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Reformer Pas de Deux

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Work on movements that are functional for dancers in this Reformer workout with Viktor Uygan. He focuses on coordination and control so that you can work on subtle details that will make a big difference to a dancer. He includes exercises to strengthen the articulation of the feet, improve Port de Bras in the arms, and much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

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Hi everyone, my name is Victor Yugan and today, I'm gonna teach you with Kelly, we're gonna do Pas de deux on the reformer class. So we're gonna start with jump board is already on the reformer. And we're gonna use actually light spring first. I have one red. so you could do this, if you wanna make it challenging, you can even do it lighter with blue or yellow.

We're gonna have a seat on the edge of the reformer and you're gonna turn around and you're gonna give your back to the reformer. Head rest should be down and make sure you have enough space, because we're gonna do some roll downs. You don't wanna fall off the well of the reformer. So feel nice and tall. Arms in front you.

Inhale from your nose, you're gonna exhale around your spine, touch the board and slowly roll the carriage forward. Once you're in this position, you wanna make sure there is no pressure on your back. So let's open the arms in here. And exhale let's come up all the way and once you come up, open your arms again. So let's do together now.

Inhale, exhale, round, (breathing noisily). Inhale open your arms, stay there, and exhale roll up. (breathing noisily) Inhale open your arms, exhale roll down, (breathing noisily). Inhale open. Exhale roll up.

And last one, inhale open your arms and exhale roll down. At the end of your rolldown, stay there. From here, we're gonna open your arms to the second and close it front. Now let's go up with the arms and up exhale front. Now side and close.

And up, keep your abs engaged. Keep your flexion. Don't move the carriage. And up and down, last one, up and close. Arms up and down.

Now from here, open your arms, stay down. Now we're gonna bring one leg in, table top, exhale. Reach out, inhale and other side. Exhale, don't move the carriage. Come back in.

You can close your arms if you want, exhale. And open one more, exhale and open stay there and let's roll up. And open your arms to the side and breathe, good. Now are we gonna do oblique variation. We're gonna exhale, roll down once again, arms in front of you, fantastic.

From here, I'm gonna roll to the right, exhale, inhale come back center and exhale to the left. Trying to not move the carriage. Center to the right. Center to the left. And center, right, center, left, one more set.

Of course one more set on this variation. Stay in the center. Next variation we're gonna do obliques and we're gonna extend and bring one leg towards you and reach with the left arm forward, like first our best position and come back in center. And other side. And come back.

You could do this exercise also straight leg. Kelly is gonna show you that because she is a lot better than I do. That said, let's do up and rotate and last set to the right. And to the left, come back. Open your arms now bend your knee to your chest.

Use your arm, really pull your knee to your chest and slowly extend your spine and do an extension and make sure there's no pressure on your neck. If you're short and there's a pressure on your neck, you should come up. And come back exhale, round now to the left. Exhale pull in. Inhale extend, feel nice and tall.

And reach forward. Let's do one more set. Exhale, extension, and reach forward. Last one, exhale pull the knee in. Extend, and down and let's go up.

Feel nice and tall. Open your arms to the side and relax, beautiful. Now we're gonna turn around. We're gonna add more springs. And we're gonna do some leg work.

I usually do double leg work with the three reds. So I'm gonna use it here. Two red, one blue. So everything that we do trying to do it a little bit lighter side. Lay down on your back.

Once you lay down on your back, make sure you can put your head rest up if you like or keep them down is your preference. I'm gonna put it in the middle. And squeeze away from the shoulder rest and hold with your hands to carriage. So there is a nice hold. Make sure your hands is not towards the outside of the carriage, don't pinch your hands.

Make sure it's close to your hips. We are starting first position, extend, and bring your legs down if you can maintain your neutral spine and neutral pelvic position. If you're not able to do it, keep your legs high position please, so we're gonna keep it down to simulate standing position. From here we're gonna start with the plie and we're gonna bend and extend and bend, extend and deep plie. Fourth one let's hold it here.

Now from here, we're gonna close the right leg in and open. Three more. Three and four. Now left one. Keep the hips even as you see when the left closes, left toes is shorter than right.

That's okay because you're keeping the hip down. Now let's do the weight transition. So one right, one left. And right, open left, open left. Now left, one more set, right and left.

Beautiful stay there, straight your legs. Give yourself a little bit rest. Let's go back down. Now we're gonna add some variation with left leg start so you guys can see it. You're gonna close the left in, extend the left leg, open to the side, keeping the hips even, come back to first position, next to other side.

And one, right close and extend. Windshield wiper and close. Beautiful, one, left, extend and open, close. Right, in, extend, open, close, last one. And close and right.

And close, beautiful. Now you're gonna do exactly same thing in and close. Open to the side, stay there, now we're gonna do battements here. Flex in and kick one, and two, don't change your right leg. The position of your right leg.

That's your standing leg. Five, six, and seven and eight and squeeze the first position. Feel nice and tall. Deeply as much as you can without lifting your heels up, close the right leg and extend. Open to the side.

Make sure the left knee is really turning out and in and kick one and two and three. Four, five, six, seven, eight and squeeze your leg first position. Feel nice and tall and bend your knees to plie. Now from here, let's extend if you need to make your adjustments, do your adjustments squeezing down. Then we're gonna open your legs to the second position.

So from here, pretty much same thing for alignment, let's do four plie keeping the heels down and two, three, and four. And from here, if you enjoy those glut work, we're gonna do it again. So you're gonna close them in and open one and two and three and right side. So really keep the left knee in the same space while you're moving the right. Four, beautiful, let's do alternating, and left in and out.

Right in and out. Left in and out, right and left, and right and stay there, straight your legs. And breathe, now we're gonna come back in. And in and extend and open and second and left. Extend, sorry, extend and windshield wiper close and right and close, extend, open, and close.

Last set, bend, squeeze, extend, open and close. Now the last one, bend your knees. Right one closes on top of the left. Extends once again. Instead of opening a windshield, you're gonna turn out to top leg, and from here battements.

Flex in, and kick, two, three, five. Feel the rotation, six, seven and eight. Beautiful, from here, let's do windshield wiper. And close to second and another side. Deep plie.

Left closes and extends. Rotates as much as you can, pulling the hip down and flex down, find a board and kick one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, awesome, open to the windshield wiper and close the second and come back in, bend your knees and relax, beautiful. Right now we're gonna stand up again. And I'm gonna do some exercise preparation for single leg jumps. I'm gonna put my springs one red, one blue because I'm planning to jump, do the jump is actually one red, one blue.

So once you do that, you're gonna come back forward. The idea is you're gonna place your left foot, that's gonna be your standing foot and by the time, I lift my right foot up, I wanna be in perfectly aligned with my knees. Definitely not flexion of the hip, but if you can maybe little bit extension of the hip and then you want to touch the board. And before you do that, obviously, you're gonna place your foot on the carriage and you're gonna find yourself nice and tall position. From here we're gonna flex your foot, control and point and one, flex control, point two, flex control, point three, flex control, point four.

Now from here you could do with both arm or you can keep one hand down for the balance and we're gonna do flexion of the spine, flex, and up extension. And flexion, flex, and point extension, and three, open, and four, and open, smile, enjoy and relax. Beautiful don't go too far. From here just gently externally rotate from your corner. So right now we are turnout position.

Once you get to turnout position, exactly same thing. We're gonna flex slowly and point. Flex slowly, point, and flex slowly point, flex slowly point. Alright let's add some more excitement to this one. So from here, let's actually bend towards the standing leg and flex and come up slowly point and bend opposite direction.

And slowly flex and other side point. Two more sets, flex, point, feel nice and tall and last set. And point, come back to center, feel nice and tall and relax. Bring the carriage in, we're gonna walk around and do the other side. So from here, walk around, place your foot on the carriage, make sure the ball of the foot on the carriage.

Once again position yourself so when you're standing, your hip is not on flexion. Feel nice and lifted. Yes and let's start and point. And slowly flex. And two and flex and three and flex.

And four, and flex. Let's open your arms to the side. If you need balance you can keep one arm down and let's go to flexion of the body from the upper back and extension when you flex. Flex, stomach in, and extend. Don't sit on your lower back.

And up and over, exhale and flex, inhale. And last set, and open up, enjoy, flex. And relax, beautiful, we're gonna do external rotation. Rotate your right leg. You're in your box remember on the right corner of your box, your hips comes with you.

It doesn't stay forward. Bring your hips with you to the corner. And let's start. Point, slowly flex and point and slowly flex. Roll over and flex, roll over and flex.

Now we're gonna go towards the standing leg and roll over, come back and flex, come back. And roll over, to do the side and come back to the side. Beautiful, two more. And come back feel nice and lifted, and last one. And flex bring the arms down and just relax, beautiful.

Now what we're gonna do, single leg jumps. So once again my spring is ready for me to go. If you like to make it even lighter or add a little bit you can do that. Let's lay down on your back. We're gonna start immediately with turnout position from here.

And what I would like to do the right leg let's say for you guys to easily see it, I'm gonna bring my right leg up and left leg down. We're gonna do eight jumps in this position, right leg (mumbles). And one, this is not about big jumping. I can jump a lot higher than this, but I'm working on the articulation of my ankle and my feet and last one, stay and change and light one, two. I should've mentioned you, every eight I'm gonna change you, sorry I didn't.

Five, six, get ready to change and change and hold. Beautiful, now we did a great job. From here, we're gonna do change, change, change, change. Ready and eight sets and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and relax. Beautiful, fantastic.

Come back in, you can relax your leg. Now what we're gonna do, we're gonna do the version with the straight knees. So first position and once again I'm gonna bring the right leg up, just with the left, just let's do eight times. One, two, three, four, five, six, get ready to change. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and relax and let's stay there.

Now let's do actually changing ones. So extend your legs and we're gonna change each rep. Ready? And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And relax, bend your knees, come back in.

Good, now what we're gonna do? Little bit beat. Everybody like beats right? First position once again. This is going to be two.

It's gonna go behind and length in front again. It's gonna cross back and it's gonna come back front. Eight time and get prepared and change length. Change length, change length, change length. change length, change length.

I believe two more and one more and relax. Now we're gonna do the right one. Alright, breathe and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and relax. Bend your knees. Oh, I'm starting to feel this.

Now I want to show one challenging one. So this is actually on towards your seats. So it's gonna be three times. Back, front, and it's gonna go back and land on the opposite feet. So if you started right foot front, it's gonna go back front.

Then you're gonna land on the right and the left foot is gonna be on top. I'm gonna show you the hardest challenging version. And Kelly may opt out. She may do just cross front and cross back to change. Cross front, cross back to change.

Alright, so ready? We're not going to do too much. We're gonna do only eight of this. And one, two, change, one, two, change, one, two, change, four, five, six, seven, eight. And breathe and relax, beautiful.

That's it with our jumping as well. Now we're gonna change the jump ports and come back. Now we got rid of our jump port. We're ready to do some seated spine rotation and arm work. To start this, we're gonna start with a lightweight once again.

I have actually one blue and I believe Kelly has one yellow. Yes, so it's the lighter side. You're gonna sit on the edge close the well right here and then you're gonna reach back with your left arm, the farthest, the back strap with your hands. Use your feet to move yourself towards the middle and bring the strap behind you and it's kind of like wearing a jacket. Putting your hands through the strap and place the strap on your shoulders.

So I'm basically the strap on my shoulder. Now from here, careful you're gonna turn towards your shoulder rest, put your head rest down. And put your feet between the head rest. Feel nice and tall. Adjust the strap, it's too high or it's too low.

So it's kind of comfortable for you. Once you do that, we are ready to go. We're gonna bring your arms in front of you, inhale from your nose, exhale, we're gonna reach forward with right and bring the left arm to the side. It's Port de bras using and come back and inhale. Exhale (breathing noisily) and come back and let's change the breathing.

Let's inhale, come forward, exhale come back in. And inhale, and come back in. Beautiful, now we're gonna do the corner of our corner, the second. So we're gonna open it up and come back in. And open it up and in, two more, open, and in, one more open and in.

Stay there, lift your left arm up and we're gonna do port de bras looking to the left. And come back and exhale. Once again, inhale, exhale two more. Inhale and come back in. Last one, inhale, and come back in, beautiful.

Now we're gonna bring your legs to the side. Sit right in the center of the carriage, open your legs to the side, we are in the second position. So from here, we're gonna use our legs a little bit remember. Arms in front of you. From here, you're gonna slide the carriage to your left and reach with your right and the first position our best and come back in.

And second time, two, beautiful. And three, come back in, and four, come back in. Beautiful, now let's do to the second. So from here, we're gonna open and you're gonna think like second and let's close our arms here like a pirouette and close and come back in, beautiful. And turn to the side and close and in and turn.

Open the left and close. Last one and turn. Open the left and close. And come back in the center. Beautiful, from here, now we're gonna open towards the right, open up your chest, open your arms and then close and round your spine flexion to the left.

And move to the right and open up. And exhale, round, beautiful. You can use your legs to give yourself a little bit more resistance, that will make the strap pull you back more or you can chose to control to resistance. And the last one, four, beautiful. Let's keep turning the way we were turning.

Now we're gonna face this way. You're gonna squeeze back towards the shoulder rest, and legs in front of you. From here, arms once again in front of you, feel nice and tall and let's same thing and forward and come back. Feel the difference because we are facing different direction, the resistance comes from the different part for our shoulders, and four. Beautiful, now from here we're gonna do second and second and come back and second and come back and second, last one.

Beautiful and I did say last but remember the last doesn't mean last in dancing world. From here, we're gonna the port de bras forward. And come up. And second one, and roll, and third one, and last one. Slowly roll up, feel nice and tall and relax.

We're gonna do the same thing to the other side. So turn, keep turning to the right once again. And place the strap on the shoulder rest and switch to the edge of the carriage. Reach back, strap once again, use your legs to move the carriage and place your left hand through the strap and place the strap on the left shoulder. Good, once you do that, we're gonna turn towards the right, place your feet between shoulder rest, adjust the strap if it's needed and we are ready to go.

And smile and let's go inhale, reach forward, and came back, exhale. And two, come back, and three, beautiful and four, yes, from here we're gonna open and second and open and come back in. And two, come back and open three, beautiful. And open and close, awesome, now we're gonna do port de bras. Once again the right arm's, this one is right arm, and we're gonna look towards the right to the bend back and come back in.

And second one, and down, and up and over. And down and last one up and over, come back in and breathe, beautiful. We're gonna turn towards the left. Now I have the beautiful view that you had all this time. So we're gonna open the legs to the second position.

Fantastic and arm open to the side. Remember that you actually you're using your legs to adjust the weight. From here, we're gonna move the carriage to the right and reach with your arms and come back in center. And two, come back and three, come back and four, good, second position. And turn second and we did the arms close and come back and second position, turn close and come back in and third.

One, one more, open second, close, come back center, and open your arms. This one we slide to the left with extension and we slide to the right with flexion. Let your shoulders, your spine, rotation of your spine, create the movement, initiate the movement. And the third one (breathing noisily). And the fourth (breathing noisily).

And relax, beautiful. We are turning towards the left again. Switch back, legs in front of you. Arms in front of you and when you're ready and inhale reach forward and came back in. And two, three, and four.

Beautiful, the second we're gonna turn and one, come back, and two, and three, and four. Beautiful and arms up, port de bras. And reach forward, one, enjoy the stretch, come up, roll up, arms up, and two. If you wanna add a little bit of excitement, flex your foot and three. And last one.

And feel nice and tall and relax. Let's turn to the left. We're gonna take the straps out. Good, put your head rest up. Next, we're gonna put the straps on our feet.

Once again I usually do one and a half to two. I'm gonna choose the one and half on this one. So I'm adding one red and before we go to the feet in the straps, I'm gonna show you a different way that I actually place the strap on my feet. So right in here, basically I'm just sitting in here to show you how do I put the straps. Later I'm gonna lay down, actually Kelly is gonna show you how to do it with laying down.

From here, you put the straps just like you will do normally to your feet. Once you do that, you're gonna take the whole rope and the straps. You're gonna go medial of your body and you're gonna bring it outside of your foot. So the straps is gonna stay on lateral and this is gonna give you a little bit resistance. It's gonna help you to easily turn out and then when you squeeze in, there's gonna be resistance actually occurring in.

If this the belts or anything like that, it's hitting wrong spot in your legs, it's just the size. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Please place something soft in here, so you won't actually hurt your legs. Saying that, here we go, I'm going in and also another way that I told you to make the springs, please light. I don't want that force to actually force the movement in people's leg.

They still need to do the external rotation by themselves, but this is just a little bit help. It shouldn't only cause that they're able to do external rotation. So here we go, left, in the center. I bring it towards the middle of my body. And wrap it, that's it, repeat the same thing.

I press this down. Right one is up. I place the right strap in the middle, just like I will do. I'm taking everything and I'm wrapping it other side of my heel and done. Make sure they're on in the same spot.

I'm ready to go. This is now giving me natural external rotation. So I have to work my inner thighs internal rotators more. Alright let's do it. Just go up parallel.

Turn out, press down and up, same rows. Maintain your tailbone down and down. And two, and down, and awesome, last one. Let's stay here. Flex foot, bend your knees in and put straight out.

Bend your knees in and exhale push. Good, you should feel this external rotators working a little bit better, really trying to turn out. And one more, external, external, external. Bring your legs up 90 degree parallel. Open your legs parallel, don't move the carriage and externally rotate the movement.

Parallel to open, external to turn in, beautiful. Parallel to open, external to turn in, and parallel, and external. From here parallel down, external open, and up, down circles, parallel, and external. Exhale down. Exhale down and external rotation up, hold here.

Let's do now reverse in a way. So parallel open and close down. And when you put your legs together, externally rotate bring it up. Parallel open and close and external rotator. Parallel open, and close, external rotator.

Parallel open, close, external rotator. Beautiful bend your knees to your chest and let's open one leg out to stretch. Make sure you're pressing down the other knee and come back in, other side. Come back in, put straight out before we do full stretch let's do some Peter Pan. One leg bend, one leg straight.

So we're gonna bend the left leg and we're gonna stretch the right and exhale push and the other side and exhale. You should feel the straps giving you a little bit more extra rotation, beautiful and in and push. We will do one more step. Feel the love from the straps for the external rotators. And last one, bend your knees in, flex foot and you have an option to open it up, support tree with your hands internally if you want or assessed pushing it down.

Good, inhale and exhale, and close your legs, bend your knees in and take the straps out. I hope you do enjoy it, this special way to put the straps on your feet. It will give you different approach when you work with the dancers or somebody who has actually weak inner thighs, you can even challenge them a little bit more or you can put the strap same thing but opposite way. So instead of going from inside out, you can go from outside in and then what will happen is actually it will be easier to do internal rotation but it will be harder to do external rotation. Alright, so now we did feet, we did some arms.

What are we gonna do? We're gonna do some abs. We are gonna lay down on your back and before we do do ab, I wanna do a single arm variations actually. That will be really fun. It's light.

Remember if you're doing red, you could use easily blue. You're gonna lay down on your back so I have one blue springs. You're gonna lay down on your back. You're gonna take the straps in your hands and actually we're gonna do single strap. So put the left one and just hold the right strap in your hand.

Legs table top. And press the right arm down and the left arms up. So from here, you're just gonna switch spaces and press down one and change spaces two. And three and four, stay there. Now extend your opposite leg of the right arm, which is the left leg extend.

Now all three is gonna move. Left leg and arms. That's one. And two. And three.

And four. Now the fourth leg is gonna move to us. So all four is moving. And change, and one, and two. It's about control and coordination.

It's not about the weight. And last one, four and bend your knees in and release and you can relax your feet and change the straps. So we're gonna do the other side. Left arm up, engage, both arms, bring the legs up one at a time and from here, right arm reaches up, left is engaged, and switch the arms away from each other. And one, and two, and three, and four.

From here, reach out with the opposite leg, which is right now my right leg. And bring them in together and out. If you want more range of motion you can squeeze down towards the carriage before you start this exercise. That will give you more range of motion of the left arm. And last one, and come back and stay there.

Now all four limbs gonna move and left and right away, and in and two. And three and four, beautiful bring it in. And just relax. Awesome, so now we did the legs, we did the arms. Let's connect those with our abdominals.

Once again from here, I have blue right now. I can keep it blue or I can keep it red, but I wanna show you, I wanna make a point. It's not about pushing the bar. It's about controlling and extending the legs. So I'm gonna leave it with one blue.

I'm gonna lay down on my back, switch down forward a little bit, so away from the shoulder rest. Shoulders not touching. Toes on the bar. And let's do first position. Since we are doing a dancer class.

Arms to the side. So from here second position, we're gonna exhale and we're gonna do chest lift and get into this position. And come back in, roll down, beautiful and exhale. Low arms, inhale, beautiful. Exhale.

If you're bored, you can always get creative, doing a big arms. But now I'm sure we're not gonna be bored because I'm gonna take you to the traditions like I do and we're gonna do hundreds here. And inhale five, the heel is gonna go down. Exhale five, heel is gonna go up. Ready and one two, three, four, five, exhale.

Two, three, four, five inhale. (breathing noisily) Three (breathing noisily), four (breathing noisily), five (breathing noisily), five more (breathing noisily), eight (breathing noisily), nine (breathing noisily), last one (breathing noisily). Bend your knees and relax. That was awesome. I hope you guys enjoyed that.

Now I'm gonna do a little bit more variations on this one. And let's bring the arms up. From here, we're gonna extend once again and I wanna do some, the oblique variation. So from here, we're gonna your hands behind your neck, support your neck once again and when you roll down actually the gap, the shoulder rest should be between your arms with your head. So bend your knees in, stay here and exhale come up, let's test that.

You're free to move. And come back down. Let's do one more time. Come back down. Bring your legs parallel position.

And exhale, crunch, bring the right knee up table top and twist with the left shoulder. Now from here, when you go down the right leg goes under and you end up twisting to the left. So we're doing a criss-cross with the reformer and one, with the resistance and two and in, and three, and down and four, stay there. Extend your leg and left leg out, twist to the left leg to the other side. And one, and two, and three.

And four, and stay there. Open exhale (breathing noisily). And inhale, exhale let's do the leg stretch, inhale. Two more, exhale, scoop, stay high, last one, scoop deep and inhale, smile and roll down come back in and breathe, beautiful. Now we are done with the ab series.

We're gonna do some back extension. We are done with our ab series. Now we're gonna do some extensions to balance that. And this series is gonna be standing and it's gonna be in front of the reformer. You're gonna have a light springs once again if you do have yellow, use yellow or red, I'm sorry blue.

Yellow or blue. The bar is the higher it is, in a way it's gonna be easier for you and the lower it is, it's gonna be a little bit harder because we're gonna actually one point place our hips on the bar. So the lower the bar is, you will have a little bit more pressure and the higher it's gonna be, it's better is gonna have lesser pressure. So from here, first I wanna start with the parallel actually and bring your feet. There is a nice actually gap, so you can really get close to it and you can use this bar to give you a sense of space because what we wanna do when we go forward, the first thing the dancers gonna do, they're gonna lean away from the bar.

So this is a nice space for me to know exactly what I need to be. So range your spine into flexion and exhale, now inhale push. And reach forward toward the carriage and lengthen your spine as much as you can. Exhale come back in round. And inhale.

Just because I told you to touch it, to feel the space do not lean on it okay? They should not have the marks on your shin bones from the reformer when you're done with this exercise. So it's very light. Just gently touching. And the last one go forward.

Stay there, and come back straight extension, and go forward straight extension, beautiful. And come up as much as you can, two and exhale, two more. Inhale, (breathing noisily) one more, inhale, exhale and slowly come back, bend your knees and we're gonna get into first position. So now you're in the first position and not only are we gonna do first position like I mentioned you're gonna step back and you're gonna place your hips on the bar. So you are supporting yourself with your feet and with your arms and there's a little bit pressure on your hips, not all the pressure on your hips.

If you were in the slippery socks, you're gonna feel a lot of pressure on your hips. So I recommend your feet actually is not slipping. So from here, exhale push, straight out, and when we come up, we're gonna lift the right leg up to arabesque. And exhale push. And inhale arabesque.

And third one. And up and fourth one. Don't forget to smile, up. And down. Now stay there.

And let's go down, down, down, down, down, down, down, stretch. Now come up, round your spine. Spine is rounded. Now when you go to extension, you're gonna lift your legs up so we're gonna be in the penché. And down and round, and down penché.

And up and exhale (breathing noisily). And down and exhale and round, beautiful. And the last exercise, Kelly is gonna show you easier version and I'm gonna show you a little bit more advanced version. You're gonna push straight out, legs parallel, and from here both legs up and you're gonna do one leg with the Kelly's version and down and two, out and three and down and four, hold it there, you could do small beats in here without moving the carriage. Let's do it exhale.

And external rotation, eight more, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Lengthen and slowly down. And round the back. Step forward, bend your knees and relax. Remember in pelvic in front of your hips it's muscular as well.

The more you do this type of exercises, it's gonna stronger feel and you're gonna able to stay there. So in first try, if you could do only one rep, don't push it, do it one rep. Or put some soft pillow or something, a mat. So you won't feel too much pain in here. And at last we are coming towards the end.

I'm gonna do some stretches and we're gonna do these stretches with no springs. So be careful, the carriage is gonna be free. So I'm taking all the springs out. There's no springs. And you can move the carriage pretty much kind of towards the center.

And you're gonna bring your right leg and you're gonna place it right on top like a pigeon pose. The back leg is gonna be behind you and it's kind of like right behind your hips, bend and your toes the ball of your foot should be on the floor, so you're not pointing. You're actually holding yourself with the left foot. So from here, the idea is inhale from your nose. You can even put your hands on the bar.

You can even get close to the bar actually. And using the bar, I'm gonna push the carriage, push the carriage and I'm gonna lean towards the bar and come back in. What happens is actually by pushing the carriage, I'm bringing my back leg. It's more cross behind me and that creates a bigger stretch. Beautiful and that's two more.

Awesome and last one, good. Depends your flexibility, you could do the same switch with the straight leg and you could even do a turn out. So it feels really good. Next, after we do that, you're gonna come up and you're gonna keep your leg actually straight in front of you. So you're in kind of like a parallel.

Your left foot is behind you again, the toes on the floor and from here, you're gonna use your leg to push yourself and gently lean forward. And rock back. And exhale, lean forward, and come back. Two more, you can do a turnout. And feel nice and tall and last one, you can even use your arms to reach forward to do port de bras.

And come back, good. Now you're gonna turn externally. Do you guys remember the box? So right now I'm using my corner of the box. I'm not perfectly turn and from here, we're gonna use the left leg again and I'm gonna open up.

You're gonna feel a lot more stretch and come back in. Make sure you're trying to maintain your external rotation of the left leg. So this left leg doesn't collapse in. And two more. Beautiful, one more external.

And come back in. And beautiful. Let's do the other side. So these are as you notice, they're very small movements. It's very effective.

It looks like it's not doing too much, but trust me, especially on me, it's doing a lot right now. We're gonna put the left foot. I'm on the front leg, so I'm on the carriage. The right foot behind me like I said and what I'm gonna do, when I push, do you guys see this angle changes so my right knee actually crosses in more which it gives me a lot more stretch and come back in. Maybe you're in the space that you don't even have to actually move the carriage.

You could be in a space, just bringing this right leg. It gives you a lot stretch. You can just go forward. Or you can as I said, you can just work as a dancer turnout position, make sure the knee, the leg is really turned out and you are not jeopardizing the ankle pressure. So we did probably four.

Let's turn around and let's do leg forward. Awesome, so right here, my right toe is on the floor. From here, I'm gonna place my left one and gently I'm gonna let my right leg extend and get into stretch and come back in. You can use your hands to come back and feel nice and tall. And roll down second one.

And come back. Feel nice and tall. And third one, I'm adding some arms already. And fourth one (breathing noisily). And come up, alright.

And the last one is for the second mostly for the inner thighs. Get into your position, feel nice and tall. And let's extend and you can use port de bras in here. We could do and then come back. You can even try to do opposite port de bras.

Oh it's a lot less for me. Come back in. You could do rotation. And roll forward. Or you could stay just straight and move.

Whatever is in your body, that day, that time, that movement. And relax, fantastic. Make sure put a spring so we don't fly when we're trying to stand up. Alright, thank you so much watching the Pas de deux on the reformer. And if you are a little wondering why we did these exercises for the dancers, you can always have option to go and watch tutorial for the first dance and the first 10 classes in Pilates any time.

Once again thank you so much and I would like to also thank my wife, my partner, to do the Pas de deux with me. And also we like to thank you watching this class.

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So beautiful, graceful and powerful! Thank you for this lovely class.
Esmeralda B
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Excellent. Wonderful class!!!
Viktor Uygan
Thank you E.A. We had a great time filming the class :)
Viktor Uygan
You welcome Esmeralda It was our pleasure :)
Patty Hafen
This is an exceptional class. Really fantastic. Thank you Viktor.
Viktor Uygan
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So Happy you enjoyed the class Patty Hafen
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Really enjoyed this class and I'm not a dancer!
Viktor Uygan
Thank you Withney 😀
Beautiful class! Especially loved the leg series and the placement of the strap. Thank you for making me feel like a dancer:)
Viktor Uygan
Hi Anne-Marie Happy you like the strap adjustment that emphasizes the external or internal rotation of the legs during feet work on straps....... and remember we are all dancers! sometimes we just need to be reminded :)
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