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Primal Pilates Flow

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Invite some movement into your body with this Primal Pilates Flow by Louise Johns. She takes the skills you learned in the Primal Mat Foundations and gets you moving so you can create a little heat in your body and enjoy a nice experience. By letting go of some of your control, you will be able to refine, refresh, and revitalize your body through the dynamic nature of this practice.
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Jul 04, 2017
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Hey guys, it's me again. We're here to do some primal Pilates flow, my precursor is if you have not done the foundations class that we recorded earlier, primal Pilates foundations, you might wanna check it out before this one. And just because I'm not gonna go into a lot of the preps and set ups, I'm just gonna go through the movements so we can really get a nice movement experience, a little heat in our bodies. What are we doing? Primal movement works is the overarching system that we developed.

We studied motor developments, animal-like movements and ancestral postures, not our work we have been inspired through many distinguished teachers out there, the Bartenieff Fundamentals, Peggy Hackney, Phillip Beach, I could go on they are just the ones that are coming to my mind right now. There's a lot of this type of movement out there in the world and we've just brought it together in a system much like the Pilates repertoire in giving you a real clean roadmap as to where you can go and the progressions that will follow and that's what we're gonna do today. I will tell you when we're transitioning from one body orientation to another, we may or may not manage to do it all successfully but I will let you just allow your Pilates, your Pilates person to just put them to the side. They're still there but you can just let go of some of that control that you have and invite some movement into your body and really just explore. So enough of that, let's get started.

Let's start in happy baby. So we're gonna sit here and to get to happy baby we're gonna go through rolling like a ball or we like to call it R-lab, R-lab. Alright so we're rolling, all we need to do is keep the chin tucked. We're rolling back, yes, I'm letting my legs go and my arms and I'm making some crazy shapes and I'm rolling and moving and rolling over into little shoulder, I'm not gonna do a shoulder roll but that it is in the program, not this one, and then we're gonna find a little happy baby and we pause for a moment in happy baby. So the head and the pelvis are in connection with the mats, much like a cat lies on the mat and we roll the head a little side to side, the chin toward the shoulder, chin towards the shoulder and we just explore how we feel on the ground and then reset in the center.

Feet together, knees apart, let the sit bones be wide and then if you can, legs open, feet apart and opposite, feet apart, feet together rather and then feet apart. So we go back and forth this way. Now you're gonna come into your happy baby. The leg that's closest to me, you're going to reach it across your body, lift the head up off the ground and roll and then roll to the other side, so we do a little happy baby rolling so we roll, it restores our movement it gives us a little freedom to roll over this microphone that's sticking in my side but that's also good. One more time, rolling to the side and then reset.

Single sided happy baby, one arm one leg reach, we did this in the foundations, reach reach reach. Pick it up and switch, inhale move into a stretch, exhale bring it back. Reach heel from hand to heel to foot, lay the leg along the mat, two more. Something in this genre, something like this. Last time, four point curve and reach, reach the arms away from one another reach the legs away, circle the arms around the outside, tuck, join everything together, inhale reach, look towards your brows, look towards the nose.

Inhale and exhale. (sighing) keep it moving, creating some heat, moving through two postures. Last time, hold it in, single bent leg stretch. Extend one leg out, drop down a little bit, nod the chin just four, inhale exhale, (breathing loudly) and again, (breathing loudly) and again, last time, pause, straight leg just to pause, lift to switch (breathing loudly) last time, double leg, hold the ankles, reach the arms and legs away, you choose how far. Core distal, reach and back, two more, reach and back last time, head is getting tired, you know, hands behind the head, elbows in, drop down to nod your chin yes I will, yes I will.

Legs go up, double leg lowers, lower the legs down, dorsa flex the ankles, lift them to the sky, reach out of your body and back to your body, two more please, reach, connecting the core to your legs. Last time, cris cross, bend your legs in, you choose which leg, oh my gosh, she's not telling me, take a sniff switch, switch, notice it's a side bend rather than it's a rotation rather than this big old side bend so keep it close to your knee. I've no idea how many so we're gonna do two more, last time bring the feet down, bring the hands down and bridge on up, open the hips. Open them up, reach the arms away, roll the torso down, down, down, down hands down, hips up hands over head, fingernails on the ground and roll roll roll roll roll. Hands down, slide one leg out.

So here connect with the foot, with the hands with the shoulders, high kick bridge lift up, down we go. High kick lift up, down, now as we go down see if you can reach the leg long and away, that's right, up, long and away, stay down, switch the leg, we call it a pop switch. Ready one two three, lift and reach lift and reach and lift and reach last time, lift and reach pop switch, pop switch, changing the legs, changing the legs, changing the legs and hold, large leg circles, arms come out one leg comes up. So doesn't matter which leg, move the leg across the torso, down around then stop at the top. Keep going, anchor through your upper body last time just for three, and pause, reverse out across the body and up, pick up your tempo and around, last time.

Pause, slide the arms in by your side, scissor switch, (breathing loudly) scissor switch, (breathing loudly) scissor switch for four, reaching and pulling for three, for two, hopefully it's the other leg, reach the legs, arms out wide, here we go across the body, down around then up. Use your practice your little Pilates person that's sitting right next to you, ask them to help and pause, reset go across the body and set. Across the body and set, last time, across and set and lower. Arms down. We're rolling over, so first of all bend the knees, draw them to your chest, press down, nod your chin, take the legs up and over your body, wriggle your shoulders into place.

We're gonna let go of all the fancy choreography, roll down the way we came so roll, bend the knees into your chest, anchor the body, lower the legs down. So upper, lower, connectivity. We anchor through the top, bend the knees draw them in, to reach the legs over the head. Now anchor through the top, bend the knees and reach them away. Two more I'm gonna layer in some hands, some arm movement.

Draw it in, reach as we roll down, take the arms away from you over head just like on the reformer like we do overhead. One more time, in up and away down reach and stretch. Find a little crescent stretch, move your arms and legs to the same side, cross the legs over, pull the outside hand and just breath for a second. I'm taking a really nice deep breath here now. And we're gonna switch to the other side.

So we're trying to lengthen through the outside and grabbing, I'm going to the left I'm pulling my right arm here and pause. Rolling up, bring the arms towards the ceiling, flex the toes towards the nose. If you've got a tight lumbar, use the assist nod your chin, curl on up, I never know whether I'm gonna get up it's like who knows? Roll down the way you came all the way down, hands to the mat and stack and again nod, curl, press into the ground and up and down, last time, last time, here we go, one two three, nod lift and up now take your hands on the outside of your legs closest to me, spin the legs around and come down to your tummy, reach the arms on out for tummy time, slide the torso up one, up up up and down, keep moving, try to avoid wedging yourself in, that would be this so it's a continual movement, inhale broad chest exhale back, last time, inhale and exhale, pause and that is the mat. Bring the arms on out and we're gonna do a little stinger so first of all, lift the torso up, bend your right knee, I'm gonna give you clear directions 'cause it's confusing and then reach your left arm over to your right foot, you're like hey can I touch it and down you come.

Bend the left, reach and touch or close to. Imagine that you're a scorpion and that's your tail it's a stinger, you're stinging yourself and back. That posterior oblique line crossing the body can I touch? And can I go? Can I touch?

And can I go? As we touch the brains hemispheres, hemispheres, side left right talk to one another. Two more, up, I completely forgot where I was and here and release, palms up, feet away, cheek on the ground, that's the cheek of your face not your bottom, hold it right here, take a deep breath in is it nap time? Release, use the upper neck, switch the side, place the head down on the ground. I'm going to stay on the same side just because of my mic.

Okay that's enough resting, bring the hands in for a single leg kick and then double leg kick. Invite your side-body, your belly on one leg kicks in twice just four, one two and reach remember breathe (breathing loudly) and (sighing) two more (breathing loudly) and (sighing). One more and pause. Aversion of double leg, bring the arms on out. Here, float all four limbs off the ground, bring the hands towards the feet and look on up just like so, go down, kick the bottom twice, sniff sniff and exhale for me (sighing) to control, sniff sniff and (sighing) two more, sniff sniff and (sighing) last time, sniff sniff and hold now imagine that you're skydiving you're like yes, I'm skydiving, Stephanie's looking at me like really?

Okay we're skydiving, we're playing you're two, I said skydive you're like yes and now be like a dart, you're a super super long you're trying to build up speed and now your flying. Yes, and then super super long like a dart and your flying, your back is having a workout last time, super super long and then release and flop, oh yeah let it go. Let it go, bring the forearms into place, forearm plank, tuck your toes. So in foundations we kept our knees down, here we go knees up if possible, gather up from the floor, head hips, knees, press up and back (sighing) what about your head neck, is it there? Push forward with the feet and down we go.

Press down with the forearms and back into your feet. Push from the feet and forward. That's right keep going, exhale press, inhale control. Find the stability in your trunk and down, last time, press, hold and down and pause. Swan dive, plank combo.

So lift on up, wedge yourself in this time, bend the arms at the elbows and broaden your chest. So remember swan dive, we initiate it in the feet so just tap your feet like hello feet. Alright so we kick the legs, dive and catch. Kick the legs, catch with the hands. Kick, catch, two more, kick, catch, last time, kick, catch, pillow here bend.

Now we're gonna do that several more times the next time we come on up so come up into your swan, as we go we're going to migrate the hands towards us and at the end, push up into a plank something like that, alright. So set your swan, find your legs, swan dive we'll go for three so lift catch, move the hands back. Lift, move them back, last time, toes touch up, hold and shift forward and down we go and reset. Ready? Ready steady go.

Three moving back, two, one up yes Natalia yes, and down, last time leave no man behind right? One two three, go. You can rock and then you can just ahh pause, shift, hold, knees tuck round your spine, oh! We'll go from here to shifting back over one ankle swing the legs around for seated tore. How you doing? Sweating.

Come forward to the end of your mat so make sure your mat is behind you and I'm gonna stay right in the middle here. Let's take a little tiny pit stop with spine stretch forward, alright so just three. Inhale over the legs, dorsi flex your ankles if you can, and exhale back just two breathe in and exhale think about the diaphragm plunging down and release, spine stretch side, arms come out. The arm that's closest to me comes to the mat bend over into a side bend, try to avoid the forward bend just be side bend, push your way and up and over inhale push and exhale, two more, over, push down with the hand and up, last time over and up and spine twist, bring the arms on up. First of all we stay steady, arm that's closest to me reach it behind, bring it back.

Arm that's away reach it back and behind, let the legs go. This time pull the leg back, hold, place the hand down, twist and look over your shoulder and look at that view it's so awesome and then back. Spine twist to mermaid twist, sit and look and back now amalgamate the movements kind of go I'm looking behind and now I'm not, I'm looking behind and now I'm not, two more, look behind and you're not, look behind, let it go, crab, set your posture. Press, connect the armpits to the torso, be mindful of the hyper extension, float, crab hover, move your hips like a hammock, you're moving, you're gonna settle in the center, do a little connection in the front, connection in the back, look at your nose but don't move your head. Look at your eyebrows and don't move your head so just changing the gaze and noticing if there's any difference in sensation.

If there is, great, if there's not, great and release let it go, roll the wrists, roll the elbows. Yep and then reverse, roll the wrists, roll the elbows. Good and pause. Set your hands back, bring your feet back and pause. Set your crab here, I like to just take a moment and lift.

So in primal foundations we did opposite arm leg lifts with our hips down, now we're going to lift the hips as we have, one leg up opposite hand shift and move them forward. Switch and shift, crab roll walking, forward yep? Arms lift and land together and pause and reset. If you need to put your hips down now's a good time. We're going in reverse so drop the hips down to the mat.

One arm one leg lift, shift and walk back. You're trying to stay somewhat in a neutral orientation and push from the ground. Back, back, back back, reset, legs out shake. This time when we crab walk forward I'm going to encourage you to keep your arms and your legs the same distance apart and they barely lift from the ground. So let's try that, last time.

The wrists, the armpits we float. One arm leg lifts, it barely lifts from the ground and it lands, lift, land, lift, land, lift, land, lift, land lift, land, two more, last time, you're done, legs out here. Sit bone walking backward, backward, backward, backward, remember it's opposition in a rotation, hold sit yourself steady connect the legs together, flex the feet and imagine you're running 100 meter sprint, think about how far the elbow goes back, notice how the body moves in response to the sprint, are we there? Let it go, now we're not sprinting but when we sit bone walk, we're doing the same reach the elbow back behind you as you move forward, away, away, away, away, away, away, away circles, woo. Circles are a good way to change our environment, switch sides, get to a different place on the floor, work on our hip mobility in relationship to our torso and pause, reach out for the legs, grab from your naval center, pull them back in.

Send them away, legs down or legs up, pull them in like your rowing. Reach and pull, reach and pull, two more, reach and pull, last time, reach and pull and hold. Z-sit legs away from me, it goes like this. Notice my foot, hips relatively even come back through knees up and switch. Up head pelvis, head tail, head pelvis, head tail.

Head pelvis, head tail. Last time, head pelvis, head tail pause. Place the hand on the ground that's furthest away so your guys hand that's right, hand on your thighs, how's your breath? (breathing loudly) okay so femur roll reach press up. So roll the femur forward, roll the torso look behind and back so here we do a little hip mobility, let's go straight into the reach reach the hand and if you know where we're going you can press up and pause.

Pres press press press, come back down. Now this is inspired by circle soar we lift up, we're going to stay back there go into a back bend, move the arm towards me and circle around the torso, come down, lasso do it again, side bend, back bend, side bend, forward bend. Notice the head and the pelvis, you didn't even need to cue yourself, one more time up, over, down and reset. Roll out the wrists. Work your wrists, bring the legs up in front.

Switch sides, hand comes down hand on the femur, press down and roll the femur forward, roll the femur back. Hip rolls forward, torso moves looking out the window, hey look at the waves over there if you're ready press up reach and then down. And reach and down, now we go up we stay up, if you want to stay with that stay with that, all circle soars so reach away into a nice back bend, over your shoulder roll the chin across the chest and do it again. Side bend, back bend, side bend, forward bend exactly use your breath how it suits you notice how delicious that shoulder feels, I really wanna do one more so let's do one more open, up, down and reset. Pause now the feet stay still watch me for a second and the torso sits can we do it?

Sit still, torso switch, z-sit and go, do it agan and go (laughing) over and go, over and go two more, over, it's really good hip mobility and go and pause, mermaid. So mermaid we bring everything a little bit tighter. If your knees feel funky, go back to z-sit we'll do the same thing. Feet stay still, torso switches, go a little quicker think arms across my torso as I move, arms press my torso and I move, one more, good. As opposed to torso still, feet switch, I have to hold my head otherwise I get confused.

I'm like oh my gosh, what's happening? Just move your body make it look something in this genre, I can't see you so it doesn't matter. Two more, (breathing loudly) one more, hold it, legs out. Pause walk on forward. Now something more familiar and this is for my lovely friend Claudia over here, a little boomerang it's her favorite.

Okay so we're going to cross one leg over the other. What I want you to consider is that the relationship between your head and your pelvis in this particular movement experience is always the same we're going to keep this relationship. We're going to modify it twice. As I roll back, I think, oh my pelvis. Roll over, bend the knees and hold.

Reset the legs, switching the leg that's on top. Come back the way we came by bending the knees, remember stay in contact with your pelvis bring the arms on up and pause. So bring the hands towards the body, interlace them, grab them put them on the floor and pop yourself up and hold it. Slide the legs out, remember head pelvis so as is slide I've gotta bow forward, arms down to the ground the first time and we reset, I promised your two modification here it is again. Keep the relationship bend, press over, switch, roll down, little baby teaser with the knees bent.

Bring the hands to you, reset, hold, find the floor if that's available, go forward arms to the ground and reset. If you know boomerang, we're doing it two more times aversion something like this. Legs straight this time, connect, legs go up and over, switch the leg that's on top roll down find your inner teaser, ta-da, arms come through the body reach and hold, roll forward under control, arms to the sky like rowing and reset the torso. I'm not watching, how are they doing? (laughing) Ready?

One two three, roll hold, switch, remember the connectivity to your pelvis lift up and hold, ta-da. Join the hands, reach roll forward over, let the hands go and roll on up. Nice work, sit bone walk back any way you like just let it go like we're rocking at a party and here we go for scorpion roll and reach, extend the scorpion roll and reach hold, alright moving on from sit bone walking, extended scorpion crab reach and roll, something like that we'll see how it's going to go. So this is I'm gonna prep you, right side, move to the right side of your mats bend your right knee and bring your right arm up and you look something like this. So first of all we're going to crab and reach.

We're lifting the hips up off the ground, we've got contralateral here lift the arm up, look over your shoulder and reach that right arm across I could touch my left shoulder if I wanted to and bring it back down. Let's do that again. Lift up, press through the hips that big toe is really key and down, nice job one two three, lift up reach and down and here this hand comes to the ground, we lift the feet from the ground through a scorpion roll reach the left foot and we do it again. So left hand, left foot, drive extended crab roll and down. Extended crab roll and reach, maybe touch your right shoulder for a second and down, last time, lift up extended crab and then down.

Now take the hand to the ground roll through swan, right foot pose right arm lifts and reach. And back through tummy time, swan, reach and lift. Now just keep going, extend the legs up and push up we go. Extend the legs up and push up. We're going to do two more if you can, the last one we're going to hold up there, hold, come into a regular plank hands on the ground and pause and hold it right here.

So leg pull down, set your hips, lift your chest. Use your feet, push forward and then push back. Inhale lift one leg, exhale pull it down something like this, inhale and exhale for four, and down for three and down for two and down and one and down. Knees down, round your spine, lift up onto your fingertips and pause. Now just for the purpose of filming I'm going to ask my gang to turn in to face one another so they're going to do a little walk around but you at home can stay exactly where you are.

Bring the hands back down, head is high, find your all fours and pause. So opposite arm leg reach. I'm going to do right arm, left leg just like we did in foundations I'm gonna check my body image like how does that feel? And then I'm going to touch and go I'm going to cross the body and reach and in and reach touch, you can tap your can squeeze. Now keep going, the next time fire hydrant it goes out maybe my leg is straight, maybe it isn't, in and out keep going, make crazy shapes, do as you will find an opposite arm leg and down, round the torso, shift off the wrist, make the arches in your body communicate one another so I'm just gonna rock back a little forward calming my nervous system, resetting.

Yes, exactly. Come back to all fours. Spread your thumbs to your fingers so here we've got right leg, left arm, lift your torso, self touch increases awareness, touch and go, so here keep the spine the same shape and now you know there's fire hydrant and crazy shapes so we just go. We just keep the trunk steady, we connect the breath to the movement one more time, put it down, arches in your body. Round, tuck your toes, hands flat, sit back just as we did in foundations and rebound forward, sit and rebound.

Palms flat, chest and head high looking at my mother, I'm on the floor with her she's got some toys I'm like how am I gonna get over there? And then flex the spine and round. All fours set up get your hands underneath your shoulders. Hover, exhale hover then knees up, inhale put them down. Exhale hover, put them down moving on, exhale hover, can you make a little cat cow and a hover?

Round and extend, flex and extend last time, flex and extend. That's a lot harder than it looks, tap out your toes. Low kneeling, if that's uncomfortable high kneeling, roll the wrists. Roll the wrists, interlace we did this in foundations and then we're at a 90s party (laughing) do do, do-do, shake them out all fours, scooch to the end of your mat. We did calling in foundations with the feet flat, here we do toes tucked, head up, eyes on the horizon.

Float the knees, arms lift and lower in coordination with one another as we go forward, push from the ground, push from the ground, push from the ground, push, push, reset. Reverse, limbs lift and lower in unison back and forth, ooh there's the mat and reset. One more time, ready go left and up down, up down, up down, up down, up down, reset, feet flat, crawl back. Pause, forward, low or high kneeling, release the wrists, it's a lot of wrists I can hear you saying ah my wrists. Bring the hands back down, elbow rolls.

Nose lands between the thumbs as the elbows go back, they scoot around and we press up. Down, up and away. Toot toot! Down out and away, last time, down out and away and pause, reverse. Nose between the thumbs now let your spine go a little bit with the movement, let it go, let it roll. Release and do what comes intuitively.

And pause and wait for a second. Either stay right here and place the chest between the thumbs or move your hands forward into a half-plank, lift the feet up so you can be on the thighs and down or I call them big girl push ups, we go down between the thumbs and away and I have no idea how many I'm gonna do but I'm probably gonna do one more. Up, knees down, knees wide, wide, child's pose, forehead down and release the wrists. I hope you're feeling invigorated and you're a little bit breathless from the practice. So from here, we go from the seated tore all fours to high kneeling so reach your arms out, roll through cat roll up here, join the knees together bring the arms by your side and then everyone's gonna face me so we can all see what we're doing.

(breathing loudly) It's warm in Santa Barbara. Okay arms are gonna go up. So we're going to go to this direction which is my left, we're going to reach over, translate the spine and back. We're listening to a conversation and then back. Moving on, we translate, press down through the outer leg and find a little single leg balance and I call this surfing and then come back.

Translate shift and lift. Hold, and back you're doing it perfectly. Translate lift and shift, hold. Now take your outside leg and your inside arm and land them on the mat at the same time, pause. Take the top arm over your head.

Bring the elbow and the hand together by shifting the hips back and then eyebrows and then nose, remember that. So side lizard, squeeze and reach and same side bending, ipsilateral or homolateral two more, in and up last time, in an up pause, bend the downstairs elbow, push up reset the arms come down. Thankfully we only have two sides. Arms come up, translate come on back, the spine moves to the side, we get shorter in translation. Moving on over, push down from the outer leg surfing, let's go surfing now and down, translate shift and lift.

As you get more stable and you find your balance notice how you start to get taller. Hand and foot go down, arm comes up. Side lizard, arm comes over the head, press the downstairs hip forward and then elbow or hand to the knee, look to the brows, look to the nose, reaching the upper body and the lower body together (breathing loudly), find a pace that works for you, either float the foot or touch to the ground. Couple more here, last time and pause. Bring yourself up out and down and pause.

Come forward, move around on your knees a little bit and then move back. We're going to move into a mermaid, our hips are going to go to the right, they're going to sit down and maybe the right hand goes down, rock forward, press the hips forward. Shift to the side, down and back. Rock, lift and press, exactly. Over and down and up and lift.

Notice that the head is like a corresponding weight to the pelvis up and away. It's a corresponding weight to the pelvis, up and away, mermaid to this side and pause, hand goes down. So bring your legs out as we move into a little twist land so something a little bit more familiar. The top arm's going to go up. I'm going to reach that top arm up and I'm gonna reach the bottom hip and I'm gonna say hey body this is where we're going and then up, I'm prepping, increasing my awareness and up, here remember the side bridge we did in foundations so we lift from the ground.

The first time we twist we might have to do a little alteration, come under, cross over the body and physically touch your leg back there. Come out the way you came, place the hips down and pause. Try not to let the shoulder go this time, that's right so left, flex the feet lift up and cross the body, come back and set. On your own, three more. We reach one side of the body to the other, we connect the head to the pelvis in the front and we work a little shoulder and torso mobility.

And back arms out, knee up, switch, hands down, arm up, find your feet notice I'm like I'm on a surfboard or a skateboard, this is really key to what's happening. Take the hand down, touch up touch up, are you ready? Twist, push down, anchoring up and touch and back any variation that you would like go up and around and back. Self expression is welcome, two more. And back, last time, and back and pause.

Z-sit. Z-sit switch, torso stays still, up and back and let's move a little tempo, quick, slow, quick, slow, quick, slow, now let's go slow slow do do-do quick, slow-mo, do do-do-do, quick, slow, quick, last time they're thinking I can feel them and up and pause. From this orientation, come up into high kneeling, oh look we're in yoga land, la la! Sit switch the legs, isn't there yoga anytime? Yeah yoga anytime. Shift up, la-la, we're in warrior and down and again and up, switch now think about the hips, the hips go in opposing direction to the hands, the pelvis is wide in the front.

Sit bones are narrow in the seat, sit down last time, up, hold, high kneeling, walk on in. Let's face one another and I'd like you to just walk forward on your knees and then back and I would really love to see some natural arm swinging, I'm looking at you Natalia, lot of natural arm swinging. (laughing) so imagine that you're really cross, in England we say we're really cross which comes with this posture, crossing arms, cross, cross, what's up? And now try to walk on your knees and don't move your torso and think oh my goodness I'm not moving my torso, I'm only moving my pelvis and it's all yeah no, so let's get rid of that idea and then walk with a reciprocal arm swing pressing behind you as well as forward, behind behind, behind behind and pause. Tuck your toes please.

(breathing loudly) Almost there, we're graduating to standing. One leg, step to half kneeling, boom, opposite arm comes up up and down, other leg up boom, what about the other guy? Yes he goes behind and back. So do it again, one arm comes forward one arm goes back, we try to avoid the whip around, I'll show you it goes like this, the knee doesn't like that very much, keep going, one more hold it, hands come down. Hips up, foot back, switch the leg foot down, half kneeling up, back.

Same side, foot up, hands down, up step back, same side step forward, half kneeling up and then we switch. Other leg lift, hands down hips up, hips down step back and pause. Other side, lift hands down. Now this time, lift the hips up, not too far, step the leg back and switch and knee goes down up and knee comes down. Now as the knee comes down, can you follow through with the head and see what's in front?

Can you lift the arm up? And you go forward and back and (breathing loudly) we do 5000 of these and we call it the primal Pilates marathon, (breathing loudly) one more, up stretch or down dog, you choose. Pause, come into a plank, hold belly on the mat. I'm throwing in push ups as a surprise move, Stephanie's (laughing). So you choose either hands back or hands wide, we're just gonna do three of them ready?

From the floor, lift up hold, down we come that was one. Ready two, down last time. Ready, three hold, walk your feet on in, on in, now be mindful either heels up or heels down squat as you come down, you're coming up with the head your blood pressure might go wee. So we're trying to work on dorsi flexion, if that's not available, the heels come up. So find something that works.

Hips up, heels down forward bend. (breathing loudly) breathing. And then hips down, heels down or not. For some reason I turn into a Spaniard when I say hips or Italian or something and do it again, forward bend, and then down we come. Two more times, forward bend working on the ankle, hip and knee relationship.

Last time up and down and pause. However your squat feels for you so remember, your feet are like a window so if you feel like your window needs to be bigger then just take your feet apart. Heels down or not, 10 little squats. Push from the ground one two three, stand, pause, set your intention freely moving your body down, inhale and exhale, hips forward. And ahh, this is it guys.

Hip drive, hip drive find your back body, find your front body find your back body, find your front I think we've got four or three. Three or two, one last time and up and pause, shake out your feet. Stride forward with your left and back with your right, rock over the back big toe, drive the hip forward that's part of our gait. We have a whole series of standing which we don't have time for today so I would swing, my left leg is forward my right arm swings forward with the hip. With the hip, one more.

Switch, we're catching our breath left leg is back, first of all I find the big toe, the back of my leg drive the hip noticing that my torso is going off to the right. So I reciprocate and I'm hopefully it's not all wacky and weird and I'm trying to find some rhythm, reaching away. (breathing loudly) Standing we're standing, feet on the floor, eyes on the horizon. We're moving into postural sway folks so we're there. Take a nice inviting breath in through your nose.

(breathing loudly) Allow the breath to fall out of your mouth (breathing loudly) over the surface of your lips and be still for a second. And inhale, (breathing loudly) and release the breath (sighing). And here again we step into some postural sway so what does that mean? The dynamic nature of our posture means that our muscular system switches off who's doing the job. Who's in control of lifting and keeping us in space?

It's a natural thing that occurs. And now if you invite a little bit more postural sway by just gently swaying and if it makes you feel dizzy open the eyes or keep them closed. So whenever you're standing for long periods of time and you feel tired in your body, then invite a little postural sway. We're going to just bend the knees and just bounce a little bit. My good friend Tom McCook would like this 'cause it's a little diaphragm releasing we're just woo and bouncing, letting your breath out of your body and then close your eyes again and find postural sway.

We refine, we restore and we revitalize through the dynamic nature of the practice. Motor development progressions, animal-like postures and ancestral postures and we bring it all together in this super fun system. I invite you to share with me as much as you like, bring your arms up, you're a gymnast or someone who's super excited we jump for joy, thanks guys, see you next time. (clapping)


I liked this class very much, I really enjoyed the movement and the dynamism. Thank you Loise
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I love your work. Your classes are so creative. Thank you.
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I've only previewed the first 6 minutes and it looks and sounds decidedly " moderate" rather than " deliberate". I'll be back on a day I'm feeling more inclined for a faster pace!
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Great class!
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Love the flow Louise, our bodies need this intelligent sequencing and functional movement. I miss you and so happy to take your classes online🙏
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Louise, really love three classes. Though my first love has been Pilates, our bodies need other functional movement and less stabilizing. I am definitely going to work with this for a bit and see if I can improve my primal movement.
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So many new ideas thank You 💚
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I loved this class. It's kind of like a reward for all the very controlled awareness of regular Pilates, to get to use that with more dynamic open movement.
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Very interesting and fun class, love your dynamic energy and teaching style. Look forward to learning more primal movement. Thank you
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oooh, I think I caught something in there near the end about a standing sequence? Looking forward to that one!
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