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Smile and enjoy every movement in Monica Wilson's Mat class dedicated to Mari Winsor! Mari was diagnosed with ALS in 2013 and is still putting up a fight. Mari has done so much for the Pilates community, and Monica wanted to give back to her, so she is donating this class to Mari to help pay for her medical bills. Monica honors Mari by teaching an energetic class guaranteed to make you smile. She includes some of Mari's favorite exercises like Spine Stretch, Open Leg Rocker, and much more!

Monica starts by sharing information about Mari and her relationship with Mari. The movement in this class starts at about 4:35.

If you are interested in donating to Mari's medical expenses, you can go to her GoFundMe page for more information.
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Apr 20, 2017
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Hi everyone. Today I'm going to teach a fun class fun math class in honor of my good friend Mari Winsor. My great aunt Romana used to say that [inaudible] is the best kept secret, but Mari, she did not keep it a secret. She is known as one of the people to really bring light to Palabra is through all her incredible infomercials and DVDs that everybody across the state, United States and internationally used to do. I first met Mari when I went through the program in 1997 and my aunt Romana knew that I should get to know Mari and maybe teach with her when I moved back to California. I didn't end up teaching with her right then, but uh, if some of you might not know, but I taught in New Orleans for over seven years over there.

I lived over there for 10 years, maybe 10 years, thought, uh, at any rate, I was there during Hurricane Katrina and evacuated to Los Angeles with my son and my husband. And, uh, I really needed someone to lean on and help support me. And at that time, Mari Winsor just opened her studio completely to me and actually handed over her all her clients to me so that I could keep teaching during a time when, when, uh, I had to evacuate. So she is an incredible woman who has brought a lot of, uh, happiness and life to everybody and she's very well loved. And now it is time for us to help her. In 2013, Mari Winsor was diagnosed with als. It's a narrow degenerative disease, um, also called Lou Gehrig's disease.

And she has really put up a strong fight and has been working a lot with the als foundation and trying to raise money, uh, for als as well as awareness and uh, create the synergy of Peloton is supporting and helping out with als. Back in November the als progressed to a point where Mari could no longer breathe on her own and Mara and her husband went forward with the decision of having a tracheostomy, though her medical insurance covers, um, most of her medical costs, she does have 24 hour care that it does not cover. And so now, uh, it is a time for me to reach back and donate this class towards Mari and it is time for anyone that she has reached and touched any lives that she has touched to help her out a for this great cost. It's $12,000 a month that is completely out of pocket. So if you have any in, um, in addition to taking this class to supporting Mario Windsor, you can go to her, go fund me page and look up my Windsor and you can donate directly to her there to her, uh, at home costs.

We'll have some links also with this website. Also, Mari is one of our valued guest instructors. So if you'd like to take more classes from Marik because you used to do her DVDs or maybe you've never taken a class from her, please look her up on the plots anytime website. You can choose the instructor, Mari Winsor and you'd be able to take any of her classes. But she is always had a spring in her step. And though it's a bittersweet for me to have this class, she would always want us to smile and enjoy movement and pilates.

I'm going to bring on two good friends of mine. Come on over ladies. We've got Juliana, Fabio, and Brianna Hammond. And what I love is they just shared with me that, uh, their first experience with [inaudible] was through the Mari Winsor videos. And, uh, they each learned from them and did 'em at home. And it's, it's how many people have learned about [inaudible]. Even I, when I was, uh, with pregnant with Alexander, I'd watched the videos and I'd be like, Oh, I want to buy them like diamonds or dry. Don't need to.

The infomercials were that good [inaudible] step out of it. So let's go ahead and stand at the front of your mats and let's be nice and tall and elegant and beautiful, and with all of that control, but one arm on top of the other, one foot in front of the other and lower yourself down to the mat gracefully, as gracefully as you can. Pull in your belly and keep your energy in your powerhouse. Lift your bottoms back so they're in the middle, and go ahead and lie down. Good. All right, so hope you guys at home.

We're able to sit down gracefully or join us. Now we're going to start off with the hundred. I want you to draw your belly into the mat. Draw your knees into your chest using your stomach and give them a hug. Good. Use your powerhouse to pull into the mat and lift your head up.

Lengthen your arms, keeping your legs there, and go ahead and start pumping. Inhale two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Good. Really feeling your navel pull into the mat, your powerhouse. Everything else should be rather relaxed when you can lengthen your legs to a 45 degree angle. If you go ahead and straighten them. Yep, that's all right. Squeeze your heels together to activate your inner thighs, to pull in your powerhouse. So squeeze or you've got the inner thighs.

You've got the bottom, pinching, pulling in. If your lower back is tight, you can keep the legs up a little higher and exhale, pull in the belly and another. That's about 80 let's keep pumping bull and into the mat. That's it. And in with the year and exhaling and hugging those knees.

Nice job. Resting your head. Go ahead and keep your hands on your knees and sit up. Good. And let's maybe scoot forward a little bit. That's it. All right. And have your hands underneath your knees and round your back.

Put one hand under each knee. There you go. Good, good. And let's try to breathe. Take a big breath and exhale, pulling your navel into the lower back. Good. And take a big breath. And now pull your navel into lower back and roll down your lower back. Good. And take a breath and exhale, pulling in to come forward. Maybe straighten your legs a little more. Brianna.

Mario was always really good at teaching all the celebrities how to tighten up their bottoms and slim out their legs. So we're going to squeeze your bottom here together. Like your legs are one and pull your navel away and roll back. Take a breath and exhale. Come forward. One of my favorite cues that she has is that you push your feet into the mat and then pretend you can pull the mat towards you towards your seat and you're going to roll back your lower back.

Good. Let's go down to your bra strap. Keeps squeezing your seat. Keep feeling that. Take a breath and exhale. Scoop in one bone at a time. Very good. Juliana ant. Again, squeeze your bottom. Pull that map towards you so that you really get that engaged em.

Draw that naval. I love it. And that's going to help you stabilize your hips down to your bra strap. Take a breath and exhale. Squeeze again, and keep pulling those hips as you come forward. Good. That's it. And now we can go all the way down to our head squeezing and let's really pull the back of the thighs towards you.

Your seat rolling through the shoulders and the head. Inhale, lift your head up to your chest, scooping in and squeezing. Keep scooping back in the, let's get that lower back. A really good stretch. I like that. And down you got squeeze the bottom. Squeeze those heels together. Rolling down to your head. Love it. Inhale, lift the head up. Exhale, drawing the belly. Good. Lovely. Ladies.

Let's lift your bottom back so your legs are straight and since we have the strap, why don't you use it? If you don't have a strap at home, you can stick your legs underneath a, um, a couch or whatever you have at home. All right, reach for your ankles. Yes. Squeeze your heels together. Activate those inner thighs. Head down, looking at your navel and roll back again, squeezing your bottom, squeezing those heels together. Good. And just keep your hands down by your side. Lift your head up as you inhale and exhale, curl all the way up. Drawing. Good. That's it. And rolling down, squeezing the back of lead with the lower belly.

You got it. Good one more like this in with the air. And then exhale, come on Gerad and, and keep it in as you stretch forward and squeeze your bottom and roll back. Squeezing. Good. Let's add some arms. So keep your back nice and flat. Inhale up to the ceiling and exhale back to the mat with the arms. Only as far as you can keep your back connected. Good. All right.

Still squeezing those heels together and lift your arms. As you inhale, head comes up and exhale, rolling the rest up. Really draw that belly in. Yes, really? Stretching and roll back pool. That belly squeezing scoop is a great lift for your belly and lifting the arms and back and inhale arms head and drawing that belly in and up and rolling back. Squeeze at bottom.

Feel those nice long legs and no arching last one at this tempo and scoop it in. Good. Reaching forward and roll back from the belly. Think you squeezing the seat always. And now let's see if you can keep your belly wall double timing that tempo for four up you go. Let me see those bellies disappear.

Really scooping it in. Good and touch your toes. Good and rolling down school ease and see. Great job, but your stomach and two more arms and exhaling. Good. And really squeeze that bottom, that sit. One more time with model long legs. Keep them up. Keep them looking long length in those legs. Rolling down longer, longer, longer. All right, good. And we're going to rest your arms down by your side.

Bend the knees into your chest. Good and hug. Good. Let's do the rollover. Okay, so we're going to lift those legs up to the ceiling. Arms. Press down to your side and a little Palati stance. And now squeeze your bottom. Squeeze those inner thighs. Pull your inner thighs towards you, and we're gonna draw the lower belly in to touch the toes to the mat behind your lower belly. Good. Open the legs, shoulder width.

Flex the foot and slowly stretch one bone down. Then the next, then the next, lower the legs as low as your back can stay flat and squeeze them together. Bottom squeezes and rollover. Scoop. Scoop, scoop. Oh, bend the legs. Shoulder with wider and roll down. Stretching one bone out of town. Time lengthening only thing.

Go as low as you can. Keep your back flat squeezed together. Oh yeah. Now you're working and over and flex. This is the last one in this direction. So you're going to come down, click your heels together, and then open them and go over with them. Open. Squeeze those inner thighs together and hold. Can you hold it, their brand? I love it.

How close can you use your belly to pull your thighs onto your chest? Keep your thighs close to your chest and squeeze a light away from your inner thighs to roll down. Squeeze the light away. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Lower the legs as low as you can. Open it over. Belizean. Yes. Squeeze those heels together. Activate those inner thighs and squeeze them as you go down. Squeeze. 'Em. Keep those model long legs. One more rep please. Legs two. Dillow. Open.

Flex over. Yes. Squeeze together. Let me see the squeeze. Pull it into you and stretching. Stretching. Great job. Keep your right leg up. Lower your left and stretch. Grab onto it, stretched it, and keeping your head down. Ladies. Both you did exactly the same thing. I love it. Shoulders down. Yes. Good.

So fun to hear that that you both learned about Pilati is through Mari and coming here. Good. Try to keep your right hip a little longer. It's hiking up on both of you. All right, so we're going to press your arms down by your side, but can we get that right leg longer? So there's two way stretch. She really loved to talk about that. Back of the arms down into the mat leg, reaching up to the ceiling, navel in, and we're gonna bring it up to your nose. Crust the body around and up. Cross the body around and up.

Keep that one way straight to the belly. Going down to around and up last time. And let's go the other way. Around and up. See if you can feel the back of the thigh in your bottom as you go down. Work that seat to draw that belly and think of that inner thigh.

One more and one more here. Yes. Good. Hold. Hold while you're holding. How's that knee? Is it rolling in? No, what's not is that we're going to activate those inner thighs and big scissors switch. Good. Stretch that left leg towards you. Beautiful ladies. Let's get that bottom to work. A little. Press the right back of the thigh into the mat. The seat. Get a little smile in your bottom. Got It. Okay.

Press the arms down by your side. Long stretched. One way long, sinking, and let's keep that inner thigh working. This time we're gonna Cross around. Lift, chorus around reach, chorus around stretch. Two more scoop. Bring it in. There we go. One more hold. Still reaching. Still dropping. Reverse down around, up. Good. Down around, up.

Three, around. Good, very good. Sinking here. Two more. Back of the right leg. Working last time. Love it. Hug that knee and god, reach that leg down. Head lifts up, looking at your belly and roll a good lip. Put your hands by your bottom and bring your bottom forward to the front edge for rolling like a ball. All right, balance with your hands on your ankles and your head tucked between your knees.

Let's lift your feet up a little bit off the mat. All right, I want you to stay here and take a big breath and exhale, pull your belly. We're not going to roll. I need a lot more of your navel pulling into your lower back and really filling up that lower back and feeling that strength in the powerhouse. Now see if you can hold your waistband where it is, but use your upper stomach to stretch your upper body forward more so you're curling your ears forward. More stretching, keeping your shoulders going a little more forward, even though your waistband staying where it is and like it. This is your home position. Let's try to really challenge our stomach and find it each time.

Draw the lower belly and you're going to roll back in with the air. Exhale, keeping the waistband a wave from your thighs. Good correction in with Deere. Exhale, scoop. Excellent. Lower belly first in with the air. Exhale, scoop. I want you to actively keep the upper body where it is and rural. Your lower one back. Oh, there we go, Juliana. That was awesome. Scoop. Scoop.

Scoop can be one more like that. Actively keep that there. Nice try. Logo. Lower back down. Yes, and XL. Hold Great. Rest your feet down. I'm sure no one at home tried to lead with your upper body either. All right. Put your hands back and we're going to do this series of five.

So we're going to lift your bottom back and go ahead and lie down. Just lie on down. Good. Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the Mat. [inaudible] good. And they'll pull into your mat and you're going to hug the right knee into your chest. Good right hand, goes down to your ankle and left two into your knee. Good. And lifting up your head. Look at your belly, scoop it in.

And we're going to stretch your left leg as long ago away from you as you can and scoop. Scoop, scoop. Good. Make sure you're snaking this cheek. Smile. Thank you. And we're going to switch. Make the right cheek. Smile, not the right knee. Who wants smiling? Kneecaps. There we go. And switch there. Left cheek, the right cheek and switch.

And in opposition your belly. Yes, it scoops in the other way. So there's your two way. Stretch again and switch and switch and left cheek and right cheek and good last one. And grab both ankles. And now let's do both legs. Squeeze both legs forward and make them smile and pull it together. I want more smiling bottoms there long go reach. Good. And pull it in. Very nice powerhouse. Squeeze those heels together as you go out. Activate those inner thighs and pull so everything's zipped up.

[inaudible] two more. Everything zipped up. And one more time. Squeeze the seat inner thighs and pulled [inaudible] gather rest your head for a second. Barry. Nice single leg. Straight leg and double straight leg. Lift your head up and bring the right leg up. Good left leg forward. [inaudible] use your upper belly to come over for it and drop your shoulders a little. That's good. All right.

Bring this leg up a little and we're going to switch and switch and switch. Drawing in and up and left cheek squeezing right chick. So really dropping down real belly in and those legs are, there's two way stripped. Stretch. Yeah, I'm coming over here cause we're not, we're not clicking [inaudible] and switch. Woo and switch and that's it. And last one and on your left leg up both legs, up, hands behind your head, one over the other place.

And squeeze those inner thighs and those heels and go down just an inch and pull it back. Good job, Brianna. Squeeze those inner thighs, reaching down a little and scoop it in. Good inner thighs and heels as you go down a little and scoop, scoop it up. You can take it as big as you want. Now reach and I need your upper body higher work that upper belly and squeeze just to there and scoop. This is not going to go up. This is only going to go down one more time.

Oh yeah, and bend the right knee and twist to it. Good and switch. Good. Now switch and come up higher. Higher Aha and stay up that high as you go to the other side up, up, up and stay up that high and imagine me pushing you up, up, up and come up to the other side. One the Mount Maria is go ahead and twist the other side. She didn't, wasn't afraid of throwing in a couple extra reps every now and then and switch to the other side. Scoop, scoop, scoop.

One last set. Lift up higher and look back at that right elbow on twist to it, and last one to the left. Come up higher. Look at that left elbow and hug both knees in. Whew. Nice work. But you're feeling that tummy nice and warm there. Yeah, go ahead and sit up. We're going to do spine stretch forward a heel in the middle of each block. If you don't have a grouts mat at home, these are actually bounced body, either one. Then if you have just a yoga mat about three inches wider than your shoulders right now.

This is one of Mara's favorite threads and all the exercises connecting spine stretch forward in all the exercises and I'm not going to be able to not, I'm not Mario and I'm not going to replicate exactly, but she loves to see the waist lift. So right now have your arms up and get real heavy. Just even though your arms are up, feel like you're not doing much to fight gravity. And now almost press your arms down and lift off the cheeks. That's it. I'll join you ladies. So we're lifting, lifting, and then relax.

And I want you now to think about your hourglass shape and your waist. So we're going to pull our belly in behind the line of your hips. You're going to lift off of your bottom squeezing up, but you're really going to lengthen this waist, pulling it up. And now I want you to take your arms and actually keep lifting your waist all the way up your fingertips and touch the sky with your waist. So really feel that belly in and up.

Then keep that posture and bring it here. Keep the posture scoop in, pull back in the waist a little bit, almost rounding your lower back backwards a little more for me, Juliana. There you go. And then actively use your upper belly to go down, down with the head and to go forward. And he'd the belly pulling back though for me. Brianna. Thank you. Thank you. And Inhale, rolling up, lifting off your seat, scope every muscle in your body and give yourself a little break.

And then off your seat, lift your waist up as if your fingertips were up to the ceiling and head goes down and the lower back pulls back a little. Exhale, reaching down. Exhale, exhale, exhale and pull back with the lower belly. First. Lifting your waist long to the ceiling. And three more. I'm going to come join you. Lift up tall, little more waist here and head down. Good. And then keep lifting from my fingers. Thank you. Thank you. Gorgeous. And lift up like that.

Good and nice. Two more. Let me see a little more. Lift in the boom da here. Keep lifting. [inaudible] great. And that's it. One more. Now left. Exhaling down. Beautiful, beautiful, and up. Up, up. Great. All right, let's go into open leg rocker. So you're going to bring your legs together. Good.

And lift your bottoms forward. Good. And Open your knees a little bit and the hands are going to go on top of the ankles. Good. But let's not lose that wonderful lower back curve. So when you went here, you didn't stick out your tailbone, so you kind of pulled back a little bit and then went forward. So when you are going to do your open like Rocker, make sure you don't stick your lower back cow, but you keep what my really loved in that, pulling into that lower back.

And let's extend, let's go for the right leg and then bring it down. So really pulling into that lower back stomach pulls into the lower back, end in, and let's do the right. Pull it in. Get your head up and down. And the laughed. Good. And now both legs up. See if you can do that. Nice and both down.

Pull back in that waist a little more. Oh, in and up. Yes. Good and down. And I'll join you. We're gonna pull in our lower, now we're in a really nice c curve. I'm in a really comfortable position, but that's not what Polis is necessarily about. So we're going to challenge you each time you come up, pull your belly in like you're doing, but pull your weight forward so it's more on your sit bones. And then use your stomach to lift up your bosom and your head instead of dropping that so much.

So come as forward onto your sit bones as you can each time. Yeah, you're not arching your back. You're using your Paris now. Drop your head and go ahead and roll back. Lower back first. Exhale all the way as forward as you can. Lifting up everything. Yes, Eh, in with the air. Exhale below, spring in it, and that's it. In with the air. Exhale, lift. Use that waste. You got it.

You can even still feel the inner thighs here if you want, and three more. They shouldn't be just the floating legs. There could, they could be squeezing against something. Imagining like a magic circle. One more in with the air. Exhale, scooping it in. Pull your waist all the way up to lift everything. Legs squeeze together, lie onto your back. Nice job.

Good. All right. That's hard. If you couldn't hold onto your ankles on that one, I should have said you could have held behind your thighs. This is a little bit more advanced though of a of a class today. It's not completely a intermediate and we're throwing in some things. We're gonna do corkscrew.

So let's go ahead and bend the knees into your chest, scooping in. And then if your lower back is tight, you can make a little diamond and put your hands underneath your bottom. If you're good, keep them by your side. And let's see that two way stretch. Press your arms down and lift your legs up. And they're like one leg squeezing your heels together, squeezing those inner thighs and drawing the valley.

Two way stretch ones down. Ones that drop your legs to the right circle around to the left and it good scoop in. Draw a circle on the ceiling. Scoop. You know like you're carving a circle into the ceiling. Scoop in yes, and to the left. Beautiful. Keep your heels even squeezing up, right. Get those inner thighs.

I love it. Left scoop, scoop, scoop. And that's enough. Good. All right, I love this. She, she loved to do a dead bug transition. So let's have your arm straight up to the ceiling. [inaudible] leg straight up to the ceiling and you're going to keep that relationship as you sit right on him. Good job. Slide back until your bottom. Your legs can go straight and let's do stuff, but on each, yes, good.

Flex those heels little wider. And now let me see. Beautiful long arms, but not behind you and not so comfortable that they're here, but just in your peripheral vision. And I want you to think of your scapulas is your shoulder blades and slide them apart and reach your shoulders apart and tighten every muscle in your upper arm and reach them to the corners and have that much energy. Press down on your arms a little. So got the little flaps underneath here. Lift off your seat a little. Draw your belly in and as tall as you can.

Twist to the right and exhale saw off your right baby toe. Exhale, head, head, head and inhaling, rolling up. Twist tall to the left and exhaling down. Dad, this is still her spine stretch and up. Twist. Are you on both sit bones, lift off of them, twist to the right. Stay on both of them. As you reached down, don't lift your left one. Keep pulling in and up on that waist.

Fantastic. Inhale, both of them. [inaudible] twist to your left. Keep pulling in here and lifting that waist, but still stay on your right hips. Press. Ah, I like that. Exhale. Exhale. One more set on your own. Brianna. And I'm going to go over to Juliane truest lived in that waste as you go down.

Beautiful. Showing off when I'm here, Huh? And full and up on the SIP on. It's good. And twist and exhale. I'm sure you're doing it beautifully at home too. So good and scooping in. How are those arms?

Do we see every muscle? Good? Now squeeze everything together like a lady. And you're going to flip over quickly. One, two, and foot. Bunch of your stomach. There you go. Go ahead. And we're going to do neck pool. Scoot your hips over.

Just a hair and your feet. Good hands go right by your shoulders. Excellent. And now let's see that two way stretch. Forehead on the Mat. Shoulders down. Pull your belly and squeeze your heels together so you activate those inner thighs and squeeze your bottom down into the mat. But let's have energy going on your belly, lifting your crown of your head, reaching out, and you're staying on the mat, but you're trying to reach the crown of your head away from your tailbone and then try to use your outer thighs and everything to reach your pelvis away from your head. So really stretching in two directions by pulling in your belly. Mm, that's it. Good.

So we're going to keep that two ways stretch and we're going to use our belly to lift up our head and slowly our chest and keep squeezing as much as you can and come up where your belly is supporting your back. And you can come up to straight arms if you're flexible enough. And we're going to drop the shoulders a little bit. Yeah, look over your right shoulder, circle the head down to your left and look forward. Beautiful left. Keeping that belly lifting around it shouldn't hang like a hammock and look forward and lengthen that two way stretches you. Go down.

Keep squeezing your inner thighs when you can. Nice. Watch the shoulders from lifting up too much, Julianne. They kind of come away from your, there we go. Then you have strong shoulders. Squeeze your bottom length and him two directions and come up.

Use your belly. Pull up in that powerhouse. Lift up with your arms and shoulders like that. Fan. Lifting the ribs more. Oh yeah. Come up where you want and look over your left shoulder. Circle the head down around, right. So beautiful and center. You have the end to the right. Keeps supporting.

You're doing everything correct and look forward and length and on the way down, crown of the head, not the chin goes along. Yes. Great. We're going to lift up onto your elbows, so bring your elbows forward. Good. And make two fists and just hold them right here in your elbow. Little Center. Yeah, like a sphinx. Let's pretend we're sphinx open your you. We do this one as well, but today we're going to do it like a sphinx.

And you're going to push the form into the mat and you're going to lift the bosom up with your waist. And I want to see you squeeze your inner thighs together and let's lift both legs up a little bit. And now you're going to hit the right. Take the right foot and one, two and the left. Good, right too. And the left. Now let him pass each other. Okay, so we're going to do, here we go right to left too with a lot of spring in our step here. Right to left to [inaudible]. Good. And rest for a second.

Just go ahead and round your back and sit onto your heels. Take a little break. Like I said, Mari was really well known for tightening up all the celebrities bottoms and getting their inner thighs and their legs looking good. So this is one of her favorite exercises to use, so she would not like it to be thrown away. She really liked a lot of emphasis. So let's see if we can get a little more excitement in it. Let's go back onto our Spinx position. Good, yes. And stomach in.

And I want you to picture that when you're kicking your bottom, that you could touch your toe to your head. Okay? That is the image you're working towards, not just your bod and why stop there. So we're going to squeeze both legs and we're going to lift him. And now take the right heel all the way as if lifting up the thigh. Tell me if it hurts your knee at all, but we're a huh.

And pulling that towed your head's at. Okay. And now we're gonna switch. Keeping that leg up. Lift that knee up. Come on. Don't use the other leg to lift it. Ah, and then kick too. So keep working on that emphasis. Lift and kick to get to work over here now and hold Ariba and in thank you.

And switch a heart and switch. Keeps a boarding that back with the stomach. Maybe one more. So get those knees up. Brianna, get it up as you kick your bottom. Thank you. And last set. Knees are trying to have some light under the bottom and that's enough. Good, right facial cheek on the mat and you're going to put your hands together behind your back. Yeah, a little higher. Good. And elbows down. Squeeze your heels together. Squeeze your inner thighs together, squeeze your bottom so that your pubic bone is actually on the mat, not lifted. Instead lift your belly button up. Lift your both legs up. Good.

Is Everything tight now make your bottom smile. Work on it as you give three kicks to your bottom. Kicking. One, two, three legs. Go down. Chest comes up. Two, three, switch cheeks and kick. Two, three and legs go down. Good. Don't forget pubic bone goes down. K switch cheeks and pubic bone is where belly is where? Ah, that was a beautiful change. One more set.

[inaudible] belly up. Ah, and now kick. One, two, three. Thank you. And lift, lift, lift. Round your back and sit on your heels. How are your knees doing? Good. How are we doing Juliana? And even ask these ladies if they had any injuries I should think about.

Just giving it to them. All right, if this bothers your knees, you could not sit back as far or you could flex your feet, but let's go ahead and turn onto your back. Leave anything out. Of course that bothers you. Let's grab onto that strap and we're going to use it for our neck pole. Have the legs hip with the part and flexed. Good. Start with your hands right here. Good.

And we're going to lift off our smiling bottoms. Make sure you're smiling too. This is one of the toughest exercises. We don't have to take everything so seriously, so squeeze it up and big breath and now we're going to just roll down. Exhale, roll down. Great work. Yes, one bone down at a time. Soon as your head touches. Inhale, lift your head up, look at your belly and make it disappear as you exhale forward. Beautiful. Inhale, sit up tall off the cheeks and roll down.

Good long legs reaching for each other. That looks so easy. Put one hand over the other, behind your head and in how. Look at your belly. Make it disappear. As you exhale all the way forward. Beautiful. Kiss your knees. Inhale, set up tall, lifting off those smiling cheeks and roll down, looking at your belly, making it disappear. Good. Again, look at your belly. Make it disappear and roll up and kiss your knees and sit up tall and smile, including your bottom, smiling and curl down.

Good and inhale. Lift your head. Look at your belly, and exhale all the way to your knees. Inhale, sit up tall this time. Stay tall and go back tall off your bottom, off your bottom, and now curl the rest down. One more like that. See if you can challenge yourself in with the air. Look at your belly. Make it disappear. Inhale, use your belly. Get as tall as you did in spine. Stretch forward and hinge back from your smiling bottom inner thighs and scoop the rest down. Let's do one more for good. Measure in with the air. Exhaling.

Oh yeah. In with the era and squeeze. I told totally she never cared about adding more reps. Fully scoop, skip. Yes, there we go. Go. Okay, Jack Knife. Bend the knees into your chest, arms. Press down by your side. And let me see that two way stretches those legs. Go Up, pressing your arms, Dan, scoop in your belly in tweeze those inner thighs together and see if you can bring your hips over your shoulders and then squeeze the legs up to the ceiling and then roll down with your inner thigh, squeezing, squeezing, squeezing. Once your bottoms down, take yourself back over, hips over, scoop it in, and then squeeze it all the way up and keep reaching up as you come down.

Only one more. Take your hips all the way over and then squeeze up. Lift the waist up to the ceiling. Imagine you can lift it and roll down the back of your ribs. Two-Way stretch one way down. One was up. Good for you. Alright, let's go ahead and we're going to both of you.

We're going to f a s actually, I wanted you to more exercises. We're going to do [inaudible] husband eats into your chest and it's like, oh no, that's never a good sign. It's never a good sign. Oh, it's fine. So we're going to put your feet flat on the Mat right now. Good. And have them parallel hip width apart. Good. All right, and we're going to squeeze our seat. Do you remember how I said one of her favorite cues was to push your feet flat into the mat and you're going to try to draw the mat towards your bottom so that you engage the back of the thighs and the seat, and you're going to rest your arms down by your side for right now.

And you're going to still engage those inner thighs. So we've got the back of the legs and the inner thighs and the belly, and we're going to curl up our tailbone and keep rolling up until you're a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. But then you're going to have to walk your feet in a little bit as you use your hands to go under. And I have a Mike that's not going to let me do this too much. So I'm going to come down and just teach you guys yes.

And bring your feet in a little bit and make sure they're flat. Good. Good. So they're holding now as as much as you can. Keep your right leg on the mat and reach it down the middle of your body Nice and straight. And we're gonna kick it that leg up to the ceiling and flex it as it goes down. Reaching. Work in here. Two more. Same leg up. And exhale, reaching now up. Pretend your hands aren't there and lift your bottom up off your hands and return that foot so it's going to go back down. Good little quick check.

How much are you using your hands right now? They're there, but see if you can keep using the back of your thighs and seat to help. Lengthen the left leg down the middle. So now your right cheek really has to hold you left leg goes up and flexes long two way stretch. Come on up to the ceiling. Reach it out across the room as you flex it down. One more up and Belize. In and out.

Beautiful. Returning that foot. Good. Take your hands away and shake. 'Em Out and roll down your upper back in the middle. Good. Slide your knees together and your feet together. Good. And we're going to hit a dead bug position again. Why not? Let's re bend your knees into your chest, straighten him up to the ceiling and let me see it as you sit up right on up.

Stay like that. Woo. Slide back to your feet are a little on the mat and flex your feet for spine twist. I want to see every muscle in your arm. Again, a little more in front of you, Juliana. Thank you. Pull your toes back so your feet are really flexed. Lift off your smiling bottom. Lift your waist up and let's keep your feet just like that.

They're not going to shift at all as you twist to the right little pulse and come center. Exhale left further and center. Really use that waste. Slipped up and twist to the right and center Stan both cheeks into his little left too and center. Keep your feet even one more set, right, taller, taller and center. Lift and left man center. All right, rest your arms down. So we're both going to face this way. First. Sidekicks. [inaudible] lying on your side. Slide a little bit for me, Brianna. So you're at the back edge and rest good on your right elbow.

You're going to be on your left elbow, but you're laying all the way flat on your body. MMM hmm. Good. And now bend the elbow so that you're resting your head on your hand. Your left hand fella. That's okay. [inaudible] your hands. The other hands is going to be right in front of your belly. All right man. I want this hip to come back just a hair cause it's rolling for a draw the belly in and bring your feet forward to the front edge.

I think I'll allow you a little bit more forward there. Okay, good scoop in the rips scoop in your belly. This is all about lovely long legs. Okay. You can't get that though. If your frame is rolling all over the place. So challenge yourself.

Don't hold your frame super steady from your powerhouse. Lift the top leg, just a little turning it out. Beautiful. Keeping that frame. We're going to kick forward for one, two, and back two and really kick for it. How forward can you go? And then back to don't move these two points. [inaudible] so you're going to keep your shoulders over your shoulders, your hip, over your hip. And this is as Mario would say, starting to put me to sleep. So let's put some pizzazz into this.

We're going to kick forward and take it back too and forward and back a little more energy. Pull your belly in and take it back. Give me one more and forward and back and legs together. That was a lot better. I'm going to start snoozing. Pull your belly in. Let's work some outer thigh, shall we? Let's kick it up to your ear. And Flex says you come down with the inner thigh and pool the way and it and two way stretch leg goes that way. Waste goes out way up.

Flex and squeeze those inner thighs. And one more Bellion squeeze your inner thighs and hold it the year. Make sure your bellies really pulling in. That leg is reaching longer and make sure the knees looking up more towards the ceiling. And I can see her in five. And let's do five little controlled circles. One, two, three. Turn the knee up more. Four and five and reverse it. One, two, three, four, five. Good job. Good.

Let's do a little Gracen Ron. Uh, no. Let's do a hot potato first. It's hot potato. I think I want your bottom to come back just a little bit for me. Thank you. Brianna are Rad. Good hot potato. You're going to start with the top heel. Just a little in front of the other.

Yeah. Cause we're putting some pizazz in here. We're gonna really work those hips. Long legs. Keep this here. You're going to do five little taps here. One, three, four, five. And then that leg is gonna fall quickly. And it's going to come back here for five. All right, so we're going to, and then we'll drop a number each time. Make sure that he doesn't drop.

Keep that hip working. All right. Stomach and ready for some tempo. Here we go. Five taps. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. Now Four. One, two, three. One, two, three, four. Up. Three. One, two, three. Yep. One, two, three, a. Pull those lines in. Two. One, two, one, two, up now four sets of one and one and one. One more. Alright. Good job. I like it. Grand. Ronda.

Xom want to failure hips. Here we go. Lift that top leg up a little. Just a little bit. Just so it's hip level and you're going to pull it all the way up to your nose. Get at your nose. Keep it that high and bring it all the way up to your ear. Ear, ear, ear, ear. Wrote it.

And I had been taken behind you as far back one. Squeeze length and be, I need, don't roll forward legs together to more. Pull it up to your nose. Use your belly up, up. Pull it up to your ear. Stay in front of me. Mm. Yeah. And now rotate in that hip and go behind you and legs together. One more forward. Stay in front of me.

Thank you. And go behind you legs together. Reverse to get work the back of the thigh. Make it bottom smile. Pull it up to your ear. As you rotate in that hip, very nice and into your nose and good and behind you. Rotate in that hip as you bring it up to your ear. Oh, now your work and in turn the knees up to the ceiling and back.

One more bag. No line on the chest and rotate. Pull it up more to your nose. More and more. And legs together. Lift up both legs like a mermaid. Roll onto your belly and make a small pillow for your forehead. Keep those legs up. Open the legs as wide as the mat.

And now let's squeeze those heels in. Inner thighs all the way together. Just one time, all the way together. Make sure you feel them. Relax those toes. There Ya go. Now 20 times, super fast. Here we go. Open in one, two, three, four. Can I get those inner thighs? Zip them up. Make your bottom work. Make It, tell me, supporting your lower back. And that's probably enough by now. Good shot. Alright, roll onto your other side.

Apologize it are going to have their backs to you. But what I want you to see is really the, you're going to be on camera. Now ladies a year have to keep your backs perfectly postured. Take your hips back so there's your bottoms on the back edge to your good. Now shoulders who are fine. Good. So one hip, you're gonna Watch this line on brand and make sure she doesn't change that line. Keep your ribs in. Good. Alright, the top leg up just a little.

I want to start off with the kicks and we're going to kick forward and back. No falling asleep, some float and back. And you can do a little double pulse. So just a single and stomach and back in the thigh and seat and forward and back. Make sure your legs reaching across the room. It's getting more longer each time, not shorter and stocky, but those legs are lengthening two more and it's full and back.

And last one for pulling your belly. And as you go back and legs together, kick that leg up to your ear and squeeze your inner thighs as you flex down and make sure you feel those inner thighs and squeeze those heels all the way together and pull your belly in to more up and have a two way stretch and last one and pull your belly in long and hold those strong long lean legs. And we're going to do five little circles, one and two and three and four and five and reverse it one. And to make that leg longer, the top plate. Oh yeah. Make it longer. Love it. And good hot potato time. Five taps with the front heel and one, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, one, two, three here. Two more, one, two, all the way. One, two, four, one, one, and one and one and one and enough good.

Very nice. Grand. Ronda Zhang. Longer leg. I need to see that top leg get even longer. Pull it all the way to your nose. All the way to year here. You know I'm coming for you and turn that hip and reach behind you. Beautiful.

Stomach's in and up. Legs together. Good job. Two more forward. Feel those hips up to your ear. Rotate as you scooping and get longer and forward for one more. Up to your ear. All the way of turning in the hip as you go behind you. Good legs together. How they look in back there. And let's do three more.

Reverse up to your ear. You rotate in the hip as it goes to ear all the way. Do your nose and back. Good. Rotate up to your ear. Good. And then keep turning the knee a little more as you bring the leg right there and back. One more. Back up to your ear on your own. This time, turn the knee a little more. Thank you. And reach him. Long, beautiful. Turn onto your backs, then the knees into your chest and shake out those legs. You're going to bring the legs up and just give him a little shaky. Shaky. Good.

How are you doing? Good. Those legs on fire yet little work in. Yeah, I bet. I bet. So let's start off with bringing the legs onto the mat. Feet down. Actually good. Just a bent knee. Sorry, I'm going to add a little twist here. Not really, but kind of not a actual twist. Okay, so we're going to take a big breath and ground the back into the mat, back of the ribs. Beautiful.

Doing that again and exhale on for you people who have been on a reformer. Imagine that your feet feet together on a reformer. And when you push yourself out on a reformer, you use the back of your thigh and see and your belly sinks into the mat. So let's do that with our right leg. It's going to straightened onto the mat. It's going to slide out from the back of the thigh and seat in your belly is going to scoop in. And now I want you to do the same thing with your left leg.

You're going to squeeze the back of your left thigh nice and long. And so you've got this beautiful stretch this way or this way for Juliana. And now I want you to reach your arms up to the ceiling and I want you to reach, keep your belly pulling in and up and reach your arms all the way back. Good. We're going to roll up for a teaser. We're going to lift up your head, look at your belly and make a disappears. You lift those long legs up. Yup. Good.

And roll down to way stretch legs down. Lift your head up and look at your belly. Make it disappear and lengthen those legs as you come up scooping in. Love it and lengthening down. One more. Scooping in, roll and up. And challenge yourself to come forward onto your sit bones.

A little lower the legs a little more. Scooping it in a little. That may happen. Ah, hold there. Hi Dawn. Juliana. Hands a little lower legs down a little and let me see the belly disappear and two and one more. Stay forward with that upper belly. Hold arms lift and roll everything down. I trust you did that beautifully. Huh?

So Nice. Good shot. Let's flip over for swimming. Flip over quickly. Long arms, long legs. Let me see your arms. Really reach out of your fingertips. Really reached those legs. Squeeze your heels together, squeeze your inner thighs together. Keep your pubic bone on the mat. Lift your legs up a little good.

Now reach your right arm and left leg higher. Good. Get your head out of the water. Your um, left arm is still a little up off the mat though. You're not using it. Good. Head up out of the water for me, Brianna. Up, up, up, up, up. And we're going to swim. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. There's a shark after you. You gotta go and exhale. And inhale. Two, three, four. You can go even faster for me, Brianna.

And exhale, two, three, four, five. Melt into the mat. Round your back. Sit on your heels. Good stretch. Nice. A little more bottom toning coming our way. Let's plant the palms of our hands into the mat.

Okay. And you're going to Tuck your toes under so that you're flexed and you're going to pull yourself forward into a pushup position or plank, if you've prefer to call it that. Nice belly. And two way stretch. So energy out the crown of your head. Energy out your heels. Use the back of your thigh and seat to lift the right leg up and rock back on the left foot. Come forward and switch the hips. Don't move. Lift the left leg rock back and forward and switch and right and rock forward and switch and left forward and switch. One more.

Right up, back. Use your powerhouse. No hanging in the lower back holds. We're going to transition right hand to left. Lift your hips up as your left arm lifts to the sealing, crossing the ankles all the way around. UNCROSS your ankles. Good. And here we go. Right leg kicks up and flexes down.

Switch left. Lift that seat up to the ceiling, right. Lift the seat up higher. Left. Lift the seat up. What does that right, lift the seat up Plat. I left. Lift and sit and stretch. Good. Okay, here we go. We're going to flex your feet. I think everyone has enough room behind them. Um, we're going to cross your right ankle over your left.

Good and hands. They're going to press right here. And you know how we've been making you do this dead bug transition. So you kept this relationship, not this relationship, right? So that's what boomerang is about. So that's why I've been using her transition in this. So when we transitioned to boomerang, our legs come with us.

So my body is not going to go back without my legs. I'm going to use my belly to lift up my legs and then we're going to go back, open, cross, come up into a teaser. Good reach. Hands. Go behind your waist and stretch forward. Day as a dead bug and reach around. Hands by your hips. Pull your belly in. Lift the legs up with your belly over.

Open. Close, scooping teaser, reaching. If he can hands. You know your chest going over your legs. Over, over, over. Big Circle. One more set. Ladies, lift up. Keep that dead bag open. Close. Roll up into your teaser. Stretching for. Use that power house. Yes. Hands behind your waist. Good. And keep ringing your Aha. Big Circle and stretch. I'll be nice. One more.

Bring your legs with you from your stomach. Beautiful, open, close, good. And keep coming up. Oh good. I Dunno. I'm helping you here. I'm throwing you off is what I'm doing. I'm going to let go. Hands behind you. Good. Here's where I wanted to help you go. Yeah, I want you to feel that a little more and stretch. Good job. All right ladies, lift your bottoms forward a little bit and let's do seal arms between your legs grabbing on. Let me see that lower back.

Reach your legs a little longer and pull this back further. Beautiful. You want to tighten your inner thighs in this and when you click your heels together, do so with a nice, tight inner thigh. Here we go. Clap. Two, three. Inhale, roll back, clap, two, three. Exhale. Full up, clap two, three. Inhale, roll that, clap. Good. And exhale, roll forward and roll it back and exhale forward. Beautiful. Two more in with the air. Really Nice. Exhale. Rolling forward. One more time. Let go of your ankles, cross them and stand up. Lifting your weight, hold your arms up, uncross your legs, get your heels together.

Halati stance. Squeeze those inner thighs, Lean your weight forward. Please lift your waist up, turn your poems out, take a big breath. Exhale, lift up your belly more. Keep your arm. Thank you. Soften your elbows, Juliana. That's it. And now pull your waist. As you inhale, push down, pull up your ways, lift your bottom of lift everything and exhale. And you're all finished. Great job, ladies. Thank you.

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Bravo, Monica, for the class. And... Thanks for raising awareness. I never met her, but clearly, she touched you so much.
1 person likes this.
Windsor Pilates was also what made me fall in love with Pilates almost 15 years ago... Beautiful words Monica brought tears to my eyes and I haven't even done the class yet ;) I know I'll love it!!!
Monica Wilson
Enjoy ladies! I wish you could have experienced Mari in person. She breathed life into every one taught. Enjoy her classes on this site as well! Monica:)
2 people like this.
I didn't know about Mari before trying this class and watched a couple of her videos on PilatesAnytime. She's inspirational. You gave me a good feel for who she is. Nice class, Monica.
1 person likes this.
XOXO, thank you Monica! I love this class!
Mari inspired me to try out Pilates! Years ago I've started with DVD´s from Mari! I´m from Germany and a friends father got the same diagnosis than Mari this january……I told my friend about Mari and gave her the pilatesstyle Magazine with Maris story.
Best wishes to Mari. Ira
1 person likes this.
This class is Mari - vellous Monica !
I too was introduced to Pilates by Mari ....What a woman ! is also apparent by your lovely friendship with her and this video ...which captures her essence perfectly ...Love to Mari ....and thank you to you :)
1 person likes this.
I too started my pilates journey with Windsor pilates many years ago , Monica your class was amazing , thank you!
1 person likes this.
thank you Monica Wilson Mari brought me to "the dance" too.
Amazing woman, holding her close to my heart.
1 person likes this.
That was great Monica! I remember doing the Mari Windsor Pilates videos back in the 90s. She may have been my very first teacher actually. God bless her !
1 person likes this.
A class fully Mari style! Thank you! Very challenging and fun (just as Mari would want).
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