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Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Work on staying square in your torso in this challenging Mat workout with Brett Howard. He developed this program, along with Tetsuo Yoshida, which uses Pole to give you great tactile and visual feedback. He uses two different types of Poles so you can see how you can modify each exercise depending on the type of bar you have. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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Great workout Brett
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I am so excited to have a Brett video. I've been frustrated with the intensity and speed of other some other instructors classes; love Brett. Favorite always. Never disappoints.
This was a lot of fun, Brett Howard was cracking me up. The class was moderately intense, not as brutal as some of his other mat classes on PA, perfect for a return to exercise after being sick :)
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I love the way he teaches and express.
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Hi Brett I really enjoyed your class. Thank you!!
Great class Brett. I love your humor and explanations about the techniques. It was challenging but inspiring.
I love Brett's workout It was fun!
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Awesome class and a lot of fun! Thanks Brett
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I especially loved the pole for the side lying and oblique work. Thank you.
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I'm always so happy to see a new mat class with Brett. They're always fun and challenging. The bar/pole added so much. Great class!
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