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You will energize your whole body with this fun Reformer workout by Diane Severino. She teaches different combinations to work on your coordination, technique, and alignment. She also plays with rhythm and tempo so you can feel the dynamics of each movement.
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Christy. Amy, nice to be here. All right. Sit there like a lady. Usually rebs swing around to the center of the machine. Put your legs out straight or you scooted forward now. Now you're going to take your arms forward and roll back easy. Hey Ya, go hang out. [inaudible] you're going to bend your knees. Can you do it? Easy up in the air.

Flex the feet. Now keep the heels flexed. No wrinkles in the heels. Curl your toes. There's prehensile. Benny's stomaching. Put your prehensile foot on the [inaudible]. I'm gonna have you a little up so you're a little under the ball of the foot. You know the drill stomach in bud type. Breathe an inhale back and fo that.

And then did we like that rhythm and Ben and Baxi. It's not scary and en back and heels low. [inaudible] you go but tight. Now this is funny. Look, I'm going to stretch you and I feel good. Look, is she going? I have my chin on your toes and my hands on your heels. Good and one more and hold now with the stomach in.

In fact, put your hands in your low belly at the same time without letting your low belly poke out. Put both heels on the bar. There you go. Now you don't have to use your hands anymore. That's a good tip. And back and fold and straight. Mm and Ben, you guys are perfect. What do I have to say? Nothing. And back.

And for a class I'm looking for toe Durrence ankle bones, incise the knees and upper thighs together. Alright, that's so you get to understand what the toe joints in the ankle bones touching, where the weight is, which is at the center of the foot. This takes the guesswork out of it and one back and hold stomach and you don't have to put your hands on your low belly. We're going to go to turnout and turn out beautiful. And your a e and Ben, I'm going to have you separate a little more and straight and Ben.

So I separated a fee cause you see about two hands width between the toe joints. Okay. And, and, and now you can really get that butt squoze and you want to keep the butt as you come in. So that makes you work your hamstrings more. So you actually pulling yourself in and is my stomach and I forgot, boy can look. So schleppy when you teach and you're not doing, eh, pull up those tights. Drawing and yeah. So you're working in both directions. It's not just about the straight leg, it's about how you come in everything Cannes and one and hold. We're going to take this to a wide second and the toes on the bar. Sorry, I should have said that heals up high and inhale and exhale.

Nice. And even you both, I'm looking to see if the knee level is the same. If one knee will drop a little more, if you're more flexible in one side, I'll knocky hips off. So you lining up the bones and me as a teacher, I'm using this machine like an exit ramp machine because a nice and even, you know, come in and hold, let's open the legs a little wider. You're also loose. All right. Yeah. And in, hey you, doesn't that feel good?

Now your knee is still over the center of your foot, but that's not then that feel good on the hips and, and squeeze that butt on the way in and, and that's it. Now put a little more energy in your toes. You're not gripping almost like you fly. Yeah. Yeah. You like that. And, and one more. And home. Let me make a point in that come together with toes parallel like we did before. Put the energy in the, ah, yes.

So you going a little right? How do you say that? Energy in the toes so you're not not curl on them all right. And keep those flat. Yeah, they're still down. But your [inaudible] and as you come in up the heels, get it, the toes of flack, cause this is going to be important when we do running. You notice when everybody in the beginners do running, they're just curling their toes instead of flattening them. You feel that out and one more push out and hold, hold, squeeze your buck. We're just going to flex.

Relevate lower and lift and Lloyd's trickier and flat. And Low. So you're making a shelf between the top of your foot and you toes down and lift. Keep breathing low or squeeze your butt ankles tight. That's plenty. Bend the knees and come in.

Interesting. Huh? So with the bar is the floor. The bar is the floor. Nah. Huh. Huh. Now we're going to come up and take off the spring. So teaser up. Oh girls gracefully.

See every movement counts on the machine back down and in. I'm going to have the left foot on the bar. As you starting position. I'll do a few on one leg. I don't know if you've done this before. The other leg is going to be in a bit like tabletop position. All right? He is the movement. You, these guys have never done my stuff before. Okay.

Bentley, you're going to straighten the leg right up over the hip. As you push out hold, you're gonna flex both feet. Point Ben and come back to tabletop. That's the movement. Do that three more times. And inhale, watch your supporting but and releve they bend knee, come in, get it. And he is for three and flex work through the ball point and in one more four and lift and flex God and Relevate. Watch a supporting leg and it was at fourth and now switch at the same time.

Strict [inaudible] and lift up and flex through the points and tape bow and like lane thin and heel to the ceiling. And there you work through the foot. Good. Good for you. Oh arches and flex. And you know the pattern. Now I'm going to do one more and lift and flex and through the foot. And so that's the pattern. Now what we're gonna do is we're going to change legs each time.

Alright. Alright, so you got the pattern. So the right leg, the time is going to change. You'll get it after a while. Okay. And lift and flex and point and switch. But you have to come, you'll get up and flex and point switch and up and flex and point and change your room. Lip and flux point and timing. Lift and flex is the first time you're going to play with this.

You're gonna like it cause you gotta nail it sometimes. Just before I hit that bar, I flex my toes back. Aha. That helps me a little bit. Flex wash that out and just lift and flex and point and chain. Let me, let me show you whatever your side, it was really good.

Mm. Oozing and flex and point and change. Lift. I liked that little. I see that. But point and change. Yeah. It's fun.

Says I, I left on the bar and [inaudible] and flex and point d [inaudible] and flex and bored and very pathetic and lit and then and up and switch. Last and lift and flex and point that [inaudible] gets to [inaudible] and every machine's a little bit different. [inaudible] okay. A little belly, one belly. You're going to start in a choice out the with the cheats. Your left foot out is a little bit more, so you make room. All right.

You're working leg is going to be straight out in front, so it's going to be over the bar and straight. All right, so we're going to go past the knee so it looks like a number four and an overhead cam up to the ceiling. Take one kick with straight legs down, up. Go back to that number four and straightened it out over the bar. And Ben and lift one kick D. Yep. Bend with straight leg and n and Ben and stretch the up straight leg and over.

Bend and lift one kick to the bend and over you'll get it. And then lift left, but tape to the band. Yep. And in get it up. D Bend and whole change legs d and pass say developed babe. But mob envelop pay and out you dancing pot said look, people in the loopy and out. You get that overhead cam. So it looks like the number four. So you work in that. Turn Up.

I have n n and keep those hips square to the ceiling. Then n g n pass. One More Ben. Good. Oh lovely. Late is in as enough. A leg, a foot for a little running in place. All right, we're going to do now remember, keep those toes flat talking to you. Keep those toes flat way up in a high Relevate. Nice high heels position.

The highest spike heels you have. All right, push back and hold and we'll set up the rhythm. One heel down, one heel up and change. One, two, three, four and now we're going to take a breath pattern here. We're going to breathe foreign for sure. Usually it's the two count. They're ready for. Oh, nice. Now faster. [inaudible] one, two, three, four oh two now foreign six out.

One, two, foreign three, four out. One, two, three, four. Ring the air out. Six, four and two, three, four, six out one, two. Ring it for five and straighten the legs. Come in. Alright, good. Gracefully invent something that come up, choreographed something. Whatever you want to do. You're going to put the bar down. We're going to go to a rollback thing that I invented a while ago.

You all know this is going to be a yellow spring for all of you sick people. The headrest is down one yellow, so this is going to teach beginning students had to do a roll back in the mat work. Your knees are going to be bent and your feet are going to be in a prehensile over this top of the shoulder rest. Like I said, this made up so you can scoot up as close as you can without moving the machine. You're going to hold up quite high on your straps. The straps help you moderately. Uh, it's going to be much more challenging on this yellow spring. All right? If we, if we, if we don't do it, we just put on another spring. All right?

Your arm is going to be down in dividing your, your thighs. You contract it around it like you're doing rolling like a ball. You're going to roll back. Taking an inhale, just two shoulder blades, touch and keep that Tuck as you come up. That's it. Eat. So your arms lifted. So I'm going to add another spring. No biggie. All right, try it now. Shoulders down.

And remember you're hitting each vertebra, the usual one vertebrae after the other year. Heard this, you entire lights and come up and you, this is a nice one. Could you get, get to analyze where you get a little sticky spot in your back. Everybody's a little bit different. You Rolling? That's very nice. Hold and come up and you reversed it. Easy. That's it. Keep that tucking of the pelvis. Chucky, Chucky. That's good. Like I'm cradling you. You see that right?

You get it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you want another spring? Oh sure. Yeah. Get the feeling of starting. Yeah. Cause this is all new. Right? And keep that pubic bone tuck to your face as you curl up. Those, these are all prep for rolling like a ball prep for roll up. It's the same curving when we're going to do short spine. Yeah. So far, so good. Roll back and hold. All right, you're going to turn out all right.

Small turn. Little bigger turnout. Let's see. You know you're too far back. You have to, your legs should be, uh, opening over the shoulder at it. [inaudible] so you're in a diamond shape. Get it. So you rolled back hole. Now it's a diamond leg lift. The whole shape just comes up a little and down. It's for the low belly.

And think of that low lab right above the pubic bone and a little faster and lift and one more for four. Lift and hold. These come together. Now you do your roll up without the arms. Alright, low belly and again roll back, hit it above this shit. We slime turn out and small if that's it, it's like a magnet on the inside of your thigh and your calf moving at the same time. Three looks easy. It's not right for two whole knees come together, grab it and or it's challenging.

It's challenging. This, there's very few exercises to get this low pooch and you know where you're always navel to the spining it and then leaving this out of our consciousness. It's that zipper effect. What to do one more and add some arms and you're not going to go into the turnout roll back and hold. Keep your thighs where they are. Just lift Jello legs up and down, up and down. It's slow. It's like the same position you would be doing hundreds in three yet is that low belly again? One more four hold. Open your arms a little and come in. Cause I have a heavier springs on.

If you aren't a the yellow that we started, you'd open wider back of the elbows to the room, not to the floor. One more open, whole knees, band, arms come down and curl up. Curl [inaudible] Ah, AH, scoop back and straighten you us. I'm going to change to a, a uh, a blue sprain. Okay. This is that one. You like this when the my bow and arrow.

Oh jotting. I'm straight ahead. Don't arm in front of each armpit and parallel. And we're going to take your left arm to the camera and you're just going to use your torso to twist away and the torso brings you back to start and the other arm to us. Now don't let your ankle bone shift or you means your hips are taking more than your waistline. So remember I said earlier, line up the bones and ah, that's it. And, and changed your, now I'm thinking more waste than arms. Think of the arms doing less than the waist. Yes, he would get that. And to us, Ooh, you see that wrapping and fall a little faster now and twist and it and twist at nice line up the shoulder joint bones.

So once in your analyzing to see if one arm is lifting more than the other. Always check yourself out, your own best teacher. And that's plenty of that. Let's just go on the knees and open up the chest in the other direction. Uh, how many springs you have? One. Yeah. Chest expansion. Classic plots. So you just pull back, you keep the chest high such as our head turn.

Okay. And pull back and hold and turn the head and turn the head center the head arms come less. Yeah. And pull back and lift. Ah, lovely. And and and forward and jam to push head and head and center and in one more back. Keep that butt tight. Pull it better your knees center off kid. [inaudible] now that's classic. Okay. Yeah. Dominoes are going to turn around the other way. And uh, uh, to red cause you know, if you do it in the mat work, you have no springs and it's harder. So we're gonna work to read it. Makes it's okay, and I'm going to put your head rest down. You're going to have the hands and the straps. We're going to start, uh, with the legs in parallel. Uh, draw the legs up elegantly. Hands in the straps.

Legs are going to be straight up in the air. We're going to, uh, lift your head and chest up and hold, uh, push your arms down to the floor. All right, you're going to lower the legs for five and lift and five. Ready and lower? Two, three, four, five and lift two, three, four, five. Then in two, four, five, and exhale, two, three, four, crunch a little more forward to see this. The spring, the heavier springs helps a little bit and lower two, three, four, Navi. And that low belly starts the movement to lift the legs low to four, fine. Everybody's gone. Do what? Domino's and very free and machine. [inaudible]. And one more I'm not accounting feels about right.

Right. And then the news release the hands and the head. Good. Alright. Take a take a minute here. All right. Okay. You can be right. What if you wore a bra? If you want to be as high as with this cross bra strap is, if that's a good tight there. Oh, wow. You, you know.

Okay. We're going to do a, I'm not even gonna [inaudible] I'm gonna tell you what's coming up. [inaudible] you're going to come with the knees van and into abdominal physicians with the legs up over the hips. Straight. All right. Arms down. Crunchy headphone. Alright. Just start the pumping of your hands like you're doing apps and just let you like, see if I text you too much, your brain would go bad on me. Okay.

That's it. Two and two. Oh yeah. Yeah. I try not to post the like, just to let them fly. Yeah. It's like the reverse of the series of five that [inaudible] Alrighty then and straight legs bending and then come up. He'd done that before. Oh, all right. I'm going to show you how to, uh, put the uh, the feet in the straps my way as you're going to hold on to the loop CMS, we can make a, yeah, but hold your arm straight. If your legs are gonna be in diamond, this is reverse crunch. You're just gonna not move the machine. You're just going to curl your pelvis under. No lifted. You're going to up and down with doing it. It's the next one. That's it.

Girl and down. Reverse crunch. Curl. That's it. Girl it up. There's that low Billy again. Curl it up and curl it up. One More to hold and you put it, put your feet in. Curl it up and try to do it at the same time. There's a challenge there and protect your back. Keep your knees bent as you come into your short spine position. Do you short spine do yours.

You deserve. Hell, we not bossing you around. Okay, everybody take a look at perfection. Everybody. That's it. Nah. See that roll down. It's just like we did when we rolled back. It's saying the same thing in all the exercises is saying these endless roll backs and piles isn't there?

There's a lot of ruling. Nice. All right. Now we'll just speed your yours up and hit it and hit it and turn up and out and in and out. Oh and and I'm going to hold you there. Turn out, keep your feet there. Will you back down? Oh, doesn't that work? The back of the thigh.

I just made a turn out a little more. Right. Do you like it? Definitely a junior. Really plea there. Yeah. Feet stay over the face. And Dad said this will be the last one. Well I just love Ms. Short spine. Huh?

That it looks nice and even out and to hold parallel the legs, you're going to separate the legs slightly. You want to flex your feet and your knees are going to be bent. So you're in both parallel tabletop. Aw, okay. Right about there. Okay. I did one for the hips and you're just going to make, you're gonna wax on, wax off.

Now try to keep your knees in La instead of turning out. Try to keep them heels in line with that. So you see how you turning out. Okay. Keep them more parallel. Ah, and really flexing to the feet and massaging the hips. That's it. Yeah. You get it. That's it. Wax On.

I think that's from the karate kid. Now the other way. Wax off off c and really feel that socket. Yeah. Good. Okay. What do you think? Yeah. Different. Huh? It's hard to keep that alignment of that heel without churning out parallels.

Very challenging parallels. Challenging. See how your heels going outside of the hamstring, right. I have plenty of that. All right. Since we are way said parallels, more challenging, I'm gonna give you this one. Straighten the legs instead of leg circles where we go into a turnout, we're going to do it all in parallel. So instead of digging, give a circle. We're going to think of a box. Alright. Or two boxes back. Keep the knees to your faces.

You go to the top of the box, down to the side of the box and then close it. Get it. So we're making two squares or rectangle open. Straight down and yeah, back and Oh, bench straight down to get there and uh, back straight up. Down to [inaudible]. Yeah. So one more. It's hard not to turn out and hold it down there. Reverse bottom of the box. Straight up. So the knees face you face though.

Hold time. And there you go. And, and at, what do you feel this? Yeah, it's hard to work in parallel sometimes. I almost feel like when I feel one of my legs drift or both of my legs drifting, the turnout, I think of almost turning my legs in where? Almost not meaning. Yeah. And together, one more down and, oh, Ben and that.

Ah, yeah. Right. Okay. I'm going to give you a, another invent one. You're going to bend your legs in parallel. Yeah. Fetal flexed. One leg is straight up in the air. Now this is trippy. It's gonna look the same for a teacher. You're only going to think of the straight leg progressing forward and then bending at the last minute. The other leg comes back.

Just think of the straight leg pressing forward. And then Ben, so you know the exercise where you're on your stomach, on the box and you're pulling your heels into your [inaudible] but that's the hamstring. So you just got to get it that the bent legs not doing anything acid. So it's out and then been out. And then ah Ha. So you firing that and that goes loose.

Christof straight leg. That starts is the one that's doing all the work. It doesn't work if you take your leg out of the strap. I tried it. It would do sometimes in diamonds. We do that, but that's that turnout. And, and I know you girls need more Hamish. And if they gale, it takes a little while to get the straps to coordinate with that city name. This was really good.

Feel it in your hamstring, but stable. It looks the same. So you could, yeah, that's why I have to feel you all up because then now you got it. This can also be done with the, uh, uh, of straight like full anyone confusion. Oh, all right. Bring your legs back to parallel. Here's the reverse crunch with the feet in the straps. Knees are going to be bent slightly separated hands.

Well, we'll start with the hands down. It's a little bit easier. You're not going to move the machine. You're just going to curl your pelvis under and roll to your shoulders and roll down. Get it conceptually. You're doing it and curl it up.

And Corolla down is one Virgil raft. The other. Yeah. All right. And feel it. Get those hamstrings and gauged asset and in right under tricky, right. Cause this is the same roll up you doing with your late straight and short spine. So all the same old stuff. And Dan, one more roll up in hold.

Round your arms up in the air. There you go. So you didn't need that much arm. Hold it there. A little rounder up. Little bumps up and bump bump. Now you can lower your arms. I just didn't want you to depend on that much. I get it.

Yeah. The muscles speak for themselves. Good to acquaint yourself and, and wrote [inaudible] e d o no, no, no, no, no. Ma, eh. You know what frog feet like you're doing and put your, put your feet down and do a yeah, do one thing at Ding, Ding, Ding. Ah, ah. Okay. Let's grizzly commanded the straps, na eyes, and we're gonna improvise. Something nice to come up. You're going to add a, what's realistic? Get you up off your back. Let's keep the two a read on. We're going to do with the stomach point standing. What do you do?

You usually use it on a new machine to read or write in a blue, right? In a blue. All right. It's a fairly high bar. Okay. Okay. So you're going to be on your toes. That means a, you heels are going to be against the shoulder rest, but not too jammed up. That means your toes aren't gonna be too all Chi.

You're going to widen the arms. Oh, perfect. And of course your lats natural neck is holding you in this position and key. And there's take a few classic ones back and forth and back and use your low belly to pull in all the way in. It's that low belly again and nice and raw. And yes. See that red shoulder was a little bit taking more work than the left.

Did you feel that? That's a girl. That's it, right? Make sure both weights even in both hands, cause that'll add pressure to one side more than the other so that you're strong or arm isn't doing more. One more. Okay. You okay? Okay. Hold that position here is working in parallel again.

And I'm doing you guys I need, I thought you girls need more parallel. You're just going to take your right leg and bring it up and down to this position to the side with a straight leg up and down and lift for the side of the hip and pull that low belly in and, and try not to shift and you know, put back one more hold. You're going to rotate that leg all the way around to the back. But we're gonna keep it parallel so your upper thighs are almost touching. The leg won't be as high and you're going to go back and forth on that one leg, but you're up the thighs, uh, crossed. Almost think of them quite right.

So the legs behind your right. I get that. You Go, feel that. There you go. So you feel that up. His eyes touching. That's it. And use your breath. Low belly pools. [inaudible] one more. Perfect back. Hold it in. Bring it out to the side. Once we came and lowered it down to change for lifting to the left and oof.

And Dan stomach in lift and lift. Good. Watch the hip and left. Try not to hike that hip too much. Take it more from the side of your yeah. Rather than from here. This side. Huh? It was that four animals does your arm to the back. Parallel the legs cross the upper thighs and back and forth.

Back low bell and [inaudible] high. You have the correct use of right back in the head. In line. That's good. And live one more. Ah, and and out to the side. Down to the headdress and just bend your knees and Crouch.

Yeah. Bring your hips forward in arch flow in this district in the other direction. That's it. And since we're here, go back and forth and see ya up. Stretch. Open the chest and back. Keep your head over the line. Yeah, that's it. Ah, ah, that tush tight. You can, she did it and I feel good. And one more [inaudible]. Ah, nice and nice. You're going to contract back and chuck.

Ah, and you're going to come forward and add a red to you have now two reds in a blue. We're gonna put the bar down too low for pelvic press, which I just love. I love all of these exercises. Okay. You're going to be on your [inaudible]. No. Okay. Lift the leg straight up in the air. Separate them, flex the feet, put them on the sidebars. Duh, Duh. All right, here's your curling. I'm get out of you the way and curl up to this. There's, you all know this. Push back without letting the hips drop. Come forward with the bar forward. It's harder now. Roll down.

Hi Boars a little easier, which is perfectly fine and, but you guys are pros and Tuck and roll and push back. Keep the Heidi hips and come in and Eh, oh God. And and fo. Good. Huh? Nice. It cracked and back Christianity like your head. I mean like it up. Okay, so keep it there. It's another way and I try to keep it there and relax the throat. Yeah, right.

And one more and back and oh, and roll down just to your waistline. Yeah. I said hold it there. Little pushes back and forth. You all know these, right? I would go back a little further for you. Dead Zone zone makes sure those knees are tracking evenly.

A little bit lower on your waist. There you go. So the waist and the stones in right in those little muscles with the hamstring connects into the butt more than Chuck Tuck. So walking a little pushes little lower just so you feel that muscle right under the boat where you feel at the most. Okay. Come all the way in role Dan and for the side of the head, we're going to do turnout. Second position on the toes and a second.

All right, little tuck. Now I'm in my leg, legs. I go back a little bit further than I did in parallel because you want to get the side of the hips more tuck and little fast. Pick the puck up. Did Chuck feel it on the sides? Not so far in half. And you just have to rock and roll these on your body. So this is for the size. Yeah, right.

Not Fancy, but very pro productive. That's it. Don't grip for those toes. Keep them flat. Cause that means you're taking it away from the upper area and putting it into your feet to help you. Good. Come on in. [inaudible] oh, heels touching and parallel. Go slow. This is a little slippery slope here. Same Tuck.

And then you just have to play with it. See where you, yeah. Not so far in halfway in. Halfway out. Yeah. Ooh, isn't that challenging? No, I don't get for any forward either on this one. You've got to really work their buttocks and keep the heels from drifting and keeping the parallel. Yeah. Short, short seasons coming. You gotta work that little two Sheria this'll do.

It ain't fancy, but it works. Look at me trying to sell my own work. Come on down and do that ankle crossover knee thing to just get that area. We just work so much. You bring this league back? Yeah. Ah. [inaudible] Nice. What's your running? Okay.

Yeah. Let's see. Do you do spine? Do you have to adjust your straps? Do you want us to, you can do it like this. Do you do the same springs? I'm conferring with my, uh, yeah, my go red on this with that. Okay, so we're doing two rent. I'll do it. And your feet are going to be in the straps. You had rested this down and I'll just check you through it. Remember that curl to get your feet in, cause then you get a little belly exercise gone. All right, knees bent to stretch your legs forward and straight legs come back, carriage comes all the way forward. Curl up to your shoulders.

Turn out open to a V, roll down in the V, roll it. Ideally your carrot should not move open wider. Bring him around to first heels. Touch parallel and exhale up. Inhale, open. Exhale down.

Oh, Ben's as Umay and watch that pelvis as you circle back and up. Turn out. Second. Good roll down. This is an advanced exercise, isn't it? I never gave this to beginners right away. So you out there just do back down to get the movement, you know, and then, but in the original work, they had extensions that were put on and make the legs, the straps longer, which makes us even harder. As you remember, La, all this work is a preparation for the mat work.

The Mat came first when Joe polities started his work and he knew that his mat work was so hard that he got these straps to help you feel what it should be. This is the last and parallel and to turn out and open. And Joe had this as an exhale here. As an exhale all the way up with the legs open. Inhale together. Exhale down. Inhale forward.

So it was two exhales. Exhale, open, exhale up the legs open. Inhale together, exhale down, and inhale forward and inhale together and exhale down. Let's you really bring those lungs out and inhale forward and to exhales. Exhale. Oh, all the air out. Inhale together and down. The breath patterns change over the years, but it was two weeks here. Excellent. That's it.

Curl it up and together and um, unique. Very, very nice. And that's fine. Or your hamstrings. Fried bin. The knee goes out. Alright, thank you. Feet out of this dra halves please. Okay, but just drafts away. You're going to come up and you know how to do it. And we're going to put the boards in down and we're going to take one blue spring only.

And you've seen me do this. You're gonna sit cross legged facing that direction. You're gonna take both straps and both hands and you're going to cross one palm over the other. So both straps on him and the arms are going to be not too close. Not too far. A little bit. Yeah. So grew up, sit up as tall as you can, arms a little more in front of you. All right. Now this is just the waistline's going to twist you just to there and return.

You don't want too much arms in it. That's about the right length. That's it. A little more in front and waistlines with there you go and back so it's not so warm. That's it. And inhale, twist the waist. So the a relationship if you pump to sternum stays the same that a girl's who doesn't matter how far you go to us, right? You are any man to with let's listen shit. And we turn and twist. So I didn't no box. I did nothing really super hard with me cause they want you to do this.

Sometimes it's so daunting. It's like, oh yeah, we hit all the muscles one more. And you're going to switch your [inaudible]. I like her with both straps. What do you think? Right. I made it up so I could do whatever I want as my access to life first I started with the back and I thought it was taking me too much in one direction and then I took the front and now I do both and twist the way the had said, that's it, right. Oh that you're easy to side. Don't we all have one better?

Not me perfectly. Yeah, it's my nose getting longer. Perfect. No, it was a lie. We all have a better side. They got to learn off of each other and sometimes you got to hold back the good side so you don't over compensate that way too. You know? One more.

Yeah. Yeah. Uh, let's finish up with hug a tree for the old pictorials. Yeah. And this is not a classic one. Someone made this up and doesn't everybody just love it? Yeah, I do it with the legs bent like that and just cross [inaudible]. Oh and nice. That's it. You work in both shoulders evenly. You're analyzing yourself. You're thinking is one arm high than the other.

You line up the bones. It takes a lot of the guesswork out cause you can see yourself with your internal mirror very hard with this studio's awesome. If you have the studios out there with mirrors, got to watch that. A, a you students aren't always clocking themselves out at by seeing because it knocks the head off and it does create a difference in the bone alignment. I was always astounded when you're watching a ballet class and seeing everybody. I didn't take ballet that well. I took, everybody had to take ballet, but that the ballerinas were so focused, and then they can get on the stage and there's no mirror there.

How do they do that? But you train with that, and I think like here you keep everything in focus. One more and hold and lower down as you grow taller, taller. [inaudible] nick is length then and rest class dismissed. Well done. [inaudible].

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Beautiful ,graceful class ,
thank you so much ...teaching cues impeccable :)
Anther wonderful class with three of my favorite instructors!
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A wonderful class. I would honestly take it just to listen to you Diane. You have brightened my day. Thank you!
This was amazing! Thank you, Queen Diane!
Beatriz S
Love love love!!!
Maestra!!!!!l Excelente clase , ritmo,corrección de los detalles que hacen la diferencia. Y pos sobre todo su simpatia!!
Karen L. Burka
What a fun and challenging class. I love your sense of humor Diane!
So fun!
Lovely class! Thank you!
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What a fun, challenging class!! Diane, love your cues and my family is from Brooklyn so I loved that Brooklyn feel! :)
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