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After you have completed Monica Wilson's Mixed Equipment workout, you can take the work you did on the apparatus and see how it feels on the Mat. She reminds you each time you can reference one of the exercises she taught so you can use that work to connect deeper to your powerhouse.
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Aug 09, 2017
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Okay. All right, so this is going to be an intermediate advanced Matt and I'm, my hope is that you have taken the complete class that we have offered that takes the Cadillac and the one to chair and the spine corrector and is allowed you to feel all these exercises that I'm going to be referring to the entire mat class today. So if you haven't, make sure you find that and at least go through it once and then from now on you can just jump right to this part. All right,

Mat Workout

so now we are ready for our mat and we're going to take all those exercises that we just did on the Cadillac on the one to chair and on the spine corrector and we're gonna feel them on the mat. Now if you do one time only all the way through, that's fantastic. You want to keep doing it a few more times even better. But don't forget that this is going to be offered as a stand alone mat class and so that you can just jump right to this without fast forwarding anything and just keep envisioning all of those exercises. In a nice, quick, compact, intermediate, advanced mat. All right, so let's get to it. So I want you to stand in [inaudible] stance, having your weight on the ball of your foot, and we're going to have one arm over the other good and one foot in front of the other, and using your powerhouse, lower yourself down to the mat. We're going to Redo the a hundred even though you've already done the hundred good. And Go ahead and stretch yourself out.

Completely reach your arms overhead. Great. I want you to go ahead and bend your knees and put your feet flat on the Mat. Good. And now reach your arms up and press your arms down onto the mat. Good. Now use your triceps to push down into the mat. Imagine that you have the roll down bar underneath your bottom and reach it past your bottom. You're trying to not hear a little sliding motion as you pump, right? Good.

Draw your belly in to the mat and just lift your head up and look at your powerhouse. Great. Keeping your tailbone down. I want you to take just your right leg and slide it long on the mat as if you're pushing away that push through bar and lift it up to a 45 degree. Good. And now let's do the same thing with the left. Slide your left away, bring it on up and let's start your hundred. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Good. So you're imagining your feet are on that pushed through bar so you can really engage the back of the thighs in the seat. That's 20 inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, scoop and really stretching that hip flexor in two, three, four, five ceiling. Good. You're pushing that bar, the roll down bar away from your thighs. Beautiful.

Great job. Try to anchor the bottom of the shoulder blades. Just a little, yeah, just a little bit. Yes, that 70 inhale, two, three, four, five and exhaling. Two, three, four, five in with the air and excellently, mads 90 just give me one more. Think about stretching that hip flexor and then lower the legs down all the way. Arms up and arms back. So we're thinking of the transition of the Shari to the push through. Arms Up. The legs are pushing away.

That bar head comes through and I made you roll up and put your hands on the push through bar, right. Beautiful job and roll on back. Lower back. Keep pushing that imaginary Shari pushed through bar. Very good. And reaching back. Arms head and scoop it in wreath control. Beautiful and rolling back. You're lengthening and stabilizing with the lower body and reaching back for more arms. Head scoop it in. Yes as if you have to push through.

Burn your hands and rolling back. Remember how you pulled it back in the push through. Great job and really make them feel good using the visuals. Yes, scooping it in and rolling back. Always the lower back first just like I made her do on the push through and let's do it one last time. Arms push with the powerhouse. Good scooping it reach and imagine you're pushing that bar away with your feet.

And we're going to think about the rollover that's next and it is similar to the tower, but not quite so. Arms press down by your side and you're going to lift your legs up to a 90 degree angle. And we're going to imagine we're lifting our hips over to me. Touch the floor with your feet. Open the legs at shoulder width and roll down.

This is rolling down, reaching your hips. Now keep your waist down. Sweep your legs together and over a little more pep. They're open. We're going to roll down with control, but then sweep them together at over. Yes, that was your last one in that direction. We're going to click the heels together, but then open and over. Yes. Squeeze those inner thighs and use your belly to pull those thighs to your chest as you reach out and down and over. Good job.

Squeeze your inner thighs, resisting the tower bar here. That's what you're imagining. One more. Damn open over. Yes. Squeeze your inner thighs together. And last time. Imagine I'm the tower bar and you're resisting me and we're transitioning to single leg circles. Lower the left leg, right leg stays up, the arms are pressing down into the mat. And we're going to imagine our six legs spring series.

Press the back of the ribs down into the mat. Fantastic. And we're going to, I want just one time, lower the leg down the middle of your body so that you feel the back of the thigh and see and this deep scoop and then pull it up from your beautiful up to your nose. And now crust around an up, cross around. Get that scoop cross around and up to around and lift. Last one. Good reverse. Use your left leg a little more pressing into the mat to help stabilize your left hip. Yes. And to get that scoop a little more yes. And even reach out to the other line. Yes. One more.

Hold switch. That's it. Stretch it to you. Yes. Press your arms down. Anchoring just like you did. Yes. And here. And we're going to go down one time reaching it down. So you hit the back of the thigh and see and stretching that hip flexor and let it fly up from here to your nose. Cross around and up. Good. Cross around. Good. Pretend like you're stretching my spring, my legs.

Spring all the way down to the other ankle. One more please. And now reverse scooping and stretch that spring. Pull it with the back of the thigh and see reaching out to more. Stretch it around last time and hugging that knee. Good. But the foot down and really connect with the back of your thighs and seat as you squeeze the legs straight. Lift your head up again.

The transition from the Sharry to the push through. But Tangier feet are pushing the bar away and you have to roll up and put your hands on it. Good. And now put your hands by your hips and we're gonna do rolling like a ball. Lift your bottom forward and get your hands on your ankles. And we're gonna pause with your hips over your shoulders so that we feel that airplane curled up. Rolling like a ball feeling.

Fingers point towards each other. Yay. And we're going to pull your into your lower back and roll that back and pause and feel this lovely stretch and exhale roll up. Beautiful Brianna. And now fluidly in with the air annex. Good. Roll right into that airplane. And exhale. Good. And three and exhale. Nice job. Two more.

Get your knees to touch all the way down to the mat. Pretend you can, yes. And exhale. Hold. Rest your feet down. Really great job. Put your hands behind you. Lift your bottom back. And we're ready for the series of five. The single leg stretch I said was just like the bicycle.

So we're going to do it together. Okay. So we want you to roll back to your bottom of your shoulder blades or your, um, bra strap. So you're gonna use the bat, the feet to pull the mat towards you. The back of the thighs. Engage inner thigh squeeze, and you're going to roll back the lower back. The middle you, it'll stop when you hit your bra strap or bottom of the shoulder blades. Hug the right knee in, right and on ankle. Left hand, knee.

All this is easy. Slide the left on the mat until it's straight and you're squeezing with the hamstring and glute. Let it float up and now you're going to do bicycle while you do this exercise. So the right fit's gonna go down, down. Don't slight up. Pulls up to a 45 and get that deep scoop.

And now the left foot goes down and out and lifts. Right. Left, right there you go. Left. And you're stretching that hip flexor. Yeah. Good job, Brianna. Yes. One more. And hug both knees in good. Double leg. Stretch in with the air. Exhale. Good. Stretch those legs. Springs.

Exhale in with the air. Exhale. Three more. Enmity year. Exhale. Good. This was our four count. Frog. One more. Whoo. Single street like right leg up. Imagine the leg springs.

I want you to pull that leg. Spring down. This yes. Curl up a little more priests. Yes. And switch. Pull that right. Spring. Left spree, right. Hello? Yes. Switch. Good reach. Yes. One more set. Actually two more and then we're going to go to double straight like and both like that. Here's where I made you.

Put your hands behind your head and you reached both legs and scoop it up and reach both and scoop it out good and long with the hips and scoop it up. Two more in with the air. Exhale last one and here's our twist, but it's a criss cross. Bend the right knee and you're twisting those ribs and switch. Beautiful. Pulling in and twist and switch. Oh right, love it.

And a left and had both knees into your chest. Oh Great. John, I want you to put your feet right on the mat and use the back of your thighs to slide them straight and push that bar away like you did on the Shari. Here we go. Slide him straight. Dry Your head up using your powerhouse. Keep that great hip flexor stretches you. Try to put your hands on that imaginary push through bar.

Then separate your heels onto the boxes right in the middle. Good. Sit Up, tall, feet flexed, maybe slide back so that your heels are right in the middle of those box. Excellent arms are up at shoulder height. Big. Inhale forward with those arms and exhale, head down and go far. Xcel Dan to the re and let's inhale up to three and exhale down. Let's do five counts down, three, four, five and exhale up three, four, five.

And inhale down. It's like you're pushing that push through bar and it's also like you're doing the pullup on the one to chair. Two more down. I like how your head went down first, so let's make sure it comes up last. Lower middle. This more. Yes. One. It's a little similar to she's doing great shoulder work like she did with the Swan on the one to chair opening the collarbones. Thank you.

It's time for open leg rocker. So squeeze your legs together. Good. And Roll back your waistband. This one doesn't really have, uh, any exercise that we did. Dry Your knees up to the ceiling feet and then knees open and hands on top of the ankles balanced with the feet up. Good. And let's just hold your position and we're going to extend the right leg. So we're going to actually rest your ball of your feet both down.

And let's change your, um, vision. You're their site to be more up straight ahead and use your belly to scoop in and up your chest bone. Extend just the right leg and down, finding your balance and the left. And, and now we're going to do both and down. And now we're going to do both and hold them up. And now use your belly to really feel like you're almost on your sit bones. Keep focusing on something dead ahead.

And let's roll our lower back first like we're rolling into the spine corrector. Rolling back and right on a rep up at five more. Here we go. Roll it on up to us. Yes. Lower back first and scoop it on up. Yes. And scoop that lower belly. Yes. Pull it right back up. Love it.

Two more. Good work. Upper stomach. Yes. Bring your head forward on this last one. Come look at me. Thank you. Squeeze your legs together and think of the spine corrector and rolling in and out. We're going to roll down your lower back, middle back. Upper good and legs are straight up to the ceiling. So you're going to pull your belly into the bear to imaginary barrel and we're going to press your arms down and let's go to the right is also like hip circles around and center and to the left and scoop it and remember how you pulled center and to the right around in center, but really go for it.

How far can you go? Yeah, and around left and really reach. Pull away from me. Yes, and center and left around. Scoop it in and good. Now I want you to think of tower and I want you to squeeze your hips and roll up so that your hips are over your shoulders. Here we got think of tower up. We go up to the ceiling with those hips and we're going to come down one bone at a time and we're gonna do two sets like this, right around left center and up for tower. Yes. And down the middle, resisting that bar. Go left around, right. End Lift for tower. Yes. And down the middle. Beautiful, right around and feel the energy. How you lifted that bar for tower.

Come down the middle one last time and we're to go left around and feel how you lifted with the hips to lift up. Good and down. Resisting that tower coming down over your eyes. Just like Jack Neff. We're gonna sit right on up. See the shape. I want you to keep it and just sit up. Great job. Open the feet so that they're on the boxes. Good.

And we're gonna bring your arms out to the side. Good. And we're gonna lift up tall, twist to the right. Good. Reach your pinkie for your baby toe. Inhaling up, twist. Reach your right Pinky for your baby toe. Exhale. Good.

You do a great job here of keeping your hip down on this side. Let's make sure you don't lift your left hip as you reach so that you really get yes and up and twist to your left. So this one was similar to your twist on the one to chair, just to get that feeling of holding your lower body stable does not easy on the saw. Lift up so those hips don't move. And it's your rib cage that's twisting. And exhale, lower, lower, and lifting up. Good. Squeeze your legs together and turn onto your belly for neck roll.

And then Swan, so your hands are going to be right underneath your shoulders. Good and maybe a little bit forward and a little out. Good. And we're gonna press your pubic bone down. Remember how we did it on the one to chair. And we're gonna protect our lower back with our belly.

Lengthen out the crown of your head. Get these hardworking shoulders to stay away from your ears. Remember how much you controlled your shoulder bones and the collar bones. We're going to do that again. We're going to pull in, lift up your head a little. Start lifting up your sternum, push into the mat if you need to come up as high as you can without taking it into your lower back. And then look over your right shoulder. Circle that chin to your chest, to the left, and look forward. Reverse.

Beautiful, really stable shoulders and look forward and come down, lengthening out the crown of your head. Not your forehead, not your chin, but the length in that. Aha. One more. Squeeze the legs together if you can. Pelvis is pressing into the mat. Lift your belly and come up shoulder bones away from the ears. We reverse that so we look left first. Circle the head down around to your right. Look forward.

Look right circle around, left. Look forward and come down. Good. Have you ever done swan before? Bring a bell a little bit. Okay, so we're going to start just like neck row. We're going to press the pelvis down, lift your belly in and come up with your head. Good, right back up.

Just like you did. Watch those shoulders. Good. And now think about grasshopper when you did that to how you lifted your legs up to the ceiling. On the count of three, shoots your arms forward like you're have a basketball in your hand. Ready? One, two, three. Shoot your arm sport. Put the ball in the basket. Yes. Legs, arms, legs, arms. Come on. Put the baskets up at the ceiling. One more. I love it. Good job. Melts into the mat. Round your back and sit on your heels just like you did when you finish doing your swimming and all that business on the spine corrector. We are now going to go back onto your belly and do single leg kick and double leg kicks. So onto your belly and then lift your, put your elbows right under your shoulders forward and lift up your chest.

Get your elbows right under. Yes. Good. I like this position where you press your forearms into the mat and you're almost like pulling the mat towards you as you lift up your sternum. You can also push your knuckles together, but we're gonna do it like this today, scooping in the member of the table and you remember how we did one legged? This is it. So we're going to let both legs up just to re-engage those muscles, support that lower back. And now you're going to be doing the right heel into about one, two and left two.

Let him pass right to and left to get those knees up off the mat. Really use the hamstring and glute to pull that, but all the way to see, pull it to your seat, pull it to your seat, right and left. And that's enough, right cheek on the mat. Hands behind your and bring them up as high as you can. Let's do the double leg kick. So we're going to press the pelvis down. Lift both legs up. And now this is like the regular table.

We're going to pull the heels in three times. One, two, three. Press those down and lift your chest up. Switch sides and press to three and lift. Good. Make sure you're pressing your pelvis down into the mat. Yes. And lift. And one more time trying to get light underneath your knees. Yes.

And lift and rest. Good job, Brianna. Round your back and sit one more time onto your heels. Scooping in tailbone. Good. And we're ready for our neck pool. So you're going to flip around, lie onto your, um, let's actually start sitting up. I like that better. And you're gonna have your hands behind your head. Legs are straight, good and hip width apart. Full Alexis. Toes back. Good. Sit Up nice and tall.

This is another one that we didn't really have an exercise I'm showing you, but do imagine that you're pushing the far away with your, the foot, uh, push through bar away like you did with the shards so that there's energy going that way. All right. And we're gonna lift off your seat and we're going to lead with a tall back, but you got to pull your lower belly here. So the neck bulls all about pushing your head into your neck, rolling down that set and rolling up in with the air. Push that imaginary bar away as you exhale, kiss your knees and then round up, sitting up tall, and then lift off your seat and roll back. Actually say tall. That's it. That's it. Now curl down. Sorry. Good kid. Good, good.

And he'll push that Shari bar away as you curl up and cause your knees in. He'll up tall. Love it, and going back. Lift off the bottom, the press in a way, scooping in and three more in with the air. And exhale. I want to see you stretch your hip flexor muscles more. So you're going to pull into here to stretch that set two more in with the air and exhale, scoop it all forward. Beautiful job.

Rolling up and lift up your seat and push that bar away and roll down. Scoop Dryden, Dryden. One more time. Push that bar away as you curl up to put your hands on it and rolling up. So that transition's used a lot and we're going to roll back or stay tall and go back like you did the first time and pushing that bar way scoop. That's good. That scoop. God good a, yeah, there you go. Good job.

Rest your arms down by your side. Good. Bend your knees into your chest and we're going to go into jackknife. Okay. You get to push me around for once. Yes. Sear. Gonna put. Lengthen your legs, flex your feet and you're going to put them under my arms. Okay, now I'm your tower, so you get to squeeze your bottom. Scoop your belly in and you're gonna exactly. Push me up as your hips.

Lift up all the way over. And now this is the best part. I get to lean into you and stretches. You're going to come down with the bra strap and we're going to, I'm just going to lean onto you. Nice. Stretching each vertebrae, right lengthening and push me up. Scoop. Very good. And Roll in down linkedin. Look how you can keep your feet right over your eyes so easily when you have a closed chain and one more squeezing up. Beautiful.

And you can lift your hips up so easily and rolling. This is a perfect example of how when you can use something else, it becomes easier. So I want you to do just two without me now. Here we go. We're going to lift your hips over and up and then control it down as if I'm leaning into you and you're controlling it. And we're going to do one more. We're going to lift up and we're going to control it down. Excellent job. Alright. Okay.

Now Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the Mat. And we're going to do open your feet a little wider. And we're going to do our scissors, bicycle and shoulder bridge. Great. That looks pretty good. You want to press your feet into the mat and use the hamstrings and glutes to pull your feet towards you.

Imagine you are doing that and you're going to roll up your bottom until your bottoms. A straight line. Shoulders. Yes. Put your hands underneath your hips. Good. A more advanced transition, which is crazy hard if you have a good flexible back is going from um, Jackknife, right into keeping your bottom up and your feet go down. But we're going to bring your right knee in to your chest. Good. And now you might need to adjust the, um, and you can do ever you need, but you're gonna bring the left knee in as well. Here we go. Good job. All right, now extending the legs up to the ceiling and you're going to try to keep this left leg here as you reach the right leg as long and low as you can. Come on.

Go down to the mat, down, down, down, and bring it up. And we're going to just straight, we're going to keep it straight and lift and switch. Left. Yes. Taking it from your reach and switch. Yes. I'm gonna let go for the last set here. Okay, so I'm going to let you find your own mounds and reach it out. Down. Lower Laurie. Yes. And one more. Woo. Yeah. Good job.

Really lift in your bottom off. Oof. Nice. Bend the knees and shake out your hands. As you roll down your bottom. You can also transition by just car lifting your bottom right over your shoulders. So go ahead and let's try that one and then get your hands in place. Hands are right here, and bring your feet back over. Good. And we're also ready for bicycle now, so we're gonna keep the left knee bent, extend the right leg up to the ceiling and reach it down the middle and reach as low as you can. Then it bends. Then we switched.

So you're really trying to touch this toe down to the mat, sliding it towards you, lifting your bottom from your hands, like gets not depending on that spine corrector. Go and down. Keep it moving. One more, right? Ooh, that one almost got it. And one more left. And then you have to reverse it for three. So go down, yes and left reaching out. Use that seat and right. That's to further right and one more set. Try to get that towed down as low as you can and the left is low as you can.

And then bend the knees into your chest. Good. And we're gonna take your hands away and shake them out and roll down your upper back. Good. Rest your feet down on the mat. And we'll do the same transition we did earlier for your shoulder bridge. So you're going to squeeze your bottom up, feed her a little bit apart, thing you using the hamstrings and bottom and curling up. Hands go underneath and you're pretending you don't need them and you're going to keep your right foot on the mat as you slide it down the middle of your body and then lift it up to the ceiling and flex it down as you reach out to the ocean. Good. And and flex down.

Give me one more and to get up and flex it down and return it to the mat. Good job keeping your hips even left leg long on the mat. Kick it up and flex it down. Really work those hips. Lengthen out. Kick it up and flex down as you use the hamstring and one more and flex down return and take your hands away and shake them out and roll down your upper back, middle. Okay. Squeeze your knees together. We're gonna do spine twist. I want you to slide your legs long on the mat as if you're pushing away that Shari, lift your head and keep rolling up using your power house.

Good. Flex the feet. Sit up tall and this time reach your arms out like the g. Keep your feet together. Good. You're going to reach your arms out like you're doing the saw and we're going to be always pushing away that bar as we twist just our rib cage. Exhale, twist as much as you can and come center and exhale tool.

Don't let those feet twist and center. Push both heels away, toes point, back and center. Big Breath. Exhale, stay tall. Lifting your sternum word that waist and center. One more set. Reached those arms, twist the ribs, and exhale. One more XL here. Pull back these toes. Thank you.

And Center and relax. We're ready for our sidekicks series, so lie on your right side. Face forward. Thank you. Your whole body on this back edge and we're going to bring your legs a little four but not so forward as the box. Okay, so we have the same alignment left hand in front. This time of your belly. Okay. Feet forward just a little bit. Thank you. All right, keep those hips square, not using the hip flexors and we're going to lift up the left leg just a little. Turn it out a little bit. Remember when he had that spring? Okay, we're going to kick it forward and take it back and forward. Now when you went back, I'm going to have you hold here. You're right.

Now you're rocking forward and he didn't do that with the leg spring series, so hold it here and work from the back of the thigh and seat to go back and back. Ooh, that's so good and forward and take it back and forward and taking it back and five more. No Rock and enrolling and forward and really scoop and use that. Yes, it really Magine that you have your springs on you three and back and let's add some energy back and one more and back and legs together. We're going to do the up and down. We're going to kick it up to your ear and then squeeze those inner thighs and up and imagine you're pulling down a heavy spring and it's up for three and squeeze. Good and up and reaching out. One more.

Squeeze all the way. Hold your whole body's tone from head to toe. Five little circles. One, two, three, four, five, reverse. One, two, three, four, five. Nice job. You ready for your hot potato? Okay, we're going to touch that heel five times. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five, up. One, two, three, four, five, up. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four, up. One, two, three, up. One, two, all the way to your ear to the one, two up, one, two, up and one up. One up again. One Up, one up. Good job, legs together. Groton, Rhonda Zhang. We're going to bring that. Turn it out. Just a little beautiful. Kick it forward to your nose, all the way to your ear. All the way, all the way. Rotate in that hip and take it behind you as you scoop in and use the hamstring legs together. Two more. Do you remember how this felt on the Cadillac?

Really try to stretch that spring behind you and together. One more, less rocking and rolling with the shoulders. So you've got to hold yourself with the ribs right and together. Reverse it. Take the back of the thigh. Yes, and up. Rotate in your ear to your nose and together.

Reach out of your hip. Here you rotate. Not Hip because you go to your ear, nose and one more really reaching long. The more you lie on your chest, the less you'll get in your hips on that exercise. All right, we're done with that side. I want you to lie down on your belly and make a small pillow for your forehead. For the transition. You're going to press your pubic bone down, lift your belly a little bit and lift those thighs up like you did for grasshopper. Lift those legs. Good. Just like that. And Give me a 20 beats of the heels. One, two, lifting them up as high as he can. Not taking it in your lower back, but imagining that you could get your legs perpendicular to the Mat and roll to your other side. Excellent. Bringing those feet forward.

Okay. Lift your right leg a little bit. Turn it out. And here we go. We're going to kick it forward and take it back. So I want you to really work on how much do you roll your chest forward as your leg goes back cause the more it rolls forward, the less you're going to get. Definition in the hamstring and glute and we all like a little bottom lift. So you're going to take that leg. It feels really good and forward and back.

Give me four more squeezing and drawing in your belly and you're imagining that you have that. Bring right two more. So you're really reaching that Spring and one more. Stretching it out of your hip and the legs together and could get up and squeezed down and up and draw your belly in and up. You got that really long. Lean feeling. Two more when you worked with the spring. So get that out.

The crowd had one more and hold body, his tone from head to toe and it's one, two, three, four, five. Reverse it. One, two, three, four, five. And you're ready for hot potato. Here we go. We're going to tap. One, two, three, four, five. There you go. One, two, three, four, five, and one, two, three, four, up. There you go. One, two, three, four, up and three. One, two, three, one, two, three, two, one, two, one, two. Up and forward. One, one, one, and last one. Good job. [inaudible]. Here we go. We're going to lift the leg, but don't just lift it. I want you to reach it out like you're stretching my spring. Take it forward to your nose, up to your ear.

Rotate your hip as you stretch my spring behind you and forward. Nice job. Oh little rolling forward on that chest. I didn't see that really well, so don't do that. Keep it a hot and good one more in this direction. I believe. Rotate in the hip here and really work the hip and legs together. Reverse for three back and up. Rotating.

Take it to your nose. Take it back. Nice and back. Rotate in the hip as you go to your ear. No, there's one more time. Back to the thigh. Rotate and I have get up to your ear. Use your belly to get your nose, legs long. Good job ready for teasers. Lie on your back.

Go ahead and bend your knees into your chest and you get to throw a little tantrum that you have to throw. Do the teaser so you get to shake out your thighs. You want to like shake your quads from your bones, from the femur. All right, go ahead. Now I want you to go ahead and put your feet down on the mat. Good.

Cause we did the roll back first when we did our teaser, we did it on the spine corrector. I let you stretch out. So I want you to drop your tailbone and anchor the back of your ribs scooping in. Go ahead and extend your right leg down the middle of your body. Yes. And hold it as if you're pushing away that bar to the left. Draw your head up and let's see if you can lift your legs up from there and to the teaser position. Don't. You're okay, Betty. Good. And now leave the legs there and go down. Arms, back and coming up.

I just wanted your legs up, but you did very nice. You brought everything up and rolling back and managing your legs using the back of the size. Now stay there and press the Shari bar down one. The legs go down one, boom up. Only the lights. Yes. Only the legs. Reach forward for that imaginary push. Yes. Now arms up and roll everything down and everything comes up.

You got it. Don't stop and arms and everything goes down. And one more pushing away that Shari bar. Come on up. That's it. Nice. Enroll every thing down. I told you you had it. You did. Very nice.

And we're going to go into hip circles. So you gotta come right back up into your teaser. But I'm going to help you this time, I promise and scoop it in and roll right up. Bringing those legs up. Good. Keep your legs up and bend your elbows behind you, but your hands on the mat. Do you and hop behind, uh, point them away from you and go behind you quite a bit and bring me your legs.

Come on just like you did on spine corrector. Fantastic. Arms back, a little more. Woo member this, I'm going to hold your shoulders and you're gonna give me all you can with your power house and to the right scoop around woo and left. I let you fly. Reach with those hips. There Ya go. And to the right, scoop it in. Okay. So you want your hands behind you reaching long. Aha. You got it. You can bend the elbows and sink into it when you need to. Yes. And left. Woo. Good job. One more set.

Right there ya go and left. Cause when you were on the barrel you had to do that as well. Good job. Let me give you an extra big stretch and then legs down and stretch forward. And now you are ready for swimming. So you're going to flip over onto your belly. Arms and legs long.

Good. Pressing your pelvis down. Scoop it in and I want your arms and legs rising up off the mat. Pretend you're on that barrel balancing right arm and left leg. Higher, higher and longer. Here we go. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. I lift your head on the other alarms longer. Member, how you reached out to me. Touched my hands one more time in two, three, four, five looking good. Two, three, four. Melts. Melts into the mat, round your back, sit onto your heels. And we're gonna do our leg pull down and leg pull up. Finally getting to the exercise. That really is the Shari.

You're going to press your hands into the mat, so you like suction cups, they're there and you're gonna lift up your body into a plank position. Bringing your shoulders over for leg pull down. So squeeze here, scoop it in, head up a little bit. And we're going to use the hamstring glute to lift the right leg up to the ceiling and rock back a little bit. Do you have enough space and draw your body forward. There we go.

Put the foot down and left. Keep your hips even rock back. Come forward. There you go. At right rock back forward. Good. Really keep the hips square so you get good. Oh, that was awesome. Good. Bottom work. One more set. Keeping that. Yeah. And one more time with the left. And we're going to transition here.

You're gonna put your right hand next to your left and you're gonna turn as you cross the angles, reach your left arm up to the ceiling. Keep turning. Haha. And put your left hand down. Good. And bring your feet a little more center. That's right. Hands. Good. And you're going to kick up the right up to the ceiling, flex it down, switch left and lift those hips. You got it right and flexion and left and down. One more time.

Remember how your hips were lifted one more time and sit on down and reach for your feet. And I've got good news. We just have the seal and the pushups. Go ahead. So you're gonna lift your bottom forward and neither of these are they translating from anything but just to massage your back. So you're going to dive your hands between your knees and slip your hands on your ankles and you're going to balance with your feet up. Beautiful, dry your lower belly. And as if you are drawing into that spine, correct your well and roll back your lower back, reaching your feet back, clap two, three in with the two three inhale, I switched that breathing. It's really exhale to come forward.

So don't pay attention to me. Hell that good and excellent. I'd like it to be a little more free. Let the fee almost go to the mat. Yes. And exhale. Not the weight onto your neck, but the legs extending to more. Yes. And forward. On this last one, we're going to cross our legs and stand up so you get to let go of your feet. Cross your legs and we'll all the way up. Very nice.

You're gonna turn around and we're going to finish with our pushups and we're gonna keep our feet in our Palabra stance and draw your belly in and up and reach up to the ceiling. Good. I want you to try to keep your weight on the ball of your foot. Okay. And we're going to roll off an imaginary wall, one bone at a time. Good. And get your hands down. If you need to bend your knees, you can walk your hands out without swinging your hips too much. Try to stay nice and controlled. Good. Get up. Assume a plank, pushup position.

Squeeze in the back of the thighs and seat. Don't round it all length and open those collarbones. And we're going to go down solid piece for five and pull up. That's it. And four, yes and three. Good. And scoop it in. Nice opening. Those collarbones. Good. Keep your sternum though.

Two more and last one and pull up in your waist and walk back to your feet. Got One more set of five and you're all done. Keep your weight forward though on the ball of your feet as you round up. Really important so that you finish the rest of your day. Arms lifted nice and forward with your weight and not back. And one more sec.

Scooping it. Beautiful. Roll down. Love that. Keep pushing your hips forward onto your ball of your foot. Walking your hands out. You're going to finish with some really strong arm work. Your triceps will be talking to you tomorrow. Here we go. One more set of five. Yes. Trying to get your elbows to scrape your ribs. As you go down.

Take your bottom down with you. Just two more. Here we go. If your hands, wrists hurt, you could always make fist, last one and pull up in the waist. Beautiful job, Brianna, and you're going to keep your weight forward on the ball of your foot and roll up one bone. Soften the knees, arms lift to the ceiling. Take a big breath and exhale, pulling in your belly and turning out your palms. Now inhale as you lift in your belly and exhale and you're all done. Great job. Thank you so much. Good work.

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Susan B
2 people like this.
I always love to see new Monica mat flow classes !!!
2 people like this.
Super challenging and fantastic workout! :)
1 person likes this.
Thank you Monica! I can´t do the Mixed Equipment workout, I have no apparatus, but I feel the work deep in my body!
1 person likes this.
Awesome challenge for me. Felt great. Thank you!
1 person likes this.
LOVED!!! Awesome challenge mat!
1 person likes this.
This was lovely Monica thank you!
1 person likes this.
Didn't know the hot potatoe by now; lovely class!
1 person likes this.
Great class, loved the relationship of exercises on the equipment to mat exercises, thank you!
1 person likes this.
great flow as always in your classes...thank you Monica
1 person likes this.
That was great. Felt like i had the apparatus though I've never done it that way. Very challenging. Thank you Monica!

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