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Mat Workout

55 min - Class


We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Karen Clippinger to Pilates Anytime! In her Mat workout, she focuses on alignment and symmetry throughout the whole body. She adds a Theraband to help work on thoracic extension and more work throughout the entire back body. You will enjoy many creative variations, including some modified Reformer exercises like Breast Stroke, Up Stretch, and more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

About This Video


Hi, my name is Karen Clippinger, and I'm joined today by Melody from Cal State Long Beach and Ishmael, a recent graduate from Cal State Long Beach. And we're gonna do a mat class today...


Thank you Karen, loved the pace and enjoyed this class ! I will borrow elements of this for my group class :))
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you r amazing.
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Simply wonderful and creative work out. Absolutely loved it, Karen.
Hard work of the gluteus, very pleasant variations. Thanks.
Fabulous class for alignment of the body and strength in every part! Loved the uses of the theraband and pace and cues. Very smooth class. Wasn't aware of any time passing. Every part of the body is worked easily. Thank you so much
Thank you great class. Hope to take a workshop with you one day in the near future.
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Learned a lot about proper body mec hanic and precision from thisclass. Thank you for your instruction, Karen. Please teach more classes via Pilates Anytime!
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I really loved the concepts and movements in this class but I found the cuing confusing and incomplete at times. I had to keep my eyes on the screen at all times.
Great class! Thank you Karen.
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What an amazing class Karen! I loved the simple instructions to improve body awareness and symmetry. I found the work out challenging and effective! you certainly packed in a lot of wonderful movement patterns in this class!
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