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Reformer Movement Patterns

60 min - Class


Look at the similarities between different exercises in this Reformer workout with Meredith Rogers. She continues on from her Fundamental Reformer Progression, getting into more advanced movements. She explores the relationship between different movement patterns so we can understand what we need to work on in our practices.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Jul 12, 2018
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Progressions - Playlist 7: Fundamental Reformer Progression


Loved it Mer :D
And I loved the way you left the 'stage' :D
Like you so muchhhhhhh
Right ON! That was a week's worth of whatever! Thanks so much for the challenge, Meredith.
Felt awesome and went so fast! I loved when you said “you can’t use too much or too little leg when doing long spine.
I still need to work on standing front splits with no hands, tendon stretch, and for some reason knee stretch has never been my favorite exercise. I’ll keep doing it though. Thank you Meredith!
Thank you for creating a deliberately paced 2/3 class. This was my first 2/3 class in three years (due to trying to rebuild my body after surgery and pregnancy). I felt strong, thanks to your guidance!

Just wondering if you could do a jack knife tutorial. That’s something I am a bit fuzzy on (and was unable to do today).

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