Class #2907

Tower Workout

40 min - Class


Get ready to play on the Tower in this workout by Meredith Rogers. She encourages you to use your breath to create muscular awareness so you can move with ease. She also works on staying present so you can notice how your body feels during each movement.
What You'll Need: Tower

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Are you ready to play on the tower? I am. Here we go. So what we'll do is just start standing in an upright position. Look down at your feet before you go any further, and just make su...


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Thanks Meredith, another great class!
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This was a blast. Long awaited;)
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Thanks Meredith ~ I'm always happy to see tower classes since this is what I own. There were some fun moves, especially liked those single leg circles!
Thanks, gals!
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Loved it! Thank you Meredith.
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I enjoyed the class very much. I was able to have a really helpful image of a sphere of light in my core, moving up and down along my spine as I moved during the roll up - it was a helpful way of focusing on the movement of the spine and my center of gravity.
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Delicious - great choices to loosen and stretch on a cold winter day. Meredith/Tower = fabulous.
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Feels really good ! Love the stretching of the legs/shoulders with the springs,it reminds me one of my favorite with the TRX that it feels amazing.
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nice...gotta practice the timing on this one....milk every little bit of juice out of it. thank you!
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