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Create space in your body with this Tower workout with Amy Havens. She focuses on exercises that help you find expansion in your body and move with ease. She also works on connecting to your center so you can make sure you are initiating your movements from the correct place.
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Hi everyone. I'm here for tower workout or session. So, uh, we'll be using quite a bit of the spring choices or we are going to do some leg springs. So grab those on, put those on. Um, I'm going to use the long arms springs rather than the rollback springs for arms. We will use the rollback bar. We'll do some top loaded with a red, we'll do some bottom loaded foot work, so a lot. So you'll be changing a little bit, but let's get going. Moving our spine. I want you to pull your uh, roll back bar down, loop your knees over. Let's get ready for some pelvic curl and some articulation. So before we get moving our spine, let's just get centered.

Feel your feet all, uh, edges of the feet in contact with the mat evenly and just scan up your body to the pelvis, having that pelvis nice and the level to begin. It's kind of walk up through your body and see if you can create more space between your pelvis and your rib cage. So what I want to do, I feel like I need a little more space. I'm just going to kind of walk my ribs there we go up that way. Okay. And then shoulders, feel your upper arm. Connect a little bit to the table or the Mat.

Let's take a few deep breaths feeling you can get that expansion of your body side to side. Yeah. Expand your ribs to the back. I don't really feel the Mat beneath you. Let's take two more. Let's start to tap into on your exhalation, what's going on here in the front though, when you're doing that exhale, that may be possibly, maybe your pelvis is getting narrower because those abdominal muscle fibers are contracting toward that midline. Of course, that transverse connection, okay to stabilize things, but we don't need it stable for everything.

We need to be mobile as well. So breathing in again. Let's take the exhale and work into pelvic tilt. Just your pelvis and then inhale are coming into level pelvis. Let's do three total. Starting to get some mobility of your pelvis and your sacrum and your lower back and your head and your shoulders. Stay level.

One more time there. Exhale. Ah, and lower the pelvis to neutral. So I'm gonna keep moving up through the back. Now when that sacred leaves the Mat, start to press down into your feet slightly and begin to roll up, but I don't want you to GM such a strong tilt of your pelvis. Let your pelvis be a little bit free here. Okay. The bar will give you a sense of suspension, possibly.

Nice breath in and let's take a nice long roll down through the spine. Again. Today I'm not going to have you accentuate your pelvic tilt so dramatically in these. I'm more focused on the movement of your back rather than that pelvic jamming tilt. Okay. Just feel that light lift motion of your spine.

Yeah, keeping those front ribs kind of right. Nice from up against you body rather than letting those lift to the sky and coming down. One thing I am going to invite you to think about is are your glute muscles the back of your butt, your butt. So when we take our bridging, not only are we lifting our pelvis up to the ceiling, which that's an understanding we get, but think about the glutes, the hamstrings and glutes coming up your body. So in relevant to being standing, I would want my butt to be coming up, you know, up not having a drooping, but all right, so activate that idea here that you're working those glutes and hamstrings to support posture in your low back. And so if we're really holding that pelvic tilt here, if I were to stand up and show you that posture, I would actually look very short and kind of compressed.

So I want to liberate my lumbar spine and feel like it's got support from here. Okay, now let's add something. Take your arms overhead, palms facing the ceiling, so you're really opening your underarm up to the ceiling there. If that works for you, keep it like this today, I might do this with my arms if you can try that. And then once again, unroll your spine. Might feel like you get an extra dose of sensation up in your upper spine that the Rassic area when you come down, really reach into neutral without thrusting the ribs. Lower the arms. So we'll do two more full patterns. Here we go.

So as strong a feet standing on the mat, hamstrings and glutes active, reaching the arms overhead, eyes open, wide deep breath and unroll some thinking energy out the top of my head in opposition to Helen coming down. It feels really nice in the thoracic spine if you tend to be a little tight there. The arms overhead is pretty nice. One more time focusing on your quality of movement. Fluid. Nice, full breathing, eh, nothing to stressed. Okay. All right, so find yourself to neutral or put yourself in neutral. And I'm going to have to bring your arms again all the way down by your, uh, hips, the mat. Do some chest lift and as we exhale and lift, keep your hands on the mat and just slide. Feel your fingertips sliding toward your hands, sliding toward your feet. And then down three total. Just starting kind of basic, but use this as a stretch forward of your upper back.

Your collarbone is still wide. Maybe use this width of the bars of reference and one more. Take a glance at your roll back bar and hopefully it's horizontal. If it's not for any reason, if it's kind of teeter tottered, um, perhaps you left side is a little elevated there. Maybe your thighbone needs to Kinda come into the socket a little bit.

You mainly worked some lower abdomen to pull the thighs into. The hip sockets are, you're so as muscles. Okay. Not everyone's going to be on level, but some of us are adding to that curling forward. Let's do some arm movements. I'm going to take my arms up and back overhead, circling out, y down to the mat and then we'll come out a chest lift. Just two more total stretches.

Keep it moving. Reach the arms. They're doing an arch. Upper body stays in one position. I'm looking out over the knees. Hands come down and lower last time. Exhale, reach, arms come up and overhead. Keep looking at the bar and seeing yourself horizontal. And then lower. Let's do some pumping and [inaudible] two [inaudible].

Feel the hands closed. Fingers together. Solid connection of the arm into the shoulder, shoulder on the back of just barely up off the tips of the shoulder blades. Generating some internal heat. Collarbone wide, like the bar looking out past the niece. [inaudible] in ten five and exhale three, four, five and take it all the way down all.

Let's move the hands behind the head. Now interlace your fingers or stack your hands, either one. And I want you for a moment before we come to chest lift. Press your elbows wide. Okay. Notice this, not the rib thrust, it's the elbows pressing wide to open the chest. I want you to try to keep your upper abdominals engaged so that the ribs don't lift unless do the office that bring your elbows up toward the ceiling so your shoulder blades get wide on your back. Two more. Just feel the movement.

Shoulder blades will probably come close to the spine and shoulder blades wide. One more does some awareness through some movement here. Okay. And then as we do our chest lifts series, I'm going to do chest stuff with rotation. Find your midway point, and for me it's right about here. I can, as I'm seeing the ceiling, I can still see the corners of my elbows. I feel like my shoulder blades are hugging my ribs. That feels good. Now I can isolate the my abdominals to pick up my head and my upper spine.

Okay, rotate toward one direction. Roll onto that shoulder blade. Inhale as you come back through the middle. Exhale to the opposite side. These O don't have to be very big. Inhale, center, the bar stays level. Exhale, rotate and inhale center, and exhale rotate. I'm going to take us through four more. It's even Gullah, little bit higher possibly. Ah, [inaudible] once again, each direction and rotate and center, getting into those obliques, rotate and center, and then finally coming all the way down. Okay, let's go ahead and bring our knees toward the chest. Take your hands to the bar, unloop yourself out, and we will be going into some footwork series. Now let's take the rollback bar away. Today.

I'm only using one spring for my footwork, but if you'd like to feel free to do that, I just, I like one, that's fine. I like the stretch actually when it's just one spring, I'm not going after the push and stuff. So here we go. Bottom load and we'll end up on a back and heels parallel. Okay. So get yourself probably head a little right up to the top of your wall unit or your tower on Cadillac even. Okay. Heels go parallel. Yeah, take a good look. I want to see those legs nice and straight. Knees not locked. Arms by your sides. Alright, can you flex your feet more?

So here's a moderate ankle flection and let's go for some more. Inhale has been those knees tracking straight towards your shoulders. And exhale, press eight repetitions. We'll be fine today guys. So I want you to use those hamstrings to extend the knees, the glutes a little bit, but it's more hamstring just to extend the length of the spring. Flex and extend.

Flex both heels press evenly, even weight, even pressure and lift. Last one, bend and lift. Step into the balls of the feet, moderate extension in your ankles, and same thing as you've been. News resisting that Spring and go little bit lower in this position. And as you're bending down, really focus on the evenness of the weight on your pelvis and your sacrum. If anything, bias her weight more down on your tailbone end of your pelvis. Then up on this part of your pelvis and your low back and extend for more even pressure again across the top of the foot. Extend and flex extended is your spine long in there.

Focus on that space again between your ribs and your pelvis. Last one, and we'll go right into our Pilati Zvi. So bring the heels together and this position. Generally most people have more range of motion, so work with bore range, but yet the knees, again, don't go too wide. Kind of staying right over that mid foot.

Nice control in your movements. For more. Inhale, wait, staying even on the pelvis and stretch. Last two, lengthen. Last one. And as I stretch up, go up, up, up, up, up. Stay right there. Let's just breathe in and out a little bit. So connecting. You've got energy up right at a feet.

Inbar you've got energy on the mat, you've got an energy out at the top of the head, out the fingertips. Live full body integration there. Pivot to parallel and let's focus on the ankles and calves. Press eight times. Just flex. Extend, resist the spring coming down, press resist and nose. I have my hands on my thighs so that my thighs won't move.

I don't want you to increase any of the um, work or angle in your hip joint so you can really focus on your ankle, Cole and lift and then we'll take it into the singles and we can do a little more rhythm. One, two, three, press up, four and five, six, seven and eight. Okay, Ben, deeply put your hands right between your feet. Step your feet apart and just pull down and just give your hips a really nice big stretch. Okay. Going into single leg out there, watching and doing. Pick your foot position. I'm not going to do both. Lobola foot and heel on each foot. I'm going to just choose for myself today. He'll, okay dude. You decide, put one healing on the bar or ball of foot. Take the other leg down and says that moment of Whoa, hamstring length square. Your okay.

So we're going to do our pattern. We're going to have that knee bend and as you push the bar up, I want you to lift the other leg and just gently touch the bar and flex. And when that leg goes down, it doesn't just go down. You reach it long from hip to foot and extend building coordination. Oh and stretch for more. Inhale and exhale.

Inhale and exhale. Last two, last one, and then change. So you put the other heel on. Take the bar, extend the other leg square for a moment. If you have to peak, I usually do and we've and see when a time it as you push the leg, you're lifting the office and in you're there at the same timing. Okay, inhale, reach from hip to foot and for us, concentrate on the length of your back, that space between ribs and hips, the leveling of the pelvis. You're feeling the stretch in your hips and hamstrings. Probably. We have three more in your mind.

Get ready. We're going to be doing some supine arms, so in a moment after this last one here, we're going to take the stave safety strap down and the spring down. Okay. Alrighty. So just bring that down carefully while you're here. Take that spring away, put it down behind you and come on up. Take the strap down and we will do supine. Ours says, where are we going to? I'm going to use those long yellow springs and I have mine on the third one, two, three, four.

I bolt up there fairly long so I'm going to scoot myself way out away from the frame lie on my back. Okay. Just keeping your knees bent, knees together and let's just start reaching. Okay, so just mind, goodness, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, feel the length of those springs and then control the return three times. No tucking hips here and reach and up some trade on how that handle feels in your hand. Should feel even pressure on right and left side. Okay, let's add some tricep. Bet Elbow bending to it. So as you reached down, hold your upper arm still and just concentrate on bending the elbows and extending. Let's do eight of those. Bend, stretch, bend arms are quivering. Good.

So if you want to try to hold the upper arm nice and still with your chest wide. Three and then we'll do some arm circles. I'm thinking for each direction, Ben and stretch. And then when the arm arms are long with to raise them up, recalibrate. Stabilize the Scapula for circles. Just like reformer. And we're going to come down rotate and why? But don't let these gets completely closed when you keep a little tension on the straps and on your springs. Okay, your back wides, two more.

Last one. And then we'll do reverse for four. So zero has come to this ceiling. There's still a little tension. And now we open wide palms toward hips, palms toward mat and lift. Last three inhale. And to [inaudible] we want to always see those arms and springs out of the corners of your eyes. Don't go too low to the floor here and press and lift.

Okay. Let's grab this reps in one hand. Turn over onto your front. Think of the reformer pulling straps, exercise in k or the Flying Eagle on the table. Arms are long by the sides, legs together, slightly a part if you need a little bit of assistance for your low back, but I'm going to start with my arms pulling my shoulder blades, dropping down my back and as lifting a little bit and I want to go too high. From here, palms will go down. Reach. Why do the sides of your room and then lower everything down.

Three more that direction. Do you want to time it? By the time you're in your highest back extension, your arms are long, wide, and your down and to more. Hold the shoulders still as you open last time to hold that collarbone. Still shoulders still as you widen. Now guys, let's go ahead and reverse the direction so your arms from here, just live straight up all the way up. Now bring the arms toward the body, pinky finger toward leg and then arms down.

Three more left and bring them back. They're in external rotation of the upper arm. Last two, one more. Oh, okay. And lower down. Go ahead and drop those. Move yourself up to a little child's pose or a cat position. Just enjoy a few breaths.

May feel nice to sit into one side and then sit into the other side. Okay, so we're going to keep on the idea with the upper body and arms and I'm going to move my red spring now to, um, do some upper arm work. Baby Bird. I learned it as, or upper arms and we're all going to be on her back again. So here we go. Straight arm, I mean, yeah, straight over in a straight line from your hand to your shoulder. Let's have long legs for this. Okay. So again, just take a moment and feel that you have some control in your rib cage, meaning that's not it, but feel that your back actually can kind of Nussle down against the mat here. Okay. Now as you bend your elbows, let's take it slow for the first one. And I'm going to let go. Just see if you wanted to watch or listen.

I'm going to try to aim this elbow or both at the same time to those poles behind me so I really have to widen, widen, widen, using the muscles right up in that upper back, rom, Rhomboid, etc. And then extend. I want to elevate my shoulders toward my ears because it's a natural movement to do stretch now, reversing it. Try to keep the elbows on the mat and wide and Barb of chest. Okay, just keep going here. Inhale ribs, don't arch. If you're a tight shoulder joint person, tight chest person like I am, this is a great exercise to do to loosen and gain some mobility in there.

Not everyone even I'd have people say they don't even feel the work in this exercise and I just don't understand. I can't even imagine. For me, it's a lot of focused work in and around my shoulder blades on the upper back. Couple more. Inhale, how wide can you get your rib cage side to side and back the really open up those wings, that stretch. Okay, so we're going to keep going. We're going to take the bar right back up above the chest and a very slow chest lift. So I want to take my head up, look down the length of my legs, and I just want to come up so that I'm just up off the tips of my scapula. Okay.

Because what I want to do is add the legs going up into a teaser, but direct it from reaching out and then out and up and out and up and out and up. I'm on the sacrum. I'm not up in a high back extension position. How beautiful. Look at the birds, you guys. Wow. So cool. Just after I did the baby bird extra safety and then rolling down. Paint the wall with your feet. Paint the wall, paint the wall. And then two more. So we rounding, reach out to come up. Here's another bird in lift. Look at those toes and roll yourself back. Get them mobilization of your lower back. Lengthen.

And last time [inaudible]. Wow. They're everywhere today. So cool. Let's add some legs down and legs out to more whole. The upper body position. Shh. Am Left. That'll do it. Let's roll all the way down with control all the way down.

Okay, I'm going to turn my son, put one hand on, come on up and let's move on to some legs springs. So we'll take our bar, push the bar down. Purple Springs for legs. I have one spring higher than the arms springs. I wouldn't recommend going any higher than that for what I'm going to have us do. So maybe a little different. Instead of the feet going in these loops, I'm going to have you stick your whole leg through there and put it above your knee. So we're going like this. Okay.

Now you will want to be a little further away from the frame. So come on down, but we won't need to hold the arms up like usual because we've, we've shortened our leavers so there's not quite as much pull and resistance here and less you want your arms up, let's pick them down today. But I want you to turn your palms face up to continue opening up your chest. All right, so just start to kind of toggle the legs or reciprocally, move your legs and focus on where this is coming from. Hip Joint. So we've got the, so as those adductors, magnus and hamstrings, think medial, don't think lateral. Okay, so think about the midline musculature and how that connects right up into belly. Slowing it down and actually feeling them at with the foot. Okay. Would be fine if your knees actually touched one another as you go by.

So I know it probably feels simple, not too tension oriented with the springs, which would feel the quality of movement again. Okay, one more then with both legs together in table toppy kind of shape. Open the knees and it's okay. Whatever your feet do is what the feet do. I want you to let your thighs just open and close three or four times, but to strengthen the external rotators. Of course here you have to work this a little bit. So we all have a range we can go to that. We just open to see where you're at.

Add a little more zest from the muscles to open the position wider. So that the contraction I want you to feel, you may feel the stretch here. Some of you may feel both the stretch and the contraction. Some of you may just feel the contraction all is good. All right, moving a leg circles like that. So we're going to open, bring your thighs down a little bit. Close and up. Okay, so leg circle. Here's your leg. Your femur is your leg.

Work the rotation. Work the stretch. Press your legs down for the Mat. Bring them together again to worry about what the feet do. Think about your hip joints and the muscles around there. One more this direction for five. [inaudible].

Okay, then reversing it so they'll go forward away from us while they're down there. Open as wide as you can. Now I'm gonna think about bringing my knees back toward the springs up here, and then together, down and open around together, working your hamstrings. Add doctor medial line. Last too. [inaudible] last one.

And so would the short lever does kind of help you focus and concentrate on the things higher up here. Okay. Now open up to a diamond and I do want you to try to set the outside edge of your foot on the mat. If you can get prayer, foot souls a feet together, that's great. Once again, charge up your external rotators and see if you can open the diamond wider. Keep hitting those springs. Okay, you should feel your glutes. Now from here, lift just one leg. I'm going to use the one that's closest to the screen and up with the hip joint. Now focus a little more lateral work as well, so the side, let's do five on the same leg so it's up and it's down the other leg of stable and lift and lower last too and whatever your foot does is fine.

Last one and down, holding it down. Opposite leg lift. Each hip joint should feel fairly uniquely different. [inaudible] what? And now one word and we'll do five with both at the same time.

Here we go and lift. Press down using the outside of the legs a little more. [inaudible] last two and also think you're reaching long femur. Head to distal end of your femur. Hold there. Now, this is interesting. Extend your knees not fully straightened. Don't grip your quads.

Just think of opening your knee joints okay toward the strap and feel that kind of buoyant suspension there. You don't have to grip your legs or hip flexors to work your hamstrings. Now let's do some slow scissor. I'm just really focusing on the contact of my leg against the strap. That's really what I'm focusing on.

The contacted the leg against the strap as well as the length of my leg. Speeding and up a little bit for eight n seven six and Fi, or nice, easy friend size but very active back of the legs there and both legs together. Heel beats [inaudible]. Flex your ankles for the next two sets. Then we'll go into some balm bicycle. Kay and we could do a little bicycle.

Feels a little funky with these straps on the knees. That's okay. And six and seven. Focus Hamstrings, eight and nine and 10. Pause. Reversing one and two back of the leg, back of the leg and five and six last two for seven, eight and a little helicopter. We're going to do maybe just a couple of each way.

So start up into a pipe position. Pick a leg, do lower down. You know that wide with both legs. The leg that went down has to come up and around. Pause. Bring them together, reverse it down with the second lane. Go for a pretty wide straddle stretch round.

Both legs come together again, pelvis stays completely level. We're really working the rotation in the hip joint and press scissor, those legs wide open pelvis. Okay guys, we'll do one more. Each leg. Press down against that hamstring down against the hamstrings last time. And then the next little series with the leg springs is od again. It's okay.

Know me. Fold your legs and we're going to do clam series. So pick a side to roll to. You probably want to watch first. I'm going to roll towards you. Keep both on. It's going to feel strained, so have fun getting situated. It's going to feel funky and I want you to set your knees together and your heels back in line with your sitz bones. Tried to get a nice long spine. Okay, why? We're both is, I want the bottom leg to have something to do to not just be passive. So press the bottom side down as the top thigh of course is just going to get lifted easily because of the spring.

You control that lift without moving the pelvis. Okay? Just for this control, resist, resist, resist, resist. Okay, last two. Feel like I need to do something else with that arm. So I'm going to go like this and open. No, I want, I'll put it back where it was. Okay. Now take this foot and open the thigh again and put the foot behind the other one. Just hang out for a second.

You hopefully are feeling a pretty nice contracted glute inside of the glutes there. Use that contraction to lift the leg up. So I want you to think any sideline leg exercise. Think Matt, all this stuff, not coming from hip flexor, but coming from the back of the hip. Okay, so let's lift in lower from the back of the hip and back of the hip. One more. We're going to lift and hold it to a, charge that up a little more things. Circle back. Let's do eight of them. Circle back, circle back, just the thigh, not the pelvis for four more. One. Prospect two is the other one. Still pressing the mat three. That's all we've got for this side.

You can create more if you want to and close. Okay. Face the other way. Try not to get tangled here. All righty. Okay, so you're long in your body. Your knees are bent, your heels are in line with your sitz bones there, and then again, let's just practice open-close pelvis stays right up on top of itself. The opposite leg is pressing down against the mat. Resist the opening and resist. Couple more. I think we did eight, five, six and again acknowledged that both hips are probably having a different experience as far as the range, but that's normal. That's normal.

Okay. Now go ahead and set the foot behind the other foot. Pelvis still upright and work the contraction around your glutes right there. Use that contraction to help raise the FEMUR and down and lift lower. I'm going to try to get you out of your hip with these types of leg movements that you can concentrate on. The bigger muscles in the back of the hip. Okay. Three more.

And then we did eight little circles going back. So you're gonna keep the thigh up. Now. Press your thigh back, bring it down. Forward and up. Slightly. Focus on the back. Oh, because on the back, how are we dealing for four more? Three last two and one. Good. And I didn't do it on the first side. I meant to, but that's okay. Um, next time there was a great hip extension section, like just planning to do, but I forgot what the, right. So take yourself out of those straps, bring your knees into your chest and just give yourself a hug and pick up your head for a moment. Who can do a little rocking if you'd like. Okay.

No, I'm going to come into knees over the bar with a blue spring, so I don't want the red one. I'm going to change it out. Think short spine. It's I d I've done this in many of these tower classes. I just think it's so lovely for the back. It's also kind of a exaggerated pelvic curl. If you want to think about that.

Knees over, pull yourself forward. You want your bum all way at the end. Okay. We'll only do three of these. Every one. You're going to take yourself into a uh, articulation. So start again at your tail, lumbar. Ah, okay.

Up through the ribs. Now this could be a deciding factor for you. I don't want you to feel like you get pressure on your neck. This might be where you stop, which is completely fine cause you can concentrate on that. The hollowing of the Tummy, that roundness of your lower back there. If you're feeling okay, think vertical with the legs and the legs go up.

Not necessarily that you push your weight back over your shoulders. Okay? Hamstrings are active on this exercise to try to help open up the hip flexors again, so it's hamstrings, back extensors, glutes, this whole posterior chain. Okay, now add the arms overhead. Again, that's the lushest thoracic sensation does like we open up class with start to roll down, roll it down. Open your jaw a little bit, you'll feel why? Uh, yeah, two more times. Inhale here. Exhale and left. Let the bar help lift you. The blue spring is harder, more challenging. You could choose a red. Remember, don't think going back over your shoulders. Go Up, up, up, up, up.

Follow the line of spine is following the knees. Ideally arms going overhead. Great preparation for your control. Balance for the mat work and uh, Jackknife and things. Open the jaw. Start feeling that back. Really gripping. Open your jaw. And now one more.

Breathing in and we'll end the class with circle saw. Nice. Complete full body movement. Think of this bite again. It's following this long line up. I'm going to add one little variation. Extend, delay and refold. Hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstring, lift, hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings, arms overhead. Chin away from chest, hamstrings. Act. Oh man, it feels good today. Some days it just feels better than others, but here we go. So let me come up to Sydney. We can stay with the blue spring and we're completely fine.

Put your hands up on your bar. Sit Tall and let's just bring the bar down. Super easy right there. Just flex yourself forward. Keep your sitz bones evenly weighted and just take about two deep breath there. We did a lot of movement for the back. Keep stretching.

We're going to do a very complete movement here also. So coming back through pelvic tilt up into a seated extension can bend your knees if you need to. No wanna release one hand. I'm going to take my right hand off and I'm going to pretend him and Matt and do the saw exercise so that saw I'm taking my hand toward my baby toe. If you have this flexibility to reach the bar, please go for it.

Sit on evenly on both sits bones and instead of pulling with that front arm, don't pull, lengthen, get onto those sits bones evenly, and you can rotate your cervical spine and look underneath that arm. Okay? I don't want you to pull with the other arm thing up, up and up. Now hold on tight with the top arm. I'm gonna Hook my son. Now when they released the other arm and reach toward you, I'm gonna reach towards you [inaudible] and I'm going to try to create a really large like diameter, big circle. Looking into that hand. I'm taking my time because it feels better to go slow. How far back can I go?

How far back? Now the arm is going to have to circle up. I'm still looking at it, so I'm going through roads. Now I'm going to have to bring my spine up and into side bend up on top of those sits bones. There's your side bend. Okay? You get to rewind it, the bars bossy. Don't let it push you back. Where do you have to control out of your side? Bend anchor into the opposite heel.

Start looking up and you get to rotate your ribs, the spine, all the way around to the Saul. You'll probably have an easier time getting the bar good and starting the other side. Both hands up easy. Pull down and push forward. Two deep breaths going back. Try to get through a pelvic tilt. Kind of fascinated with the amount of birds that are outside today and lifting tall. Okay. Release the opposite arm to the side.

Take your body and rotate around the central axis and see if you can get your bar. Again, try not to Yank with this one. Think up. You'll probably get there. We go to your body up, up, up, up, up, and take your cervical spine and try to rotate just a little bit. Recognize the differences in your body. Okay, here comes that really luscious part. So you're letting go. I'm going to reach toward the window. Other arm lat is really in, in demand, taking it out feet or even against the frame. Reach into the space behind you.

A little tighter shoulder so the circle looks different. Oh well and you want to get up onto your sits bones in a side. You've gotta use your obliques and your back muscles holding here. And then we get to unwind. So control precedent of the opposite heel. Start unwinding, rotate. Feel your feet even reach, reach, come back into your saw.

Always feels easier coming out of it. Nice. Deep breath and release. Okay, everyone, let's do one easy roll down and roll up to finish. Reach your arms forward and just take it back, putting a little closure on your session. Thanks for moving with me today. Thank the birds for bringing all that energy is so fun. I love it. And reach. Open your arms and just take one more deep breath. Okay, I'll see you next time. Thank you.


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Amy:))) great refresher after a very bulsy saturday. Creative and focused. Thank you so much.
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Love the lower body creativity!
Morgane K
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Loved this class Amy, especially the leg series. Thank you!
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Where can I purchase the "long springs"? Have searched online to no avail.Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks ladies!!
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Amy Valent-Ribot...are you asking about the long yellow springs I used...if so, those are from Balanced Body. :) I also used long purple springs for the leg work, also, Balanced Body.
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Yes. The long ones. Want to purchase those since I have a reformer/ Cadillac combo. Thanks!
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Great class Amy!! Loved the leg series!! Thank you:)
1 person likes this. love love the circle saw.....the gorgeous slow pace and complete movement of spine! As others have commented, the leg spring series is pretty cool too. thank you
Kim W
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Any day that starts with an Amy Havens workout is going to be a good day. Delicious legs in straps!
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