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Reclaim your body after breast cancer with this Aston Kinetics class with Judith Aston. She works with Laura, who is six months post surgery and has restrictions in the range of movement on her right side. This work will help those recovering feel more balanced, centered, and grounded while you use gentle body work and other tools to gain length and tone.

Before taking this class, Judith recommends watching her previous class to learn the basics, as well as Kathy Corey's classes.
What You'll Need: Table Chair, Bolster, Pilates Pole, Theraband

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Knowledge thoughtfully presented. Currently working with post surgical client who would be tempted to push beyond restrictions. I appreciate your caution to wait until the muscles become more fluid through the recovery process with gentle ROM "movement designs. Thank you, Judith.
Wow, it's so great to see how much change came into Laura's body and to experience the push off and feel how much easier it is to lift and add rotation to the arm. Like how you explain how the tissues get rehydrated by listening to your body and not pushing through which is the belief of so many.
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I loved watching a slight weight of skepticism hovering over Laura, gradually lift, dissipate, and how her posture and demeanor were significantly lighter, more open and straighter by the end of the sequence. Loved the "aha" moments lighten her expression. Kristi, thank you for bringing Judith to PA. What a fabulous resource her work is!
Leslie, having Judith Aston on PA is a privilege and honor, but most of all pure pleasure and loads of education! So glad you've been inquiring more about her work. xo

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