Class #2676

Standing Workout

15 min - Class


Move with dynamic action in this standing Mat workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches an intermediate class that is a great ending after a traditional Mat or Reformer workout. She focuses on breaking apart the equipment exercises using props so you can prepare for the next level of the work.
What You'll Need: Hand Weights, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here for [inaudible] anytime and we're just going to do a little core or intermediate level ending for your mat work and or your reformer work. Okay? If you need to draw toward...

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Love it! Love this dynamic movements! Love your work Kathryn!!
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I'm all about this lively compact workout!!
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KRN...always entertaining and inspiring! Thanks for another great workout....
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Really enjoying all your short videos .....delicious movement snacks....thanks!
Great workout Kathi - you are such an inspiration. Amazing technique, knowledge and joy of the work. Thank you!
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KRN your energy is inspiring! I love your work!
Dawn Noel
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So fun! Thank you for your amazing energy and enthusiasim!

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Love this!! So fun!
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