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Class #3031

Lower Body Blast

30 min - Class


Welcome to Class 4! Full body workouts are wonderful, but what if you're limited on time and/or just want to focus on one area? This class with Amy is perfect for that very reason! Even though working the whole body is important, sometimes it's fun to focus a short amount of time on just one specific area! Get ready to feel your lower body!
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi everyone. I want to ask you a question first before we start class number four. How are you feeling after class number three? I'm going to speak for myself. I'm a little sore in the tricep zone, a ...

The Summer Fling Challenge: with Amy Havens


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Great class with strenght and fluidity ! The inner thighs work is rather classical, but you make it looking new !
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Great Class thank you Amy-clam to scissors!!! I love how you put moves like this together - this is my new favourite move combo - you are a genius!
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This was fantastic Amy, I should do this class once a week. I am really loving the quick pace and the slight variations. What we did after the clam was killer (but I persisted!)
Evelyn , Helen and Chiara -- THANK YOU for being here!! We're well into this challenge and I'm happy to see you here with me ... and each other...and giving this great feedback. Do this class one, twice a week -- great idea! :)
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Continually amazed at how much you pack into 30 minutes!
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I don't know how you talk & do these classes, Amy! This class kicked me in the butt. Literally! Side lying leg work was such a good challenge, & it really resonated with me when you talked about using a small contraction to initiate movement in shoulder bridge. At least I think that's what you said. Honestly, I'm so tired after that class I don't think I'm making much sense
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Thank you Kim :) . And Miss Summer -- thank you...I don't know how I do it either! Actually, yes I do --- I love to move so I just get moving....huff and puff my way along and BAM, there it is! :) . Love you so much! Thanks for moving with me!!
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YEAH! Love the Side Leg Series!
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Another great class! I am loving these mini
challenges! I really enjoyed your clamshell version! Hip strength!
Thank you Ira and Darlene , so glad you're here with me in this challenge!!!
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