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Wunda Chair Workout

45 min - Class


Balance the interplay of compression and decompression in your body, feeling biotensegrity in motion with this Wunda Chair workout by Elizabeth Larkam. You will use the Wunda Chair in new ways to create freedom of movement in your torso, shoulders, and hips. You will also align, strengthen, and connect your feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, and spine. She creates a sequence for success so that you are well prepared for a whole-body strength exercise that transforms your upright posture.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Wunda Chair Handles, Moon Box

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Welcome to Pilates Anytime. I'm Elizabeth Larkam, and I'm so honored to be in my sixth year with Pilates Anytime, and really privileged to be with you, the global Pilates community. I'm here with Norr...

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As always - wonderful, Elizabeth! Lots of fun and powerful movement! I am glad you are back with new workouts! And definitely you get an oscar for the most beautiful outfit! Love, Silke
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Elizabeth this was a festival of thoracic rotation, as you would say. Fantastic ideas to play with here. I am thinking that people who are hyper mobile would benefit from the work more proximal for joint congruity. If that is the case, would you have the springs be slightly heavier to enable that process? Loving it all!
Thank you SIlke and Lynn, really appreciate your comments. Yes, Lynn, I agree about the use of heavier springs. Once the client becomes familiar with the precise alignment, increase the spring resistance. This helps keep the femur head in the hip socket, challenges the lateral pelvic stabilizers and requires All the abdominal slings to activate. Take care to align the thoracic spine, scapula, elbows and wrists as they contribute to whole-body stability.
I love how you always incorporate rotation in such a creative way that makes me love it instead of not love it so much! Thanks for the great side work on the chair. Excellent class Elizabeth as always
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Wow, that is defintely one class you have to DO before you much going on that you would never imagine by just watching. I don't have handles on my chair but I rigged up something with my cadillac to get a similar effect. After the class I felt like I unknotted parts that have been stuck for years; great great class.
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Thank you for a great class, always love the rotational work!
And for those of you may be looking for more Elizabeth Larkam, another recent class is up! She gives a wonderful and precise, and thoughtful class on the Oov, providing yet another environment to explore and discover your movement potential!
Beautiful and inspiring workout! I loved the flow, cueing, and the unknotting aspect of exercises.
I am going back to work now that my baby is 2 months old and I know that my clients have been looking forward to their chair class so thank you for helping me design mine!
Waouhhhhhh wonderful from France from Fit convention
I love your work thanks

Really wonderful as always, Elisabeth! An exquisite work of alignment and rotation. Thanks for this great class and of course, thanks also to Norris.
Thanks Greetings from Madrid, Spain
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