhecimentos.
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Thank you Amy, love YOUR physical interventions, the seat on the chair, the hands on, just lovely!
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Thanks Gals!! :)
great one! and Nicole! pretty fierce! well done!
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Thank you Heidi....yes, Nicole did a great job, didn't she?!!!
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Simple but effective. I like that I can do this by myself in a little more than 20 minutes for a complete full body workout. One thing, when switching to front puil-up/pike, it would be nice to know what the spring load was changed to.
Hi Sandra....glad you enjoyed this class. As far as spring change for the Pull Up/Pike....I added more spring to give Nicole more assistance. I usually state what I'm changing.....must have missed that one. Thanks for pointing that out!
Great to see a beginner go into advanced exercises with ease.
Thank you Lisa...yes, she did a fantastic job with that, didn't she?!!
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