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One Repetition Mat Flow

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This Mat workout with Amy Havens is an opportunity to practice with the intention of letting go of any judgment in the movement and to simply flow through the traditional Mat exercises. She does one repetition of each exercise to give you the benefits of the entire Mat repertoire as a full body workout in just twenty minutes. However, you will not be racing through the exercises, but instead taking the time to feel each repetition deeply.
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Hi everyone. Let's do some mat work. So let's start on her back. And what I, what I plan to do with this class is one repetition of each exercise. Uh, the full 100. If it's a right and left side, that's one rep. So that's the one Rep. But otherwise, let's just settle in and let's just get into the mat work and I've got, you know, 2030 minutes right now and I'm going to hopefully get it in and might be a nice opportunity to come back to this type of class. Maybe it's mine or somebody else's where it's limited repetition where you just get into the flow of the work and not have to do as many reps to feel like you've gotten a complete workout, which, which we know the full list is a very good workout. Um, so I'm gonna approach it that way and not judge anything if I don't get, you know, the form, right? Or am I rolling or whatnot. It's not about that.

It's about me coming to my mat. You come into your mat and practicing the polities method together. So here we go. So when I have my body nice and flat, your body Nice and flat, press your shoulders back. Just feel how you are on the Mat. Again, no judgment. If you're a right, if your left, if you're arched, if you're okay, settle in. Let's concentrate on the width of the rib cage as we breathe front with side, with back, with [inaudible], and how much exhalation we can do, how much to squeezing, we can do, how much wringing out from the inside we can do to getting that internal shower inhaling and exhaling. I'm just start settling deeper against the mat surface.

Start to feel your lumbar being invited to come down against the surface. So what I'm going to choose to do to get that for myself is lift the back of my knees a little bit or bend them. Okay? I want to still kind of get my low back, mainly against the mat surface. Do One more breath to prepare for this work. So her whole low back is pressing down. I'm gonna raise my head, my neck, my shoulders. Then no lift my arms.

I'm going to slide my heels in and I'm starting my 100 like this this afternoon. [inaudible] [inaudible] three someone who's begin to inchworm my legs forward, but concentrating on my back, staying against the Mat. I might be able to get my legs off the mat. I may not. I'm more interested right now in how my back is making connection to my mat. Yeah, the quality of my breathing.

[inaudible] ten three, four or five. The roll up one. Repetition. [inaudible] we use all the air out. Ring out the rollover. Ah, and reverse. Ah, one leg circle.

[inaudible] the ball said roll those legs in. Bring yourself up. Now when we do this, let's pick up our hips and put them right next to our heels and pause our movement for a moment or two. You're in the ball. You're getting ready for rolling. Now let's transition and put the hips back. Let's do it again. Pick up the hips and put your hips right near your heels. And let's see what happens if we hold on.

Lift the feet, heels to seat one movement. Oh, now I want you to extend your left leg. Keep a hold of your right shin. Square your pelvis. Do One. Rolling like a ball with this movement. Change one movement. Right leg out or in again in roll back.

Yeah. The real single leg stretch in and in. That's it. Double leg stretch. But this time hold yourself is your back completely down. Hook your thumbs and challenge those. Stretch the flattening of your belly and around and in scissor pull. Hold the position. Square your right hip.

We feel what's going on to get the hips square change. Take the time to feel so just because we're only doing one repetition doesn't mean you're not getting deep into the work. You don't need a lot of reps to get deep into the work. A straight leg, lower lift. Ah, one Chris Cross. Oh, ring it out. Oh, we're bring it out. Reach the elbow.

Roll up to sitting. Lift your hips, move them back. Open the legs, flexing the feet. Spine. Stretch forward. Reach for the front wall in front of you. Squeeze your glutes. Breathe in. Big. Exhale every item of air out of the lungs. [inaudible] open like rocker till back. Lean back on your sacrum.

Wait for your hands, your feet to come into your hands. Lift, hold, get settled, roll back. Check your space corkscrew. We will do the rollover. Keep those legs right where they are again to roll down rural overhead coming down either right or left side. I'm going to come down my right. Take your time. Shoulders, stay open and square. Test the waters up the left. Square the hips.

That's a better one and down. Left side. All round up. Sit bones to the sky. The saw. Take a moment to open up. Flex through the feet. I'm going to turn left today. First Inhale, I'm going to keep turning my left rib cage back, my left rib cage back a left ribcage back, squeezing every Adam Amir out and exhaling. Taking the right rib cage back.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and let's roll over to our abdominals. I'm going to flip this way for neck roll. Placing your hands by your shoulders. Press the tops of your feet down on the mat, slightly. Lift the front of your chest, elbow, stay down. Support your abdominals. Lift them up. Turn to one shoulder.

Roll the neck and center. Okay, and roll your neck and center in town and one sworn. Oh, where can you lift? Where can you open? Come down, right? Let's take a look at our single leg kick up we go. All right. Press your elbows into the mat. Push your elbows slightly for butt. Lift the front of the spine. You've got one each side. Kick kicked down.

Kick, kicked down. Double leg kick right cheek on the mat. Three kicks. One, two, three, interlace. No, don't lock the elbows, but lift the triceps up to the ceiling. Can you get the upper back, other side and one, two, three and lift. All right, let's turn around for neck pool. Starting up. Hands behind the head. Pull on the school a little bit. Lean back, articulate.

Coming up. We use every atom of air out. I'm rolling up. Okay. Scissors. Bicycle. So rolling back over. Place your hands in the small of your back. Arch your back to kind of sit on your hands and get your, get yourself weighted and lift your legs.

I'm going to still think of lifting my pelvis off my hands a little bit and I'm going to scissor and I want to scissor both legs and I'm going to scissor when I want to scissor both, but we're doing one of each. That's it. Bicycle, bicycle. Reverse. If I could touch the mat. Oh, I'm so close. Shoulder bridge. So I'm going to cartwheel my legs out of it. Reorganize my hands on the side of my pelvis. Legs together. Lower the ribs slightly. Extend one leg, squaring the hips down. Up. Return, lift, square the hips. They own up in a return.

Release and slowly melt down. Alright, let's roll up for our spine. Twist. It's your feet here. Heels forward. Reach your arms forward. Open palms face up today. Take a moment to get a little more lift in your spine and let's take a big generous breath in all the air out to the for he to squeeze it out. What other side? Wring out the air.

Two, three n center Jackknife. Rolling down overhead. Touch the mat. Use your arms a little bit. Stand on the shoulder. Stand on your leg, on your arms and lift. Flex, roll down. Try not to flex the hips as much. Oh, okay.

And let's pause here. Good going well so far. Let's move on into our sidekicks. Elbow, back, hip, back, leg, slightly forward. Why not put the hand back for balance? Let's lift one front back. Just move it slowly and slowly. A little turnout up. Down. I'm going to point. I want to flex in. Pull it down. Make a pointed foot. One Circle, one circle, one lift, one lower. That's it. Other side, elbow legs are slightly forwarded. Leg as hip height. Flex the foot, pull it forward. Square the hips. Bring it back.

Square, open legs together. Turned out. Lay comes up. Flex lower. Keep it long. Make a circle with steady body and another circle. Steady body and both legs come up. That's rolled to our belly for just [inaudible] easy transition.

What I want us to do is do the heel beats because you'd be beating. That's not one set. I want you to put your knees together, Flex your feet, a slight opening of your knees, and just press your thighs up off the mat and just hold some contraction in your glutes and relax down. Let's turn around facing the front again for some teasers, okay? Is there one where it all begins reaching forward? Roll yourself down. Roll yourself up.

Hey, I got my teaser teaser too. [inaudible] arms and legs three but I didn't do another one. I'm going to go all the way down, all the way up hip circles. Okay. How big circle have you had? Circle reach it legs one way arms, the other legs down, arms overhead. Return. Reverse it. Arms one way legs. The other down return. Okay, let's go for a swim. It's a turn yourself over. Lie Down, reach out, reach your legs, your arms in opposite directions. Float up [inaudible] and rest. Front pool, front leg pull.

Tuck those toes snug your elbows in where your shoulders, hopefully not here. They're back. Press up one leg up. Second leg up. Now as we transition, I'm going to walk toward your, you won't fall off. I'm going to flip my hips. Some adjusting their whole leg kick up down. Up. Damn. I'm going to sit.

I'm gonna reach and I'm going to come over. I'm going to breathe in and out. Collect some breath. Oh, well. A little deeper in the stretch. Who? One more deep. Inhale all the air out. Oh, well all the way up. Side kick. Kneeling. One time, arm out, hand behind.

Head lift. Flex come in toward you. Moving back. I'm contracting my glutes. I'm gonna do one circle, one way the other way. Bend your knee. Let's come up into the other side. Flex forward, back. Oh, that's such a great stretch. I'm just doing one wrap.

You actually kind of have to milk all you've got there so you get then come all the way up. Lift this thigh down. We go for a side bend. I'm going to take my outside arm over my ear, forward, foot in front. To begin. I'm going to stack though for a moment. I'm going to feel myself get organized there instead of got one of them. Now as I put this arm down, I want to stretch my underneath waistline, not drop it. I want a stretch hip to heal.

Oh, oh, I feel so good. And press up other side. I'm going to turn face down and do the other side stack over to begin lower the bottom hip. Feel like you're reaching that hip underneath you to your heels, the side of your ribs. Really Open and all the way up. All right, let's take a look at our boomerangs. So sit your hips down. Keep your feet crossed, right leg on top. Move onto your mat if you need to.

Here we go. So Boomerang, of course happens twice cause of this leg. Leg Change. We'll do it again. Come up and hit that teaser. Bend your elbows, pull your elbows behind you. Clasp your hands and pull them hands back. Feet forward. Dive down. Lift.

Scoop your belly back. Let's do it again. Now you have your left leg crossed on top. Roll back. Let me know. Elbows, Ben. Paul, feel like you're being pulled back with your hands forward with your feet. Topple forward with control. Lift around in stretch. Okay seal time.

That's it. One seal hold. Oh crap. I'm not going to do the headstand part of crab. Two reasons. I'm a little close. I don't want to do it today. I'm going back. That's all I've got. I'm satisfied with that. Let's do control ballots. Rolling over. Okay.

Play with toes tucked. Feet flat. Hands around. I'm going to hold my left ankle first. Raise the leg looking more for vertical line. If you can, I could cheat and I think all of you can see what I could be doing by cheating with my foot down here on the bottom. I'd rather not and I'd push it this way. I might be able to get higher there. Lisa. I have to stay honest about where I could find an easy way out.

[inaudible] okay, more practice needed. Push up one pushup. Feel solid. One piece of seal. Head to heel, lower down. Push up. All right, one last Yummy, fun one. Have Fun with it. I'm going to come down on the floor because it's safer down here. Stand with your feet apart. Open your arms wide. Take a deep breath.

Let's ring it out. Spiral. Your feet spiral, your legs, your spine. My feet are slipping. I'm going to reach my hands toward that bottom foot, but I'm thinking about my, my spiral in my spine. One eight side. That's all I've got is a great hip stretch and around Oh, reach. Okay, let's finish together with our hands by our length. Nice deep breath. So let me know how that goes. Play along with me, how I'm going to play along with that a few times and see if I can maybe expedite the tempo a little bit. Next time I'll see you then. Bye.

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Susan B
Love the concept. I'm not at Level 3 yet... so have to skip some of the more advanced exercises. I love "classical pilates." I would love a similar class for Level 2 with 3 careful reps of each Level 2 exercise.
1 person likes this.
Really helpful to see all of these exercises in a compact format. I like it as a quick reference for when I need class ideas. Thank you!
Loved this, Amy! So good to practice the repertoire with your great cueing and energy!
Trisha Donnelly
Thanks, need to practice more classical Pilates!!!
Loved (and felt deeply!) this 20 minute traditional Mat class :) Your cueing was right on Amy. Thank you!
2 people like this.
Thanks everyone.......nice to hear we enjoy a short 20 minute segment whether it's refresher for the material, or a challenge to do a 'class' in that amount of time. It's a nice option....could be a 'warm up' to a full equipment session too due to the minimal reps. Thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment. :)
Amy you are the best! I always look forward to your classes, you teach me so much in a calm methodical way. Then I in turn, give back to my students. Thank you.
AMY - STILL my FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR! Great strong workout.
1 person likes this.
Amy, this class is FAB!!! I actually suggested on the forum several days ago to make classes geared like this, because as a teacher I would love to see just the flow of a class, limited reps, in a minimal amount of time!! Really helpful!! Thank you for a great session and for the inspiration. Please PA do more classes like this!! :) xx
Dominic D
1 person likes this.
Talk about concise and effective!
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