Class #3437

Hip Strengthening Low Chair

35 min - Class


Stimulate the muscles in your legs with this challenging Wunda Chair workout by Cara Reeser. She continues on with the theme of strengthening your lower body, focusing on the alignment to maintain your stability. She includes different sequences where you can work on your balance and control while you improve the endurance of your muscles.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Yoga Block, Franklin Ball

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So much fun! I love the creativity and the flow.
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This was very challenging and fun! Thank you!
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Thank you ladies, gotta add that to the regular routine! Very invigorating, lots to improve upon😌
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Loving this series! Thanks so much!
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Thank so much!!😘
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That was amazing! Thank you, Cara and Meri!!
Meredith deserves more than a prize! Gold medal, Olympic level! Strong sequencing Cara, Love the assists. 🙏
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such fun good work. great class!
This was SO hard! AND fun.
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