Class #3218

Elite Athlete Reformer

65 min - Class


If you are an elite athlete or just want a challenging workout, then you will love this advanced Reformer workout with Diane Diefenderfer. She uses her years of experience of working with athletes to teach movements that will allow different types of movers to feel benefits they need from Pilates. She works on using your breath to create fluid movement while working your entire body with challenging exercises.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi, I'm Diane Diefenderfer, and I am delighted to back here, Pilates Anytime, this beautiful studio, great view with my buddies here, Laura and Gia. I'm going to give an advanced refor...

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LOVE LOVE LOVE!! More please !
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What a stunning class!!! Such beautiful grace in execution of power movements! Loved it! Thank you Diane Diefenderfer!
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What a great class. Absolutely loved it. Thank you
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Thank you!! Always great to hear you teach and cue, you are an inspirational teacher More like this please!!
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Loved this class, a keeper! Thank you Diane, this class really fuels my passion. Hope to see you back soon! And thank you PA for exposing me to the best teachers ever!
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My thighs are shaking! Great fun - thank you!
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That was amazing. Inner and outer thighs will feel this one. I feel two inches taller and 20 years younger. Thank you so much, Diane. xo
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Thank you Diane it felt good to be doing such a controlled class! Feeling every part of me and focusing on it.
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Thank you Diane, this was like poetry­čÖĆ
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Wow!! my new favorite class!! I loved every bit of it. Thank you so much for such a beautiful class!
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