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Class #3358

Day 14: Spine Corrector

40 min - Class


Welcome to Day 14! Today you will learn new things about your body on a different piece of equipment. Monica uses the Spine Corrector to show how the same exercises you have done in previous classes can feel like brand new movements. She includes a lot of challenging arm work with exercises like Rowing, Star, and much more!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Hand Weights

About This Video


Welcome to class number 14 of your 30 day challenge. Today we're going to work with the spine corrector. I haven't done that yet in the challenge series and I really believe in using all of the equipm...


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That was wonderful. I had forgot about a lot of these exercises. Thank you!
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My back feels awesome after that workout!
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Love the spine corrector- that was great. Thanks
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The spine corrector is one of my favorites too! Happy to hear your body feels so great after this class!
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Such a nice class! Thanks very much!!
100 on the top of the spine corrector, wow, this gives me a nice feedback! I liked the cue keep the upper body still when rolling back, anchor the lower body when coming back.
Loved the whole class!!
I love how each apparatus gives us different feedback.
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Great workout as usual! Since I don't have a corrector I alternated between a foam roll, a slanted foot rest and the mat depending on the exercise.
Awesome Safiya! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the Challenge! Great Creativity:)

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