Class #3440

Reformer Combinations

50 min - Class


You will energize your whole body with this fun Reformer workout by Diane Severino. She teaches different combinations to work on your coordination, technique, and alignment. She also plays with rhythm and tempo so you can feel the dynamics of each movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Christy. Amy, nice to be here. All right. Sit there like a lady. Usually rebs swing around to the center of the machine. Put your legs out straight or you scooted forward now. Now you'...

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Beautiful ,graceful class ,
thank you so much ...teaching cues impeccable :)
Anther wonderful class with three of my favorite instructors!
A wonderful class. I would honestly take it just to listen to you Diane. You have brightened my day. Thank you!
This was amazing! Thank you, Queen Diane!
Love love love!!!
Maestra!!!!!l Excelente clase , ritmo,corrección de los detalles que hacen la diferencia. Y pos sobre todo su simpatia!!
What a fun and challenging class. I love your sense of humor Diane!
So fun!
Lovely class! Thank you!
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What a fun, challenging class!! Diane, love your cues and my family is from Brooklyn so I loved that Brooklyn feel! :)
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