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Class #3030

Strength and Stability

30 min - Class


Welcome to Class 3! Adding weight and resistance is a must for creating a well-balanced body-mind-spirit! Strength means nothing without flexibility to accompany it, a balanced body incorporates both! Amy incorporates unstable surfaces, asymmetrical exercises, more load, weight, resistance, limit of range of motion, demand more focus and concentration.

Body weight counts as a weight. You don't need to use ankle or hand weights to do this class, although you can use them if you have them.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Theraband

About This Video


Hi everyone, Thank you for joining me. We're on day three of our challenge. Way to go, you've gone through one and two, glad to see you, today's about strength and stability. Ways you ...


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fun again - see you tomorrow:)
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Another cool class. Thanks, Amy. I love the anticipation about tomorrow's challenge!
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These workouts fit perfectly into the start o my day! Thank you for being time-aware, and getting us moving quickly. Loving it!
Thank you [Ed.] Vanessa and Kim ! Yes, all these classes are 30 minutes or under -- tried to keep them 'short, sweet and to the point". So happy you're all with me here, it's a fun one for sure! See you in the next class!
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Amy, this was a great class. Feeling strong and sweaty now. Love it!
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Another great class, love the variations!
Thank you Dorit and Sharon ! Class #3 done and done for you....see you in class #4!
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Another fun class, except my theraband isn't long enough. I struggled with Rolling Like A Ball to standing; I don't think I'll ever be able to do it! But I loved thinking about smaller movements for strength, & I feel FANTASTIC after finishing
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Loving these challenge classes Amy Havens , thank you. Much easier to fit in shorter classes and really enjoying the variety - looking forward to the rest of them!
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Forgot to mention, Amy, that I really liked Open Leg Rocker without the arms. It felt like a GREAT strength challenge! I also really liked the weighted arm work at the end of the class. It felt good to "wrap up" the 30 minutes that way
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