Class #2464

Breast Cancer Recovery 4

10 min - Class


Use breath to promote symmetry in the body with this Ped-O-Pul workout by Kathy Corey. She teaches exercises for breast cancer recovery that are based on the movements that were part of Eve Gentry's rehabilitation program after her radical mastectomy. She works on creating strength and flexibility throughout the entire body as well as increasing circulation to avoid blood clots.
What You'll Need: Ped-O-Pul

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Thank you, Kathy!
This class is surprising. Thanks Kathy is always a pleasure to learn with you!
Thank you for this wonderful demonstration.
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Thank you Kathy, love your classes! Very nicely explained and demonstrated. This is an area I would like to know more about and eventually work with. As a cancer survivor and also having had my shoulder operated on these exercises look very helpful. I was never once suggested to take a Pilates class after either one of my operations. I discovered Pilates with apparatuses one year ago and I absolutely love it and have found it to be the best method for getting myself back into shape, feeling balanced and good. I would like to promote Pilates and help other women who have had cancer or shoulder operations to recover.

Thank you very much!
Theresa Räss

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