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Play on the Spine Corrector with Meredith Rogers in this flowing workout! She has some of the Pilates Anytime team in her class, and she challenges them with combinations and progressions that feel good on the body. She includes variations of Jack Knife, Side Kick, Push Ups, and much more!
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Aug 06, 2016
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I'm so excited to be here with [inaudible] anytime cru. And we're going to play on the spine corrector. Here we go. So we're sitting right on top and I have just put my feet right in front of the spine corrector and I'm pulling back with my heels. And I just want you to take your hands either on your knees or underneath your knees or somewhere that makes sense to you and is comfortable. And I want you to lift your spine up.

So feel as though you're using your arms to pull. Yeah, I kinda like the knees for me. So then lifting up, take just a minute, close your eyes and just feel the length of your spine. And then feel the breath. Inhale the expansion of the ribbons. And then as you exhale, just settle into yourself and then you can open your eyes. Whenever you're ready. We're gonna move right away in here. Exhale, change, whatever you're pulling.

Two a push and round. So if your hands are behind you, maybe you could push your knees towards one another or if your hands are on top of your needs, you could push your knees away from you and then pull again. So lifting the spine, so we're just doing like a little wave with our spine or our ripple and push curl and in here, right this time go slightly be on straight into a little bit of back extension. Try not to make your back extension happen from your pelvis, keeping the pelvis in neutral, but allowing the upper back to extend. And let's do that two more times. Just letting the body warm up, a little curling backwards and lifting. Uh Okay. Oh, we'll just do one more. Pushing away and beginning to go inward and lifting up.

And then just take the arms up and reach around to the back of the spine corrector. Let the hands find the spine corrector and use your arms to push, but also lean back into your hands. So just going into a little bit more back extension and then bring the body forward and slide down and take your feet out in front of you a little bit more to where it's comfortable. We might have to move our barrels around today depending on what we're doing in class, so that might be part of our workout. Pickup the barrel, move it around, sit back down. Here we go. So one is to start rounding down and I want you to think about letting the barrel support your spine and then as your spine is supported by the barrel, we're going to take it into extension, allowing the arms to reach back with you, allowing your spine to die backwards. Take your arms around to your sides and say, hey, make a t shape, lift your eyes, look forward, reach forward with your arms and roll all the way back up until you're sitting again. Inhale and exhale, curling through this spine, the arms to reach an opposition to that backward engagement of the abdominal stretch back through the spine. Reach over the top, arms around to the sides, eyes forward, arms forward and roll.

Let me just do that one more time. Sit Tall. That's one of my favorite places to move my body. I love the spine corrector and that is a fun fact about me. Reach around and roll up all the way. Okay, so take the hands, interlock your hands. Place your hands behind your head. If at any point this gets too tough, feel free to cross your arms over your chest.

We're about to do some some abs ready. Let's go back. So be careful when you're going back. You're not pushing your head for you and keep your head in your hands. Stretch all the way over the top. Inhale and then exhale, lift. So you're just to the backside of your ribs. Again, noticing that you're not pushing your head forward.

Keep the head with the hands. Inhale to go back and exhale to lift up. So something that helps me prepare for that lift is to feel an idea that the two sides of my pelvis, the two bones of my pelvis are narrowing. So narrowing the bones of the pelvis, lifting, finding that floating position, and then going back. Let's make this a to breath cycle. So exhale, coming up to the top. Inhale, pull in and exhale. So we remind ourselves to work the contraction over the back in nails.

We're not just totally relaxing back there. We're staying in control x and we're going to do three more lift. Head heavy in the hands, pause to inhale and exhale to work back. And two more. Excelling to lift. Yeah, pause to inhale and exhale to come back.

Here's our very last one. We're actually not going to come back from this and so we'll just get ourselves up. What I want you to do is create a tunnel with your spine. Now we're going gonna round and you can come all the way for maybe even so much for the little stretch in your back and then unwind. So back to the straight back [inaudible] pixel up and over again, drawing the abdominals in towards the spine and inhale to come back. Straight line. We'll do three more. Excellent. Up and over. Create link.

I think about this, I'm action. Kind of like a cresting wave. So there's the barrel of the way and the body of the way. [inaudible] last time. So from there, stack the spine all the way up to a straight, keeping the head with the hands in here. Exhale, twist the spine towards my says, seated rotation and inhale to come back. Typically. Um, it's easy to lean backwards.

So try to think about going up and forward. Inhale to center. Feel the muscles of the trunk spiraling around the spine and inhale to center and exhale. So there's a rotation. And inhale to center. Let's do two more. I just had Deja Vu. Another fun fact. Okay.

Twist and center last time. Maybe I've said these words before or something. And Center. So think about what you're doing right now. We're gonna about to do the exact same thing in a different place. Okay? So what we're going to do is we're going to come back down, find your straight line a little bit higher. Gea right there, head back. Now we're gonna do that same twisting. So exhale.

It's a little harder down here. A little different. Exhale, twist and center and to just center twist and so anything we can do. Two more ladies I do and center. So two more to me means four to Christie last time to each side. Okay, here we go. In Center, stretch back almost there girls. Now you're going to lift neutral up in over into spinal flection into center.

Over the top there is our pattern. Xcel up spinal selection thing. Chess live with rotation center and back. We are doing five total. Two both sides. Exhale to lift and rotate.

Digging into the barrel with the obliques center and back. It's a little hard when you go this slow isn't it? She was speed it up. XO Pin across Ne and three [inaudible] and up and over and India and back and accent. Okay, well no I lost count two more. Thanks Amy. Amy's being honest, which is a lovely quality to have in a friend and in person.

If I was her I might have lied. So here's our last one is I last one? Oh No, we're going to hold it right here. And we're just going to do little Ford Cross fast for three deep to one center all the way back. This is it up in over. All right. And Five, four, three, two, one center. Take the arms back with your [inaudible] all the way over the top. It's all right to even let the pelvis lift up of off of the barrel a little bit and then bring arms around to the side and then curl the spine up all the way.

Okay, so let's turn and face me. So organize yourself so you're more at the front of your barrel. We're going to, so for me, I don't like to be way up here, but uh, we're going to stay at the low ribs. Just press the upper arm or sorry, that's the elbow ams part of the upper arm and the lower arm against the chair. Take the other hand behind the head, lift the leg that's straight.

And here we go into flex that leg and kick forward, forward, back, back. So it's nice to have that arm to help us keep our stability. Keep the knees straight and back back, trying to hold the trunk stable as well and back. The challenging for me thing for me is to keep the height of the leg consistent throughout. Let's do five more and back four more and back. Three more. As you're like comes forward, it's pulling from the center of your body back. Last one, forward pull.

Pull back, pull, pull. So now take the hand from behind your head. Maybe bring it to the front of that barrel so the hands are pushing towards one another. As you rotate your spine, now that back leg is going to go high up as high up as you can and it just going to make little lifts up there for five and four and three and two and one. And now we're going to make five circles too. So we're sculpting and let's go the other way. Five, four, three, two, one. Reorganize yourself back so that your straight lie all the way down and behind your head. Inhale, as you exhale, you're going to reach.

Think about going this way out out rather than up and create a straight line with your body. Won't feel like you're moving very far. Inhale to go down. Exhale to, yeah. Annie. Inhale to go down. We're going to three more like that. Exhale to lift up. Okay.

Yeah. Nail to go down. Who asked to exhale to lift and down. One more time. Exhale to lift. So now my friends are going to add the leg. Christy says we're not going to be friends after this. I don't believe her. She's well, she's made it through worse, weathered, worse than this with me.

That's a promise and down and slow reaching the leg away from you. And as we get a little hip work, get a little bleak work. Here's three more. [inaudible] I'm not, I just did my Chris, he asked me if I'm pushing with my front foot. I'm just resting it. But I wonder if that would help. It kinda does help if you pushed with it.

Push down with it as you're lifting your body up. Okay. But I'm not really using in lunch cause I'm fancier than you. Okay. Just jokes. Reach all the way over the top. So here's what I want you to do. We're going to take that arm from the back. We're going to lift the leg.

We're going to reach up single leg teaser with rotation. Now that's fancy. All of us are fancy and reach over the top five times. And then I have a present for you and over the top and reach. Oh do you can touch your toes. That's so she has extra fancy way when fields, even me last too. I'm trying. Oh, it can get there and back. Last one. Hey, are you ready for your present? Carry this. So just lay down.

Take that top arm and lead with your arm. And then as your arm goes backwards, let your body lay back. Please make a full circle with your arm. Let your pelvis go with you, and then reach forward. So you make a full circle. We'll do three and then we'll reverse. So reach back. If it doesn't feel good on your head, feel free to just reach up and support your head with your hand. So that's fine. It's a great stretch.

I believe things that help trying to reach the leg and opposition. So that's super active. Leg will give you an opposite oppositional pull around and then back. And then let's go the other way. So we'll go forward and lean back and around and up and weigh out in. Friend. Lean back. Oh, shorts falling off. And last time.

Okay. Alright. Or bringing yourself back into neutral. I think that I would like to look at your beautiful faces while you argue with me. So let's turn our barrels around. Okay.

No, that's fine if I can't see you. Okay, so coming all the way down, what did we start with? Oh, we did the arm like this. I'm not pushing myself up. I'm just using my arm for support and then hand behind the head, leg lifted. Okay. And the Pelvis Square. And here we go. We go forward, forward, push back. Forward, forward.

Imagine that you're pulling something as spring away or maybe you're pushing someone away from, yeah, or I don't know. You can visualize something that suits you using the arm to press. This is one of the hardest things for me to do on this barrel. I don't know why. It's really hard for me. Yeah, just getting, keeping myself up. Okay, so if it's hard for you to, you are not. Wow. Last too last time and then I just took my hand from behind the header.

I just brought it around to the front. So I'm thinking about forearm into the barrel and then hand into the barrel and them coming kind of together. So we're rotating, lifts the spine, lift the leg up and then five lifts up to keep lifting the back. Two one. Here we go, we circle side and four and three and two and one and we circle five, four active arms three and two and one and then organize yourself so your back straight again. Hands behind that. Remember it's less of an app energy and more of a long energy. Here we go, lifting out and up. Nice feeling the ribs slide down the front of the body and down and lifting it out.

And we were already feeling that that upper waist pretty powerfully, but also keep in mind what's happening in the rest of the trunk. The back extensors have to work a little bit here. The lower obliques. Have to work a little bit here. Don't overuse your back extensors. Make sure that you're feeling this, the work mostly in the front of the body if possible. I think this is fast. Is Anyone counting for me? Awesome. Thank you. This is why for awesome.

Thank you. I it, and this is five. So we did five and then we did five with the leg. So here's the leg. The leg reaches away. I feel how the all the muscles in the side of our body. Oh look, they're all connected. What do you know then? Really Shah, maybe they're connected all the way up into your school.

I believe that could be true. And you're Richa [inaudible]. Okay, last two. [inaudible] damn. Oh, it's almost ready for a surprise. Our present. It's not a surprise anymore since we know it's coming, but it's still going to be pretty yummy. Go down. Harm goes overhead, and here we go. He'd go back, open the Chaz, let the pelvis just fall backwards and then reach out in front of you, eh? Yeah. And our, each back, long leg reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching and around. One more [inaudible] up in back.

Yeah. Nice. And then coming around full circle and then let's go forward, back leaning, reaching up, up, up and again, forward around to the side and back. Okay. Last time.

Yeah. And around to the side and back. Okay. So we've just finished that beautiful stretch in. Jia reminded me that we didn't do the single leg tease with rotations of your columns. Here we go, reach up. [inaudible] oh, I'm even further away from my foot on this side. That's exciting.

And My quads cramping. So that's fun too. And then reach up. Did you really want this scent much interest mission about me? No, probably not. I'm gonna reach over the top and twist. Feel those old bleaks. Yeah. And back and to, up, up, up, up, up and back.

So I know that it's important to be even and all of that stuff. But I believe the s with the sake of being uneven, that we deserve one more backward stretch. I really do. I just think that that is important for all of us. So there it is. I made us do an uneven number for the first seminar. Okay. So here's what we're going to do now.

We're going to do some hip work over the top. So I need you guys to stagger and just move your barrels so that you've some mat behind you to lie on. So like scissors and bicycle [inaudible] that might work. I don't care where they go. Um, I just want not want you to have enough space for your own self. [inaudible] yeah, and you guys will just look, it is his watch.

Okay. So we're going to go over the top, grab your handles, slide over and find your pelvis on top of the spine corrector. Stretch your legs up. So we're going to start with some scissors. What I want you to do is first take the uh, the, let's say the left leg down as far as you can go and then pull the right leg back just in response to that. So the bottom leg is your focus leg and then let's come up. We'll do one more slow like that.

Bottom leg is the [inaudible] leg and want you to think about squeezing the back of that leg or engaging in the back of that leg to try to lift energetically off the spine correctly. And now we'll go quicker. So we pull, pull and reach, reach, feel the stretch through the legs and reach, reach. Make sure that there's some hub dominal focus here last time. And then the bottom like Ben's and it reaches to tip the barrel as we bicycle, reach into the barrel. Enjoy the stretch to the front of the hip. As that happens, I'm going to do three more. Stretching that top leg over, but don't let it get too close to you because then the bottom like won't get as much range. Her last one.

Yeah, so let's take that in reverse. Now Ben, the top knee, take the bottom like straight up and then stretch out low and stretch out low. I like to watch my pelvis because I can see it from where I am and what tid it stays really level. [inaudible] two more times through reaching down, then straight down. Then straight last one, brushing the floor and then up externally, rotate in the hips, push out, flex in, squeeze, push together and then point and reach out. Imagine that someone's holding your feet apart and you're having to resist to fight to come back to center. So really well.

I'll say this, this way. You get out of it what you put into it, so that's what you should do. Whatever you can run. Two more. Inhale, open. Exhale, squeeze. Inhale, open. The legs come together evenly. Excess squeeze. It doesn't happen very easily. Sometimes take the left leg towards the floor, the right leg towards the body. Helicopter, left leg goes, left, her right leg goes right. We spiral in the hip joints coming around to the opposite scissor and back to straight up again. Left leg down, right leg back, big rotation, hitting all points of the circle at the same moment.

And then back to center. One more time. Reach out on and around, just creating a breath that feels appropriate for you. But remembering to breathe. Let's reverse that right leg down, left leg, big stretch out both sides of the room get touched by the toes and center. You guys have such a good team, not even kicking each other and you're like and sent your last one. So we're, I'm going to take us into some bridging exercise and there's going to be some weight on the next uh, weight on the neck is not appropriate for you. Definitely feel free to modify or skip this part.

So we're going to come up to is just straight up. We're going to keep the middle of the back on the barrel. As you reach over folding in half. Well these come parallel to the mat. Flex the feet. This one's not so bad. Open the lengths and then lower the fee down towards the floor.

Then roll the spine down. Point the feet, take the legs even further down. So far that you have to use your abs to help support you. Inhale to lift and exhale to roll over. We're going to do three, flex the feet, keeping the center of the back against the barrel. Legs go down. Now maybe they won't touch. That's okay. Roll down. Point legs down and together.

Inhale and exhale, folding over, flex the fee. Separate the length and down and roll down. So I was thinking today about how this could be a really nice place to practice the control balance. So that's what we're going to do. Just leaving the arms where they are. Exhale over. So get them, keep the legs together and get the legs to tip the Mat. Keep the center of the back on the barrel and then reach the left leg up.

So using the bureau for support as you try to get that leg to vertical, and I'm bending my arms and kind of pulling the barrel underneath me and then we'll add a little kick. So up pull, pull with that up, like and pull pool with the uplink pool pool, reaching the leg towards the ceiling. K last time. And then we're gonna do jackknife. So my idea around that is that both legs will start coming down and then we'll go down to the pelvis. So we'll roll down and then let the legs come down. So the whole spine is on a long, and then inhale to bring the legs to vertical XL.

Find that same rule over where the center of the spine stays against the barrel. Let the legs come down and then reach up. Now the back is going to leave the barrel, but you still have your arms reaching up, uh, and then fold the legs back over. Let the back fine in the barrel. It's a great place to practice that exercise, I think. And then lower down. I'm never done it before. Just today's the first time. I like it a lot.

Inhale, legs come up. Exhale, reaching over. Feet come down, press down with your arms and reach rising off the spine. Corrector off the barrel to find your vertical line. Oh, that reaching back. Okay. And Rolling back down. One more time.

Here it is. Inhale, lift. Exhale. Up and over. Inhale, lift up. Okay. [inaudible] back down.

Roll all the way down. So I hope it'll work for us to just bring the knees in towards the chest. And can we just slide the barrels out from underneath us where your mats too sticky? These girls can do just anything. Okay. So just give yourself a minute there. Let your back settle. So, okay. So let's stand up and then you want, your barrels are perfect actually cause we're just going to use them there.

So we're going to do some um, surprises. Okay. So what I'm going to do is stand about like that from your barrel. I don't know what that means. Two feet, reach down and place your hands down on your barrel. So I've come down more away from being totally straight and down, more into like a half up stretch or a half elephant or something like that. And then once you're there, feel free to move your feet. You know, make it work for you. Your hips want to be right over your feet. We're going to take the left leg and reach back to the floor.

Now as that leg lifts up, think elephant Airbus. The spine goes down and inhale, the les comes down when just do that five times x. So lift the leg, take the body forward. What I mean by that is it's not that the body is actually lifting up and down, but think of it challenging that low spinal position as you challenge your hip extension. So we do two more times and last time holding the leg in the air. Now we're gonna bend the supporting leg, lift that back leg higher, and then push the floor away. Stretch Ben Supporting Lee. Push the floor away. Stretch three more bend.

Keep that body low. Lift through the abdominals last too as stretch one more and stretch. So now come forward over your arms and place that foot down on the floor behind you. Step the other leg back into a plank position. It's important here, especially if you have trouble with your risks that your risks aren't on the downslide of the barrel, but that there are more right over the top. Then we're going to come into a plank position. So here we are. Point that same like left foot lifted up and down, up pelvis squared, up and down, up and down. Last time up, place it in.

Bend your arms and straighten. Five four. I was grazing the waist. Three, two, one. Hold left leg back up. Inhale. Exhale around the spine and back and around this pushing through the right heel as the left knee comes into the chest and around the spine and back.

Last two round and back. One more time around. Step it down onto the fourth five. Push up. I love pushups just in case you didn't know that about me. Last two. One more. Lift the hips up, step back into your up stretch. Half up, stretch, Elliphant shape and then right like comes to the mat. So squaring in the pelvis, here we go.

We reached out like out and out and down and out. Keeping the head. I just caught myself dropping my head below my arm. So we want to think about keeping the head in line with the spine. Here's our last to stabilizing through the shoulders. Awesome guys look so good. Last one.

Hold it there and bend and push the floor away. Inhale, bend, lifting that back leg even more in. Push the floor away. And three, always a nice idea. Every once in awhile. Check in with your abdominals last to one more and stretch and then bring the weight of your body forward over your arms. Step that foot down into the mat. Take a moment, step the other leg back.

Here we go, we find our plank position, right, like points and we go out and at five 10 I like in this exercise to think about pulling my leg down with my stomach last to one more step in. Here's our first five pushups. Amy was a little excited. She wanted to do them a minute ago. That's okay. I like them too. Amy last too, maybe she, she said, she says she just wants to get them over with. Here we go. Now that and he comes into the chest curl, deepen, deepen, deepen, single knee, stretch and back and curl and core from plank into a deep round, back to plank two and that one step back. These are very final pushups. Five of them for the day. One, two, three, four.

Okay. Five. Let's bring the knees to the mat and then if you just let your arms be here, you sit back, we should be able to get a little shoulder stretch there. Okay. And then we'll do some back extension. So that's coming. Yeah.

Okay. So barrels, I think I'd like for all everyone's head. Just turn your bales around and you'll be good. Okay. You may want to give yourself, so we're going to start on our forearms. You might want to give yourself enough Matt to be on your forearms.

Okay. So the pelvis is going to come right onto the top. We're just going to place the forms down on the mat. You're exactly right, Jia. So just keeping the arms parallel to one another, the legs not doing much, they may be a little bit energized. What I want you to think about is gliding the elbows backwards so they're not gonna move a lot, but I want them to move towards the barrel and then keep that backward. Glide action with the elbows and the Scapula as you start lifting the elbows.

Off the Mat. So reaching up, pressing with songs. It's kind of like a pushup for the back and then bending and then again sliding the elbows backwards, stretching the arms up, reaching a, feeling that back working and then bending. They think about the same thing on the dance. The elbows pull back. Let's do one more like that, reaching on and then holding yourself here to be a little higher than we normally would be in our swimming. We're not going to swim, but we are gonna do like a swim prep. So reaching one arm and one leg and then down the arm that stays on the mat.

I want you to do a backward drag with it fit and down and to and down to last time and reach and down and reach. And uh, okay. So now push yourself back. So you're gonna be essentially for this exercise where the apex of the barrel hits your body is where your back extension is going to be focused. That's not comfortable for everyone. So if it's not comfortable for you to free to not do it, my ribs her right over the top, but organize for yourself, hands behind the head, toes tucked under.

Now like you're in a pushup position with your legs and then lift your spine, lift your head and just inhale. Exhale, stretch your arms for like super person, superwoman, Superman, whatever you are. Inhale, hands back. Exhale, articulate down. Inhale, lifting the head and chest. Start with the head. The head presses into the hands. We do a reverse articulation of the spine. Leg. Stay down. Exhale, reach. Inhale, bend, and exhale down. Here's our last one. Lifting, Huh? Exhale, stretch. Inhale, bend. Excellent them. So we're gonna keep the hands where they are.

We're going to bring the heels together, toes apart. It's going to get bigger. If you're not ready for a bigger back extension, just stick with that one. That's perfect. So we lift the head and chest again. This time as the arm straightens, I want you to straighten your arms, lift your legs, and lift your spine. Hold that eyes down, hands behind the head, lower the legs, lower the spine. Inhale, head, chest, keep it small.

If you need XR arms, spine, legs, left hip extensors are strong, and his back. Th the toes back under and lower down. We have one more. This is our grand finale. My friends hadn't. Chest arms, legs, stretch, reach, hands back and then take it all the way down. And then once again, let's slide back.

So the knees come onto the mat. I think you'll be okay, right? If you just don't need your feet on the Nazi. Just reached down, letting the arms rest over the top of the barrel, confining a stretch. And then let's come forward. So let me kind of like kneeling, cat, stretchy. So he just near the top of the barrel. Inhale, I'm resting my thighs against the barrel. So we're gonna from here.

Lift through this. Friends, we just align the upper back to find a little bit movement, more movement. And then let the size come away from the barrel. Think of sliding the needs towards the barrel. They won't actually move, but you pull away. And then again, rounding forward or coming forward, pressing the size into the bearer, sliding the scapula down, lifting the chest through the arms, and then pushing the barrel away. Rounding the spine, eyes down and sitting back, just hovering near the feet. Okay, and that last one coming forward, hinge forward, opening up through the sternum. Exhale, rounding. And this time, if it's appropriate for you just to sit down onto your feet, do so. If not, come up onto your knees. Just allow your arms to slide down, barrel across the seat and down towards your thoughts as you come up to Sydney.

And that's all I got. Thank you for class. Thank you for coming to class.


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What a fabulous class! I love Meredith's ability to provide thoughtful cues that let me get deeper into the exercises.
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Loved this class! The scissors and other exercises over the barrel (I used my Pilates Arc) were my favorite. Thank you:)
Thanks, gals!
I love the hip series over the barrel as well!
Such yummy stretches.
Angelika G
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Feel great after that class. Thank you Meredith.
Meredith you are soooo good! Thank you for helping us be better pilates ambassadors. Come to INDY!
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Love the Barrel/spine Correcter also! Very nice presentation with wonderful focus on the lengthening and extension of movements! Thank you!
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Thank you so much Meredith. Always relaxing and though;)
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Such a lovely spine corrector workout - - a great series of exercises for opening the hips and the upper back too. Thanks, Meredith!
Thanks, all!

Body Mind I am open to coming to Indy...
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Loved the oblique work on the barrel with hip abduction.
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