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Letting Go of Perfection

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Let yourself be in the work during this Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She focuses on letting go of the desire to be perfect and just moving your body. She keeps the class flowing by adding smooth transitions so you can move from one exercise to the next without stopping.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Nov 08, 2016
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Elisa and I are going to do reformer workout together. Come join us, run our three red or three springs actually for our footwork. Before we begin, let's just kind of settle in as always good to do and just take your, take an inventory like how do you feel, where is your head between your shoulder rests? You want to have it centered, feel even evenness with your shoulders, your ribs, your pelvis. You may need to rock it back and forth a few times. If it's comfortable where your feet are, chances are then you need to adjust them a little bit and get more up on the bar with the pinky toe, especially knees a little narrower. And then give a sense here that the calf muscles are kind of lifted up to by the back of the shinbone so that the whole back of our legs is active. Okay.

And I think with the today's class or session workout is just let yourself be in the work of coladas. I would say let's not try to perfect any one thing. If you're in your practice working on a specific element, bring that in. Um, it could just be simply that you're trying to breathe fully and consistently through each exercise. Uh, that's great. Just be, let's just drop the perfection game and just be, here we go. We're moving out on the breath. Exhale in and, and, and chances are you'll have to keep bringing yourself back to that thought of just being, because your brain might be going into some other thing. Enjoy movement.

We've got two more and be thankful that you know your [inaudible] method to keep your body healthy. Let's close in prehensile and press [inaudible]. Bring in that nice clean air. Do you try to exhale stronger to get the stale air out? Yeah. Even weight on those feet.

Okay. Stretched arms along the side of your body. Last one. And you'll just lift the feet and put the heels against the bar. And so when you know what to activate in the back of the legs, it's right up there by the, where are the gluten? The hamstring have a decision. Who gets to do what? Yeah, but more focus maybe on the front, opening up, not so gripped back here. Seven.

Really reaching out to those legs. Last two stretched arms still last one. And then we'll take the balls of the feet to the bar. Parallel for some tendon stretches. Let's take ourselves out. We'll take two oh cramping up two slow counts, one, two to go up, one, two and exhale.

And inhale is feel the ride of the spring. How you can control your flection and extension. Smooth if you're lucky enough to have us a reformer with springs that are audible. Enjoy that. And so cool. And three and lift. Keep your legs connected here and lift one more time down and lift.

[inaudible]. Bend the knees to come all the way in. Okay, so for the 100 we know our little transition. Taking the bar down, extend those beautiful legs over the bar and grab your handles. You may want to start with some space between your blocks and use. They don't jam up. Alright, here we go. We're going to lift and we're being into the a hundred for five. Exhale, three, four or five.

Ah, so maybe okay to shrug their shoulders up for just a second to round further forward. And then restretch the arms. The calves are lifted up against the shins and that's to help us not hyper extend our knees. I'm trying to stretch my arms a little further. I think Elisa is too. [inaudible] nine exhale for five and 10 get that dye from a whole way back up strong. Bend the knees and then come on down. Straps into one hand. Come on up.

Changed that yet. Woo. We did it with one hand teams. This ring going down for sure. Spine and enjoying the threading through leather through loop. Both feed in at the same time, which means we have to pull those straps toward our feet. Step in. All right, and then get your prehensile feet on those straps. Let's go.

Inhale, we stretch. No up, up, up. Take a moment. I like to take a moment on the first one and let those spine bones lift upward toward the pelvis, the pelvis toward the feet so that you're more decompressed rather than compressed. And as we bend the knees still as if the hips could go higher to maybe go for more stretch. Okay. And then we roll it down in the feet above our face. We're stretching our spine as far out on the mat as we can to start again. Exhale, rolling. Now, three more. Inhale.

Feel that Nice. Hello. [inaudible]. [inaudible] one more time and lit bond and all the way down. And then just stay in neutral pelvis or level pelvis for a minute. Reach and grab your wooden handles and take your feet out and hopefully we made it. Tuck your elbows in towards you. Head Up. Let's just do three coordination.

Oh, on clothes and knees to forehead, elbows and last to progress. Open in knees to forehead. N Ben, one more stretch. I can't stop at three. I need five for feeling good. Pull it in. Stretch the arms, arms. Never stop stretching until they do, which is right here. Okay, now we're ready for some rowing coming around with taking one spring down. But with these, I do think we should just do three of each so we can kind of keep ourselves moving. So we'll do sternum, hands to sternum. We'll take a moment, sit tall, squeeze the legs together rather than pushing out. Take a nice inhale.

Here we go. Pull it back. Arms Press. They pull. When we round over, we're keeping our weight back on. Our pelvis. Hands are low. Then they go high. Big Circle. Scooping that belly way back and circling up. Exhale, round press. They press again.

Then we dive where to remember. Hands go low. Then they go up. Big Circle in the shoulders. Stress those hamstrings and good Elisa and up and rounding back. Look out in the horizon until you don't, which is right here. Still looking down. Still down.

Still down until here and hindering back. Rowing too. Going up. Nice quiet carriage. You take it down. Lift big circle now as we go. Yeah, that's it. Come up and make it one flat spine. Lift these quiet carriage and big circle.

Feel the handles. Even pressure grip in the handles or contact in the handles. There we go. And then we will come around for some rowing. But here's a fun transition. I'm like this.

Okay. And we're ready. Woo. Super Fun. And we reach and fingers down and let's lift and we're growing taller. Just be with rolling front hand and Oh Ben down lift and all the way around. Now let's flex her feet and pause to breathe in. Exhale, dive.

How close can we get? Head to knees and then we stretch. We bring this spine up, we lower the arms of the high spine and we bend and we reach. We reach a little further because we can and we lift our pinky toes her back. Our legs are squeezed together. We're enjoying the work in our legs.

Handles are even in those hands and open. We should cross our legs. I'm going to switch my grip. Okay, let's do three of each. Inhale for the first three [inaudible] we're working on pressing our knees down on this exercise just as much as working the upper body. Hold here on the inhale. Exhale and belly back. Diaphragm up.

Ah, spine up. [inaudible]. Okay. Alright. Switching the length so you can choose. Salute or shave the back of your head or shave off your ponytail. Here we go. Same thing. Inhale. Exhale. Knees are down and when we bend those elbows, the elbows are wide.

So I'm going to do three more and exhale in the next three going out. Maybe linger that exhale to get all the impurities out. Exhale, exhale, exhale and okay, good. Pulling straps. Go around and get our box. Let me pull straps and T. Okay.

The three to five of each one. Yeah. So armpit zone right at the edge there. You can put your hands through the leather. Grab a whole thumbs. Thumbs with fingers. Yeah, let's go in the thumb on the outside and then start first with your body long and just collect that connection of abdominal spine legs together. And here we go. On the inhale, the shoulders, the eyes, the neck, had the chest.

We're going to use her triceps and left her arms a little higher and reach her chest further forward toward the leather and exhaling down. Two more. Inhale through the water. Chest forward toward the leather, legs up. And one more time and okay. Out All the way down. I'm going to go into the actual handle. Yeah, you can do in the leather or handle.

We're going to have our palms facing our feet and here we go. I'm doing the same thing. Inhaling, I'm going to try to touch my fingertips toward one another on my back and then open for tea. Just giving my arms a little extra length to work with Jose. Opened my shoulders and my chest and open. One more time. Pull the arms, reach the chest forward and open and release. Okay, I'm going to hook my handles down. Elisa, I'm gonna step off.

I'm just going to give my little back a stretch. Okay. Add one more spring in their backstroke and no, we could have done the other transition, but I'm just being doing what I need. Okay, here we go. Right, like a little pre teaser. We'll stay that high in the upper body as we bend the knees and elbows again. Open and reach, reversing it three times. Hands Defeat, circle, lift, rebound, hands, two feet.

Open. Lift and Ben. One more and open Lyft and rebend. Let your head drape back. Hands in one straps in one hand. Come on up with a teaser or tucked knees. There we go. We're rolling. Back Down for teaser now with teaser. Yeah, come down the box a little bit. All right. Drape the head back.

Go ahead and let the arch happen in your back. Really go for, for just someone to kind of go passive and can then let's put a little [inaudible] in that center. Inhale, start raising your head, neck and chest. Let the arms just be dragged up. Yeah. And exhale back. Resist moving the arms backward and start the roll up. Drag the arms through and left and get my legs a little higher. There we go. And Cross us. Fine.

One more and we'll add some more movements there. So let's do arms down and use those biceps and belly goes back. Yeah. Ah, well not some little circles, right? Three little ones, one or legs or reaching for something. Don't know what, but something, a three. Whoops. Too much. And the other way. One Good Elisa too.

She's making me work three whole and we roll all the way back and we can harassed. Okay, let's just drop those in. [inaudible] I never really liked that. I think I want to do so short box. Okay. Instead of maybe the stomach massage. So let's load ourselves up. Grab our pole.

Yeah. Alrighty. Alright. We're pulling our ankles out. Why? We're holding our mar right in front of our chest. We're looking down and making sure the pinky toe is pulled up and that we're not locking her knees and we're going to breathe and we're exhaling. We're rounding back. Taking yourself where you feel like you can go.

That's what I thought. Can you go over? Yup. Touch that. Bring the arms up the head, neck and chest and around. Pull on that strong. Squeeze the bum. Squeeze the bum. Squeeze the bum and roll up to more annex. Look on the horizon until you can. Then it goes out. Follow the bar.

Stretch those hips. Arms come up. Exhale, round, belly, back. Go way down. Way Down that out. One more time. The alien. The shoulders drops down. Good. And we roll all of that some hand and reach. Inhale. Exhale. I think snorkeling did me some good. Some water time. My back feels really good.

Okay, so arms are up on a little diagonal or higher. Now, you know you can do that higher because you have shit better shoulders than I do. And we're gonna go flat back and think about the rib cage coming back through the ribs, the Fred ribs through to the back ribs. Just one more time. So the Scapula have to be very wide for there to be room. The side bend. Inhale and exhale to the left. Up and over and up and over.

Think about that. According on one side, yes, but keeping the hip down on that same side once again. So I'm going to take an Amy left hip stays down and right hip stays down. Okay, and twist. So let's twist and flat back dive. Come out of that twist and center. Inhale. Exhale, twist in reach, lift.

Use that strap down there for those ankles. Pull out when you need to lift. Drop the shoulders and out and up. We've got one more. Each side. My pants are slipping to list and reach. Lift Center. One more twist. Actually Elissa, I'm going to have us do one more. Let go of the pole where the dive and fish, the spear, the fish, reach, reach, reach out and how much you longation can we get right? It's not perfect ever being in it. We're stretching. We're doing finalize. Okay.

We're doing climate tree. All right. I've been done this way for a while. To take this elbow under the knee and then do wrist to wrist. Let's just see what that feels like today. Take a moment right now to take this hip and roll it underneath so we get as level as we can on our pelvic halves and let's work to stretch and then you arm is kind of pressing on the back of the Femur so the femur stays pretty well where I where it is and the Femur is pressing against the arm hold hand, hand.

Now the elbows then to bring the leg in, elbow, straighten, elbows, bend, hearing the Ligan and straighten and also that sit bone. That pelvic half is rolling underneath us. Hold it there. Then now straighten. Now we go this way forward. Okay. Even more now the pelvic half, he gets all about the right hell. This rotating under to take us back. When do you think?

Yeah. Two, three and then arching over. I'm gonna go ahead and reach again underneath the frame. Circle the arms and come up in one, two and three, two more times. Walking down, activating the back to extend the spine and the abdominals to flex the spine. Once again, nice precise movement of those hands. Leg is reaching up. Okay.

Right hand, left hand back. We go think pelvis. Pelvic rotation. Yeah, go for it. Good girl. Good girl. Go, go, go, go, go. Our charge. Feel it. It feels so good. And we come like leave your leg back, leave the leg back there. Leave the leg back there. Bed until, we don't need to cause it goes this way because then it goes over there and then the it van, so, oh yeah, across the leg. Cross your midline.

Turn, look toward the shoulder, sickle, the foot and change. Feel how that stretch happens there. And then take your arm. How many places could we have energy out the hand if they head out this heel and root down in the sit bones and then transition. Just take this arm up and they're going to do a figure four. Take that foot out and just figure for it. Okay.

Other side. So if to reach down, grab feeling good. We're doing well with our breath. I can hear and feel. Elbow, hand on wrist center. Center Center. Yeah. MMM. Shaken knee. And to keep that connection of the thigh against the arm and arm against the thigh hole. All we get and then till next time and then three times, elbows straighten. They bend, straighten and we been, when we straightened, then our body bans forward. We get that really close connection.

Shin to head and head to Shin and we take it back. It's like a trick we play on ourselves and we adjust that pelvic half. So it was world's levels. We can be keeping our leg there. Can we explore the extension on this side? We circle and we may need to ask more breath to get ourself up.

Our tree can look up to the branches and then down. Yeah, there we go. And reach, open your chest. Exhale, use that ankle strap for some support to leverage and climb higher. Good. One more time. And we're back. Climbed down, good arch. Open and walk up, up up the tree.

And then it's the left hand inside. Open pelvic curl basically again. And we round that under. Take yourself over and enjoy the flexibility we're building in our body and curl up trying to leave the leg back there so it's more work in the abdominals to bring our spine up, up and around and on the outside. So you can do a sickled foot does feel different. You may like that feeling, that hip rotation he reached in the arm and for a moment, connector points, hand head, heel, sit bones. And then the arm goes up. We bring our leg out and we figure four yes. And as we come out of this, we're going to go back, take our box back.

Gosh, that feels good, doesn't it? And I think, I think we go into our long strip series, no tendon stretch, tendon stretch. So keeping our breath, I would take out the two middle reds are the two middle springs and then if we go and as a, maybe a little different entry on this one today. Here we go. Let's go ahead and push it out. Oh, you're tiny. You may want to have one that's going to kick you back off in the parking lot. I mean you're strong but you're like, you know what I mean? Okay. And then yeah, you are now lift yourself up here. Okay, slowly come back to the bumper. There we go. Now remember, yes, our heels go down.

But what if we push the springs long cause our stomach is pushing toward our feet and then we clear the bar. We don't even need to do the dip. We bring it back in. We can get our hug closer to our shins. I'm going to do it a couple more times. We're coming forward. I'm going to try to Tuck my tail on her now. Let it now on the slowing down that spring.

And one more maybe. Do you need five or is three good? I'm going for five. Yeah, we need two more. Go Push, push, push there. Last one. Her shoulders are wrapped. Our stomach is really helping or strong alarms are healthy. I lift and we just quietly sit down for a long Brock stretch after I wiped the sweat from my brow. Okay, good. Long back stretch.

Our heels are right up against the blocks. We've got a good open chest. Same thing. We pelvic tilt and we keep that pelvic tilt. I'm going to drop my spring. It's this, that fine line on my want to, but I think I can only do one. Okay, so it's a pelvic tilt and I'm trying to say high as long as I can. Drop it down and then push up through those strong arms. Here we go. Pelvic tilt, keep the hips, high hips, high hips, hips, hips, hip side.

Then we come down and we bring the carriage and we push. It's like a wheel. It's a wheel lift and we're going to reverse it today. Lisa, dipping down, pelvic tilt and lift up. Back support from that class. Okay. Dips, pelvic tilt and lift. Strong hips.

Oh one more time. Dip. Push and lift. Open the shoulders and then now stepping down and, okay, now regular long back. Stretch her long, long steps though. [inaudible] inhale. Dang it. Excellent. These are strong springs and look out in the horizon with your eyes.

That's it. Let's just do three. No, we're going for five. How was our abduction? Good. Adduction is good. Downstairs will be fantastic. Okay, here we go. We're lifting up at arch. Mourn your upper back. Don't look down. You know what? Don't go pull. Like if you had a bigger ponytail, take them back to your heels. Back up and back.

Okay, up on the fingertips. Up into the back bend. You've got one. So go for it. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. And gorgeous up. Stretch. Take a minute. Check the feet. They look pretty good. Here we go. They'll be tilt. Keep it round. Upper belly, upper belly up or belly. So hips go under. It's like a pelvic tilt here.

Let long stretch and upper belly and pelvic tilt. Two more. Last one coming in for elephant. We can walk forward. May Not need to on the grass, but the see what you do. And then again, let's get everything. Ribs, mid spine, lumbar spine, toes up and pushing. Pull, push and pull.

Five six. It's like short spine stretch in the back. Nine and 10 just come down to your knees for a moment. Take a couple breaths. We'll do new stretch series. Several of them. Round, flat, single or off in single. Alright, and in to find the breath again. The distance traveled isn't as important as that curve in the low back. Eight, nine and whole. Now let's ripple the spine.

Tail, Lumbar, sternum, and the cervical. Here we go. Now this distance traveled. It means more for the panther or the whatever, God, John Vocab and eight right? Nine. She can't get 10 and Nis off. Go and neath. Remember, we're just being, we're not worried about perfection. Seven, she's counting. No. Eight, nine, 10, take a breather. Come on down.

[inaudible] calm, collected. But see, we need that charge. If we're being chased, we gotta get the hell out of there. That's what that explosion of the legs is for. Okay. So the single when I want to do here. Yeah. Right foot forward, ball of foot, not too high. Float the other Nia titch. It's the Bakley push round loud and long and round. Long and well one more long and round. Need down, foot, back, foot forward. Get ready.

Knee up and press. Knee under, under, under and under and under and down. Alrighty. Girlfriend, what do you think? Feels good. Let's do, let's just semi-circle. So we're going to take our little block and put it in the hole. That's closest. We know that. I'm going to take my bar down. Okay.

Okay. No. Okay. Hands or fifth. Hello. Try My fist today and see what that feels like. If I can get up there without slipping off. [inaudible] or you assigned new bridges, you can be, that's right. That's right.

Maybe the more heady we always have to ask cause I think there is more than we give ourselves initially. We go to that place that feels easy, ish. But we could go more now to go back, let the diaphragm really drop and exhale it comes back in and I am going to make a choice to change my hands. That's just me. I just don't, that's not working. Andrew walked down. So on this inhale, let the dire firm really drop down and exhale. Feel that stop or stay at the stop or curl curl high pelvis, lift and drop and check how you're standing on your feet. In case we're off that the the foot position going backward, right as the at the stop or exhale. Enjoy. Inhale, open the diaphragm and exhale girl, knees over the foot bar. Inhale, press and curl down. How long an arch can we get in the spine? Bring the spine in, new use over the second toes. Last one.

Press and rule and down in and over. That's the joy. Your quad stretch. Okay. All right, Miss Elisa, let's take her hands back and wiggle ourselves out. Georgia pretty sound effects here and I think I'm going to come up for high. You know, chest expansion. Okay. Chest expansion.

Did you drop down to one spring like I did? Yeah, we took ourselves to one spring. But do what you do on your chest expansion. Okay. We're going to hit hook our feet over the back foot back for just a second. See if you can really see that your feet are parallel maybe or maybe not. Okay.

[inaudible] all right. No. Take a little chance on yourself with yourself to shift your body weight more to the front of the knees ad doc even though the legs aren't quite together and some zone there with their fingers. Yup. And let's bring the arms right by our side. As we know, this is where we start. We pull back from here. Inhale, turn your head. One shoulder, one shoulder center. Okay. [inaudible] poor other shoulder.

[inaudible] trying to hold the lungs full once again. Each side [inaudible] all the way. Very hard to talk and do that at the same time. Okay, two, two or three for thigh stretch. Hey, sometimes like a little more, so I went onto three so now we can take our thumbs to the little pretty nails there. Look forward for just a moment. Same kind of feeling of ticking the deer and bring your way to the front of those knees. Shoe Laces, parts of your feet down. Now let's go ahead and pelvic tilt and look down the leather and start that journey of leaning back, feeling that the at the length of the straps, that's your quads, right?

That's the length of the quads. Lift and contract to come up. You said as an image of this gorgeous leather or the rope, long quadricep fibers like Mahjong muscles. Long lift come up and abduction a little bit too and come down and go and go and left. Two more today. Two more. Keep those hips extended. So hook into those low glutes. High Hamstrings. Hi Doctor. One more time. Long strong quads.

There we go. Alright good. Let's hook one strap Elisa and do a few arm exercises. Single arm. So we'll take on one way. One spring off, right arm for sword. Oh boy. Use this other hand. You need to help. Ready? And we go. Yup, that is too hard on two red springs. Yeah, keep on going. It's fine. I just messed up. That's right. Stretch and, and so I was going for five and stretch and are each good for you. Good. That's your five. Nice job. Okay.

Five here on reaching. Still had double check to see if my springs are right now. We're good. I ducked the legs. Try to keep the cylinder of the torso right over the pelvis. Arm Height is not as important as shoulder position. Right in. One more time. And then arm overhead. Good. Okay. So palm face, up turn, look down, look at your bottom. Hand to fingers open.

And then Paul and Ben trying to keep the elbow high strap far away from your head. We don't want that leather to touch our skin. Strong triceps. One more. I've been on vacation. I can tell other side. All right. Three, three, three, five, five, five, five reps of three. Here we go. And pull the sword one. Control the return.

Choose a breath that works for you. [inaudible] works better for me today. Ah, and then arm reaching to the side and what? Good. And so the trunk nice and solid. Like a cylinder ride over the pelvis.

No. Shifting the rib cage and five arm overhead. Here we go. A nice high arm, one only as high as you can go even if that elbow doesn't get completely straight. Let's think about easy shoulders or long neck. Might be better. Four and five good arrest. Okay, let's do some mermaid stretch so I'm going to take that bar back up.

Are good on one red spring. How about our right hand on the bar? Hook your back foot around the back of that a shoulder block, left arm out to the side and I want us to take our arm up first and as we side bend the increased site then is what allows us to push the carriage away. Keeping our left sit bone down and we come back up and two more. We side bend first, push and come back up and last one and we side bend. Now let's add our spinal rotation and we know that our back hip is probably gonna lift, but let's try to keep it back there. [inaudible] centering the weight between two hands. Let's go with the extension here.

Extension rotation, pulling the sternum toward those arms and back a little further, pulling forward through the arms. Press down with the hands a little bit and back. [inaudible] three is enough there. Let's just go like this just on counter stretch and I want us to take our left arm hand grabbed lightly on the right wrist and just guide yourself into a bit more upward arc toward the shoulder rest because we transitioned sides. Turn around and look back at the straps. Twizzle the legs. Nice little organic way. Hook the foot, get on those sitz bones as best we can.

And we take our body into side bend first and then we allow ourselves to push, trying to keep that sit bone down. Maybe the effort of putting it down brings a carriage in and the arm we side bend, pushing the carriage out. The effort of putting that right sit bone down might drag the carriage in and we have one more. Here it is adding the rotation, feeling centered, feeling the breath. Alright, exhale as we bring the carriage in, noticing the differences on the sides. Inhale, right? Everyone experiences it. Exhale, but we're looking for balance between that.

Every time we practice being aware of what feels different here for next time. Can we seek the same sensation from the first side turn [inaudible] so I had been toward shoulder rest, light use of the other hand to guide you into more stretch and coming on up. Hi, I'm in the mood for a little bit of split work, so let's come up for two springs. Okay. And we'll do a front split. So left foot back. Okay. Foot up. Wow, that's pretty cool. I every time. Okay, so hands are solid.

Let's just check in and then the back where we've got a nice sense of weight on the Pinky Toe. Spot of the foot and heel right by the shoulder rest. Yeah, and our hips are probably not really square, but we can try to bring that left or back hip around and that if we move the carriage it's because we can track those glutes. That's what extent we're going to try hard not to push with the front foot and we can tract our glutes. Let's play with just letting the head hang for a minute and reach. Okay, now we change the whole vector. Let's come on up. I'm going to take hands behind head. Okay.

Now let's use equal effort from the front foot and the back foot because I still want, I don't want to get away with that hip. I want this hip to be inclusive and then in, so pushing down with their fund foot, pushing back with a back. Good Push. Feel evenness. Let's just do a little two more with alternating arms or opposition arms like we've just done a big shot. Say. Yup, that'd be a shot. Say, you know what? Let's do two more like this. No, this is more reps than we need, but it feels kind of Nice. There go, go, go. Push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push. Yes, and Oh righty sister, come on down. Let's lift the heel.

I don't think we really needed to do much except for maybe posture. Yeah. I just caught myself rather to hanging on the hip to get that sense of being up on it. Yeah, that's it. And the back heel might be our focus on the back foot. How about harm hen a little side bend, just a little great. Okay. Other side. So we're on the side of the foot, left foot comes up.

Okay. Steady hands and then that foot is connected back. They were good at externally rotated thigh and as we push the carriage, we can track those hip extensors to try to extend the spring and we bring it in, contract those hip extensors to extend the spring. That whole line down the leg. And I think we did one like that. Yeah, we did three and then I said let's change it.

Same thing. So now we do get to push with both legs, but still the back leg is important and I want a very proud open chest. Two strong legs. Want to have a good gate, right? I'm going to be able to run. Walk with good posture. Four, you know where the front foot stays even. That was really for me.

We did a couple of arms up press. Yeah. One more. Let's try to go for that split. If you want. Trust, trust, trust, trust. Trust, trust, trust, trust. Good. All right. And lift you back. You concentrate on the back heel being against the shoulder. Rest the arm coming up a little bit up and overreach. I've got like two more things planned you think. Okay. Yeah.

Let's come down and do the beginning of control balance. I'm not going to do stepping off, but certainly we can do going over the shoulders. Okay. Holding the shoulder. Yeah, pegs and I think we can take your legs down. We're going to go up and over. Here we go. Now I'm going to take my right leg and reach it up as the other leg is reaching back. Bring the right leg down.

Uh Huh. Switch legs, scissor, both. Let's do it again. [inaudible] and now last time. Okay. Reach up and reach back. Tuck the knees, gently. Unroll the spine. We did not do running in place, but that is okay.

I don't know if we need to right now, but I do want to have us do one more standing bit and let's do one spring. I'm going to walk around this way. I'm going to put myself up on a mat. Middle maybe in the middle. Okay. As Ms Teacher said to me one time, take your standing foot out far enough that you feel challenged and staying at the bumper. That's a good little bit to focus on. Arms are out. Let's do five movements. Elisa, going out and coming in all the way and going out.

Feel those points of energy that we had earlier out the arms, out the heels, out the head. Here's three, tailbone is a heavy weight dropping down and then and two and then last one and then hold it and we'll twizzle that foot toward the carriage. Step onto the carrot. Let's just turn around being up here to the wood and then again find your place. How far out on the carriage should we need to start where it's a little bit of work to hold it left. We are five times. Inhale, stretch. Exhale. Close. Inhale, five points. Heel, heel, hand down, head and and three.

Okay. Finding their breath. The diaphragm goes down. Sides and wide in the back. Yeah. Last one and then twizzle. No, both feet together. On the Mat.

Step back. [inaudible] thank you for working out with me.


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Ammmmyyyyy thank you. I was waiting for this for soo long:))
Great election escape. Love the base.
Love the pace!!!!
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Loved the flow!!! Thank you Amy for great workouts always!
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Good workout. My body was not having it today as i was super tight. I will be doing it again :)
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Excellent! Would love to see more classes with this pace and flow, thank you!
Hi Amy, Thank you for such a great class. You always give a well thought out class, but you were really on your "A" game with this one. Your cues were spot on and you performed the exercises perfectly. Thank you
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Thank you Amy. This was a breather:)
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Thank you all so very much, really, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback, comments and encouragement!
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Great flow and energy! I miss you both Amy and Aliza. Thank you!!
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