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Day 30: Celebration

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Welcome to Day 30! You made it through and now it's a habit for you! Monica encourages you to use the strength you've gained to help you find length in your body. At the end of the class, she celebrates the end of the challenge, in true Romana form, with a champagne toast!
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Welcome to class number 30 class number 30 of your 30 session PyLadies challenge. And I'm excited that you're here, that you made it through a really big accomplishment. It is now a habit for you. Hopefully you found some favorites. You can always go back to you. You can do the whole series over again, however you want to approach it. But I hope you're feeling strong and ready to finish up with this reformer class today. And we're going to end with some arm work on the roof on the Cadillac, kind of with some arm springs standings. Walk the t series. It's going to be fun and it's going to be good.

So let's start with your reformer. You're going to need your short box, two pads or non slip pads, um, your bar. I also am going to be doing a series where I'm going to put it in second gear. So do bring your little um, safety to keep it in second gear, your safety block. Okay, here we go. We're going to be in Pilati stance length in that tailbone down. Draw the belly in and up and lower yourself down.

Always thinking of lengthening that lower back like we did in that last class so that we don't engage those hip flexors and we're gonna stretch and pull in and pull out and pull it. The footwork is of course on four springs reaching and pulling out. You can do it on three if you have, if it feels better to you, your goal is to do it on four or work with your knees and let's do three more and your powerhouse and to add last time and let's go to arches and out and pull it and stretch. So pull it into your lower back, squeeze in those inner thighs, drawing up your pelvic floor, using the back of the thighs to pull it in. And you're going to pull it in with those muscles and for all the way in with those muscles. Three, two, and one more. Up to the heel and out and pulling it. Press out.

And then when we press out, we're going to use the hamstrings. Think of that one to cheer. Make your bottom smile and it pulls out. Pull in it, stretch and, and that's fine. Try to expand the lungs on the mat the entire time. Two more last time and go down to toes for your tendons. Stretch a little tighter than the a first footwork. Keep drying. Lengthen out. Let go those hip flexors. Reach down, pull those springs up with a smiling bottom.

Lefting think about those heels. Press them to gather. Stretch two or three. Pull those inner thighs together. All of that gives you your deep scoop. Even in those hips. I'm going to stretch out even more in those thighs to more down, down, down, up, up, and coming.

Slide away from the shoulder pads a little and lower your bar down as you lower your head piece and then grab your handles. Elbows Ben by your side. Ready for the a hundred in with year and do your lungs. Inhale, two, three, four, five vigorously pumping your arms. Hold the carriage out. [inaudible] don't let it go back and forth. Really work on cleansing your breath. [inaudible] 50 [inaudible] we're going to go into overheads and make sure you're feeling your belly.

Make sure you're warming up those hamstrings. [inaudible] that's 80 [inaudible]. One more [inaudible] lower the legs and you're going to come up and drop two springs. Always thinking of your teaser transitions. Drop two springs back around, lengthening that lower back head p should be flat. Tension on the straps per length in those hips away.

Dry your belly in and up. Shoulders. Enjoy it. Here we go. Over and up, up, up, and roll down. [inaudible] reaching long to more simultaneous and that up, eh scoop. And one more time. Lifting your powerhouse to the ceiling. Whew, that got my abdominals.

Powerhouse is on coordination and reach. Open, close scoop, scoop, stretch, [inaudible] and reach. Two more. Go for crosses. [inaudible] and one more. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. [inaudible] with control, beauty and grace, hang up your handles. Let's go ahead and grab your Lom box and we're going to set up for swan to start off. Okay, so we're going to grab our box, grab your bar at the same time. Let's be efficient. Minimum of motion bar inside and slip it down and square off.

I'm going to grab a pad and put it on the edge. Okay. I'm going to keep it on tooth springs and I'm going to do my swan here. Coming up, walking out a little push out just so that you can get your pelvis in the right position. And exhale. [inaudible] always pressing down, lengthening, scoop up the tunnel into your belly. And here we go. Jackson, Lyft, and then two more.

And one more. Okay, reach scoop long bet. I'm ready for my pull straps. Now pulling up, I'm going to let go of my pad. Put my hands back at the top. Third, press my hips together. Oh nope. I'm going to drop a spring. So let's drop a spring.

Pull straps is on one spring. The transition told me that, and out lower, and here we go. Grab your leather and your handle. Let go of your feet and you're ready. In position. We're going to pull down those straps. Belly lifts your sternum. Lift your shirt up, lift your [inaudible]. Hand down, shoulders roll back. Scrape your knuckles on the floor.

Keep pulling your shoulders. Keep reaching long your arms. One more. It's so important to really reach your arms long, pulling your neck out of your shoulders. And let's go for the T. Put your hand inside the loop. This one likes to get caught a little bit. We'll keep working with it. Hand stretch out. Long. Press your hips and reaching. So your strength comes from the opposition legs. Reached on.

Powerhouse. Polling up from your long legs. One more to reaching. Let's go into backstroke. Both handles in one hand. I'm going to fix this one. That's a little cot. There we go. Yeah. Add a spin. One handle goes to the back edge here using the hamstrings and bottom, scooping in. Let's roll into position for backstroke. Low Up and exhale and example, two more on the last one. Let's do a combo. Here we go right into it.

Come up higher, higher, higher, lower those legs lower. Let's open up together and bend. All right. Both handles in one hand. Transition for your teaser, dropping spring and turning back. Sliding slightly back with your bottom. Here we go. Just like Matt last class.

[inaudible] length in that lower back. Lengthen that lower back against those traps. [inaudible] feel those hips reaching. One more. Get those arms up as high as you can and melts circles in with here and circle one [inaudible] one more and we go in down and then we'll do the reverse linkedin at lower back links and the lower back. And here's the reverse [inaudible]. [inaudible] one more lower. Long back. Whew. All right. Yeah. We're going to go into our short box. I'm going to hang my handles off the back hatch.

I'm going to turn my box around and my bar already in place or with me at least. There we go. I'm gonna Grab my pad that I flew to the side and add a spring to. Now we're on to grab your safety strap and you're ready to go for the short box. Let's see how it feels now that we've done it on the mat with our safety strap.

So push those heels away from the hamstrings and glutes. Scoop in and up. And here we go in with the air to start. Exhale all the way down. Oh, lift into a c curve and going all the way back and stretch. Okay.

Long, lower back, long. Anchor it onto the box, push your heels away, exhale, stretch, come forward. And one more. If you can do a pushup, go for it. So you're gonna try to back bend into putting your hands on the mat on the floor. I'm just going to touch whoo. And then forward. All right, let's go up your bar and we're going to do straight back or flat pack yet everything pulls into that lower back, lengthens up the crown of your head. I love to think about the reformer here on our footwork, pulling my lower belly into my back, sliding out that carriage and coming back two more.

You can do three to five, but we're gonna stay at three today. Taller, taller, Taller and nice job. Three sets of side reach. Always moving your arms from your powerhouse and exhale tall. And then keep that height as you side Bend Center. Even the right side stays long and tall. Work in that waist.

Hourglass waist, right. Ain't no love handles here. One more set, right stretch, stretch, stretch work. Last one, pull in that waist. Reach with it now and center. Okay, twist time. We're going to go up, twist wrong line out and again. Oh, pelvic floor, lower belly, everything reaching. Let's go fishing. Okay.

Okay. And other side [inaudible] round the world. Twist the left rib over your right hip. Square off other side. Back forward with your powerhouse. One more to the left, right. Rip over left hip and center stretch. Enjoy that little break bar underneath.

Roll up your spine for the tree. Try to stay steady. Slide that right foot up. Hold underneath, stretch and bend and lift the chest. Hold it up. And I just like to pull back my tight a little bit and stretch Khan rolling back. Just like on the Mat. Pull into the box. Exhale in with here.

We're going to go into circles like we did on the mat last class. Two more. You're going to reach back, squaring off those hips and then come up and stretch. Drop dropping my shoulders. Last one into circles. Pulling your belly hand, reaching back anyway to belly deeper. Three press with the back of the thigh. Keep that leg turned out. One more hands. Skip all the way up. Stretch. Flex. Whew, and switch legs. Here we go.

Justin. A little bit left leg, hips even stretch bet to 30. Walking up and stretch forward. Breathe with this. Okay. And pulling into the box. Exhale the whole way down. And these exercises flow is not easy. Make sure you're breathing.

That gives you a lot more energy into your back. Bend in with here. Exhaling hips even right out of the lower back. Now into our circles. [inaudible] waist into the box. Pushing away. Big exhale. Circling. One, two, three. Reverse. Getting bigger each time. Two, three, climb up. Easy peasy, right. Stretch forward. Grab the toe, pick your apple off the tree. And let's go onto the long stretch series.

Stepping off, I'm going to grab my bar, lower my pad, grab both handles equally. Lock over here, lower down my box and my bar. Okay, and I'm going to lift up my head piece. Put My pad down and I'm going to lift up my bar. All right, getting right on for a pushup position, we're going to go hand foot as this hand immediately in your plank kit. Ready for future exercises for more. Push out as far as you can it. What do you have to lose? Just go for it. Take care of your shoulders. Of course.

Challenge your powerhouse. There's my powerhouse. Kneel down. Oh pen. Push and lift your sternum, hamstrings. Good. Left. Last one. Exhale onto fingertips. Exhale into your up stretch. Folding up. The foot comes down. Exhale into those lungs expanding and start hips. Squeeze the glutes, scoop your belly.

Two more. Cool your belly last one and lower your heels down. Expand your lungs. Bring your upper body forward. Elephant, push. Oh, inhale, exhale. And of course make it look easy. Last one elegantly stepped down. That was always the hardest thing is making this look easy. Alright, long back stretch. So hand foot against the shoulder, pad, hand other foot and let's really work that bottom and sh triceps. Here we go. Dip, push, lift in, dip, push. Lift in.

One more and then we're going to reverse push with those hips down left and two more. Push up. One more and up. Step off. Let's bring our pad down. Stomach massage, right here we go. Add two springs. You can not do this. Just like if you did foot work on three, do this one on three. Sit down and keep pulling into your lower back. Don't tighten it as your hands go. And let's really work out dad, lift in, stretch that lower back, that power house to one one drop a spring. Scoop it in. This should feel easy compared to that stomach massage I made you do on the mat.

Pull you into LRA. Remember how you stretch the legs one way and your belly pull the other way. Two more. Let's do the last two. Actually it's do no hands. Last one. No hands. Nice job. Bring them forward. Drop a sprain and pull.

Empty your lungs in here. One more cause. Then we'll twist live data that waste. Heck, see how far [inaudible] [inaudible] too reaching one way and the other, a strong foundation in those legs. Last one. Oh, okay. All right. Tendon stretch.

So we're going to bring this pad down a little bit and I want you to start standing so hand and foot and now go right up into it. And let's do five tendon stretch, head down and draw those inner thighs and all the way down and all the way up. Try to stay in front of the bar. Two more, one more and carefully step to the side. Okay, we're going to do semicircle, so I'm going to bring this down and I'm going to get my straps ready for a short spine. I'm going to hang them up here for a second and we're going to keep it on tooth springs. Why? Down rather close to the springs.

Slide down with knuckles by now. You should know that about me. That because of my five too. That gives me a little extra range. So try to be a nice long line from your shoulders to your knees and let's enjoy this articulating. Cool.

All right. [inaudible] we're going to push with the ball of your foot. Don't push your heels on them. Frame and squeeze that seat lifted up. Stretching two more. Oh, rolling down.

I think this is one of my favorite exercises. This enrolling in and out on the guillotine. One more in this direction. Push with the glutes, with your hips, with your feet, reverse it. Push with all your gut, hold it steady as you articulate. Common hand, sliding up. Two more [inaudible] always starting from the top. When you articulate last one, even hips. This is one that we often can get really uneven on arms at the same time. Reaching to that bar. Heels going down.

Grab your ankles as well. Either one. Alright, now you worked hard with the overhead first, so now we get a treat. I'm going to loop my leather through my handles and we're going to do short spine. Oh yeah, that's a nice, it's worth doing overhead early. If you can do shorts by now. Oh, speaking of which lower your head piece. You don't want to come up with your bottom over your shoulders, your head pieces up. All right, here we go. Expand those laps lifting up. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

In with dinner. Upper back, middle back. Hello Paul. Begin Hill. Followed up. Exhale. Excellent. Excellent. Okay rule, but Linkedin, I've been saying that a lot in these last classes. We're really stretching long. We've gained the strength.

Now we're using it to stretch your body. We'll do one more. Last one. Roll away. Well, I hope you caught your breath because now it's going to be go, go, go. Let's take those straps off. Hang them up on your hooks, and we're going to stand up for a chest expansion. Grab your pads.

Let's put keep it on two springs. Let's put one over those springs for safety. One over the frame and the reformer bar, and I'm going to go ahead and grab my handles as I kneel down. Hook my toes on the back edge, reach up and grab the leather almost in place. You can have your head piece up or down on this one. I usually like to see it up, but whatever minimum of motion. Here we go. And Paul in that power house.

Look to the right. Look to the left forward. Exhale, we're lifting our inner thighs. Look left right forward all the way up to our sternum. We're lifting our pelvic floor. One more set, all of it lifts so that you have good stability, strength that felt nice. Sitting on my heels. I'm gonna move my pad at a spring.

We do thigh stretch with three springs. Greg bringing my knees all the way against the shoulder pads, grabbing up higher and I'm going to do two and two, two regular, two with a backpack. Lifting up everything. I's on my powerhouse in. I'll start with the stretch and up and one more and now go to the same position but into a backbend. Okay. Same position.

Backbend head and lift one more like that. [inaudible] notice my bottom did not touch my feet. I'm going to step off. Drop one, two snakes, making it one spring. Put My pad back for safety and we're going to do some arm circles. I'm going to lift this head piece. It's just driving me crazy. Alrighty.

Sure. And let's get rid of any Ben's in my body. Squeeze those hips, scoop it in and with power up and lifting everything. One more in this direction and reversing that in front of your body, not behind you. One more. And now let's go up for shading one more and then go a little hug.

Two more. Who asked? One and the little long bicep curl. So we're gonna all the way up. Turn the handles towards each other, lengthen and all right, let's hang up your handles and we're going to set up for snake and twist. So you've got these. I'm gonna use my pads cause my hands get a little sweaty at this time.

So I'm going to put one right here and one I'm gonna use the frame and the bar for my snake and twist. You can definitely use a reformer bar only, but I'm a little high challenged again. So here we go. One spring still for your snake and twist, you're going to get on hand. Foot. Very important when you're getting on for advanced exercise. So you can make a fist or a hand right under that shoulder. And then the other foot comes up with your powerhouse. Two snakes, two twists, nice and stable. Hips, exhale and hips powerhouse up to sternum.

Exhale and two twists. Look over your shoulder, pull up with energy. One more [inaudible] and hold it. I'm going to move my pad over. Grab this one other side. Here we go. Two snakes. Two twists. Okay hand foot, getting it in the right place.

Hand Foot. He didn't feel that was quite in the right place. Here we go. Walk those hips. Exhale, two twists. And last one. Exhale, pull up, hold it in. And step. I'm going to take my pads, put them underneath, and put my extensions on for long spine massage. How does that sound?

Let's add a spring while we're here. So grab my handles. Come back here. Alright, grab. It's going to go through your leather and your handle. Hope your energy is keeping up. Don't let it die down here. Keep it up. Keep up the flow.

Maybe even do it faster than me. And we're gonna. You can either hold on to them or hang them up like I am, but do lower that head piece. Here we go. Long spine massage, a little room, grab your straps, legs come in at the same time. Really make sure you don't move. One leg and then the other and arm. Stay by your side.

And here we go. We're gonna press out, lift up and over. Open reach, long massage, massage. Keep your feet in front of your seat. Two more. Oh, Bang. Back to the legs. Pressing your feet into the straps. One more. [inaudible] long, long, long reverse. Open Up.

Squeeze. Great. [inaudible] eh, two more up. Squeeze one more and go ahead and pull him back for a delicious stretch. You deserve it. And now, nice inner thigh stretch. [inaudible] good. And we're going to put your arms down and we're going to scoop in. Lower the keep down and Lincoln down. All right, go ahead and step off. Lift your bar up for knee stretches.

Here we go. Head piece up as well. And hand. Foot. Hand as this foot goes back. Scoop it in. I should have done that. A little smoother and efficient. Here we go. Expand the lungs. Pull the belly in.

Watch your knees from sliding apart for smooth, quick too. Switch hips, push. Pull. Three more. Last one. Transition. Pull. Push your hips. Pool length in the knees down. Four to one more. Lower Down with control. And we're going to do running and pelvic tilt or pelvic lift. Either one. Okay, let's stretching out and okay. One energy that way. One energy this way and keep it that way.

As you run [inaudible] lifting your arch, lifting your inner thigh, lifting your powerhouse. [inaudible] three let's do two. Hips are square. Last set. Hold up the legs. Really important that your energy stays like this. Just like when we were jumping on our last class, feet to the side and lengthen to come up and hamstrings and glutes.

Make sure the knee opens over the toes. [inaudible] length in that lower back. [inaudible] yeah, let's do five more. Try to expand those lungs always and pull the pelvis away from your ribs. Two more.

They should feel really nice and melt down. Slide your feet together. Hug in and don't get comfortable yet. We're going to put our reformer into second gear for our balanced control. Pushups. Push up front. Oh, shut back. So put my little blockin put it in second year.

If you're a gentleman or super strong woman, you can keep it in first gear. Go for it. I'm also going to put my pads cause my hands are getting a little slippery right here. All right, so push up front first. So I'm gonna put my hand and my foot and then my hand always getting into position when that other foot is ready and shoulders are over. Your wrists, squeeze those. Have scoop it in and push up out what? Push out to push out the rain and right leg up. Push out. One, two, three but that foot back, square off, left. Push out. One, two, and three. Hold. Dip. One, two, three, go lower than me and hold it in one foot, Dan.

We're going to put it back into first gear for our other side. Take it out. Move Your Bar, slip it back in. Maybe switch spring so you're even, and we're going to do that. Kick up front. Now here we go. Hand, we've done so many variations of this foot in the middle, almost the mill. Just that's going to share with your other leg. Don't hyper. Extend the knees. Keep your shoulders open. We're going to push out a little as that light goes up and we're going to kick up right kick up left.

I love these fan kick upright, especially for a non dancer Fan. Kick left. Oh, come on, hips reversed that watching my hips reverse. Woo Dip. One, two, three. No sound. Next time. Step off. Lovely. Let's get ready for our some side splits. Our whole split series. We deserve this, right? So I'm gonna keep it on one spring and we're going to go ahead and stand up close to the springs always.

And we're going to put your right foot out onto the frame. Stable. Like you can do this on two springs if you want. Heel-Toe up to that pad, keeping your frame, keeping the carriage still. There we go. And push out what everything lifts, right? Everything always needs the lift. Nothing needs to go. Yeah, just like, all right. Attitudes. One more. Stay here.

Pick up some flowers up class number 30 impressive. You guys did it. Hold it in. Go on down. Hold that carriage. Still pull it and squared off those hips. Up we go. Heel. Heel-Toe left heel lifting more so I stay more quiet.

Right? Turn towards this rings. All right, left foot out and heel toe. This time the hands will go straight out. So nice long, lower back. Beautiful. Push evenly. Pull up evenly. Push evenly. Pull up evenly. Hold it out. This time, left hand to right foot inner thighs, holding it right hand inner thighs. Lift the arch, lift the inner thigh.

Hold it still working hard. Hold it in and heel toe. My inner thighs are burning out yours here, Joe. I bet you did that beautifully. Carefully step off, added spring. Make a little v with your pads.

Lift your bar. Here we go. We're gonna do front splits and then my favorite Russians, hand and foot. And we're going to put your right foot up on the bar first. Always kind of in line with the third hook. If you have four springs, otherwise between your sternum and your shoulder and we're going to heel toe or lightly lifted, whatever you have. Control, hips are square and hangover. That bar push with the back like pulling. Hey, push in the back. Like come in one more. This is the strength. Now for the control, pull the hips to a right angle. Powerhouse lifts.

Hands here. Square the hips up front, leg out and push and pull. Got The control. Three beautiful. Yeah. Bring those hands down. No thigh stretch today. I'm going to have you heel toe and then bring the right foot down and now left foot and again either Suzy Q it or lightly bring it back and Backlick pushes and pulls. Here's the con, the stretch part, control.

Hold that carriage in. Bring the leg to a right angle. Powerhouse lifts and front leg and push and pull. Now last one from your left hip. Beautiful. Bring your hands down. Bring your left foot down. Bring your right foot under. Carefully turn around.

You can put a pad up here. The other one's going to go right over that head piece and I'm going to, I'm going to switch that. I'm going to put the pat on the other sides. I can do my right foot first forward, right foot goes forward right where the head piece starts to lift up. There's a little crack left foot ball, the foot on the side of the bar, heel on the top part. Push out to a right angle. Strong straight back leg stretch.

One stretch to keep that back leg straight. Here's the control and push. Pull, push. Pull work that right hit. Now even more of a stretch heel lifts to the front that crack both leg straight, square off your hips and go for it. And up two more. I mean one more square off those hips and stretch.

Push that back like push that front leg. Lie down on your front leg if you can and come up and now right foot back, left leg down. Carefully turn towards and grass switch hands go back. Now you're gonna put your right. Sorry. Your left foot forward. My had said that incorrectly.

Your right foot goes back and we're going to hop your left one forward. Okay, so the ball is in that crack. The right ball, the foot is on the sidebar, left he the right heel is on the top bar. Go into your right ankle squared, hips strong back leg forward to the right. Ready for the control. Here we go. What powerhouse to left hip three. Good job reaching forward. Heel both legs, straight squared, hips and enjoy.

Keep them straight. Square off again if needed last time. [inaudible] yeah, coming up. Bring that left foot under you. Right foot down. Step off and now we're going to grab either a wall unit or Cadillac or we're going to use our arms springs from the bottom hook of whatever you have. All right, hook up your arm springs. Actually, if I sat down below, I don't remember. I'll come up to the arms spring level.

And if you have a wall unit, same thing. You're just gonna be lower to the ground camp. We're gonna come up for a little swa series, so you want to be able to have a little tension in your left hand. I'm going to Hook my feet on the back edge. Take the front spring. I'm going to use my hamstrings and glutes.

Lift my inner thighs one straight line and now I'm going to start. It's a little too much tension. There we go. I'm going to start with my right hand, right in the middle of the chest. Everything is really from your powerhouse. Three out two we go straight out one right hip has to really work.

Okay, one more. Keep that elbow up and now switch hands left arm straight up and down. Both hips gives you the power point. There we go. Convo right here. One and stretch two.

If you lose your box, you lose it up. One more powerhouse. Yeah, one more. Straight up. Good. Alright, now I want your left hand on your hip. Turn towards it. Little side profile here, and you're going to go straight. And two and three.

Let's go around all the way around and forward. Saw that my spring was a little hooked. I fixed it. Now let's go reverse Ho give it all you guys to try to stretch out that spring three and now a little bit out for our Lotus. Here we go. Press everything forward. Lift everything up and keep that box.

Watch your knees might need a pad. Okay, what two? Let's do four, three and four. Good job. Put the spring down. Sorry to turn my back towards you. I'm going to go around. Come from the side. You can spin on your knees. Might not be the best for them. This one's not too padded, so I chose not to.

Now I get to see my reflection, which is gonna allow me to really try to work square coming in a little bit. So there was just a little tension. Start notice my feet hooking my hamstrings, squeezing everything. Lifting. Start with the left hand, right with your sternum at one and two and three straight up now, right arm. One, two, three. No cheating here on my backside and Combo one up, two up three. Give it all you got and up and now a little side profile. Hand right hand on your hip, hips forward. And one, two, three is your warm up around two, three, reverse it. One. Woo is your left arm too.

It's harder. Give it more bottom. Alright, a little bit out again. Hook, squeeze up. Still a little more out. You. I have some tension here and everything lifts what we're going to do for two and three and four. Nice. Lea. Done. Alright, go ahead and stand up and I want to have you nice and standing. I want you to, and in true Romana form here, I want you to literally lift through your body, stretch over to the side. Go all the way over to that.

Incl maybe even separate, wider and go through your legs. Go to the other side, keep your hips centered and square and come up. Let's do that one more time to the other side. I am so proud of you for sticking through this and it feels great to be nice and strong and I want to invite Nicole and Perry out with some champagne to end in true, true Romana form, which is always a celebration of life. So we have a little bottle of champagne. She ended every Friday session with a bottle of champagne [inaudible] and I have to thank my camera man and my assistant for all their patients through this time. It has been quite a feat, right?

But not more than you challenging yourself at home and working it. So perio pop and bottles. So every Friday you get a little nervous. Every Friday Drago would come out and he would celebrate with her and a week, well done. And never ever forget that you have to have fun. Pilates is don't be too scared. It is a little better with a towel.

But we can do this strong powerhouse even when opening up a bottle of champagne. Oh, not you. There we go. Woo. But Polis is still, even though it's a workout, it is always fun. So this is in celebration of you for completing 30 days, your 30 challenge and keeping a smile. Hopefully you laughed.

Didn't get too hard on yourself and just to a job well done. Well done, and love all around. Cheers to you. Yeah.


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Fabulous challenge - thank you so much Monica! Loved it and will revisit regularly!
Monica Wilson
Thank you Michele! I’m taking it myself right now and am loving every moment of it! So glad you will revisit again too:)
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Thanks Monica. What a great last class. I will definitely re- visit this challenge. I feel much stronger, and it was fun knowing others were doing the same work outs in many different places. Off to get my champagne reward!!
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Again, many thanks Monica, each session is chock full of valuable lessons including the last one of having fun! You are a jewel for sharing your experience with us.🤗
Monica Wilson
I had so much fun creating this challenge and sharing a little bit more of me:) You enjoying the challenge and reaping the benefits of sticking to it is my reward!
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Thank you soo much!!! Loved every day of it. Loved that I got to experience a true "Romana" feel within your work for Pilates. I learned Pilates through Diane Diefenderfer, Fletcher, then Madline Black, so this is filling my first generation tree for styles. Thank you for your time and energy on this challenge.
Michele B
Thank you so much for your commitment on building this series. It inspired me to keep out of my comfort zone and keep woking on those "least favorite" exercises. I will definitely revisit this series regularly!
Oh, yes I did was challenging and l had a lot of fun and work. Thanks you very much dear Monica... l enjoyed to have classes with you. l will continue practicing this 30 days programm . Cheers 🍾🍾🍾

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