Class #3168

Flowing Reformer Variations

50 min - Class


Start adding more advanced repertoire into your Pilates practice with this Reformer workout by Meredith Rogers. She includes variations on some of the themes from her previous classes in this progression so you can begin to challenge yourself more. She also makes the class flow so that each movement sets you up for what's coming next.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Okay, so here's the next class in our progression series. If you've been following the series from the beginning you will notice themes, variations on themes. And we're ready for the next step. That d...

Progressions - Playlist 7: Fundamental Reformer Progression


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The day is saved!!! After work today i do the workout!!!😝😝
If i can, meredith can you please show a mat class with magic Circle??
Thanks!!! Ps. I love your Workouts!!!!
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Thankyou. As always, great meredith ☺️☺️
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Galina ~ I'm glad that you enjoyed this workout! Meredith has a few Mat classes with the Magic Circle that I think you will like too. You can find them here.
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great nuanced cueing !
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love, love, love. still doing your other progression videos. sometimes for teachers the intermediate or advanced work isn't as hard as foundation flows. loving all of them. thanks for doing these, meredith.
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Excellent dialogue.
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You never disappoint Meredith. Loved it! Thank you
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Lovely Meredith... I'm a great fan of all your classes. Thanks a lot for this latest precious gift :)))
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