Class #3098

Primal Pilates Flow

45 min - Class


Invite some movement into your body with this Primal Pilates Flow by Louise Johns. She takes the skills you learned in the Primal Mat Foundations and gets you moving so you can create a little heat in your body and enjoy a nice experience. By letting go of some of your control, you will be able to refine, refresh, and revitalize your body through the dynamic nature of this practice.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hey guys, it's me again. We're here to do some primal Pilates flow, my precursor is if you have not done the foundations class that we recorded earlier, primal Pilates foundations, you might wanna che...

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I liked this class very much, I really enjoyed the movement and the dynamism. Thank you Loise
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I love your work. Your classes are so creative. Thank you.
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I've only previewed the first 6 minutes and it looks and sounds decidedly " moderate" rather than " deliberate". I'll be back on a day I'm feeling more inclined for a faster pace!
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Great class!
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Love the flow Louise, our bodies need this intelligent sequencing and functional movement. I miss you and so happy to take your classes onlinešŸ™
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Louise, really love three classes. Though my first love has been Pilates, our bodies need other functional movement and less stabilizing. I am definitely going to work with this for a bit and see if I can improve my primal movement.
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So many new ideas thank You šŸ’š
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I loved this class. It's kind of like a reward for all the very controlled awareness of regular Pilates, to get to use that with more dynamic open movement.
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Very interesting and fun class, love your dynamic energy and teaching style. Look forward to learning more primal movement. Thank you
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oooh, I think I caught something in there near the end about a standing sequence? Looking forward to that one!
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