Class #2916

Reformer Workout

45 min - Class


You will integrate some interval work into this Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She switches off between jumping on the Jump Board and working the rest of your body in traditional Pilates exercises to give you a boost of cardio. This is a great class to try if you want to work hard and sweat!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Triadball, Jump Board

About This Video


Hi everyone here for a reformer workout, and we've got the jumpboard mounted. This class will integrate a little bit of intervals, so jumping and then some arm work, and jumping and so...


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Great class! Just when I needed this! I love when I see a new jump board class on here. I definitely was sweating through this one. I have lower back and shoulder issues, so I put my Bosu ball on the reformer and leaned back on it for the upright jumping portion - it was so tough to jump my legs straight - my abs were shaking like crazy. Love you Amy!
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I liked this class a lot, I loved your clothes Amy :)
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Love the jumping. ...took my January blahs and blew them away! Nice class!
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Doing this tomorrow!! Can't wait!
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Awesome class Amy! I'm trying to incorporate more cardio in my life and this class delivered! I loved it. Second class of yours I took this week. (Took one of your tower classes again!)
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Funny right when you clanged the reformer I did the same thing. I think owe as well! Fun good workout! Loved the 100's. And I love the cue about not resting my leg on the shoulder rest.
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i loved this class...wasn't always clear on what springs she had on for each jump set. red/blue? blue? red?
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Sooo happy when I see a new jump board class from you Amy! :) Yay! Can't wait to try this tomorrow! Looks fun and challenging~as usual!
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Loved the class. Thank you.
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