Class #2671

Standing Workout

15 min - Class


Work on equipment exercises on the Mat in this standing Mat workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches a basic class that can be used as an ending to a traditional Reformer or Mat class. She uses different props to mimic the feeling on the equipment for exercises like Chest Expansion, Boxing, Side Splits, and more!
What You'll Need: Towel, Hand Weights

About This Video


Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash and I am here for plots. Anytime. We're going to do some endings today we're going to work on a foundational or basic ending that you can use after you do your ...

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very nice!!
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As always with KRN : grace, strenght, stretch and much more; meaning: her enchanting personality and perfect teaching:) Love:) Thankyou:)
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And just for KRN's information: Tatiana Mindewicz-Puacz is a friend of mine who actually set up this account with PA for me. But it's Ewa Drapińska (Poland) who is the real person.
Yay!!! I miss you Kathi so have been practising your foot exercises and my Mat with KRN seasoning. Now I have some good morning mat with you too.

For any of you out there thinking about Kathi's Red Thread Training. DO IT!!!
Hello Ladies!!! Thank you so much for the support and kind words! I am still vibrating from the past two weeks on the isle of man and then in Scotland! Sending love and good health! Kath
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More mat work at level 1/2 and 2 from Kathryn please. The grace, strength and stretch that Ewa describes translates into such practical functionality!!
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Oh, Kathy, you are simple awesome!
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Excellent workout! Great idea with cleaning the floor :)
I am so thrilled you like this!!!!!
Love this going to use with my clients this afternoon ?? you're amazing.
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