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Harness the energy from the ocean in this Tower workout with Amy Havens! She follows the Mat order on the Tower with a few extra exercises sprinkled in. She focuses on moving and breathing so you can feel the power in your body.
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Mar 05, 2016
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Hi there, I have Elisa and Haley with me today for a tower workout. Think about the map list and we're pretty much following that with a little extra things sprinkled in now and again. So what you'll need is one spring top loaded. We've got a red and we will need your leg springs midway attached. And then I've used the rollback springs for arms springs today and they're all the way at the very, very bottom.

So with this workout I want us to just focus on moving, breathing, precision, all of our fundamentals, all of our concepts. We have a lot of energy out in the water today, so I'm going to try to harness some of that and they already have it. So I'm going to kind of to let them get going. Um, but you know, we're, we're blessed to be in southern California, but we have needed rain, so I'm really glad it's a foggy, rainy day for us, but we don't have our sunshine, but we do have a lot of beauty outside. So come on down you guys and lie on your backs please. With your head near your tower. End. You can also use your Cadillac. This, it doesn't have to be just a tower class.

You can do all of this on your tower or your Cadillac unit. So grab your arm springs, please put them in your hands. I want you to bend your knees, place your feet flat, put a little space between your feet and your ankles and do, let's start just connecting into the shoulder girdle, the back extensors, your hip extensors. Yeah. And find the length in your springs. Start to calm your mind. Start to call them your energy a little bit. Conserve it for when we needed a little bit more, I know vitally later.

And you can have your arms all the way on the mat or Hubbard, whatever you're needing to connect into your lats, shoulders back extensors. Let's take two or three more breaths. Just kind of assess where your pelvis is. Hopefully feeling evenly weighted, right to left feet aren't pronated supinated we've got some good even feet. Okay. And of course with Palazzos and the breath, uh, really lots of expansion through the back of the lower rib cage as often as we can. In the class of, let's take one more breath together guys, and then start your pelvic curl. Exhale, curl the tailbone in and under. And as you're peeling up through your spine, continue to reach along with your springs and try to marry those ideas that the springs are long. Your spine is long, your quad muscles are long back, extensors are long.

Another breath here and begin your roll down. So think it from the throat, then the upper back, then the ribs, the pelvis, and at the very bottom I want you to let your lower back arch as you inhale two more times. Exhale, curl reaching through your arms. Good. And again, the length of the marries the length of your spine and your legs. Inhale and again from your throat through your upper back, your ribs, your pelvis reached the tail a little bit longer. Last one, inhale and exhale. We may do sets of repetitions today, like threes and fours of things. So kind of make the most of the fewer reps. Good. Really feel your feet on the mat.

All outside and inside borders. Evenly weighted. Watch out, Mr. Yeah. Okay. Keeping the arms long re. Then let's do three chest lifts. Just kind of setting the tone for moving from your upper spine. Now knew what this one, you can hover those arms and then lower back down.

I'm going to change your breathing. Inhale as you come up. So the you inhale and fill up the back of your rib cage. Good. Exhale and lower down. One more. Inhale. Okay. Notice how it makes you reach a little bit more, I think maybe exhale and all the way down. Stretch your legs long.

Adduct your legs so much that it almost puts a little flex in your knee joints. We're going into the 100 inhale, lift your head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs. Just pause through the exhale and begin the pumping in two, three, four, five and exhale, three, four, five and in. So we want to build some heat. It's not cold in this room, but it may look cold outside. If you're in a cold place, get the vigor, get the breath. Good. Careful not to warble the springs or let them wobble around so you've got to create more. Reach, more tension, more resistance.

Soft toes, long neck on this push up into my hand, Haley. Good push up into my hand there. So you've seen him elevate just a little bit and they're both teachers. I know they're counting to four, five and 10. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five. Now hold it. Reached more everywhere. Spine, arms, legs, up through your head. Good. And then everything can come down and just lower your arms springs onto the floor just off to the side. So next guys, reach behind you.

We're gonna use the roll or the push through bar, no springs. So just put your hands on your bar, bring it right up above your chest. And we need to kind of space this a little bit. So I want you to do a full roll up to sitting. Good. And these two have pretty flexible shoulders as you can see.

But what I'm actually wanting everybody to do is scoot your hips back so that you're more in a complete right angle. So your arms and torso. Yeah, is, there you go. Okay. So you can see that in a little bit better view now. So from here, guys, roll yourself back. Start at your pelvis of course, and roll that back away from your legs. Then notice that they're going to be rolling and you will be rolling off the back edge of your mat, your Cadillac, or your tower. That's fine. Enjoy opening up across your shoulders and getting the first arch in your upper back. Do a full roll up, Chin towards chest. Reach your knuckles out into space and then all the way up and reach more, almost feel like the reach up of your arms is picking up your ribs, up out of your pelvis, about of your low back.

So you've got a lot more length here. Good. And then roll yourself back and they'll do one more. You'll do one more full roll all the way up you like you're reaching your knuckles forward and then spine through and up. Good. Take your left hand and wrap it right around your rib cage here. And I want you to do it with an open hand, open fingers so that you can expand your ribs into those open fingers. Take a deep breath and then as you exhale, just close your fingers.

Close the ribs on that side. And now inhale, rotate to that side. You can use your hand to kind of guide yourself into the rotation a little further around. And then exhale, return facing your legs. Do that one more time. Inhale. As you rotate, use your hand to inform the rotation and exhale, return to facing center. Okay. Keep your arm there. Roll almost all the way back. So this time I want you to pause when you feel your sh your back.

Meet the edge of the Mat. You're still up in a chest lift. Roll up again all the way. It's a full graph all the way back down. It's feeling that unilateral work and me kind of start tapping into your old bleagh slang a little bit. And as you come up this time we'll switch sides. So left arm comes to the Var, right hand reaches across your ribs.

Start with open fingers. You inhale and spread those ribs and exhale to stay out of it. Close your ribs a little bit. Those are internal at those intercostals there. Inhale, rotate to the left side. Use your hand to inform the rotation. XCL Center. They're doing a great job and you are too, I'm sure if keeping your hips nice and still so whichever leg you rotate to maybe advance that leg forward so your hips don't shift. Roll back.

Now they wanted an extra one, that's fine. They're going to go all on, almost all the way back. Full breath to come up guys. Inhale and exhale now. Now the rotation. Inhale, that's where we put it. Exhale, center and then a full roll back or three quarter rollback. Nice. You guys roll all the way up and then both hands on the bar. We'll do one more complete back and up for us. So here we go.

All the way this time, let that body spill over the back edge. It's a swan. It's one's once one using your back to extend rural all the way up. Nice. Haley, she almost got her head on the map. Now to adjust where we're going next for rollover, maybe just bring yourself down to your mat, you guys and scoot yourself all the way onto your mat. And then the next set up position, your arms are vertical above your chest and again at the bars right above your collarbone. Okay, so for the rollover, start with your legs up at 90 take a breath and I want you to bend your elbow, start sending the bar overhead or through, and then perform your rollover.

So you're just going to lift those spine bones up and over. Flex your ankles, open your legs a little bit, can't go too far. Begin rolling down. When you get to your bra line, bring the bar through so you'll bend those elbows. We turned the bar above your chest and circle your legs down and back up. Here we go. Bring the bar through and over. Add the hips overhead. Now let's get a little bit of lift of the hips again, up away from the lower back. Good Hayley, flex your feet an open.

So we're trying to coordinate an ad. Build a little bit of coordination with moving the bar while moving your spine. You hit about bra line. Return the bar above chest two more times you guys. Okay, no. Coordinate the rhythm of rolling and moving the bar, feeling the nice steady control. Beautiful. Liza, get one more time and bar and then body overhead. Think hips, higher hips, higher hips higher.

Take some load off of your lumbar bones. Guys into disc. There you go. Open and then roll all the way down. Bring the bar through. Roll up to teaser now because you can tada. No big deal. And then roll down your spine. Roll. Lower your legs to the mat. Cool. Ready for your some leg circle, single leg circle. You can just lower your bar. Single Lake Circle today.

Instead of using the spring that's in line with the right leg. Use The opposite sites. We're going to do a diagonal spring or diagonal line strap onto your right foot. Hold the Poles with your hands. You're going to need that. Yup. And then go ahead and push with your arms. Bring your body more onto your mat.

So you're really covering as much surface area as possible. Well, what do you know? We should have checked that before. Was your hundred way off? Well, I, sorry. Okay. Back we got, okay. All right. So yeah, we are on the wrong hook over here. Oh well.

So I want you to just acknowledge for a second with this leg up and the diagonal spring, it's a little slack up top. So let's put some, put some pull on this spring and do it by adjusting your hip position. So taking the hike out of this right side and reaching that right hip toward that left opposite heel. Here we go. Single leg circle from the mat, cross and up, cross around and upkeep. Adjusting that right hip so that every time you meet the top you're taking yourself. Sorry. Out of that hip hike, here's your fifth one. Reverse. Now open to the right. Just the hip. This. So this diagonal spring kind of allows you, gives the opportunity to just sit that hip down and I get, get a really nice it band and lateral hamstring stretch. That's your fifth one.

Take the strap off that foot and we'll do the other side. Keep breathing during your transitions. Yep. Hands back. Take just a quick second. Push with the arms. Unhide hike your left hip. Breathe wide into your lower back and your back rib cage. Here we go.

Cross over, down around lift. So every time this spring, his long list inhale, spring is short as the exhale. Cross sync that sits bone. Here's your fifth one. Reverse for five good. Sit Bone to heal. Sit Bone to heal. Nice job long.

And for next exercise after this you'll take your strap off. That foot is our rolling like a ball. So I want you to take your legs long by your to your sides and your arms by your sides. Start your roll up and then pull your knees in towards your chest is wrap your hands around your ankles and don't move. You all have plenty of space behind, you know, one shift. Please don't shift. You've got plenty of space. Six rolling like a balls we roll back.

Now focus on hip lifting there and roll back and lift your seat and forward. Three, four more. Oh and three up hug a little tighter for the last two. [inaudible] last one in perfect timing. They'll stretch their legs long. Reach your arms forward and just performing a little rollback to get back.

So the ABS series of five won't be our traditional classic Ab series of five you're going to do with your feet in your straps regular way, right strap on right foot, left on left hands on the poles, push yourself out. Start with your legs folded into a frog position. So when we know in single leg stretch we do one leg and then the other one. So that's how this is going to go. The head will not come up for these, but you are still working your tummy. Start one leg unless do that. Inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale. Focus on not hiking your hips when they feet come in so your hips and ribs still stay aligned there. And for better, three two and one frog. Both legs in.

So double leg stretch. We inhale long springs. Exhale, pull, pull, pull for more and see if you can stretch those springs more. I think you can stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and then recoil and stretch more and more and more. And recoil. They did it last one and in and legs to the ceiling for scissors. You choose your leg to go down first. Does not matter to me. Switch and exhale. Exhale. So two and same thing. When the lake comes up towards your body.

Just mindful that your hips are elevating and I'm hiking to the side. Keep your sitz bones reaching to the opposite end of the Mat. Last breath cycle. They're both legs up. Five straight leg, lower lift. You can do turnout or parallel and exhale. So think about this. When you take your legs at low, no arch occurs here. Good. Do we want that?

The back wrath really wide. The back of that rib cage really wide. Nice you guys last time. And you're lucking out. No crisscross with your feet in the straps. Just take them off, but pans behind your head. And let's do some crisscross regular mat. Here we go. Chest goes up. Choose your side to go to and inhale in. Hail. Exhale, exhale. Sure.

Good twist more. Reach more. And exhale. Exhale. You've got four, three, two, and one. Beautiful. Come up for spine. Stretch forward. So face your wall unit or your Cadillac pushed your bar. And let's go with our top loaded spring. Oops, I should have had you do that. Hands on your bar. All right, so I want you both to, as your arms are on the bar, hands are on the bar. Nice, nice, solid fist and no breaking risks. We know that. So flex your spine and go into flection. You just hold for a minute.

All right, nice deep scoop. So really focusing the inhaling and widening your back right now. Inhale, exhale. Push the bar forward and roll it back. Inhale, and then come all the way up into the hinge. Let's just flow that two more times. Inhale, exhale, push toward the uprights. Inhale, fill up your back control to swing through. Exhale, hinge. One more time. It's finding the rhythm, finding the flow and inhale and exhaling all the way. Lift. Spend another inhale, exhale, breath. You just achieve more length and height.

Okay. Release the bar just a bit. Now reach your arms toward the frame. Flex your spine. Going to think pelvic tilt, the transition for open leg rocker. So get on that nice pelvic plot that we know that pat talks about your, you find your balance point on your sacred. And really, if you deepen into your core, your abs, your legs should just float right up to these waiting hands and so elegant, they did that beautifully. They did. And then open and rocker. Inhale. Don't worry about this. You won't hit it. Inhale.

Okay. Use that inhalation and get wide ray through here. That diaphragm. Three more, a little more up to the top of the spine. Do we want that? Staying inflection, but up through the top of the spine. That's it guys. And last one. Yeah, all gracefully controlled your legs together.

Reach your arms toward your feet. Keep them there with your legs. Roll yourself back. Prepare for corkscrew arms by your sides. Okay, so yes you have your push through are up. You're going to go underneath the bar. So to the right. Inhale, lower legs. You can perform your full rollover if you want to. I knew they went over to the left. So if you're doing this with this at home, do whatever you would like. A little hip lift or full rollover. Ah, keep focusing on when you inhale. Is that why diaphragm on your back, the post's Uri part of your diaphragm. Nice Elisa. Exhale, hips higher. One more time. It's your last score.

Cause your today exhale whole. Now unroll come back up and so, so we're going to not do saw yet with the hands here. Take your son arms out. We'll do two regular songs like regular Matt. So inhale toward that side of the room and XL. Saw to that pinky toe, making sure we're stilling even weight on that opposite hip but also feeling opposite. Reach to this back arm. Opposite reach. Do this and this sits, sits it all the way up to the other side. Saw off the pink Yuto hip, down shoulder and arm.

Really find your edges again. Inhale and exhale and reach more at the back arm and almost let that arm pick you up. There you go. And Circle. I'm going to do that again with you. So we'll actually guys do one more each side. So yeah, use that back arm to kind of pick you up. Reach with it. That's it. And stretch and all the way to center. Okay.

Uh, please your hands on the bar and can you bring it down and come over onto your front for Swan? Good. So how's on your, your prone now face down. Take just a moment and lift your tummy up off of the mat as much as you can to support your lower back. Of course, I like to check my clients and students to make sure they're straight as possible. Okay, let's do two little mini swamps. So arms are staying straight and think of your mini swan is just your eyes, your nose, your chin to your chest, just up through the sternum and then exhale and bring that down. And again, eyes, nose, chin, chest. It's like you're looking out to the ocean, seeing what's going on in a little bit and down. Let's combine some double leg kick, um, from Matt, but turned in, look to your right.

Okay. Take a breath. Both legs coming, kicking in three times. We have one, two, three. When the legs go down, lift that Mini Swan, turn look the other way. Had the head down, three kicks, one and two and three. Keep going with that. If you're feeling warm enough in this upper back extension, you can build a little more. Bring your arm bones back into your sockets. Nice.

And one and two and three are moans back into their sockets. Let's do east side again. Start to think about hovering your knees a little bit. Now guys, on the next kicks, knees up, knees up, knees up and hold right there. Energy stays in your legs. Chest comes down. Okay, lower your legs all the way. We're going to build a little rocking swan, so take your inhale and lift your thighs. Can they go higher? There they go. Exhaler head size. Go down.

Inhale your chest. Think about rocking swan. You're going to need a nice high chest lift and exhale down. So the bottom half of the body lifts up. Inhale, it goes down and the chest comes up. You can start to see there and kind of building their rhythm, legs and chest, good legs. And chest. Three more, a little rhythm. Inhale, exhale, exhale, beautiful. And chest goes down. Let's do two full swan.

Bending your elbows. Let that bar slowly pass behind your head. Get that Nice wide shoulder and peck stretch. Pick the bar up now. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Yep. Now keep your body lifted. You guys, I want you to start to bring your chest down, bend your elbows, and really grab the muscles in your back and then stretch the bar along. Don't let go. I know you won't. At least one more, maybe two, depending on how you're feeling. So as you bend those elbows, grab these muscles.

Really use a hug against your spine and lift. Make some knuckles and I want you don't let go and really up up, up. That's it, Elisa. Now use your back to pull the bar down. You use your back to pull the bar down. Squeeze. That's it. Don't let go. I know you won't and wants you to do one more. You guys ready?

Yeah. Use that back. Yeah. I love the knuckles. Really left the knuckles way up. Higher. Diaphragm is along here we go. Use your back, use your back, bend the elbows good and push the bar forward. Lot of back extension. So let's take a small short child's pose. So you bring the bar into one hand, go back and just round your spine again. Here's where I want you to focus your breath.

All that musculature that just got worked intensely. Okay, good. Okay, so I'm going to keep the bar up to conserve some hooking and unhooking time for some rowing facing the wall unit or that way. So he has so used these arms, springs think reformer rowing or Cadillac rowing. Unless do knuckles together right at your sternum. And I want you to pick those elbows up. Yeah, really picking them up and then allow your scapula. Did you just find where that, that angle is on your ribs?

Everybody is different now. He's high elbows. Inhale into your flection. Okay. XCL Arms Press. This is tough. Now start to pull the arms a little bit in the healing. Remember, exhale, none.

Go all the way back. This is going to be slightly different. I want everybody to put their knuckles on the mat behind them. Put their knuckles there. Okay. Push your knuckles into the mat. Lift your belly in, in up. Yes, and try to bring your hips back to those knuckles because most times we're not on our sitz bones the way we should be. Now, be honest. Keep your pelvis there and try to hover the hands an inch without losing your where your pelvis is on that mat. Such abdominal work. Lift your arms down, complete the rowing and all the way back up. Did that make some sense? Okay. Inhale flection.

Okay, and press out. That's okay. Inhale a little more. Pull on the springs and then dive over your legs. Knuckles to the mat. Take that moment to push down. Lift the stomach in up and try to get your hips a little bit more toward your hands in an in an idea. Now lift your arms without moving your hips. Good. You guys, big circle around center.

Let's go two more with a little more flow. Inhale, flex back. [inaudible]. Exhale, open. Inhale, pull dives. Then a moment. Exhaling, so you'd get your abs back. Inhale, arms up, swim round over, and one more time. Inhale, keep it moving. [inaudible] hi [inaudible] punch the Mat. Exhale, good stomach. Inhale, arms up and Uber right angles.

Okay, I've all this bar. That's where I want you to aim your elbows. When you hinge back, we're just going to do the hinge and return. Here we go. Inhale the hinge. Elbows are pointing your push through bar. Exhale, center said it'll hold taller. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, expand your back rib cage. That posterior part of the diaphragm. One more. These are hard springs, man. You guys. Awesome. Turn to face out. Two different styles of turning around. I love it. That was awesome. Okay, so rowing front number two, I'd skew back.

I always do back if I were you, but I'm not you. What? You just did it. Okay. Hands near your hips. Elbow was pretty narrow. Lift that chest a little more proud. Lift of your chest. Squeeze your hips together. Let's take a nice breath here again, back into the back. Exhale, flex. Reach your hands towards your toes. Now see there, we know this brings or behind us, so they're trying to already pull you back.

Send your stomach back and start to unfurl your spine into your hands. You know where to go. Circle your arms. Sorry Hailey. All the way around. You may have to move forward. Lucky girl. Inhale and dies. Skip your hips back, stomach to hips, and then unfold. Reach out of that lumbar spine, out of that rib cage, up and out your sternum. Nice. Now when you press your arms out and down, you grow taller, taller and taller, and two more good. Flex feet and reach.

Nice. Walking up the spine, a little taller, a little taller. Liberate the diaphragm and open. One more time, whatever that might mean. Liberate your diaphragm. Yeah, and all the way up. Open your arms to hug a tree position, but close your legs into the folded leg. Cross leg position. Inhale, close your arms. Exhale, open five of these and you're pressing your knees down.

I can tell everyone needs to press the knees down because with the springs behind us, they're kind of making your hips want to flex in. So work the down of the springs. Now Open your arms and hold. Just do the leg switches. Cross and press your knees down, uncross and press your knees down. Find a little vigor, press change and press and that fun. Pulling your springs a little more for more press good, Haley, kind of getting into those hips last one and rest. Okay. Lower your arms springs for a moment.

Let's take our push through bar down. We have a couple more arms spring series. We're going to do kneeling arms and why don't we face this way to use our left arm for draws sword. And what I'd like you to do with the dross sword is put your right hand just on the frame for just made me a little counterbalance. You may not need that, but I think that's kind of a nice little extra assurance. And then as your legs are parallel work, those add drs and those inner hamstrings to stabilize your pelvis and your legs. Let's just go three repetitions. Inhale, draw the sword. Exhale, return the sword. Here's your breath expansion.

Yes, back into the back of the ribs. Inhale, that's plenty. Now put this spring on the inside hand for reaching up three times remaining even level in your shoulder so the arm doesn't have to go high. Exhale down and exhale down. Last one. He's strong women here in down. Switching hands again for overhead. Now for overhead, I do want you to use your inside hand on your push through bar, but you're just using it for a little again, counterbalance.

Now you'll notice probably, and I can hear it to where we're set, the spring is rubbing the pushed your bars. You may want to, if that bothers you, just kneel forward a little bit. Doesn't bother me. Find your side bend for a second. Halen. Move your left knee to the left. Tiny bit. Good. Okay, so oftentimes in our side bend this upper thoracic gets a little left out and it starts to cave in a little bit. Exaggerate reaching your head. Yeah, I just pulled on her ponytail to get her chest more open there. Three times. Press through the elbow and Ben, soften the traps and lift and stretch the spring. Remember you're inhaling. That's the third one. That's all you get next time. Other side. Okay.

Yeah. Sorry, I pulled on her hair. All right. Yep. So finding good sense of centering abduction, hamstrings, ribs, obliques. We're all ready to go. Inhale, pull and exhale. Return. You're taller when you come back. Nice.

Well that's it. I'm just really after this today. Beautiful and center inside hand. You're like, I'm playing games with you. I'm coming inside the springs and everything and Ben keeping those shoulders level. Good. And last time. And Center's switching hands for overhead. So you're using your hand on that. Pushed your ball. You're not leaning on it.

You don't have a lot of weight at all. In fact, it's nice and light. Take that moment and go to Elisa and open up through the upper spine a lot more. That's it, Hailey. Here we go. Nice. So that humerus stays in one place. A vertical line, right up to the ceiling. Last one for three and all the way down. Rest.

Okay guys, we're gonna go into some parakeet parakeet. So top loaded. Do either of you need stickies for your feet? I didn't ask you before. I think w were you? Okay. So if you're at home doing Perricoota, if you didn't have it nearby and you want to pause for a second, grab some sticky for your feet if you need otherwise. So let's go on.

So they've known how to get down to the, to the mat. You can put your feet on the bar or one at a time if that works for you. And again, with parakeets keeping the push to bar right at the uprights of backup, just a tiny, tiny bit, you're fine. Okay, so crampy feet happen. It's good for us in a way. Meaning we're working our feet in this exercise, so don't, don't hide from it. Keeping your pelvis neutral level, focus on expanding your back ribs. Let's just bend the knees and control the bar going up.

Okay. And then bring it down. You use your hamstrings. Use your hamstrings. So we're starting basic. We're going to add some layers to this. They have a nice look of calm here. Inhale and exhale last time.

And then just hold right here. Breathe. Do An exhale as you bridge your curl. Articulate through your upper back. Got You. As long as you can be in your spine. So push your body toward the foot, the bar. Let's do a full breath to come down. Full breath cycle articulating. They're doing such a beautiful job of showing the mobility of their spine.

And then I want them to youtube to roll all the way up. One more time. We'll save the leg release and the scissor kicks for just a second. Take your right foot off the bar guys and tap your toe to the mat down here. And then all the way set your foot. Okay. Single leg, hamstring work. Bend that knee and bring the bar down and through. Hopefully you don't lose the bar.

So this is a nice prep for the match shoulder bridge with hands underneath the back and the legs in there. Scissors, bicycle, three to five times. So what I'd like for you guys to do, use this support leg and this booty here to lift the hips even higher. Yeah, so that was our three. Is it overkill to do two more please. Now I think they need it. So keep endeavoring to get the pelvis up. Get the pelvis up. Yeah, get the pelvis up, up, up against the push down on the bar. Okay. Does he return the bar up?

You've got to stabilize so much with that single leg to step up with the right foot. Beautiful. And take the left foot down. Now before we do the five bend and stretch, lift the hips. So lot of work on support leg. Here we go. Hips go high as the bar comes a lot. So there are in, I like that you are you guys allowing some arch right here in your back to keep it there. Because when we do the higher stuff and mat work, when we have our hands behind our low back, we are more accessibly arched.

So go for a little more back work. There you go. And lift one more. Yes, it's gorgeous. Really connected. Yay. Now stabilize with that leg. Step up with the second leg. It should feel good. Now to stretch the hamstrings either like to me it doesn't matter. Take one back and then bring it up and stand on that one switch.

Keep lifting out of your back. Yeah, there. So it's okay to put some weight on the back of your shoulders to kind of stand on those one more round, or you even know now they're even inhale, trickle down. Exhale, unroll your spine. Ah, when you get down, guys, bend your knees, reach the bar all the way through and just pause for a moment. If you know how to do a roll up right now to get out of this, you may, if you need to put one foot down on the mat, they did a beautiful example of the roll up. You can do that.

Or if he didn't know how to do that, you can just take one foot off the bar and just roll yourself up. Okay, so you guys, you have the bar. I'm letting go now. Okay, I'm letting go. They got it. Take yourself out of that exercise and UNSW clipped the spring and then turn around to face. Put your back against the near the frame and look out to the inside of the room, out in the room, spine, twist, arms out to the sides. And let's do some external rotation. So palms face up, a nice sense of lift through and like there's some air underneath your arms and your wings. I want you to inhale three breath cycles to your left.

Here you go. And you can reference all the way back here. Good. Thank you. Exhale, center other sides. So turn all the way around like you could actually get your whole spines turned, turned, yeah, and center again. Remember that warm up from earlier in the roll up we did. Yeah. Turning those ribs, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist.

One more each side. Lift a little more out of your lumbar spine. Good. Keeping the ankles level last time. Beautiful work. Ladies Center. Let's do some leg springs with left foot in the strap. So you're turning two onto your right side this spring from behind you into your left foot onto your left foot. Okay.

Nothing for you. No unusual do up, down, front, back, turned out, up, down some circles, some abduction in a stretch. Loblaw line up with the back of the Mat. Bring your ribs back a little. Good. Let's go parallel first. My ladies flexed feet. Okay. And then I want your legs just a tiny bit more forward. Hailey. You're fine. Make a long top leg. Three times. Lift that leg up.

Parallel and lower down. Use those inner thighs. Lift and use your outer hip and pull down. Use your inner thigh lift. One more time. Resist me and down. Turn it out three times here. Up, down, up. Big, big, big, big, big. Go for it. Yeah, really let it go. Even if it's past the spring.

Good down last time. Lift and down. Take it parallel. Hover your thigh, hip height, front and back. So when you bring your leg to the front, pause just for a second. Remember unhide like, Yep.

And sit that side of your sacred back toward Elisa. So we get that alignment. That's your favorite place, not to go and bring your leg all the way back. Open up the front of your hip joint. Okay, two more. So an hiking hip and sit that side of your sacrum back. Good and reach important to get those precision, those details.

Nice. You guys take it from there until large. Rhonda, John, big circle from the back. Let's go back up. Forward and down. Now exaggerate. Go for it. Explore your edges. Explore your edges. Feel the movement in the hip joint, the rotation, the circle, and reverse for three starting front and lift and spy roll. That's it.

You might even think of the neck of your femur is what's doing the rotation. Maybe not the ball. Maybe the neck is what initiates the movement. That was different. Okay? Bend your top knee. Step your foot in front for adductors on the bottom leg. So you're going to have to put your knee to the ceiling and do that. Okay, so once again, is your hip in the position that you wanted to be?

It's on hiked and it's down long. Bottom leg. Flex the foot. And I want you to lift your leg up now and just hold it. Now Haley, push up against me. You have such strong legs, go push, lift and then lower it down and again, push up against me. Push and down. Sometimes we don't work them enough and push up, hold their three little circles. But remember you want to go up in the circle, up in the circle, up in the circle the other way, up and up and up, and now it's time to rest that Lang take this top leg into a hamstring stretch. So reach it in front of you. If you have the flexibility and the desire to try this, you can, it's not, don't stay level pelvis, let's say. Okay, finally, no more need to do that.

Put your hand on this strap and pull on it and perhaps there's a little roll over this way that occurs. So it's not the prettiest stretch on the planet. Maybe it is if you're a ballerina, it's really beautiful, but it's just this really do you finding a different place on the edge of the muscle. Okay. And it's actually a little easier to take the strap off the foot. But what, what Elisa's got going on there, her foot was hooked upon the frame. She got that much length of her hamstrings. Fancy.

Roll over to your front and then over to your side. Thanks job guys. And we've got herself set up for the second side of legs spring. So adjust your hip, no hiking and a bottom waist has a lift to it and the three times paralleled leg lift up and use those adductors to pull down. So those adductors are ready. They've already done some on the other side. Pull down.

Last one we lift and we low are now. Turn it out and go. Big guys go way up. Even if you go off the spring, I don't care. I want you to explore the range in that hip. Good. You probably get a little stretch on this bottom hip anyway and last one and down pelvis in position, parallel and hip height for front back. Here we go. Take it front. Make sure to sit the hip on hike and bring your sake room back. Good. Use those hamstrings and extend your hip.

And two more on hike. Sacrum back. Beautiful adjustment. And all the way long last time they're enjoying. And then from there start your large circle. Big Circle up and around. Yeah. And even if you explore kind of coming out of this, the springs zone up here. Nice.

So the neck of the femur and the Femur head are getting that good rotation, rhythm, pause, reverse for root and up. Open around in a big circle for two more. Keeping a good job of keeping their upper trunk nice and in control all the way around. Bring it forward. Then you bend your knee, step it down in front. Think Matt adductors. Inner thigh lifts, top hip long sacrum is back. Here we go. Bottom leg. Flex your foot, lift and hold. Push up a little more. Good and down and push up and hold and down.

Stretch that knee for me and left. Hold it there. Three big circles. One, they didn't have to be big, but you want to think of the up part of the circle. Other way for three up do three. Excellent. Seal your legs together. First is nice, clean transition and now your hamstring. So that leg gets to come forward. So here's your frame. Yes, you could take your foot and put it up on this edge of the frame if you want to. These who are really showing a good job of that, you have to rotate your body to do that. You're not going to stay level.

But notice if you explore some different body positions in stretches where you may feel things change and shift. It feels pretty good, I think. How you doing guys? Good. Yay. Okay. Ready for some teasers. So take the feed out, one of each teaser, one teaser, two, tier three. So on your backs, arms back overhead. We don't need to use the bar. We'll just do mat and teasers. Okay. Take your legs up to 45 ready for teaser one.

Inhale your way up. Stay there as you exhale, I want you to take a full breath to roll down, arms overhead teaser to roll all the way up and just stay there as you exhale. RMC, reaching in just one time. Legs go down and enter two legs. Come up an inch or two. Everything unroll. So legs go down, spine enrolls, arms reach back. We've got our teaser three one time, everything up. And because you guys know I like to go there for that teaser three. Yup. Cool. Arms behind you. Bend your knees.

Let's do a little can can, so set your feet on the mat for just a minute. And then re lift. Think tabletop. Okay. And as you're leaning back on your arms, let's just allow today you to bend your elbow so you actually use a little bit more of your arm musculature rather than hanging on those ligaments over to your right hip. And I mean way over on the right hip. So this left hip is vertical and then over to your left hip. So right hip is vertical. And then over one more time, stay there, extend your legs, kick, kick, bend your knees again. Then we go hip. Oh, not yet with the legs. So just think that's a fine. Let's start again.

You're fine. Go hit over to the other hip and then hip. And then legs go. Woo. Then the hip over to the hip and hip and hip and legs. Let's do it again. Think, oh, obliques, obliques, obliques, kick. And Bend, twist, twist, twist, kick and bend. Okay. Legs in front of you. Up in the diagonal. Rock over to your right hip. Hold, rock over to your left hip. Way over. Can you do that again?

Rock way over. Good. One more way over. Center your legs and then one circle. Go right down. Way Up. You guys toes your head. Other side. Full hip circle, man. They're awesome. Killing it. Reach your hands to your pause and rest.

You can bend your knees and come over to front support with your hands at the open end of your mat. Front support. Standing back and long stretch. Front support position. Shoulders right over risks, legs squeezed, you know, no bent knees open through the sternum. Energies from head to heel. That nice long piece from a piece. Head to heel. Lift your right leg please. Now hold it there.

I want you to reach it back and up as high as you can. Add a little upper back swan cause there some without dropping your hips down and then set your foot down. Okay. Same thing. Left side, back and up, but keep your shoulders over your wrists. Can you do that again? You're fine. I'm exactly asking you to kind of exaggerate. I realize that. But look in return to life and look at Joe, his leg is way up. Not that high. This one I tell you. Okay, lift the right again over achiever. Hold.

Take this foot behind the other one, but I love your vigor. Turn to face the parking lot and right arm overhead for side bend. Hold that position. Okay, now are you between two panes of glass? You are stretch more. You guys. Don't forget where your posterior diaphragm is. Okay.

Now as you bend your knees and dip your hip down, cruel in, look into the pulmonary hand stretch. Way back over. Let's do it again. So think of that can can exercise. Nice Elisa can can use those obliques. Curl in your softly, touching your hip up and over. One more time please. In looking at your hand and up an o or that's plenty. Come to front support and pause. Okay, so the other side, lift your leg but not too high. Haley, take it behind the other foot.

And then your left arm goes over your head. Spend a moment getting in your position and bring the front ribs, two back ribs so that the back of your diaphragm is nice and broad. Good. Now here we go. We're bending the knees, we're kind of crouching and we're contracting. And the obliques looking in the hand. And then energy overhead. Stretch from fingers. [inaudible] feet. And again, pull it in and stretch your energy open.

Nice guys. One more time in and stretch. Open and transition that right back into your front support. Cool. Kneeling side. Bend position. Put your left knee down. Turn to face the parking lot, right hand behind your head. Two panes of glass. Lift your right thigh up. Three small circles, one to go low, higher. Three other side, one, two, three. And transition to front support.

So just flip right on over. Pause. Add a pushup. Bandon stretch, kneeling side. Bend the other way. So just find those connections. Finds those transitions. Bring your ribs back. Hip is lifted, leg is lifted. I should say little circle for three, two, one other way. One good chest, Haley, two and three. Transition to front support. You're almost done. Everybody. One push up down and stay down there. I tricked Ya.

Rocking. So put your hands back at your ankles. Yeah, start with your head on the mat for a moment. And I, this was many teachers have done this with me before. Put your fist. Imagine someone's got their fist between your knees. Yes, we want to add duct work. Those interline muscles a little bit more. Okay. Don't thrust your head but lift your chest. Press your feet into your hands but also think about pressing your shin bones back. Now look out into the center of the room and you know you're rocking.

Inhale brings your chest up. That rocking swan we did earlier with the push through your bar sets you up for this. I think shins back, shins, shins, two more. Shins good and shins and everything comes down to rest. Hands under shoulders. Push yourself up to front support. I would like you to jump your feet to your hands. Yup.

And jump back to plank and jump into the crouch and jump back a couple more times. Re Enlive in your body in and back, and one more time in and hold crouched down into child's pose to finish your tower mat workout things. You guys let me know how it goes. Take some deeper.


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Love this workout very much!
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Love it Amy. Nice flow and attention to detail. Like the reference to Joe's book. We all need to go back, to go forward.
Avery M
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Beautiful! Amy, I love a lot of your classes, but your Tower classes are always the bomb. Thanks!
Thank you so much for this. The hip work crisscross work was amazing. So creative! Thanks for another upbeat, positive class.
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I loved this class, such precision, Amy is a lovely teacher. The class was creative whilst still keeping the essence of the flow of the classical mat! I will be doing this on my Spring boards with my new push through bars! Thank you!
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Amy, this was soo good. Thank you so much.
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Gals.....thank you!!!! I hope you know how much I appreciate all of you taking the time to leave a comment.....makes my day!
Michele M
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Beautiful mat flow on the tower! Loved the anatomical references Amy:) Awesome job, Thank you!:)
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I just am addicted to this class Amy. Fantastic. I miss you very much. Come for a Kauai visit!
Thank you Michele.....!
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