Class #3051

Lower Body Mat

25 min - Class


Use the Fitness Ball to work your lower body in this Mat workout with Amy Havens. She pays special attention to the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, with a little work for the inner thighs sprinkled in. She focusing on using your mind to connect to your muscles so you can make sure you are engaging the correct areas.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball


Okay guys. I have like 20, 25 minute mat class, but it's really just more specific just for lower body, so a lot of attention into the quads, hamstrings, glutes and a little bit of inner thigh. So com...


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Wonderful!! Very creative! Thank you so much.
Amy I enjoyed your class very much as usual
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I love the way Amy brings with lots of fun these tough excercises to do.
This is simply perfect Amy ! I love the ball ! One more cup of coffee and I'm off to explore this class with you :))
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Loved this:) where is the stability ball from?
Jodie ~ You can find the ball that we use here. I hope you enjoyed this class!
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Amy, can you explain a little more where I should be feeling the hip slide with foot on the ball? I'm pretty sure I did it wrong because I didn't really feel it at all. Did love the class though! Thanks.
Thanks everyone, let me know your legs feel after a few days!
Lori, hip slide? I'm not sure which exercise you're referring to, perhaps it was the bridging up the hips then I moved the ball back and forth? In any case, the hamstrings are the main focus there, glutes as well. Perhaps position your pelvis in a bit more posterior tilt and see what you feel then. :)
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Amy, I'm talking about the standing exercise with the foot on the ball where you positioned the hip right under torso then slid over to the ball and back. I think I did it wrong. Thanks!
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