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Welcome to Class 4! Full body workouts are wonderful, but what if you're limited on time and/or just want to focus on one area? This class with Amy is perfect for that very reason! Even though working the whole body is important, sometimes it's fun to focus a short amount of time on just one specific area! Get ready to feel your lower body!
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Magic Circle

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Hi everyone. I want to ask you a question first before we start class number four. How are you feeling after class number three? I'm going to speak for myself. I'm a little sore in the tricep zone, a little sore in my abs, a little sore in the rear, uh, kind of no all over soreness. And I think that's a, for me, I liked that feeling after I worked really hard, that class focused on our strength and stability.

So in those combinations with added resistance to us, uh, our exercises and probably more mental focus and concentration, our bodies do tend to go deeper, work harder, and kind of Max out more effort. So if you're feeling that way, it's a good thing. Um, you don't always have to feel sore after a workout though to make it a positive experience. So just keep that in mind. Okay. We're here for costs for what I have in mind is a little shorter duration focusing on the lower half. So I've called it the lower body blast. Okay. So what you need for your class is a magic circle or a, uh, a ring and a yoga block to stand on. If you don't have a yoga block, you don't have to worry, it's okay. But if you have a yoga block or some kind of a, maybe a moon box, you can do that. If you're at your studio, a stack of books, although those slide, I wouldn't recommend that, but I wanted to start with standing foot work up on a block so that we right away focus on the lowest part of our body, which is our feet and ankles. Okay.

And in this you will feel probably a nice warming sensation around your ankles, your ligaments and tendons in your feet. And uh, that's good. It's part of our lower body. Okay, so go ahead and step on up. You know, if you fall off or step off or lose your balance, just get back on, get back on the horse as they say. Whoa. Okay. Like fold your arms. All right. Squeeze your legs together. So I'm beginning class with a Relevate, uh, ankle or lifted ankles. When s pull my legs together and stay focused on maybe the lower half of you right now. So the frame, your glutes are squeeze, your thighs are pulled up.

Let's lift the heels a little more if you can. Here we go. Bend your knees a little and exhale. Starting off a little shaky. Guys, stay with me. Inhale as you lower. Exhale and lift. So we're on a very unlevel little surface here. My Yoga block is foam, so it's providing even more challenge for my stability.

Your calves are getting warmed up, so the lower you go, the more challenging it will be to get back up. So choose what you need. It's okay that you're wobbly. You can see I am. It's not a contest by any stretch. Challenge is one thing, but contest, eh, challenge yourself. Try to stay up on this thing. Can you lift your heels higher? Can you bend deeper? Okay, that was eight parallel. Try not to look down. I'm so tempted to look down. Start with your heels. Hi there. Dang it. Challenging me.

Bend your knees straight out over those ankles straight and numb up eight times. Inhale as you bend and exhale as you stretch. Inhale, bend. It may help to look at something in your room. Look at my nose or something. Stare at my forehead. Focus. There's science around that.

Did you all notice how you started balancing better? Let your eyes help your balance. It's a balance system. Our vision down. How are your calves feeling? Hopefully some warmth. Let's go two more. Can you go lower? Can you go lower? Can you go lower?

And you've got all that way to go up. We've got one more guys down and up. Last thing is that some calf raises or he'll lower lift. Take your heels. No lower than the block. Rise up. No lower than the block. Rise up. Stay focused. Spot something rise lower left. Squeeze your legs, squeeze your glutes. Three more down.

Up, down, up. Last one. Hold and step back. How we do, I didn't fall off. I was close. You don't need this anymore. Put it off to the side. Okay. Face me with your arms out. Lift a knee. These are I just call knee ups. So this is lower body blast class. I'm trying to get my knee up to my elbows.

Not Lower the arms to get them in the knee. Get your arms up, get your knees up, up, up and up. You're going to feel your hips. Let's go. 10 more. One, two, three, four, continue. Yep. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. You get a little breathy and arrest. Standing. Roll down. Big Breaths and arms can stay down. Roll yourself down. Walk out into front support. Hold Yourself.

We did this in class number three. Same idea. Pull the knee in toward the elbow. Here we go. Elbow and elbow or arm. It's your run and drive that leg up. Yes. Abdominals, but from your hips, four more. And your hips and your hips and your hips.

Now take one leg and big step up towards your hands. Sweep it out. Place your foot. This one has to push off the floor and sweep back around. Go. It's not pretty. It doesn't have to be pretty. Why don't you to use the floor? Push off the floor.

Push for more. One. So I'm just doing one hand. It seems a little bit more coordinated. Poor Hush. Hush. Three and four. Okay. My legs are feeling that. Walk yourself back, roll yourself up. And of course our magic circle comes into play. Now, inner thigh time. Here we go. But in between your ankles, some traditional exercises, you've done these probably hundreds of times the a hundred with the ring.

Before we go for it, squeeze the ring. Be Honest. Squeeze and use these muscles. This is a challenge series of classes. All right, squeeze. Don't just hold it. Squeeze the a hundred. Squeeze. Change the shape of that ring because you're squeezing it. Narrow.

No, I don't have my legs as low as normal. I want to keep them up so I can actually see my rings shrink. Oh, I can see that I'm squeezing it or not. [inaudible] use a little butt squeeze. Use your inner thigh. Make the ring smaller. Two more. Last one, and in. Okay. In your hands, but your legs are still active. You're squeeze together, contracted.

Take your body back, your arms back. Let's go. Three roll-ups. Exhale. Squeeze your legs together. Reach your stomach back and your hands forward and roll it down. Nothing fancy. A roll up for two more times. Someone said recently. Simple isn't easy.

I like that statement a lot. Simple isn't easy. It's just simple. You can always make it more, but it doesn't always have to be more. Okay. Roll over. Ring at the ankles. Same Story. Try to keep it squeezed. I want to just relax my feet, but work inner thigh and around the seat. Okay.

Everyone starts with a breath in. Don't at me. Look up to your ceiling. Just listen to the voice. You know that by now. Exhale. Roll over your shoulders. Keep squeezing the ring. Now we can flex the feet. Squeeze. You may get more, but work here. Roll down. Lower your legs past 92 more times.

However, squeeze the ring. Use those legs. Maximize your effort. We've got a short amount of time rolled out. Yeah. One more. Where you there? Yeah.

Flex. Squeeze in more. Squeeze and more squeezed. Roll down. Woo. How'd you do? Hopefully you feeling here. Roll onto your side and face me. Okay. Try to keep your ring in between your ankles.

How'd you do? Huh? Right. Put your head on your arm, organize yourself very long. Remember to lift your waist up, take the top leg and press down. Lift. Let's go. Eight press down. So now you can think what's PR? What are you using? Is the inner thigh of course, but this but can help you press down on that circle. Control the lift up. We have four more. Press Down, press down and press and I think the up is just as important as the down hold down.

Bottom inner thigh helps to lift the legs and down eight times. Try to keep the squeeze on the ring, both in their thighs, both butts, both butts. You've got two sides. If you didn't know it really up and up and you cannot take yourself too seriously in this business last time. Let's do actually a little lifts for eight, seven, six, five, four, two and one. Okay, I'm going to Chan transition. I'm going to face you. Stay. Stay there, bend your knees, try to come up and turn over to your other side and keep that ring.

Remember, it's not a contest. These are challenges. Transitions can be part of an exercise. As you know, stretch yourself out. Long Top, leg down, pull and lift, inner thigh and glutes and lift three and lift four and five, six and seven. How you feeling? I can't hear you. You know, but I'm assuming you're saying I feel fantastic. Okay, now hold the squeeze. Bottom leg will be the focus. Like pull it up and down.

Pull it up and it kind of exceeds your normal, you know, go past your comfort zone. Lifting is fine, but you want to strengthen. Go past your normal. See what it feels like. Three. You might feel some heat. That's good. Hold it up. A little pulses. Eight, seven, five, go higher. Four, three, two and one release. Try to transition just that much. Okay, let's come on our front side.

I'm going to face down here. Single aid kicked AA, kick hands on the ring. Focus for a moment on your glutes, your hamstrings, your inner thighs. Just look right out over your ring. Scoop up the stomach muscles. Lift your legs and kick, kick, stretch the leg back. Kick, kick, stretch. Don't just drop, kick, kick.

Tried to reach for something behind you. Kick, kick. I'm going to change the feet. Flex point, stretch, flex point. Stretch, flex point. Flex point for more coordination. Okay. Flex point. Flex point, double leg kick.

Now I'm not going to take my face all the way down on the mat. I have a microphone here, but you guys can go ahead and lower your face self all the way. This side, it's fine, it's the other one, but it's also kind of fun to keep your head, your head Hubbard for a variation. So feel add. If you want to try your arms, you're just holding a ring breath in. Kick your heels toward that ring for three, two, one upper body left. Squeeze your glutes. Other side. Kick two, three and lift and kick to again. Simple isn't easy.

[inaudible] one more. Each leg is all or each side. Kick two, three and release. Hopefully you're feeling the back of your legs and stretch and relax. Put this away for a moment. Come on back for a slight rest position. Take a few deep breaths. All right, you've recovered, you've taken its few deep breaths. Let's go around who may want to move this out of your way.

I don't think it'll hinder you up there, but that feels better for me. Scissors in the air, so are scissors from the shoulder blade or the shoulder bridge position. So come on down. Give yourself enough room and we will be doing shoulder bridge. Also, bring your knees up, straighten your legs. That should feel good to stretch out your hamstrings.

After all that roll on over. Okay. Bring your shoulders close together. Hands at the back of your waist. You can have fingers, space up, or hands around your hips. I'm not going to get too specific with the hand position, okay? I want you to feel this contraction of your glutes, the lift of your hips. It's going to be the leg that goes away from you. Make it small please.

These aren't the big scissors by the way, like the big split. I want to focus on keeping that butt squeeze. The one that's going out away. Change. Contract your glutes to pull the leg away from your body. Change contract in pool, contract the glutes. Find that move into hip extension. Moving hip extension.

Okay, let's go for one more. You'll notice though, more effort makes a bigger split, more concentrated effort. We'll increase that range of motion. Last one, each side. Wow. Okay. Bend your knees now unroll. We can kind of bicycle your legs here and then your hands are on the sides of your pelvis holding you, helping you hold. Bring your knees together. Take a leg up. Hold it there.

What about the other hip? The one that you're standing this foot that you're standing on. Contract the glutes there and lift the hips higher. This leg gets to go down and up for five and four and three or you long contract your hips, your glutes to pull the leg down and change the legs. Okay? Same thing. You just did it in scissor.

Could track your glutes to pull the leg down and your hamstrings. Pool three, four, and five. Now a variation. Let go. Put your hips down for a moment. Peel your hips back up again, but your arms are going to stay down here and I want you just to lift a leg off. Five Times. Your pelvis goes down, your pelvis comes up, your pelvis comes down, your pelvis comes up.

Three lift, four lift. One more, five lift. Set the foot down. No rolling down. All the way over right here. Down contract, lift, lower contract. Lift down, contracts to lift. It's not a thrust you're controlling. Last one. Hold it. Bend your knee and lower yourself down. Well done. Knees to chest. Cross your ankles for a minute. Then pull on your feet.

You're gonna rock your hips. Do that on the other side. Okay, let's move into some side lying legs. Okay, let's get going for our sideline work sideline for this series. Of course, all about the hip zone. I want you to take your legs in slightly in front of you elbow, your right on the tip of it, and you've got that negative space. We talked about that in class three, so stabilized there. So big circles or Rhonda Zam, big leg circle.

Take your top leg about hip height. Use this hand for support and tech. That elbow really close into you. You'll, you'll like that. A lot of you guys know that. Take your leg pretty far forward. You guys. Now how are you going to lift it up from the outer hip lift? Now rotate your legs inward, inward rotation and center for more front.

It's a big arc, so like I said a few moments ago, go out of your comfort zone. Okay, go ahead into your comfort zone. How much can you lift that leg? You really want to think of lifting from the back of your hip, the back of your hip, not so much the front. Here we go. Last one. That direction goes further to the back. We get to reverse it back. You go from the back of the hip. Now as this at the top, we've turned in front, back, contractive, glutes.

Keep them contracted as you lift as high as you can, and three more pullback. Lift up and around. Pull back, lift up and around. Last one, pulled back, lift up and around and hold. Okay, I want you to take a little turnout. This is our passe. Develop a, take your toe to your knee. Take your knee or your elbow, leg up high. Flex the foot to go down. I'm going to take that foot in front of the other one three more times or four more in and up reach. It's really about those hips again, we did it.

The standing warm up with these little knee to elbow lifts. Same thing right there. Okay, one more. Then we get to reverse it and down. So a straight leg goes up with the flex foot toe to your knee. Slide it past the bottom foot.

Visualize the hips that you want to tone the shape, the strength, whatever. All three. Visualize. Create it. Lay down the mental path there. Last time. Okay. Hot Potato, tap. Two, three, four. Big Kick Up. Five, four, three, two, one. Come up in a four. You're tapping in front. Four up.

You're tapping behind. Three, four up, three times, three up. The focus is the up to two, up down. Singles for four, three, two, one and rest. Okay. Lower yourself down. I want you to make a clam or get into a clam position. Knees or Ben Ankles are together and I want you to lift your feet up. Clam, open, close, and then it's a scissor split.

Close, clam, close, scissor, five times total. Here's the third and stretch and fourth really conditioning those hips. Take the leg as far behind you as you can. You've done several of these already in this class. Hold it there. Little Walk in place, stomach in good and four, three, two, one.

We have one more in this series. Ben, both of your knees pretty high up to this top arm. Lift the top leg. Reach it to me. Let me see the bottom of your foot. You can see mine. Okay on hike your hip and lift your thigh. Let's go for five, four, three. So only the foot forward and five you're not done. Toes down. Five more. Heel up, heel up. You feel the heat here? Three, four, and five. That's enough. Bring it together. Ready for the other side. Come on up.

So we're going around. All right, so we started with the large circle. Rhonda Zhang, you're up on the tip of the elbow. Legs are slightly forward. Stabilize leg starts hip height. We went front first. Here we go. Front big lift. Now reach for the back corner of your workout space.

For each back there and swing it front. It's okay to look how far back can you go. Look, reach, reach, reach three. You want to use the back of the hip to move your leg behind you? Two more this direction. Last one. This direction. Okay. Five, reverse it. Come back way back there, up as high as you can. The theme, the Femur will spiral.

We'll do a little swivel in the socket. You'll feel that it's the glutes helping to mobilize that. Do more. Back up around one more time. Back up, all the around and Paul say develop paid. Turn those legs out.

Toe to the knee, knee to elbow. Reach up. Now take this foot all the way long and try to get in front of the other one. We go knee, foot and reach. Reach, reach to the elbow and lift out. Out to lift out a little further in front of the other foot. Okay, reverse it five times.

I realize I'm doing something different with my feet. Hello, flex point and slide. Slide. Slide. Flex point, slides, size, sly flex point, slides side one. More guys up toady your knee and keep your leg very straight and strong. Hot Potato. Tap this foot five times here. One, two, and four and five is a big kick up and behind. Two, three, four, five. It's up and four. Remember it's about the up and down. Three, four, lift three up to now.

It's two. One, two, lift, one to lift. Singles, singles, singles, singles and rast. Okay. Bend your knees up to your chest. Lift your heels. Calum close. Topley goes behind and clam. Close. Really reached the legs apart.

Three and stretch. Two more open and we feel the work of your hips last time. Stay out in your scissor. We went for risk. Little Walk. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Exhale. Four, three, two, one who legs together and down. One more in this series. Bring your legs up. Take your leg out.

Your toppling toward me and me. See the sole of your foot. You're parallel. You've got an unhide hip from here. Five Times. Lift that leg up. Okay, lift that leg up. Our glutes can handle a lot of demand. You want to work? Come out of that comfort zone. There's four and five.

Five more toe down, heel up, lead with the heel. It goes right to here to the stretch is going to feel so good. Everybody for last one, five and Hook your knee in. Okay, let's do one more. It'll be a facedown exercise. I'm turning up on with my head at the end, my mat. Okay. Instead of grasshopper, I want you to stack your hands please.

Your forehead down. Support your back with your abdominals. Squeeze your legs nice and close together. Turn them out. No, he'll beat slow or fast. I mean raise your legs as high as you can with weight on your pubic bone. Open your legs pretty wide. Hold it.

Are used to holding them. There. Still should be open pulse out, out, out, out to one. Bring them together. Then down. What do you think? Four more sets of that. Lift him out. Push him out. Emphasize out, out, out, out. Four, five together, down. Three more up there. Turned out. Press the out. Open. Two, three, four, and five. Two more. Now if your back is starting to feel stress, just take your legs a little lower or rest.

We're almost done with lower body blast everybody. One more round. Open five, four, two, one together. And last thing we need to do before the stretch is actually called [inaudible] stretch. Grab your magic circle. Come up on your knees when you need to feel like we get some balance right. A lot of, we did a lot of inner thigh, lot of rear leg. We want a little bit of front thigh needs to be together. Hold your ring, lean back, squeeze your hips. You don't have to lean much and then come back up.

You can also separate your knees. That may feel better. Lean back is to laying thin her thighs. Okay. Three more strong long quad. Yes.

Last to close your glutes really squeeze. And last time everybody hold. Hold. Hold. Well done. We deserve this stretch. Choli on your back. It's okay. Lie on your back. Ah, Cross your ankles. Hold your feet, pull on them. Pull your elbow, your knees up to your elbows. Let your low back curve rock a little bit.

Okay. Okay. Change it over class number four, we finished six more to go in the challenge. I'll see you in class number five. Keeps stretching. Thanks everybody.

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2 people like this.
Great class with strenght and fluidity ! The inner thighs work is rather classical, but you make it looking new !
3 people like this.
Great Class thank you Amy-clam to scissors!!! I love how you put moves like this together - this is my new favourite move combo - you are a genius!
Chiara L
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This was fantastic Amy, I should do this class once a week. I am really loving the quick pace and the slight variations. What we did after the clam was killer (but I persisted!)
Evelyn , Helen and Chiara -- THANK YOU for being here!! We're well into this challenge and I'm happy to see you here with me ... and each other...and giving this great feedback. Do this class one, twice a week -- great idea! :)
Kim W
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Continually amazed at how much you pack into 30 minutes!
1 person likes this.
I don't know how you talk & do these classes, Amy! This class kicked me in the butt. Literally! Side lying leg work was such a good challenge, & it really resonated with me when you talked about using a small contraction to initiate movement in shoulder bridge. At least I think that's what you said. Honestly, I'm so tired after that class I don't think I'm making much sense
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Thank you Kim :) . And Miss Summer -- thank you...I don't know how I do it either! Actually, yes I do --- I love to move so I just get moving....huff and puff my way along and BAM, there it is! :) . Love you so much! Thanks for moving with me!!
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YEAH! Love the Side Leg Series!
1 person likes this.
Another great class! I am loving these mini
challenges! I really enjoyed your clamshell version! Hip strength!
Thank you Ira and Darlene , so glad you're here with me in this challenge!!!
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